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Camco Rhino Portable Waste Tank Review 2023- The Good And The Bad

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By Marshall Wendler

The Camco Rhino portable holding tank is an excellent choice if you want to stay parked longer than your tanks allow. 

In other words, if you don't want to move your entire motorhome or travel trailer to dump the RV septic tanks, you need something like the Camco Rhino tote tank. 

With it, you can take your camper's liquid waste from your rig to the dump station.

The Rhino portable holding tank comes in sizes ranging from a 15 to a 36-gallon capacity.

 It has options for 2 or 4-wheel versions.

The Rhino septic tank is our #1 choice for RV portable waste tanks.

Camco Rhino 2 wheel tank

Why You Might Need A Portable RV Waste Tank

A portable RV waste tank is a great way to "expand" your camper's holding tank capacity, allowing you to stay in one spot without having to move to dump the wastewater.

This is useful when you're dry camping and don't want to pack up your rig to make a dump station run.

With a portable tank, you can drain and transport waste without having to move your entire RV.

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Rhino Tote Tank In Brief


  • Integrated ladder hook and molded-in hold down strap grooves
  • High-quality accessory kit includes everything you need to fill and empty your Rhino septic tank
  • Smooth interior that is contoured towards the drain holes to allow for easy draining
  • Integrated tank rinser with multi-directional spray and backflow prevention valve
  • No-flat tires don't require you to maintain tire pressure
  • Ergonomic, durable handle
  • Made in the USA


  • Side gate dump valve only on 28 and 36-gallon models
  • 15 and 21-gallon sizes require you to lift the tank vertically to dump (don't come with a side-mounted 3-inch waste outlet gate valve)
  • Plastic wheels are relatively skinny, not great for gravel or dirt surfaces
  • Slightly taller than the Barker tote tank, which means there may be a clearance issue on RVs with lower sewage drain pipes
  • Some assembly required

Choose Capacity & 2 or 4 Wheels

The only reason not to consider this Camco portable holding tank is it's slightly taller than the Barker portable waste tank.

Clearance is an issue with RVs that sit lower to the ground. Many have a sewage waste pipe outlet less than the minimum 13 inches of ground clearance that the Rhino heavy-duty tote tank requires.

While it is possible to use the Camco Rhino portable tank with less clearance between the ground and the RV sewer outlet, you will have a problem with the sewer outlet still retaining waste water when you have filled the Rhino tank.

This leads to a messy situation as you disconnect the hose between the RV and the Rhino.

Camco Portable Waste Tank Construction

The Rhino heavy-duty portable waste holding tank is constructed from blow-molded UV stabilized HDPE plastic.

HDPE = high-density polyethylene (plastic).

UV stabilized means the sun won't damage the tote tank.

The tank interior is designed to eliminate areas for debris to accumulate.

The sides are smooth and slope towards the drain outlet(s), allowing easy emptying and little chance of 'bits' being left behind.

Rhino tank top view

It has a heavy-duty, durable, ergonomic handle. Meaning it won't hurt your hands as you pull the full tank around your campsite.

We love the molded-in hold-down strap grooves on the outside of the tank.

They allow you to hang the tank from the ladder on the rear of the RV (using the integrated ladder hook) and strap it securely to the ladder.

It's a great way to store your Rhino tank when you aren't using it!

Rhino tank ladder hook

Ladder hook

Strapping Rhino tank to ladder

Strapping to ladder

Two separate water inlets are found on the top of the Camco waste tank.

One has male garden hose threads and is mainly used to vent when the tank is being filled or emptied.

But you can also use this inlet to quickly rinse or fill the tank with freshwater.

The second water inlet has a female garden hose connection which utilizes an EZ grip twist connector.

This inlet has a backflow preventer and a multi-directional spray nozzle to quickly and efficiently rinse out the tank.

Rhino tank water inlets

Water inlets

This second inlet is used only to rinse the tank out after use and is a feature you won't find on other portable tanks.

Finally, a standard 3-inch drain hole at the top of the tank is used to fill (and empty on smaller sized tanks) the tank with wastewater.

This drain hole has the standard bayonet-style fittings for an RV holding tank hose to connect to it.

Rhino tank top drain hole

3-inch top drain hole

Rhino tank top drain hole with hose attached

Drain hose connected to top drain inlet

Two Wheels or Four Wheels

The Camco Rhino portable holding tank either comes equipped with two or four wheels.

Let me clarify - only the larger sizes (28+) have the option for four wheels. The two smaller sizes (15 and 21 gallons) only come with two rear wheels.

Before I explain why you should care about two wheels versus four, let's talk a bit about the wheels themselves.

Rhino tank rear wheel

12-inch rear tires

Rhino tank front tires

6-inch front tires

The rear wheels are 12 inches in diameter and plastic with a rubberized tread.

They aren't particularly wide, which is only an issue if you continually roll the tank over really soft ground. The size does help over rough terrain.

These are no-flat wheels, so you don't have to worry about putting air in them or having a flat tire.

Front tires (again, only available on the 28 and 36-gallon sizes) are 6 inches in diameter and have the same plastic construction.

All wheels come with bearings for long life and smooth operation.

  • When the Camco Rhino portable waste tank came out, there was a problem with the wheels coming off the axles. Camco has since fixed this issue by using a locking ring to attach the wheels to the axle. Problem solved!

Why would you want a four-wheel tote versus one with just two wheels?

Because it's WAY easier to pull one on 4 wheels.

You must lift and hold the front of the tank to move two-wheeled versions around.

Yes, the Camco Rhino has a very nice integrated handle to do this, but you still have to lift a reasonably heavy tank.

Camco Rhino 2 wheel tank

2-wheel Rhino tank (lift by handle to move)

Camco Rhino 4 wheel tank

4-wheel Rhino tank (no lifting required)

Lifting isn't so much an issue with smaller-sized tanks. It's difficult when we are talking 36 gallons of wastewater you have to heft around (at over 8 pounds a gallon, that's approaching 300 pounds).

Lifting the front of a ~300-pound tank isn't fun or easy.

Having four wheels means that you don't have to lift the front. Plus, your back will thank you!

With the front wheels, you also get a 24-inch steel tow bar.

It is used both for you to tug the tank around and attach it to your tow vehicle's hitch ball so you can 'drive' it to the dump station - more on this in the next section.

Steerable Wheel Kit

There is a steerable wheel kit that you can add to a 28 or 36-gallon Rhino heavy-duty tank if it didn't come with the front wheels already installed. (The 28 and 36-gallon sizes have the options of coming with and without front tires.)

After you've decided it was a horrible idea to get the two-wheel version of these sized tanks, you can convert your two-wheeled tank to a four-wheeled version.

Camco Rhino steerable wheel kit

Steerable wheel kit

The Rhino steerable wheel kit comes with the wheel assembly, heavy-duty tow bar, a different ladder hook, and the necessary attaching hardware.

See the video below on how to install.

Steerable Wheel Kit

Dumping Your Rhino Portable Waste Tank

There are two parts to dumping your Camco Rhino heavy-duty tank:

  • Getting it to the dump station
  • The actual dumping itself.

Unless the dump station is close to your campsite, you need a vehicle to move the tote.

Rhino tank tow adapter

2-wheel Rhino tote tank tow adapter

The two-wheel versions of the portable Camco holding tank come with a steel tow adapter that 'hooks' to its handle.

You then lift the (potentially hefty) front of the Rhino and set the tow adapter onto your vehicle's hitch ball.

Camco Rhino tank 4 wheel hooked to vehicle

4-wheel Rhino tote tank connected to vehicle

The four-wheel versions have a 24-inch tow bar part of the front steerable wheel assembly.

The front of the bar is placed over a hitch ball very quickly without having to lift the tank. 

Much easier than the two-wheel version!

Once you have towed (at a slow speed) the full waste tote to the dump station, you then dump the contents. Dumping is done one of two ways.

The 15 and 21-gallon versions only have one way to dump - via the 3-inch drain hole at the top of the tank.

Meaning you must tilt the entire assembly vertically to dump it (after connecting the included drain hose, of course!).

Lifting the smaller-sized Rhinos isn't that big of a deal, as the overall weight isn't too extreme.

But the larger-sized capacities are heavy when full.

Fortunately, they have a different dumping solution!

Rhino tank gate valve

Side waste gate valve (28 & 36-gallon only)

The 28 and 36 gallon-sized Rhino heavy-duty tanks have a top drain hole, but they also have an integrated waste outlet gate valve on the side.

Meaning you can dump these larger-sized versions without having to lift them vertically. Talk about a back saver!

The top and side drain holes use the industry-standard 3-inch opening and have the traditional bayonet-style lug fittings to attach the dump hose.

Included (And Optional) Accessories

The Camco Rhino tote tank comes with the best standard accessories of any portable tank.

Here are the included accessories:

Rhino tank accessories

Included accessories

  • 3-foot Rhino Extreme dump hose.
  • Clear elbow with a 4-in-1 adapter to fit between the dump hose and the dump station sewer hole (used when emptying the Rhino tank).
  • Clear elbow with dual swiveling bayonet fittings to fit between the dump hose and the sewer inlet at the top of the tank. Since it is clear, you can monitor the liquid level inside the portable tank.
  • 15-inch garden hose with female ends on either side of the hose. This is used to flush the tank using the vent hole.
  • Integrated multi-directional spray nozzle (inside the tank) with backflow preventer that you use when you want to rinse out the interior.
  • Integrated, ergonomic handle used to haul the 2-wheeled version around and to tilt up the smaller tanks to dump.
  • Storage caps for the included dump hose and the drain outlet(s) on the tank itself. The drain outlet cap(s) include a lanyard, so the caps don't get lost.
  • Caps (with lanyards) for the two water inlets.
  • Integrated ladder hook so you can store the tote on your RV ladder (if so equipped).
  • Steel tow adapter that attaches via the integrated handle (only on two-wheeled versions).
  • 24-inch built-in tow bar attached to steerable front wheels (only on four-wheeled versions).

Optional accessories include a bumper mount system and a tote tank fill gauge.

Bumper Mount System

If your RV doesn't have a rear ladder and you need a place to store your Rhino tank, there is the option to get the Camco tote tank bumper mount system.

This is compatible with 4-inch and 4.5-inch square rear bumpers and gives you a place to strap your portable black water tank.

Camco tote tank bumper mount

Rear bumper mount

Tote Fill Gauge

Usually, you would use the included clear elbow to keep an eye on how full the Camco Rhino tank is getting, but it is an inexact method.

You might have spillage if you aren't paying attention.

An optional tote fill gauge screws onto the standard male garden hose fitting that is used to vent while filling.

This fill gauge has a built-in vent (unlike ones from the competition) that allows for venting while seeing how full the tank is getting.

This gauge is compatible with any tote tank with a male garden hose vent.

Camco tote tank gauge

Tote tank gauge

Camco Rhino Waste Tank Features and Specs:

  • Available in the following sizes (gallons): 15, 21, 28, and 36.
  • Available with and without steerable front wheel kit (28 and 36-gallon sizes only).
  • Made from UV stabilized blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and steel.
  • Smooth interior slopes down to drain outlet(s), making for easy and complete wastewater dumping.
  • Large 12-inch diameter oversized wheels with no-flat tires allow easy use on most surfaces. Tires are plastic with outer rubber tread.
  • 6-inch front steerable no-flat tires available in 28 and 36-gallon versions. Separate wheel kit available to retrofit 28 and 36-gallon sizes that didn't come with wheels. The front-wheel kit allows for maximum maneuverability without lifting the front (easier on your back).
  • All wheels have bearings to make for smoother operation.
  • Minimum height of the RV waste drain pipe is 13 inches off the ground.
  • All sizes have a 3-inch drain hole on the top that has standard lug (bayonet style) sewer hose connection fittings.
  • 28 and 36-gallon sizes have a 3-inch integrated waste outlet gate valve to allow for fast emptying while horizontal. 14 and 21-gallon sizes require you to lift the front of the tote to empty into the dump station.
  • Two separate water inlets on the top of the tank. One has a male garden hose connection and is mainly used for venting but can be used to rinse and fill the tank. The second has a female garden hose connection with a backflow valve and a multi-directional spray nozzle to clean the interior.
  • Models with front two wheels have a built-in 24-inch tow bar that is used to drag tote around and allows for connection to a vehicle's hitch ball for towing to a dump station, eliminating the need to lift the front of a full (heavy) tank to attach to hitch ball.
  • Models without front steerable wheels come with a steel tow adapter to connect to a vehicle hitch ball but require you to lift the front of a heavy full tank.
  • Integrated ladder hanger and molded-in hold-down strap groves that let you securely mount the Camco Rhino tank to your RV's rear-mounted ladder for easy storage.
  • Comes with the following accessories: (1) 3-foot heavy-duty Rhino RV sewer hose with swivel bayonet and lug fittings, (1) 15-inch female to female orange water hose, (1) clear elbow with a 4-in-1 adapter, (1) clear elbow with double bayonet fittings, (3) storage caps, and (2) caps with lanyards for rinse connections.
  • Made in the United States
  • 2-year warranty
  • 15 gallon (Camco p/n 39000) Dimensions & Weight: 13" High x 20.5" Wide x 32.25" Long - 31.5 pounds
  • 21 gallon (Camco p/n 39002) Dimensions & Weight: 13" High x 20.5" Wide x 40" Long - 34.5 pounds
  • 28 gallon (Camco p/n 39004) Dimensions & Weight: 14.5" High x 24" Wide x 44" Long - 43 pounds
  • 36 gallon (Camco p/n 39006) Dimensions & Weight: 15.5" High x 25" Wide x 46" Long - 45 pounds
  • 28 gallon with steerable front wheels (Camco p/n 39005) Dimensions & Weight: 14.5" High x 24" Wide x 44" Long* - 49 pounds
  • 36 gallon with steerable front wheels (Camco p/n 39007) Dimensions & Weight: 15.5" High x 25" Wide x 46" Long* - 52 pounds

* length does not include the handle

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Use The Camco Rhino Portable Waste Tank?

Using the Camco Rhino portable waste tank is a three-step process:

  1. Position the tote at your camper's sewer drain outlet and transfer waste from the RV to the Rhino.
  2. Transport the tote tank to a suitable wastewater facility (usually a dump station at the campground you are staying in or a nearby one).
  3. Drain the Rhino tank into the dump station. Rinse it out, and go back to enjoying the great outdoors.

You can view the below video to see the above process in more detail.

How Do I Empty My Camco Rhino Portable Waste Tank?

You can empty your Camco Rhino portable waste tank in one of two ways.

How depends on whether or not you have a side gate dump valve (this is available only on 28 and 36-gallon capacities).

Both methods assume your Rhino tank is at a suitable dump station or another facility where you can dump wastewater.

Also, that you have attached an appropriate hose to the 3-inch drain hole and the dump station drain.

  1. Top drain hole only (smaller capacity tanks): If you only have a top 3-inch sewer drain hole, you have to lift the waste tank so that it stands vertically. You will then release the vent cap to start dumping the contents. Once it is empty, you can use the integrated tank rinser to clean the inside.
  2. Side gate drain valve (larger capacity tanks): You can dump your Rhino when it is in the horizontal position with a side drain valve. No need to lift it vertically and kill your back! Open the side gate valve and release the top vent cap to empty the waste. When emptied, use the integrated tank flusher to clean the inside.

Once the Rhino tote is sufficiently cleaned, close any open drain valves, remove the dump hose, and cap off any open holes (including the vent hole).

You are now all set to use the tote once again!

How Do You Tow A Rhino Tote Tank?

Towing a Rhino tote tank requires you to have a vehicle or golf cart with a trailer ball hitch.

There is a different process to 'hook' it to the tow vehicle, depending on whether you have the Rhino's 2-wheel or 4-wheel version.

With a 2-wheel Rhino waste tank, you need to 'install' the included tow bracket onto the tank's integrated handle.

Then roll the tote (holding the bracket in place) over to your vehicle and lift the bracket up onto the ball hitch. Be careful of your back!

With a 4-wheel Rhino tote, you use the permanently attached 24-inch long tow bar to roll the tank over to the vehicle.

Then you put the round tow ring on the end of the tow bar over the ball hitch.

Done! No lifting of the Rhino tote. No breaking your back.

Once the Rhino is attached to your vehicle, drive to the dump station at a slow rate of speed (no more than 5-10 miles per hour).

These tanks are not designed to be pulled at high speeds, on public roads, or over uneven terrain (or crappy paved roads).

They are made to move slowly within a campground setting over a relatively short distance.


The Camco Rhino Portable Tote is made to allow you to stay put in your RV longer when dry camping. It has everything you need to dump your waste without too much strain or stress. 

It's well-built, ergonomic, and the sun won't break it down. 

It's also very easy to hang on the ladder of your RV when stored, having a built-in ladder hook and also divots around the tank for your straps to easily 'grab' it.

If you're looking for a good quality and easy to use waste tote, we suggest you look no further.

  • Want to learn more about RV sewage handling? And who doesn't??? See what else we have here on Camp Addict.
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