You are probably wondering what it is like to live in an RV full-time as your only residence. You’re trying to find out if it’s right for you. This article should help you. But- I hate to tell you this, but I can’t totally answer that question for you.

Escapees provides a connection to other RVers and much more. They assist with mailing services, learning to RV and offer convergences and rallies to meet your fellow RVing nomads. There are many more benefits- just read on for more.

Thousands of RVers hit the road with their pets to go camping every year. For many pets, this can be a stressful situation. You are putting them out of their element and into a moving vehicle, which they may not be used to. Other pets absolutely love the travel and adventure that they get out of it.

Driving your RV in wind is not the same as being stationary. This article covers safety being stationary in wind. It’s going to take almost a hurricane/tornado otherwise to tip you over. Regardless, when you are inside your rig in even mild gusts of even 40 mph, it can be awfully scary. Here’s what you need to know.

There are some must-have items you will need to have BEFORE your first outing. ​Never leave home without these essentials.

Littering, invading personal space, disturbing the peace and dusting people out. These are just SOME of the things that will make YOU the a**hole out there.