The Perfect Little Complete Guide To Teardrop Trailers

PublishedApril 14, 2020

Looking for an RV that is easy to tow, lightweight, and affordable? A teardrop camper might be exactly what you need.

What Is A Teardrop Trailer?

Teardrop trailers range in size, weight, and shape to fit a variety of needs and a price tag to fit most budgets.

Teardrop Trailer

A classic tear drop trailer is little more than a bed enclosed with hard-sided walls.

If you are looking for something more than what is essentially a tent on wheels, there are teardrop travel trailers that you can stand up in, have a full RV kitchen, complete bathroom, and separate sleeping space and seating areas.

These teardrop RVs offer all the features and comforts of traditional travel trailers, but with the distinct teardrop shape.

Teardrop Camper Pros and Cons:
  • Wide range of sizes to meet many needs
  • Smaller tear drop trailers can be towed by almost any vehicle
  • If you like teardrop trailers, there is an option for you
  • Some smaller teardrops come with off-road axles for light off-road capability
  • Some teardrops have zero amenities other than a place to get out of the weather
  • Teardrops with outdoor kitchens require you to cook outside in all weather conditions
Teardrop Trailer Quick Stats:
  • Length: 10 to 21 feet
  • Sleeping Capacity: Up to 4 people
  • Slide-Outs: 0
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 2,000 to 4,000 pounds
  • Retail Price: $3,000 to $40,000

*Above stats are approximate ranges just to give you a general idea

Who Makes Teardrop Trailers? Which Teardrop Is The Best?

Teardrop Campers Come In Many Sizes

Teardrop trailers are an interesting style of RV for a couple of reasons.

They have a distinct teardrop shape that looks aerodynamic, and is where they get their name from.

These campers range from being very small, incredibly basic trailer designs, to completely self-contained, full-sized rigs that sport the signature tear drop shape.

Small Teardrop Trailer exterior

Small Teardrop Trailer

The Classic Teardrop Trailer

A traditional teardrop camper is a very small, lightweight trailer that can be towed by virtually any sized vehicle that you can put a stabilizer hitch on.

These models don't require a big truck to tow - almost any car can haul a small teardrop camper trailer around.

They weigh very little and offer even less in comfort inside their cabin. 

They are simply a place for two people to sleep on a mattress out of the rain.

Due to the low roof height, headroom inside is very limited - you will be lucky if you can sit up while on the bed.

They don't take up much room with their narrow width and low overall height, making them easy to store inside a home garage.

The next step-up in the teardrop RV category is a slightly larger rig that, in addition to a sleeping space, has a basic kitchenette.

A popular way to do this is to have a hatch in the rear of the camper that opens upwards to reveal an area for cooking.

Teardrop Trailer outdoor kitchen

Teardrop Trailer Outside Kitchen

This galley area is only accessible from the outside, so if the weather is crappy, you get to 'enjoy' it while you cook.

There may be a tiny fridge, a sink with a small fresh water tank, a stove of some sort, and a little food prep space.

But nothing much else.

Don't expect to find a bathroom in this size teardrop. Look for a shower and toilet elsewhere.

Storage space will be extremely limited.

There should be plenty of headroom inside, but standing is out of the question.

You'll find a couple of windows to bring natural light to the space, and doors on either side for easy access.

Larger Teardrop Camping Trailers

When you go a little larger, you have a teardrop that you can stand up in, may have an inside kitchen, but probably doesn't have a bathroom (though they can). 

There won't be any separate seating area. The seating area converts into a sleeping area, using the seat cushions as a mattress. Can you say, not so comfy?

You will need to be doing this dinette to a bed conversion every day as it's a dual-purpose seating/sleeping area. Yes, this will probably get old.

Large Teardrop Trailer exterior

Large Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop Travel Trailers

The top of the teardrop camper trailer hierarchy is a 20+ foot trailer will have all the benefits and design features of a 'real' RV.

Galley, full bath, a real trailer mattress, separate sleeping area, and a dedicated place to sit (that most likely can be converted into a second sleeping area).

You will have decent storage for what need to have a good camping experience, with room for two adults.

There will be a propane tank to provide fuel for the stove and refrigerator, as well as a battery to power things such as your TV and the 12-volt electrical system.

It may be cramped if you have a family you like to bring along on your adventures, but it may be doable for shorter road trips to your favorite campgrounds.

These models offer everything a comparably sized travel trailer does, just with the unique teardrop shape.

When you have a teardrop trailer that has the same amenities as full-sized RVs, it will also be self-contained with fresh water tanks, as well as a trailer holding tank for gray and black water.

Stand-Out Features Of Teardrop Travel Trailers

The most distinct design feature of teardrop camping trailers is the shape.

They have an aerodynamic 'flow' to the cabin, being fatter in the front and tapering in the back.

Small Teardrop Trailer interior

Small Teardrop Trailer Interior

As explained above, this type of RV comes in all different sizes.

The amenities found in a teardrop trailer interior varies wildly depending on the size of the RV, as well as the cost of the unit.

If you are looking for a place to sleep that is a step-up from a tent, but don't need any other facilities, you can get a tiny teardrop camper.

If you are in love with the tear drop shape but don't want to go without a bathroom or a kitchen you can use comfortably, there is a larger teardrop camper trailer that fits this bill. 

The bathroom may be a wet bath configuration because it's space-saving, combing the toilet and shower area.

Large Teardrop Trailer interior

Large Teardrop Trailer Interior

Affordability and simplicity are traits of a small teardrop camper.

They let you camp in something more than a tent without going all in a with a full-featured RV, keeping costs down.

Teardrop trailers do not come with a travel trailer slide-out.

No matter what the size, a tear drop trailer will have a single axle. Some come with higher ground clearance to allow for moderate off-road capability (found mainly in small teardrop trailers).

How Much Does a Teardrop Trailer Cost?

Classic car towing teardrop trailer

What a rad setup!

Retail pricing of new teardrop trailers are all over the place because the amenities vary so widely.

You can purchase a bare-bones small teardrop camper for a few thousand dollars that is nothing more than a place to sleep.

Or, you can purchase a rather large (in comparison) teardrop RV that has a separate bed, seating area, full kitchen, and a full bathroom for upwards of $40,000.


Teardrop camper models come in a size and amenity level to match any camping style.

With options that include little more than a hard sided shelter for a bed to sleep two people, to a fully equipped model with the distinctive teardrop look, the teardrop camping trailer is a type of RV that appeals to a wide variety of camper.

No matter the destinations you have in mind, the type of adventure you are seeking, teardrop campers offer many a way to enjoy nature anywhere they want to go.

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