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How To Make Your RV Bed More Comfortable: 7 Actionable Steps

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By Kelly Beasley

If you're wondering how to make your RV bed more comfortable, we have 7 great suggestions for you.

A good night's sleep is a non-negotiable necessity, especially when camping.

It not only fuels our bodies but rejuvenates our minds, preparing us to take on the day ahead.

Unfortunately, getting quality sleep can be challenging, especially away from the comfort of our home beds.

nuCamp Tab S interior sleeping area converted

One place where many RVers experience troubles is in their RV bed.

Standard RV beds often offer a basic structure - usually a thin, flimsy, or hard mattress on a solid base like plywood.

RV manufacturers usually put cheap ones in, knowing most people will replace it.

While these beds might serve their purpose as light, cheap, and space-saving, they aren't designed with comfort and sleep quality in mind like regular mattresses are.

This can lead to various discomforts, such as back pain, restlessness, and an overall lack of quality sleep.

But worry not!

This article is about enhancing RV mattress comfort to turn your camper bedroom or RV dinette bed into a haven, giving you a better night's sleep.

Understanding Your RV Bed 

Beds in RVs come in various styles, shapes, and RV mattress sizes, but almost all consist of a bed platform and a relatively thin, cheap mattress.

This basic structure is designed for convenience and space-saving rather than optimal comfort.

Common problems with uncomfortable RV mattresses include inadequate support due to the thinness of the mattress, lack of durability, and the inability to regulate temperature effectively.

These problems often lead to aches, soreness, a terrible night's sleeping (overcome RV sleep challenges), or worse, health issues like back or neck pain. But luckily we have many suggestions for how to make your RV bed more comfortable.

1. Upgrading Your RV Mattress 

Getting a new RV mattress can solve all issues if you can afford a new one.

Given the limitations of a standard RV mattress, investing in a new RV mattress in your trailer or motorhome is the perfect solution to getting a good night's sleep.

A good bed will provide better support for your body and improve overall sleep quality by reducing pressure points and promoting better spinal alignment.

Several popular options for recreational vehicle mattresses include memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.

Memory foam offers excellent contouring and pressure relief, while latex is known for its durability and breathability.

RV memory foam mattress

On the other hand, innerspring mattresses provide good support and tend to be more affordable, but they may not be as comfortable as the other options.

When buying an RV mattress upgrade, consider size, thickness, firmness level (RV mattress firmness guide), and materials used.

Ensure it fits your bed area perfectly and aligns with your sleeping preference.

Look for high-quality materials that promote comfort, durability, and good temperature regulation.

Remember to read customer reviews and the warranty conditions before making a purchase.

2. The Power Of A Memory Foam Topper

If you're not ready for a whole new mattress, a memory foam topper might be just the upgrade for your uncomfortable RV bed.

Mattress toppers are a thick layer of foam that you place on top of your mattress to improve its feel.

Memory foam uniquely contours your body, providing superior pressure point relief and promoting healthy spinal alignment.

Putting new foam on top is like having a new mattress without the hefty price tag.

A memory foam mattress topper will come in several varieties, each with its unique features:

  • Open Cell: This type of topper has a unique internal structure that allows for improved airflow, preventing heat buildup and keeping you cooler during sleep.
  • Closed Cell: While denser and less breathable than their open-cell counterparts, closed-cell toppers offer more support and are more durable. 

Consider the thickness and density when choosing a mattress topper for your RV bed.

A thicker topper will provide more cushioning, while a higher density offers better support.

Also, think about heat retention – if you sleep hot, a cooling gel or open cell topper might be the best choice.

The gel-infused toppers draw heat from the body, making for a cooler sleep. It's a relatively newer product.

These gel particles absorb body heat and disperse it, helping to maintain a cooler sleeping surface.

As the Sleep Foundation reports, "Gel memory foam is a relatively new product that first became popular in the early 2010s."

So if you thought memory foam was still hot, know there's a cooler gel foam.

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3. Padding Your RV Bed Platform

Padding your RV bed frame (platform) can significantly enhance comfort by providing an extra cushioning layer between the mattress and the hard base.

This can help reduce pressure points and make the bed feel softer.

To pad your RV bed platform, first measure its dimensions.

Then, purchase a foam pad that matches these measurements. Next, place the foam pad on the platform, ensuring it fits securely.

You should secure the pad to the platform with adhesive or tape to prevent it from moving.

Finally, put your mattress back on the platform.

The best materials for padding an RV bed frame/platform include high-density foam or a thin memory foam pad. These materials offer a good balance of comfort and support.

Or you could buy a Froli system. It's like little springs for your mattress. It also gives your mattress some ventilation underneath.

Ensure that whatever padding you choose is resistant to mold and mildew, as the RV environment can often be humid.

4. Doubling Up: Adding A Second Mattress 

When it comes to sleep, sometimes more is better.

Adding a second mattress to your RV bed can provide extra comfort, especially if you prefer a softer bed.

It can also be beneficial if your current mattress is showing signs of wear, but you're not ready to replace it yet.

Of course, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider. Doubling up on mattresses can make your bed relatively high, which might be awkward or non-conducive in a recreational vehicle.

When selecting a second mattress for your RV bed, consider the same factors as when buying a primary mattress: size, thickness, comfort, support, and durability.

Additionally, think about how easy it is to move and store the mattress in your camper.

Avocado RV mattress detail

5. The Importance Of Good Pillows 

Pillows play a crucial role in ensuring a good night's sleep. They support your neck and head, helping you maintain proper spinal alignment while you sleep.

Having the right pillow can prevent neck pain and reduce the likelihood of snoring.

When choosing pillows for an RV bed, consider the size, firmness, and materials.

Make sure the pillow suits your preferred sleep position: side sleepers usually need a thicker pillow, back sleepers a medium thickness, and stomach sleepers a thinner pillow.

Many side sleepers also sleep with a pillow for their top arm and leg to reset on. Make sure if you sleep like this at home, you bring that pillow camping.

Pillows come in various types, including memory foam, latex, synthetic fill, and down.

Memory foam and latex pillows offer excellent support and contouring, while down pillows are plush and luxurious.

6. Trying Out A Weighted Blanket 

A weighted blanket is a type of blanket filled with tiny glass beads or plastic pellets, making it heavier than a typical blanket.

Many people find that the extra weight creates a calming, comforting effect, similar to a warm hug. This can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.

When choosing a weighted blanket for an RV bed, consider the weight, size, and temperature control. A general rule of thumb is to choose one about 10% of your body weight.

Also, ensure it fits your RV bed without too much hanging over the sides, and opt for a breathable fabric if you tend to sleep hot.

There are many great weighted blankets on the market. These blankets come with unique features and a variety of weight options, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs.

Kelly's Tochta RV foam mattress

7. Additional Tips For A Comfortable RV Bed

  • Temperature control: This plays a critical role in sleep quality. Your sleep can be disrupted if you're too hot or cold.
  • Topper For Hot Sleepers: Consider a topper or RV mattress with cooling properties if you sleep hot, or invest in a good-quality blanket for colder nights.
  • Fan: A fan or a small heater in your travel trailer or motorhome can also help regulate temperature.
  • Cleanliness: Keeping your bedding clean is essential for a comfortable sleep environment. Regularly wash your sheets, pillowcases, and blankets, and vacuum your mattress to free it from dust and allergens. Also, consider using a mattress protector to extend the life of your mattress.
  • Customization: Customizing your sleeping environment can enhance your sleep. Blackout curtains or an eye mask can help block out unwanted light, while earplugs or a white noise machine can keep noise at bay.

Adding personal touches like your favorite sheets or pillow can also make your camper's bed feel more like home.

Don't forget that many of these tips can be used for your sofa bed or the dinette cushions or seat cushions that fold down into a bed.


Now you know how to make your RV bed more comfortable.

Turning your trailer or motorhome bed into a comfort haven involves several steps:

  • Upgrading your mattress or adding a memory foam topper
  • Padding your bed platform
  • Potentially adding a second mattress
  • Selecting good pillows
  • Trying a weighted blanket
  • Maintaining a comfortable temperature
  • Keeping your bedding clean
  • Customizing your sleep environment

Remember, everyone is different, so it's important to experiment and find what works best for you. RV mattress discomfort is common.

The perfect RV bed setup for one person might not work for someone else.

Don't be afraid to try different things until you find your own formula for a great night's sleep.

Sleep is not a luxury – it's a necessity. So, ensuring your recreational vehicle bed is as comfortable as possible is worth the time and investment.

After all, good sleep doesn't just make you feel better. It enhances your entire RV adventure, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Happy travels and sweet dreams!

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I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

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