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Best Camping Chairs in 2022

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Aah, camping. RVing. It's all about the great outdoors.

As much as we love mother nature, we also love to have a place to sit while we are chilling.

What better place to sit than a nice cozy rock? Pffffffft.

Camping chairs are great for chilling around a campfire with friends or family, eating lunch, or working up some s'mores.

Of course, you want to find the best camp chair. Not all camping chairs are created equal, however.

Camping chairs are designed for different needs.

Also, the comfort factor of the seat rests in the eyes of the bum that sits in it.

Let's learn a few things about the differences in camping chairs and what you may and may not be looking for.

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Camping Chair Guide

Camping chairs come in all shapes and sizes. They are made for different purposes and needs.

Some people want super wide chairs with all sorts of 'amenities' such as umbrellas, storage bags, tables, and cup holders/coolers built-in.

On the other end of the spectrum, backpackers need their chair to be as light as humanly possible and they don't need frills. 

They want a light, compact camping chair. Chairs have been made with every need in mind.

Here we cover the ins and the outs of what's out there for your consideration.

Generally, chairs are made to fit into one of these categories:

  • Portable
  • Back Support
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Shaded
  • Best Of All Worlds

Things to Look For In A Camping Chair

Well, how will you be using it?

Backpacking? Hanging around the fire? Working outdoors daily on your computer?

Before you jump into buying a chair, decide how you will mostly be using your camp chair.

Sitting in camping chairs with Milky Way in background

Photo courtesy: Brock Brinkerhoff

Portability (Backpacking Chairs)

If you are going to be hiking a lot with your chair for long distances, or even short ones for that matter, you are not going to be happy with an 8 lb chair.

This means you are likely not going to want a traditional chair that tends to come with lots of features. 

There are now camping chairs that can pack as small as a 2 liter bottle and weigh around one pound.

If you are only going to be using your chair around a campfire, then a traditional chair may work better for you, although many of the small portable camping chairs are quite comfortable as well.

The smallest and lightest have legs that are made by DAC, who also makes the lightest aluminum tent poles.

The construction is made to be easy to put together with the shock cord on the insides much like tent poles.

Helinox camping chair label

DAC technology- Helinox Chairs

They almost put themselves together. There aren't many parts and set up takes a little under 2 minutes.

These tiny chairs fit easily in your backpack.


Sure, pretty much anything we purchase we want to be as durable as possible.

Not all camping chairs are the same in this regard, either. However, most chairs out there are quite durable.

They must be hardy, considering how much wear and tear they receive.

They get thrown in the back of trucks, get burned bt embers, deteriorate from the sun, and more. 

However, if you go out and get a $10 camp chair from the drugstore, don't expect it to be comfortable or to last for long.

They are made cheaply TO be cheap.

Kelly chair

Kelly's fading Cabela's chair. Needed the pillow for back support. Kelly now has a Chair One.  

Back Support

Honestly, not many camping chairs can boast this feature.

Many camp chairs are quite sunken around the back area and this might not work very well if you have back issues. Most offer no back support whatsoever.

Therefore, you end up sinking into the camp chair with a rounded lower back.

This won't bode well for those with any kind of back issue. If you sit in a bad camp chair long enough, you could even create back issues for yourself.

Therefore, you have a couple of choices in this matter.

First, you can get our recommended chair that does have back support. Second, you can always have a pillow on hand to put behind your lower back while using your chair.


This is a top priority for pretty much any camp chair, regardless of the other features you may want it to have.

Luckily, many camp chairs out there are quite cozy.

Still, some camping chairs win over the others in this category, regardless of size.

Who doesn't want to be comfortable while camping?

Keeping your butt back in the seat will help your back with support.

The smaller backpacking chairs are fairly supportive in this regard as is the Strongback Chair that we recommend.

Still, most of our picks are rated as quite comfortable by most users. 

Amanda Watson testimonial picture

Amanda Watson

Watsons Wander

I've tried nearly every kind of camp chair out there.

Zero gravity chairs that allow you to recline and snooze, canvas folding chairs with built-in footstools and drink holders, retro folding camp chairs, and even a camp chair with straps so I could wear it on my back.

Eventually, they all failed me. They were too heavy, too cheaply made, or simply too uncomfortable.

After struggling to find a chair that fit all my needs, last summer I finally broke down and shelled out the bucks for a Helinox Chair One.

It only took a week of use to realize that all my chair dreams came true with the Helinox. This chair is well made, lightweight, easy to set up and take down, and best of all... incredibly comfortable!

Aside from the comfort, my favorite feature is how portable this chair is.

I can put it in my backpack, my kayak, or throw it in a canvas tote along with a bottle of wine and some munchies for happy hour at the neighbor's RV.

One thing to note: The Chair One is not the best choice for tall people. My husband is 6'4" and finds that the back of the chair is too short and the fact that it's so low to the ground makes it hard to get out of.

Fortunately, he found a solution in the Helinox Sunset Chair. With a taller back and a higher ground clearance, this chair is tall person approved!



There are a few camping chairs out there that come with a built-in shade.

This is great for those who need to be out of the sun or are using a computer and need the shade so they can see their computer screen.

We all know that skin cancer can be caused by sun exposure, so having the convenient shade built-in to your chair makes it that much easier to keep yourself skin cancer-free.

It's not always possible to stay under an awning or to wear a hat.

For times like these, having an umbrella of sorts above you will help you stay in the shade.


As you can see, there are many different things to consider when looking for a new camping chair.

The way you camp, your bodily needs, weight, and durability are four of the major things you should consider before making a buying decision.

If you are in the market for a new chair, read on below for our camping chair reviews.

We found the best overall, best for bad backs, best for larger people and much more. We have tried out most of these chairs, but not all of them.

Some we have narrowed down the competition through logic, reviews, and friend's opinions. Still, the final decision is going to be your own butt in the seat.

Regardless, we're here to help you make a decision on the best camping chair for your needs.

Camping Chair Reviews

We wanted to pick out the best camping chair out there for you but we found that 'best' depends on the needs of the individual.

There is no ONE best camp chair. There are types and general favorites but there is no fits-all-needs-and-wants chair for everyone.

We chose what we thought would be the most sought-after categories for folding camping chairs.

Best Overall Camping Chair

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair With Built-In Cooler

Coleman Oversized Quad camp chair


  • Built-in cooler for 4 beverages
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Fade-resistant
  • Stable


  • Not light enough to tote long distances
  • Steel legs prone to rusting

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is a super popular folding camping chair among campers due to its low price and superior comfort/durability.

Its attached 'cooler' also makes it a hit among users.

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Best Super Compact / Lightweight Camping Chair

Helinox Chair One

Helinox Chair One small camp chair


  • Great for backpackers
  • Very light and small
  • Very comfortable for an ultralight camping chair
  • Easy and fast setup
  • Hardy light aluminum legs


  • Price
  • No Frills

The Helinox Chair One is one of the lightest ultralight camping chairs on the market today.

This is a best bet for backpackers who need an ultralight backpacking chair.

It's one of the smallest camp chairs out there.

Other Helinox Chair One Sizes

Helinox offers three sizes of their Chair One lightweight camping chairs.

To view the other two sizes (other than the original size reviewed here), click on 'Continue Reading..." directly below to open up the Helinox Chair One review and scroll to the bottom of it.

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Best Backpacking Chair with Swivel

Helinox Swivel Chair

Helinox Swivel camping chair


  • Well, it swivels!
  • Light and small
  • Easy, fast setup
  • Comfortable


  • Heavier than its counterpart, the Helinox Chair One (2.82 lbs)
  • Price

The Helinox Swivel Chair is exactly the same as the Helinox Chair One except that is swivels.

It's still an ultralight camping chair compared to most camp chairs on the market.

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Best Camp Chair for Big and Tall People

Alps Mountaineering King Kong

Alps Mountaineering King Kong camp chair dgbg


  • Can hold up to 800 lbs
  • Comfortable
  • Durable materials
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Nice and tall/easy to get in and out of


  • May not be as comfortable for smaller/shorter people

The Alps Mountaineering King Kong camping chair is a heavy-duty camping chair made for durability and ruggedness.

The frame can support up to 800 lbs.

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Best Camping Chair with Canopy

Renetto Original Canopy Chair 3.5

Renetto Original Canopy Chair


  • It's a camping chair with an umbrella
  • Lots of places to put things
  • 100% UV and water-resistant
  • The canopy becomes the bag
  • Claims to be the strongest chair on the market (350 lb capacity)
  • Extra wide seat (23")


  • Weight (15 lbs)
  • Not made for hiking trips/backpacking

If your primary goal in a chair is to stay out of the sun, THIS is the chair you have been looking for.

The Renetto camping chair comes with an attached bag that doubles as a shade for overhead.

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Best Camping Chair with Back Support

The Strongback Elite

Strongback high backed camp chair


  • The most comfortable chair for your back
  • Light and portable
  • Dual shoulder straps on carry bag for backpack style, hands-free carrying
  • Ergonomically healthy
  • 300 lb capacity
  • 11.9 lbs


  • Too heavy for backpackers
  • Price

It's true that not many camping chairs have good, or even ANY lower back support.

That said, this camp chair has excellent lower back support that can keep you more comfortable for longer.

Choose Color

Other Strongback Chairs

Strongback offers other folding camping chairs besides the Elite (their flagship product).

Click on 'Continue Reading..." directly below to open up the StrongBack Elite Chair review and scroll to the bottom of it for additional StrongBack Chair options.

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Best Camping Chair for Little Kids

Melissa And Doug Line Of Chairs

Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy kids camping chair


  • Excellent Amazon reviews
  • Cute creature designs to choose from
  • Cup holder
  • Fun designs for the kiddos
  • Light, easy to carry, folds up easily


  • None that we can find

The Melissa and Doug line of compact camping chairs for kids couldn't be any cuter!

Your little ones will know which chair is theirs for sure and they will love their cute design. Above all, they have designs modeled for boys and for girls.

Continue Reading Melissa and Doug Kids Chairs Review


Of course, your own preferences are going to determine what kind of camp chair you will want to have.

Simply decide how you are going to use it and then look for the features that you want.

There is no one-size-fits-all chair in terms of features, unfortunately, so you may need more than one for your different occasions.

Whatever you decide, just get out there into nature. We hope we have helped you find the best camping chair for YOU.

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  • I really like a Coleman Big-N-Tall Quad Camping Chair that I buy for my husband. It is tough, made from quality materials, water-resistant, and has a media pocket. If you want to feel absolute relaxation during your camping trips, this is definitely the perfect chair for you to sit on.

  • I’ve seen those large ’round’ cushy camp chairs, but unsure of the name, and think I saw them in Costco some time ago. I would imagine they may be a little heavier, but they sure look comfortable!

    • Hi Dale,

      Yeah, they are pretty cushy! They do take up some room for sure. I think they come in two sizes, too. We have at least one friend who uses one for her full-time RV life.

  • I too have tried a number of chairs- some too low, some a total trip hazard when trying to get in or out, some too heavy, some too bulky. Best ones I have found so far, and the ones I buy again are the GCI rocker chairs. They rock on any surface due to the rocker shock system and hold up well. The only issue is storage. The folding ones are really long and the director style folds flat but requires the space of a flat directors chair. Love them so much have gotten rid of all other styles to fit in our storage bay.

    • Oooh, yes, those are nice! It all depends on the user’s needs. For me, I got so tired of finding a place to store my two ‘regular’ chairs and hated having to move them any time I needed to get into the back of my truck.

      Now, I have the Helinox Chair One. I can easily store it under my bed it’s so small! Still not as ideal as others as far as setting it up.

      Sometimes I wish for a more ‘luxurious’ seat, too. But I am not willing to have two chairs. So for now, the Helinox is for me! Glad you found your “best butt”. ????

  • We’re on our second set of Alps Mountaineering chairs. The first set we purchased in Moab about 3 years ago. We abuse chairs! We leave them out in the sun, snow and rain and these still lasted 3 years! We just purchased another set of Alps Mountaineering chairs, this time we went big and got the King Kong models in Blue a month ago. Way more comfortable than the previous ones! We’d buy these again. I’ve tried the strongback chair, it’s ok but double the price and for me it’s harder to pack up. i just make my own lumbar support using an outdoor pillow.

    • Hey Paul!

      Great to hear you like your Alps Mountaineering Kongs! Those chairs are BEASTS! I have done the same- put a pillow in the chair for my back. It gets really testy at times, so I sure do like the Strongbacks, too.

      Thanks for the input on these chairs for others to read. A little social proof goes a long way!

      See you guys down the road! ????

  • You need to try the Kijaro Dual Lock chair. Hands down the most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat in. It locks open so you don’t sag down in the seat and make it easy to get out of the chair as well. Lots of vibrant colors to choose from.

    • Hi Ed,

      At this time we are not aware of any seller of just the cloth parts of a camping chair. Anyone else have any information on this? We welcome your input to help Ed out!

      • I suggest to go to a fabric store, or search online for outdoor fabric. Look for an outdoor upholstery material that will have UV-resistance and/ or mildew resistance. Awning-type material and backpack cordura is a good start. Get a yard or two and patch your chair using a needle and dental floss. It might not be pretty, but a DIY repair job might work on an injured chair.

  • Look into the fire pit rocker by GCI outdoors. Sturdy frame and comfortable. Not a chair you want to be lugging into the woods but for RV camping it is great. When we found this chair we have showed all of our camping friends. Now all of our camping friends have bought their own. They are a bit expensive as far as camp chairs go but worth every penny.

    • Hi Ryan,

      Yes, that’s a pretty good/comfortable/unique product for sure! If you want a rocking chair at your campsite, these are great! Thanks for the input so others can benefit, and Camp On!

  • our campfire is party central so we carry 8 chairs for guests. Most of us have knee, hip or back issues and all prefer strong and solid arm rests that can carry full body weight when getting in or our. Nobody Like’s the fabric slings

    • Wow, Don, you do it up right! Eight chairs? ?

      I can only handle sitting in my chairs for a little bit. Time to invest in something comfy so my body stops screaming at me every time I get up out of my chair.

      Keep enjoying those party central campfires and Camp On!

    • You should try the STRONGBACK Elite. With its solid arms with padding, lumbar support that is superb and way better than any chair I have tried.

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