8 Luxurious Fifth Wheel Campers Of The Rich (And Sometimes Famous)

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By Kelly Beasley

Last Updated: September 22, 2022

Luxurious fifth wheel campers could be defined as "The great state of comfort and extravagant living while on the road."

That sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Let us introduce you to the finest fifth-wheel RVs in the world.

Couple sitting camp chairs toasting

These manufacturers spared no details in giving you every creature comfort you desire, whether you're full-timer or a weekend warrior.

These trailers have luxurious amenities from theater seating, nice leather, a shower that's nicer than your home shower, and plenty of space everywhere, including in your wardrobe and bathroom.

They are large and heavy, so keep in mind that you'll need a heavy-duty truck (and, for some, a semi-truck) for all of them!

You'll also need over $100,000 for any of them, and up to a few million for the nicest one (we're very clear which brand is nicest, you'll see!).

Let's dive in and see these luxurious fifth wheel campers!

1. New Horizons Majestic 40RK4S

New Horizons builds their own steel chassis for their custom-made fifth-wheels, and they do a full-body paint on all units.

They also only produce four-season units.

New Horizons Majestic luxury 5th wheel RV

New Horizons is a privately owned company making premium custom 5th wheel trailers in Milford Lake, Kansas.

Cabinets feature soft-close doors, European-style hinges, and drawer boxes with dovetail joints.

All appliances are high-end, including your full-size stainless steel refrigerator, three-burner cooktop, oven, and stacked washer and dryer.

Hardwood flooring is by Shaw Floors and features a Stabilitek core, which prevents expansion and shrinkage.

New Horizons Majestic high end 5th wheel interior

There are SO many options, but here are a few of the choices to choose from:

  • Quartz composite or stainless steel sinks
  • High-rise faucets
  • Queen or king bed with padded or wooden headboard
  • Cedar lined closet with shoe shelf
  • Large pantry
  • Wine rack
  • Vanity cabinets with hamper
  • Built-in nightstands
  • Cabinets above the bed
  • Screen-in patio off the garage
  • Extra bedroom or bunk room
  • Onyx showers and tubs in any size

The company specifies that features are only limited to your imagination. Why not go wild?

2. DRV Luxe Suites 44 Houston

DRV is known for its luxury and how well-made its luxurious fifth wheel campers are.

They make 16 different floorplans.

DRV Mobile Suites luxury 5th wheel

When you first walk inside of one of their high end 5th wheels, it's immediately apparent that you're surrounded by almost the best luxury money can buy. (We've reserved THE 'best luxury' for another company.)

This luxury 5th wheel RV can be yours from just above $100,000 to over $200,000.

From their thick side walls (3 1/4 inches thick!) to their residential rated R-25 insulation, their units have no flimsiness.

DRV Mobile Suites high end fifth wheel interior

DRV's are sturdy, made to last, and they even make them specifically as an RV for long term living.

Their luxury fifth-wheel RV is enormous, no matter what size you choose. They start at a whopping 37 feet long.

Features and options:

  • 100-gallon freshwater tank
  • Solar prep
  • Hand-laid vinyl floor tile
  • 3 1/4 inch thick walls/slides
  • Power recliner/theater seating
  • Custom hardwood dinette
  • Keyless entry doors
  • 20 cubic foot stainless steel french door refrigerator

3. Keystone Avalanche 395 BH

The Keystone Avalanche is the creme' of the crop in luxury 5th wheel trailers if you have a big family.

In this heavy-duty fiberglass fifth wheel, you can sleep up to nine (maybe even ten if you have small children).

Keystone Avalanche luxurious 5th wheel

It comes with all the luxuries you'd expect to find in the world of high-end fifth wheels.

Starting with the outside, you get ample storage bays with one that supplies an outdoor kitchen.

The Road Armor shock-absorbing suspension gives you 6 inches of travel.

The Keystone has two entries, the main entrance and an entrance into a half-bath.

The entry side has two lighted awnings that surround the slide-out. Each unit comes with an oversized fireplace with a tile surround.

Your living room has a fifty-inch TV home theater with surround sound.

Now, the 390 model has a dinette in the living area, but this unit has more seating in the form of a couch facing the entertainment center.

We find that couch setup a little awkward as there is no seating where people face each other.

The kitchen has premium hardwood cabinets, side fascia, and an 18 cubic foot french door refrigerator with a bottom freezer.

The bunkhouse has three sleeping platforms plus a bed sofa.

A fun pass-through area inside the bunkhouse leads to an outdoor bay.

Kids will have fun passing stuff and maybe even themselves through that area with each other.

Keystone Avalanche luxurious fifth wheel interior

The main bedroom has a king bed and a full-length wardrobe with a washer and dryer prep inside.

Specs include a 66-gallon fresh water tank, a 117-gallon gray tank, and an 83-gallon black tank.

It weighs 13,667 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 2,833 pounds, which is decent.

The underbelly is fully heated, and the unit also features an enclosed underbelly.

Additionally, the tanks are wrapped with the industry's highest-rated heat pads.

This is a dream luxurious fifth wheel camper for a big family.

4. Heartland Cyclone 4006 Toy Hauler

In case you didn't know, fifth wheels also come as toy haulers.

A toy hauler is an RV with a 'garage' to bring and store your toys, such as a side-by-side, motorbikes, or possibly even a tiny car.

Heartland Cyclone luxury 5th wheel toy hauler

When you choose not to bring your toys, that storage area almost always has amenities that fold down, lower or open up to give you another useable space for sleeping or working, kid's room, etc.

On top of that, the ramp used to get your toys in and out doubles as an outdoor patio, adding recreational space for your family.

The Heartland Cyclone's exterior features a patented 'Stor mor' three-sided access storage bay area in the front of the unit.

You also get a grill-n-go 25 inches residential pull-out three-burner griddle combo with its own storage bay. It swings in and out for easy access and use.

Inside, you have full-height shaker cabinets in the kitchen. It has an 18 cubic foot gas and electric refrigerator.

The kitchen is a small U-shaped kitchen, but everything is right there within reach. The microwave is residential. The Furrion oven is a massive (for an RV) 24 inches.

Heartland Cyclone luxury fifth wheel toy hauler interior

All 17 windows come with black-out roller shades.

The main living area is probably the second best thing to the back deck, and it is VERY open as the doorway is on a slide.

There is an opposing slide across from it, so the living area is big, AND it's separate from the kitchen, unlike most luxury fifth-wheel trailers.

The one-piece fiberglass shower in the bathroom is huge, even sporting a bathtub right next to the porcelain toilet.

Your bed comes with a tilting King, and the room has good floor space.

Heartland claims to have the largest freshwater tanks in the industry. How large? A whopping 150 gallons!

5. Luxe Luxurious Fifth Wheel Campers

Luxe basically has luxury in their name. They are one of the top luxury fifth wheel manufacturers.

Luxe is the product, and Luxe RV is the manufacturer.

Luxe luxury fifth wheels

Luxe manufactures three RVs:

  • Luxe Elite
  • Luxe Gold
  • LuxeToy Hauler

The Elite has four floor plans, the Gold has five, and the Toy Hauler has four.

Their 48FB includes a side patio if you're into having a dedicated deck!

All of their RVs are full of the finest luxuries in modern fifth wheels. They also do not use go-betweens when selling.

Instead, they only sell direct, so you might not have seen one before.

On top of that, they tout a 'concierge-style' customer service for pointing you to the closest service center.

The walls of their RVs are composed of three-inch-thick composite aluminum cage walls.

Windows are the double-pane insulated frameless type (great if it rains, and they look good, but we're not fans as if it's hot out as they offer poor airflow).

Walls are insulated with a closed-cell graphite-infused foam.

Low profile 1500 BTU ACs are used (with heat pumps).

Their luxury fifth-wheel travel trailers come with the Equalizer hydraulic 6-point automatic leveling system for easy leveling at your campsite.

Luxe luxury fifth wheel RV interior

The leveling system is especially helpful when boondocking.

Units come with high-end full paint with two clear coats, wet sanded and buffed. There are no decal stickers.

They offer a 100-gallon freshwater tank on all units, which is especially great for boondocking.

The grey and black tanks vary among the different models, between 40 and 80 gallons.

The interior is very customizable, from your cabinet colors to the type of shades you want.

You can add plenty of amenities from solar panels to a washer and dryer to a dishwasher.

Nothing is overlooked when it comes to quality, and this company is still privately owned, meaning quality is usually better than those owned by public companies.

6. SpaceCraft

In business since 1962, SpaceCraft makes full custom luxurious fifth wheel campers that a semi-truck must pull.

You heard that right! You can't pull these with an ordinary truck. That's how big and heavy they are.

Spacecraft RV luxury fifth wheel camper

Sure, other luxury fifth wheel brands on this page offer customization of their units.

But SpaceCraft is FULLY customizable, and you'll be responsible for building it from the ground up.

This means it can be anything you want. It can have one, two, or three bedrooms, each with a separate entrance if you want.

You can have a garage. How about a dance club?

Or you can have the entertainment system of your dreams and an electric fireplace. Maybe you want a gym. Or all dog kennels for a large rescue transport.

Or makeup/dressing room if you're an actor/actress. No problem.

They build WHAT YOU WANT, long as it all fits.

Because these are fully custom, no two rigs are alike. We can't show you anything that they 'offer.'

We have a video of one that was about to get picked up by the new owner so you can see materials and features that that person asked for.

Spacecraft luxury fifth wheel interior

Here's what we can tell you.

These run about $5,000 per linear foot. This will be more or less depending on what you choose to have inside the unit.

Weight averages about 500 pounds per linear foot, so you do the math according to how long you want your trailer to be.

They build trailers between 40 and 57 feet long, much longer than most high-end 5th wheel campers in the RV industry.

This type of custom sounds and is amazing. But this one is not the creme de la creme.

That title belongs to Anderson Mobile Estates (next)!

7. Anderson Mobile Estates

Now, if budget is not a word you need to worry about, and you want the finest money can buy, you're looking for Anderson Mobile Estates.

The world's wealthiest people, the rich and famous, come to Anderson for the most luxurious fifth wheel campers money can buy.

Anderson Mobile Estates luxury 5th wheel trailer

If you have to ask how much they cost, you can't afford one.

Rest assured, this is the most expensive fifth wheel money can buy. (View the most expensive RV you can buy.)

Anderson is another fully custom manufacturer that makes semi-trailer sized units that need a semi-truck to pull them.

One big difference is that they create TWO-STORY units that look nothing like a traditional RV, inside or out (the top rises and lowers via mechanical means).

Which is something we haven't seen SpaceCraft do (not saying they won't, we just haven't seen it).

Anderson Mobile Estates luxury 5th wheel interior

They are just next-level in design, innovation, while using expensive, hard-to-get premium and even rare materials.

The interiors AND exteriors look like the nicest hotel or residence you've ever seen.

The video we provide here (a unit once owned by Will Smith) pretty much says it all.

So, watch this video to be blown away! (Their website also shows past models they have created. Fun to look.)

This one is so spectacular and the possibilities are so endless that we included TWO videos.

The first used to be Will's, the second belongs to Mariah Carey (both rich and famous!).

8. Vanleigh Beacon 42RDB

Geez, what manufacturer wants to follow Anderson? LOL!

Vanleigh is at least probably more in your budget. So, let's get you back to reality.

Vanleigh Beacon luxury 5th wheel

Vanleigh is a division of Tiffin Motorhomes and is known as a quality full-time RV manufacturer.

That said, recently (Dec 2020), Tiffin was acquired by THOR, a gigantic and publicly-traded company, so we shall see if the quality holds up or not.

Hopefully, quality does not suffer.

Kitchen cabinets (and all wood) are real wood, no composite, and all have the soft-close feature.

Solid surface countertops are standard, and you'll get a Truma hot water system for instant hot water.

The shower is really large and they have added a wooden seat that folds up into the wall for room when you're not using it.

Floors are hand-laid vinyl tiles. The wardrobe in the bedroom is spacious, and the bed is about 4 inches lower than most RV beds.

Vanleigh Beacon luxury 5th wheel interior

This is good for older people who have difficulty getting up into a bed.

There are power ports on both sides of the bed for plugging in your phone or tablet.

The Beacon gives tons of counter space in the kitchen featuring solid-surface countertops. It's light, bright, and shiny. Gorgeous!

The front living room has opposing seating, which is the best setup for conversing with guests.

You don't find this in many RVs. The recliners and sofas are super soft and very comfy.

Inside and out, there is plenty of storage space.

The freshwater tank holds 70 gallons, and it's lighter than some of the other fifth wheels on this page.

This isn't the highest quality brand on the page, but it's still up there as one of the most luxurious fifth wheel campers.

Luxurious Fifth Wheel Campers Conclusion

You can get anything you want in a luxurious fifth-wheel RV, mostly, if you have unlimited funds.

They are not all out of reach, but for the average RVer, they are just fun to look at and dream!

That's what this list is for, or if you're really in the market to buy a luxury fifth-wheel, you just saved yourself a lot of Google searching.

Note that the Star Craft (Not to be confused with Starcraft RV) and Anderson are MILES above the quality of the 'regular' fifth-wheels on this page.

They look more like rolling houses or hotels than resembling an RV, especially the Anderson.

Anyway, let us know in the comments if you have one of these and how you like it!

Or let us know if you don't. Your input is always welcome!

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