17 Best Teardrop Trailers, Big And Small, In 2024

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By Kelly Beasley

Your chances of owning the best teardrop trailer for your personal needs just got a lot better.

Why is that?

Because you found this page showcasing a bunch of lightweight, easy-to-tow, cozy little teardrop-shaped travel trailers!

Small Teardrop Trailer interior

A small tear-shaped camper gets you into places you can't go with bigger trailers.

Additionally, with a smaller trailer you'll also save gas and likely not need a new, more robust vehicle to tow it with.

A lightweight teardrop trailer can vary wildly in size and amenities.

The most minimal teardrop camper trailer will have just a bed and maybe a power supply.

The most luxurious teardrop trailer with bathroom has every modern-day appliance and convenience.

So, it's up to you to decide whether you want it to include a fridge, bathroom, or whatever other comforts are on your list.

You can find just about any realistic upgrades that you can imagine!

In no special order, here's the list.

What is the best teardrop trailer?

So, is there one best teardrop trailer? Not if you ask us.

In the RV world, there is no one style, floorplan, or type that is one-size-fits-all perfect for everyone.

That's why there are SO many styles, varieties, and layouts out there, so anyone can find the one that fits their needs the best.

The best teardrop trailer out there is the one YOU like the most and is within your budget.

Here are your choices:

Little Guy Max

Little Guy Max teardrop trailer exterior

Length: 21 feet

Weight (dry): 3010 pounds

Features: Wet bath, interior accent lighting, 6 foot 7 inches headroom, water heater, four cubic foot refrigerator, TV and entertainment system, AC and furnace, dinette that converts to the second bed, and floor-to-ceiling pantry.

This is the longest teardrop trailer on the list coming in at 21 feet.

It's cozy inside, has a contemporary design, and has a full wet bath with a shower and toilet.

It has seven windows, so there's no feeling of being inside a cave.

Little Guy makes a few teardrop models, so the Max isn't their only one.

But it's the largest and one of the largest or THE largest luxury teardrop trailer on the market.

If you like Little Guy but want something smaller, check out their website.

They are pretty fancy inside and have every comfort of home you could ask for, except maybe a fireplace, LOL.

Learn more about the Little Guy Max HERE.

Safari Condo Alto

Safari Condo Alto small travel trailer exterior

Length: 17 feet

Weight (dry): 1,825 pounds

Features: Retractable roof, wet bath, king-sized bed, sleeps four, wrap-around windows, Canadian made, dining area converts to a bed, water cannot destroy it, fits inside a garage, separate bed and dinette space, full kitchen.

The Alto is an extremely unique type of pop-up. Unlike most pop-ups, it has no canvas.

Instead, the roof lifts, exposing high-up windows almost all the way around. It uses electric linear actuators for the lift (meaning you don't have to raise and lower it manually).

It's one of the largest teardrops on the list, more like a regular travel trailer than most.

It has a sleeping area separate from the dinette, but naturally, the dinette also converts into a bed. The bed area also converts into a couch area or a dinette.

The low roof makes it aerodynamic, saving you gas mileage.

This is one of those RVs that will probably outlast you by decades because of the materials it's made from.

They are hard to come by used, and if you want new, there will be a long wait.

Learn more about the Safari Condo Alto HERE.

NuCamp Tab 400

nuCamp Tab 400 teardrop exterior

Length: 18 feet 3 inches

Weight (dry): 2,840 pounds

Features: Wet bath, solar equipped, large bed with stargazer window, Nautilus water management, Alde central heat and hot water system, Bluetooth media center with 24-inch TV, central AC, full kitchen, dinette that converts to bed.

NuCamp makes a few teardrop trailers. They offer different lengths with different amenities.

The Tab is the largest in their fleet. It's still relatively small for a travel trailer but is large compared to most on this list and has two sleeping areas (sleeps three).

The Tab comes in the 400 with a 2-way fridge, or a 3-way fridge, or you can find the Tab Solo.

This one is a great choice for a small family, couple, or for solo travelers.

It has pretty much everything you could ask for in home amenities.

Learn more about the Tab 400 HERE.

Oregon Trailโ€™R FronTear

Oregon Trail'R Frontear teardrop

Length: 12 feet 1 inch

Weight (dry): 1,100 to 1,400 pounds

Features: Base price $14,000, classic teardrop styling with a modern flare, 'backdoor' kitchen with stove and sink, a door on both sides, roof fan, panic siren, audio system, onboard propane, backup lights.

The Oregon Trail'R FronTear (way to go with the complicated name) is a small, classically styled teardrop camper.

They offer many options such as a cabinetry upgrade and custom doors.

It sports a double bed, optional outside tables that attach to the trailer, and many more upgrades to choose from.

This compact cutie sleeps two.

They are a small company, so if you want to order, expect a wait time and no specific hard date to pick it up.

Learn more about the Oregon Trail'R FronTear HERE.

NuCamp Tag

Nucamp Tag tear drop RV

Length: 13 feet 7 inches

Weight (dry): 1,269 to 1,369 pounds

Features: Sleeps 2, stargazer window, AC and heater, deep sink with 10 inch faucet, microwave, LED lights, speaker, removable cooler, battery disconnect, exterior shower, and power roof fan.

This little clamshell (meaning the kitchen area is outside in a hatch area) trailer has great contemporary look to it inside and out.

They've put decent storage inside the cabin and kept it looking streamlined. The kitchen area even has a microwave.

There are two doors for entry, and this unit sleeps two. It's a 30-amp RV and has nearly everything you could ever need besides a toilet and shower.

This is one where you cannot stand up inside.

As with others you can't stand up in, if the weather is a bummer, be prepared to be in bed all day.

Read more about TAG trailers HERE.

Escapod Topo 2

Escapod TOPO2 tear drop trailer

Length: 13 feet 5 inches

Weight (dry): 2,000 pounds

Standard Features: Single-Piece Fiberglass Body with Recycled PET Insulating Core, Freeride Supsension System, 23" ground clearance, 21-gallon water tank, ROAM 6.5' x 8' Awning, MaxxAir 4-Speed Exhaust Fan, full size sink, True Queen-Size 6" Memory Foam Mattress, rear stabilizers, and more.

The Topo 2 replaced the original Topo 1. This is is a rugged, nice little trailer great for boondocking off-road adventures. Get the add-on tent and bring friends with you on your adventures.

There are many add-ons including accessories, utility, and towing add-ons. They included a heated mudroom and coat closet among other things.

The rear galley has all the elements of a full-sized kitchen complete with ENO 2-burner cooktop stove has a stainless-steel counter and a YETI 75 cooler (or you can upgrade it to an ARB fridge/freezer. 

Revel in an extra 7.5 cubic feet of cabinet storage, tucked away knife storage, and a handy spice drawer at your fingertips. Our modular shelving allows for effortless customization, so you can truly make your space your own.

With an impressive storage capacity of almost 8 cubic feet in the cabinets and an additional 5 cubic feet behind the headboard, you'll have ample room for all your belongings, including clothes, bedding, and any extra gear you need on hand.

You get a queen-sized mattress and great storage above half of the bed area, fitted with a TV.

Starting at $43,990- $58,707.

Another one in which you cannot stand up.

Find more Escapod Topo Series information HERE.


Polydrop teardrop trailer

Length: 14 feet 9 inches

Weight (dry): 900-1,150 pounds

Features: Solar, three floorplans, lightweight, excellent insulation, unique look, two doors, outdoor kitchen, space-capsule inspired design, water pump, storage, and speakers.

If you want a space-age-looking terminator modern teardrop camper, you just found it.

Nothing else even resembles the Polydrop. It's in its own class when it comes to futuristic design. 

Style aside, they offer three clamshell styles ranging from $15,990 to $34,990.

You can choose no kitchen, full kitchen, or full kitchen with upgraded suspension and all-terrain tires.

The insulation is 15 times more heat resistant than conventional travel trailers.

You can tow this one with an electric vehicle. It also has a solar-powered 110 volt system. 

The interior even looks somewhat like the main deck of Star Trek: The Next Generation's USS Enterprise.

This one is a pretty cool, unique teardrop-shaped camper!

Find more about Polydrop Teardrops HERE.

Mount Massive by Colorado Teardrops

Colorado Mt Massive teardrop trailer

Length: 14 feet 4 inches

Weight (dry): 1,470+ pounds

Features: Sleeps 4, queen-sized mattress + 2 bunks, exterior galley, double door entry, exterior color and finish options, onboard water options, electric trailer brakes, aluminum sided.

If you need to sleep four but still want a small teardrop, this is your camper. Incredibly, this outfits a queen-sized bed as well as two bunk beds.

I had to see it for myself to believe it!

The galley has lots of room, you can add a cooler, water, stove, and pantry items.

The interior has a stargazing window, great for night views.

Learn more about the Mount Massive HERE.


Vistabule teardrop trailer

Length: 14 feet

Weight (dry): 1330+ pounds

Features: Double doors, two portholes, convertible sofa bed, outdoor kitchen, large front-facing window, layers of well-organized storage.

First of all, we just love the front-facing large window.

This helps eliminate ANY sense of a 'cave-like' feel to the interior.

There are plenty of options available to make the camper even more comfortable.

You can order air conditioning, propane heat, mood lighting, solar, and even a refrigerator.

It all depends on what's essential for you while you're camping.

Learn more about the Vestibule HERE.

Classic by Timberleaf

Timberleaf Classic tear drop trailer

Length: 14 feet

Weight (dry): 1,500 pounds

Features: Many custom options, 36 inch cabin height, fully-insulated cabin, 11-gallon or 17.5-gallon water storage options, storage cubbies behind the headboard.

The Classic is a clamshell trailer that doesn't slack when it comes to quality.

They use all-birch for their cabinetry and choose from three different suspension packages: standard, all-road, or off-road.

Like many other teardrops here, the Classic offers two entry doors and a big roof window for sky gazing.

They offer two other versions, the Pika and the Kestrel, which don't have as many amenities as the Classic.

Learn more about Timberleaf Classic teardrop trailers HERE.

Vintage Overland Teardrop Trailers Great Escape

Vintage Overland Great Escape teardrop RV

Length: 12 feet

Weight (dry): 750 pounds

Features: Danish design, three models available, super light, Goal Zero generator included, solar, LED lights, rear receiver.

Vintage Overland makes three teardrop trailers.

The Great Escape is the middle child.

So, you could also get the less-outfitted Tuco (600 pounds) or the more-outfitted T.E. Lawrence (900 pounds).

This model sleeps two and has the rear space for kitchen stuff or storage needs.

It sports a retro design, inspired by the Danish minimalistic style and the exterior is made from aluminum.

They make them pretty bare bones for simplicity.

Learn more about the Vintage Overland HERE.

The Meaner Bean

Meaner Bean teardrop trailer interior

Length: 14 feet

Weight (dry): 2000 pounds

Features: 180-degree awning, rock sliders, armadillo-lined front storage lockers, fully articulating hitch coupler, anti-theft hitch, 200 pound hitch receiver, cabinets, and drawers inside.

Heck, we love this one just for the name.

The Meaner Bean is a fiberglass camper trailer made from a molded fiberglass shell.

Meaning it won't be rotting from leaks due to seams. Bean also offers other models for you to check out.

The Bean is a bit fancier than most here, having lots of amenities and features packed inside its shell.

They even offer a bunk bed camper mattress option. The bed has the ability to become a couch during the daytime.

The pass-through cabinetry and storage are rad, and the ground clearance is higher than most teardrops (17 inches).

They have other models, but this is the most capable off-road teardrop they produce.

Learn more about the Meaner Bean HERE.

Earth Traveler T250LX Trailer

Earth Traveler T300 teardrop trailer

Pictured is the 300

Length: 11 feet

Weight (dry): 250 pounds

Features: Made entirely of carbon fiber, zero amenities included as it's just a shell, very much like a hard-sided tent, lightest trailer on our list, built in Santa Fe.

This one most mimics a hard-sided tent.

It includes no amenities like a power system, water, etc. It has storage space and builds out into tents. It's roomy, inexpensive, and light.

If you're an extreme minimalist when it comes to camping, this might float your boat.

The 250 starts at around just $10,000. They claim it to be the world's lightest teardrop trailer.

We can't imagine them being wrong!

They also sell the 300 which is 50 pounds heavier.

Learn more about the Earth Traveler HERE.

Rustic Trail- Kodiak Stealth

Rustic Trail Kodiak Stealth teardrop trailer

Length: 13 feet

Weight (dry): 1,525 pounds

Features: Sleeps 2, 5 foot interior ceiling height, cozy inside, dinette area that converts to a bed, full roof rack, MaxxAir Fan, AGM battery kit, optional port-a-potti.

The interior of this teardrop resembles a home more than any other on the list.

It's their best-selling camper as of 2022 (they offer other models of teardrop as do most others on this list).

It does have an air conditioner, but it doesn't have a kitchen area because the manufacturer strives for simplicity while camping.

That said, It also has no toilet but you could bring a camping porta potty.

An ARB awning is available as well as a table that attaches to the outside of the camper.

The front rack holds up to 250 pounds of gear.

Learn more about the Kodiak Stealth HERE.

InTech Flyer Chase

Intech Flyer Chase tear drop trailer

Length: 12 feet 5 inches

Weight (dry): 1025+ pounds

Features: Bubble foil insulation (R7), cargo carrying capacity 920-1175 pounds, air conditioning, outdoor tent option.

With this trailer, you can bring more than two if you get the add-a-room tent feature pictured.

The 2 inch receiver is rated at 175 pounds, so you can bring your bikes or other adventure toys.

It comes with 5 exterior color choices and a couple of cabinets on the inside that house a sound system.

The unit comes with a rooftop air conditioner by Dometic. Options include a 270 degree awning, straight awning, heat, a roof rack, and off-road tires.

It has 'fuzzy' walls inside, helping reduce condensation, noise, and gives it a cozy feel.

Learn more about the InTech Flyer Chase HERE.

Hiker Trailer Mid Range Deluxe

Hiker Trailer Mid Range Deluxe teardrop

Length: 13-15 feet

Weight (dry): 1250-1500 pounds

Features: Super minimalist, battery, 3 lengths to choose from, manual roof vent or upgrade to MaxxAir, can stand on fenders, starts at $7,995. 

You can get this model in three different dimensions. 5 x 8 feet (13 feet long), 5 x 9 feet (14 feet long), and 5 x 10 feet  (15 feet long).

You also choose from Plus, Pro, and Elite (each offers different standard features).

Hiker trailers start from $8,000 to $10,000 which is very affordable.

The Hiker has an opening in the back for your storage and/or kitchen stuff, but the trailer doesn't come with any water system.

It does come with a power system, and you can upgrade to include a MaxxAir fan.

There is definitely no bathroom in this one, it's way too small, but you can fit it almost anywhere.

Learn more about Hiker Trailers HERE.


There you have it! There are many teardrop shaped campers on the market with many variations about them.

Your best chance at picking the best teardrop trailer for your needs is to know ahead of time what camping looks like for you.

Decide what amenities are non-negotiable and which you can do without. Stay within your budget.

Bigger is not always better. Again, you should evaluate your needs and desires for what you want your camping experience to look like to find your perfect teardrop trailer.

It might be a good idea to rent out a similar or exact teardrop first, before you buy your own. Then you'll know if you liked it or not.

Good luck!

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  • You need to update the information about the Escapod teardrop. They no longer make the topo1 you have posted. They make a topo2 instead. And it truly is the best teardrop out there. We’ve had ours since August and love the design. Especially the mud room.

    • Wow, thank you, LeAnne, for letting us know! We will update it and appreciate you keeping us and our readers up to date about the trailer. Neat to hear you have one and love it, too. Happy trails!

    • Hi Larry,

      According to the Little Guy dealer locator, they don’t have any dealers in Alaska.

      As far as purchasing from a dealership outside of Alaska, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible. People buy RVs in other states all the time. You just have to figure out how to get the trailer to Alaska from the dealership you purchase it (if you aren’t going to tow it).

      This is something you’d have to discuss with whatever dealership you want to deal with. Call/email around and see what they say.

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