We know about this because Marshall and I were full-time RVers for a combined total of 12 years. Therefore, you’re getting these facts and myths straight from the horse’s mouth!

Who wants to spend an average of $35 for a night just to turn off your engine and crawl into bed when there are free options out there? There are much easier (and cheaper) ways to pull over and sleep. We’ve got your options covered right here.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill post about keeping your RV cool in the summer. These are real, actionable steps you can take to get cooler when it’s hot outside (and inside). Some of these are more affordable than others, but they are all pretty cheap outside of adding a second AC unit to your camper.

When I say “win”, I mean SCORE. You’ll still pay for your camping reservation. But without these camping reservation tools, you may not have a camping trip at all if your campground is sold-out. Now there’s hope you can still find a reservation if you use these tools!

You’re new to RVing, so how could you know right from wrong? I’m talking about the ‘tips’ you see online about what you should/shouldn’t do when RVing.
You follow them blindly because, well, you’re a beginner who is new to RVing. We get it. This post is for you to learn these lies and misconceptions before you make these beginner mistakes.

Don’t give your RV away! Figure out what it is worth so it’s not sitting unsold for forever and also so you don’t cheat yourself out of potentially thousands of dollars.
It’s pretty easy to figure out your private party RV value. All you need is an internet connection and to type out a few details.

Undoubtedly, Airstreams are elegant head-turning classic Americana. The pretty riveted aluminum skin that doesn’t require a lot of constant maintenance. The sexy interior and exterior. All good aside, this head-turning trailer type has plenty of drawbacks. It may or may not be the right brand for you. Read on to find out what these owners think.

There are many things to take into consideration for newbies. There had to be very little to fear about driving an RV into these spots. There are 10 requirements that these spots had to pass. Here are the five that had them all.

It’s best to start out in places that have a lot to offer, and where you can easily fetch something you forgot, or to even jump into a nearby campground if necessary. So these are 5 great places I have been to that I can recommend to someone who has never boondocked and wants to try it but is scaaaaarred.

The general answer to this question is ‘yes’. It’s usually safe to leave your trailer parked alone while boondocking.
However, there are exceptions to this rule. For instance, what type of people are camping nearby? Do they look like drug addicts? Homeless people? If so, you might want to take extra precautions.