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AUTO-VOX Solar4 Backup Camera Review

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By Kelly Beasley

Last Updated: September 20, 2022

If there's one thing you'd like from an aftermarket RV backup camera, wouldn't it be not to have to deal with wiring?

I sure don't want to have to! Call me lazy if you want, but I think most people agree.

So when we learned about the AUTO-VOX Truly Wireless Backup Camera, we were eager to test it.

Pull behind camper

Yes, the Solar 4 is touted as wireless.

But here's the kicker. MANY RV backup camera systems call themselves 'wireless,' yet they STILL REQUIRE WIRING. It's messed up, but it's true.

What 'wireless' usually means in the camper backup camera world is there's no wire connecting the camera to the monitor.

But you'll still have to connect the wires from the camera to existing wires on the RV to power the camera!

That said, the AUTO-VOX Solar4 is a truly wireless backup camera with SOLAR for power! (There is an integrated battery so it does work at night.)

So, let us introduce to you the:

AUTO-VOX Truly Wireless Backup Camera!

If you don't want to read the whole AUTO-VOX Solar 4 review, here's our quick takeaway:

We approve! It's simple to set up, it works great, and it's truly wireless, unlike other 'wireless' backup cameras!

AUTO-VOX Solar 4 Pros and Cons:

  • Works great
  • Large screen
  • Completely wireless
  • Hydrophobic camera lens
  • Compatible with two cameras (split-screen viewing)
  • Smaller visual field than most backup cameras (90 degrees vs. 120-130 degrees)

For my more in-depth backup camera review, read on.

Our Product Review Transparency

As always, we are transparent with you about our reviewing philosophy. We NEVER review a product for money or to get the product.

Why? Because doing so would lose your trust. Our number one goal is to be the place you trust for honest opinions.

So yes, AUTO-VOX provided this camera for review.

That said, we only review if they are OK with our terms, which are basically that we do not guarantee a good review or that we'll like it. We won't review it if we find it to be crap.

They accepted our terms. They sent us the camera. We tried it out.

Let's face it. We don't have an unlimited budget to buy EVERY single item we want to review, so accepting items for review is a natural fit.

Now, let's carry on.

Initial AUTO-VOX Backup Camera Impressions

Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera system

After agreeing to try it out, we had high hopes. They boast a truly wireless camper backup camera with a large screen that works well with good night vision? Yes, please.

I tested out the device, and here's what I discovered, from, well, a 'typical' woman's point of view (don't come for me!). (AKA, I don't care about specifics of the technical stuff.)

I want it to be easy to install and use, and it should work well.

Unboxing The AUTO-VOX Solar 4 Truly Wireless Camera

First off, the box/packaging is NICE.

Like, Apple quality nice. This made a good first impression right out of the gate.

The second impression I had was that this indeed would be easy to use and to get working, just by inspecting the parts (whew!).

It came with an easy-to-read instruction booklet. For the most part, if one is intelligent enough, instructions aren't needed.

But it's nice to have them.

Product Main Parts

Moving on to pulling out the 'ingredients,' there are a few main parts:

1. Two antennas

2. The camera itself (with mounting bracket and integrated battery)

3. The solar panel (to keep the battery charged)

4. The bracket for mounting the solar panel

5. The 7-inch display monitor + mount

Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera mount
Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera antenna
Auto Vox Solar 4 RV backup camera mount bottom

Naturally, it comes with the necessary cables, screws for mounting, and an adhesive sticker for the camera antenna.

Auto Vox Solar 4 wireless backup camera contents

Assembling The Truly Wireless AUTO-VOX Backup Camera

I'll be frank with you. I seem, these days, to suck putting together anything puzzle-like.

This usually means I have to look up directions or ask for help. That was not the case with this product. Whew!

It was simple enough to figure out how to put it together without instructions. The first order of business is to charge the camera (you can charge it two ways, via the solar panel or USB-Micro charging).

The camera has a peel-off sticker instructing you to charge it before anything else.

Once it was charged, I proceeded to test how well it worked through walls, LOL.

I was bummed to see it didn't do so well at first, but then I remembered it came with antennas.

With both antennas connected, one to the camera and the other to the monitor, it perfectly stayed connected anywhere inside the house, as far as I could get the monitor from the camera in my 2000 SF home.


Testing The AUTO VOX Camera

Ok, I'll admit, I didn't connect everything to use it as a permanent camper setup.

Why not? Because I'm selling my travel trailer very soon.

So, I didn't want to drill any new roof holes in it for the camera. Instead, I put it in my back trailer window.

My tow vehicle is a 2004 4Runner, and my trailer is a 24 foot bumper pull travel trailer, for reference.

The resolution is quite good. I'm no techie, but I know what poor camera output looks like. It never cut out or got fuzzy.

And with the large 7-inch screen, it's easy to see what's in the camera view.

The camera provides 'real-time imaging for high-speed monitoring.' I can concur; it looked real-time on the monitor.

The 7-Inch Huge Display Monitor

Auto Vox Solar 4 monitor front

That said, having such a big monitor can be great UNLESS you don't have the dash room for it.

It takes up some serious real estate on the dash.

I'm not sure where or how I will mount the monitor. I currently have a tiny dash area in my Toyota 4Runner. If I mount it, it will block a good portion of my view.

Additionally, a portion of the dash is already taken up by the phone mount, so I don't have any more room.

The large screen is nice, but for my vehicle, and possibly others, it's not practical to have it mounted full-time.

Auto Vox Solar 4 monitor back

The good news is you can detach it from the mount and store it.

So, do with it as you see fit for your setup (The turn-knob in photo above is how you unscrew the camera from the mount).

The mount base is 'floppy,' so it conforms to any dash. The bottom has an adhesive for obvious reasons.

Peel off the sticker and stick that thing wherever you want it. Just make sure the power cord reaches to your 12-volt power outlet before doing so.

Here are some technical specs you may be interested in but put me to sleep, LOL:

Solar4 Display Technical Specs:

  • Wireless transmission frame rate: 25 fps
  • Screen brightness: 500 cd/mΒ²
  • Working Voltage: DC 12V - 24V
  • Wireless Transmission Distance: 230 feet in an open area

Monitor Menu

On the right-hand side of the monitor are the control buttons.

  • CH: it allows you to toggle the view between cameras if you get more than one.
  • M: pulls up the menu.
  • Up and down arrows: to navigate through the menu.

Then click OK when you want to select an option.

Menu selections are:

  • Pair: If you want more than one view, purchase another camera. This is where you pair the cameras together.
  • Brightness: Pretty basic knowledge. Using this you can change the brightness to your liking.
  • M/U Control: This allows you to flip the camera horizontally or vertically.
  • Display Sleep: You have two options for how long till the display sleeps, and you choose here.
  • Guide Line: Here, you customize the guide lines.
Auto Vox Solar 4 monitor controls

The Camera

Auto Vox Solar 4 camera lens

The housing on this thing is SA-WEET.

Like, it's heavy, thick, it's going nowhere.

The quality is evident.

Auto Vox Solar 4 camera bottom
Auto Vox Solar 4 backup camera antenna cable attachment

They also put a coating on the lens that makes it hydrophobic.

That means it repels water. Similar to having Rain-X on your windshield.

When the sun pointed directly at the camera, it made the view on the monitor pretty light/faint.

But I suppose this happens with any camera.

The camera automatically shows backup lines (see below), but you can go in and remove them or change them to your preference.

Auto Vox Solar 4 backup camera display in use

The photo above looks bad because it's a photo of a screen.

The resolution is MUCH better than this in real life.

It has a mount and hardware for you to screw it to the top of your RV.

If you have a metal travel trailer, you can order the optional magnetic mount, so you don't even have to poke holes in your RV.

Otherwise, mounting is easy and straightforward. Don't forget to use Dicor sealant around the screws afterward, so no water intrusion happens.

It comes with an antenna with a long cable. Put the antenna on top of the rig as well for better reception.

Here are a few geeky stats about the camera that put me to sleep, but maybe you'll dig:

Camera Technical Specs:

  • Sensor Resolution:1920 x 1080P
  • Working Voltage: DC 3.4 - 4.2V
  • Working Current: Max 900mA (@4.2V)
  • Standby Current: 360uA
  • Rear View angle: Diagonal 90°±5Β°
  • Battery Capacity: 6600mAh
  • Charge Time: 6.5 hours
  • Working Time (without solar charging): 3 months
  • Working Time (with solar charging): 12 months
  • Operating temperature (Fahrenheit): -4 ~149ΒΊ

Night Vision

The night vision was also impressive. It comes with 2 infrared lights that can illuminate up to 30 feet away.

AUTO-VOX Solar 4 Review

We already know the installation is simple. And no, I didn't install it, but I 'faked' it, and it will be easy to make it permanent.

Anyway, having 'eyes' to see behind me while driving was fun. Never had that before.

But the primary purpose of this camera is to help see behind you when backing up.

So once turned on, the monitor turns off after a set time.

As stated, the monitor is large, bright, and clear, and it works great.

That said, I still could not see EVERYTHING behind me when backing up.

Auto Vox Solar 4 backup camera display in use

The view is good, but I can't see as much as real live eyeballs could see, so needed to get out a couple times to make sure I was not going to hit anything.

The view angle is only 90 degrees, whereas many other cameras have a 110 to 130 degree range. So, there's that.

That is the only downside of this camera - the camera's relatively narrow field of view.

I did not trust that I had eyes on EVERY section of what was behind me using the camera and my mirrors.

And I did find myself getting out to see if I was close to X or not.

That doesn't mean it wasn't helpful to back up or didn't work right.

I just wasn't completely trusting that what I was backing beside (a power meter) was totally safe from me hitting it, so I got out to double-check.

In addition to that, I am not used to using a backup camera.

I think after using it more, I'd get used to what it offers, and I will likely get more comfortable using it and trusting it fully.

But it was SO helpful having eyes directly behind the RV!


Optional Second Camera

  • You can purchase a second camera (with a magnetic base) that can be used as a backup camera for your tow vehicle for hitch alignment or if you want to have a second camera on your RV. The monitor can show both cameras at one time in a split-screen view.


The Autovox Solar 4 Backup RV and trailer camera proved a little delight. There is NO wiring to connect.

You only have to mount the camera to your RV with screws unless you get the optional magnetized mount for a metal camper.

This may be used for a boat, travel trailer, or motorhome. Any trailer you pull should work as long as you can connect the mounting bracket somewhere that lets you see behind.

I will be hitting the road again soon and will update this as things come up with the camera (if nothing comes up, then all has been good!).

All in all, I highly recommend this as a genuinely wireless travel trailer backup camera system.

If you have any questions, comment below, and we'll get right with you!

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