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50 Best Pop-Up Camper Accessories You Absolutely Need in 2023

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By Kelly Beasley

So you're looking for pop-up camper accessories? Congratulations, you must have a new getaway vehicle! 

Now the fun part: outfitting it.

Forest River high wall series tent trailer

This pop-up camper gear is designed to make your trip easier, more comfortable, safer, and more fun.

Some accessories are for the kitchen, some are for outside, and others are basic necessities for operating your camper.

We also threw in a few organizational and storage helpers and hacks because storage space in a popup is next to none.

OK new RVer, let's see what popup accessories you want and need, starting with the necessities.

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You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. Find all the items we list below along with other recommended items.

Pop-Up Camper Setup Accessories

Once you arrive at your campsite, you are going to need to setup your pop-up camper so that it is ready to be used during the camping trip.

Below are items you'll need to make sure it doesn't roll away, is level, and you can connect to power, water, and sewer (if required).

Wheel Chocks

These popup camper supplies keep your pop-up from rolling after you disconnect it from your tow vehicle.

RV chocks are essential accessories you cannot do without. We both use these particular ones and love them. They are made to last.

Be sure to avoid the plastic YELLOW ones. They have a shelf life (no, really), and they won't stop a trailer that wants to roll.

Water Pressure Regulator

All it takes is ONE TIME for the park's water pressure to be so great it bursts one of your lines.

Not using one of these risks flooding your RV. Water is an RV's biggest enemy.

There are cheaper versions you can get, but they don't regulate the pressure, they just reduce it, and oftentimes, too much or too little.

This style of water pressure regulator lets you 'dial in' the pressure coming into your rig.

Sewer Hose

All RVs need a sewer hose unless they have no onboard tanks.

If your camper has a built-in non-composting or non-cassette toilet OR has a grey tank, you eventually need to dump your tanks using a camper sewer hose kit. I used to have this bayonette style, but upgraded to the Lippert Waste Master a few years ago for my back (long story). Marshall still uses his and it's working fine.

It depends on the particular model camper that you have, but you'll figure out whether you need one or not. Dumping your tanks is not glamorous, but it's necessary.

Leveling Blocks

Not all campsites are level, and nobody wants to sleep (or live) in an un-level camper.

On top of that, if you have an absorption refrigerator (most do), you must be level to avoid the risk of that fridge starting a fire.

Use leveling blocks to help ensure your rig is leveled. These are the ones we use. While we love ours, they do fade but they last for years if taken care of.

Power Tongue Jack

If you want less labor in your life, a power jack is a great way to start.

Instead of manually cranking your jack up and down, press a button. This is especially good to have if you have a bad back (ask Kelly how she knows, LOL).

While some pop-up campers are light enough where a power jack may be overkill, consider adding one of these if you are tired of manually cranking the front of your rig up and down.

Trailer Jack Wheel Dock

Many front tongue jacks have a wheel at the bottom. Since all campsites are not level, your jack may try to roll after disconnecting.

This can be a bit inconvenient when you are trying to setup, to say the least.

Get a wheel dock to avoid this problem.

Surge Protector/EMS

This is another for your pop-up camper must-have list. NO trailer should be without a good electrical management syste (EMS) or, at the very least, a surge protector.

We love the cover for the plug in the event of rain. We use our EMS's EVERY time we plug in.

Campgrounds have blackouts and brownouts, and they can easily destroy the entire electrical system in your pop-up camper.

Get an EMS or surge protector between the power pedestal and your investment for your peace of mind.

PopupGizmos Reflective Cover

This is one of those popup camper accessories you'll wish you'd bought sooner if you wait (if you're a summer camper, and who isn't?). 

PopupGizmos has a reflective material that helps keep the heat down inside the pop-out tents and hence in the trailer itself.

Extension Cord

An extension cord is more of a convenience in the event your power cord does not reach the pedestal. 

Best to have one on hand than to find yourself lacking. I used this cord just last week. It's come in very handy.

Water Hoses

If your pop-up has a sink, you need a hose to fill or connect your water supply.

Unless you filled your onboard tanks before you left, you need a water hose from your water source to get the water inside.

You also need a separate water hose for rinsing out your sewer hose.

I have had this same hose since I started RVing back in 2015. Just be aware that they can get mildew spots inside if not properly dried out after each use.

Aliner Scout Lite small pop up camper

Interior Comforts

Having an inviting and comfortable interior living space is key to enjoying your outing. Depending on how your trailer is equipped from the factory, you may or may not need the items we list below to make the interior space more livable.

Portable Camping Toilet

Many pop-ups do not have a toilet.

In this case, you either use the campground bathroom or get yourself a camper portable toilet.

You can use it inside the trailer or outside using a portable tent.

Over The Door Hooks

If you have the right door type, add over the door hooks to your pop-up accessories list.

Hang coats, towels, or even a shoe holder to the hooks to increase storage space.

Bath Towels

Don't forget your bath towels and, if applicable, beach towels!

It's also a good idea to bring along some rags for those inevitable messes that occur.

Luci Lights

Adults, AND kids love these solar lights! Your kids can use them after dark outside or even in their little bed areas when you are ready for lights out so you can sleep.

Or, use them around the outside of your pop-up at night.

My Luci light is the one with many color options and I love it.

Custom Mattress

Most pop-up camper beds are miserable. Get yourself a new custom made RV mattress easily using Tochta. I have a Tochta and it's FOR REAL the best mattress I've ever slept on.

This is one of those pop-up camper accessories you're sure to eventually want, if not right away.

Woman in bed peeking from sheets


You'll need pillows and RV mattress bedding for your beds. 

Just be sure everything is not so thick that you can still close up the camper without having to strip the beds (thickness is an issue here)

Read our RV bedding page to learn what your options are.

12V Portable Fan

If camping in the summer, especially if you don't have onboard air conditioning, one or two fans will make your stay more comfortable.

If you need even cooler conditions, look at the portable AC below. If you get a 12-volt fan like this  one, you can still use it even if the power goes out. This was one of the first RV camper accessories I ever bought, from a truck stop!

Portable Air Conditioner

There are a few portable air conditioner units on the market small enough to fit inside your camper. Here is one you may want to check out.

Just know that you may not be able to run it and your microwave simultaneously if your rig is a 30-amp model (which most, if not all, pop-up campers are).

Pop-Up Camper Storage Accessories

Interior space is at a premium with most any recreational vehicle and is especially true with small pop-up campers.

Below are some ideas on how to utilize the existing space better to give you more storage options.

Plastic Drawer Units

These are must-haves for pop-up camper storage. They are helpful because storage is so minimal in a pop-up.

Usually, there are no dressers, so where do you put your clothing?

You may store these inside the camper while in transit or inside your tow vehicle. Then once you set up, place them inside the trailer where it's convenient.

Small Baskets For Organizing

Your cabinet or cabinets likely have only a shelf and wide open space.

You can fit your stuff into smaller baskets or totes inside the cabinet to help you stay organized and help to fit more in there without it becoming a giant pile of craziness.

Hanging Organizers

If you can put screws into your ceiling or lower walls, you can use hanging organizers.

They make excellent tent trailer accessories to give you more storage right where you need it.

I love mine and use one for bathroom accessories and another for holding shoes.

Hanging Storage Hammocks

Once again, if you can figure out a way and place to hang these, you can put ANYTHING in them.

These come with lights which will look great at night! Store clothing, supplies, food, whatever in them.

They look nice and give great function.

Folding D-Rings

These are great to use in your ceiling so that you can hang things from them.

Hang shelves, baskets, and shoe holders. You name it.

Command Hooks/Suction Cup Hooks

These are great accessories for pop-up camper living if you have places where you can use command hooks (get creative!).

Think of places like the inside of cabinet doors. You can hang utensils, sponges, whatever. You name it. The sides of your cabinets-you can hang your headlamp, a swatter for bugs, a garbage bag, whatever!

Beware, in super hot conditions, these may eventually unstick. Kelly's trailer has major issues with this happening.

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. Find all the items we list below along with other recommended items.

Tent Trailer Kitchen Accessories

Just because you are enjoying the wide open spaces outdoors doesn't mean you need to rough it when it comes to meal prep.

Below are some items you may consider equipping your tent trailer with before heading out on your next great adventure.


You coffee drinkers probably don't need to be reminded to bring your favorite coffee maker.

But we reminded you anyway. The Aeropress is popular with campers for its simplicity and small stature.

Easy to use. Easy to store. The perfect item for your small kitchen.

Outdoor Cook Station

You should get a portable cook station if you don't want to or can't cook inside.

Store it inside the trailer or your tow vehicle while in transit. It's one of those pop-up camper add-ons that really makes it feel like camping. 

Blackstone Grill

This is the best, most convenient camp stove we have found. It's pretty popular with campers of all kinds!

Set it on an outside table (or buy the legs/table for it), and you've got the perfect outdoor grill for your cooking skills.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Get as MANY collapsible things for your pop-`up as possible. This includes your dish drying rack by your sink. 

Counter space is always at a premium, so ensure you can easily store your drying rack away when it's not in use. We both put ours under the sink when we aren't using it.

Portable Refrigerator

You can get this or maybe just a cooler for shorter trips. Pop-up camper refrigerators are tiny, so they may not be big enough for all that your family needs.

A portable fridge gives you the food storage space that your camper cannot provide for.

BougeRV offers a lot of affordable 12-volt portable fridges. Check out what they have! (Read our review of the BougeRV CR45 portable fridge.)

Berkey Travel Water Filter

You have no idea what's in the water, no matter where you get it from.

If you care what you're drinking at home, you should watch while camping, too.

Marshall puts his on the floor, strapped with bungees when in transit, then it goes on his counter when in use.

Collapsible Dishware

Here we go again! Get as many pop-up camper supplies that are collapsible as you can. 

Strainer, dishes, cups, bowls, the less space it all takes up the more room you have.

This collapsible dishware is a real space saver when you aren't using them, and can hold your food when needed.

Pop-Up Camper Outdoor Living Accessories

The purpose (for most of us) of going camping is to not only unwind, but also to enjoy spending time outside.

Here are some items that make your outdoor living space a bit more enjoyable and comfortable.


This is one of those pop-up camper supplies that needs no explanation.

Don't find yourself in need without one. Any headlamp is better than no headlamp at all. Kelly has had hers since 2015. Still going strong!

Camping Chairs

You're going to do a lot of time sitting outside around a real or propane campfire (we hope).

So you should get yourself comfy camping chairs. Our favorite (and we use ours all the time, even at home) is the zero-gravity chair we show here, but there are tons of great folding camp chairs on the market.

Camping Mat

Camping mats help keep dirt out of your pop-up and also creates an outside living area for under your awning.

They are colorful, decorative, and affordable and are one of those pop-up trailer accessories you don't want to skimp on. We both have the CGear Sand Mat, great for sandy areas.

But if you're not camping in sandy areas, just about any mat works pretty well.

Read our camping mats page to learn more.

Clam Tent

This is a little outdoor living area that keeps mosquitos out and also can be manipulated temperature-wise. We've enjoyed the Clam every time we used it, always with friends.

Use a Little Buddy Heater in the cold times, get a portable air conditioner for the summer. It creates the perfect little comfortable outside area for cocktails or board games.

Portable Propane Fire Pit

There are quite a few models of portable propane fire pits out there. 

For places where you cannot have a real fire or a ground fire due to fire bans, or if you dislike smoke from real fires, a propane fire pit solves those issues.

I used to have a fire pit, but didn't use it much, so I gave it away, but many people use theirs all the time! If you want campfires, I'd highly recommend getting one.

Mr. Buddy Portable Heater

This small propane heater packs a punch and is fantastic for keeping you warm inside the RV or Clam tent

We each have one and love them. 

Chair Blankets

If it's cooler out, sometimes the fire isn't enough to keep you warm when sitting outside.

It's a good idea to have a good blanket that won't pick up dirt and twigs if it drags the ground for bundling up around the fire.

Toilet Tent

If you can't (or don't want to) use the toilet inside your camper, get a tent for using it outside.

You can put your portable toilet and toilet paper in there, and you'll have the perfect privacy you need to do your business in ideal privacy!

Outdoor Shower

If you don't have a shower in your pop-up, OR you don't want to use it, you can shower outside inside a tent.

This is similar to the toilet tent. Some people use the same tent for both reasons. This is popular pop-up camping gear because many units don't have a shower.

String Lights

String lights are fun and functional! Keep your camping spot lit at night so you don't have to crowd into the camper to be social. 

You can string from your pop-up to a tree or your vehicle. They've come in very handy for us for parties with friends while boondocking.

Camping Table

Having outdoor tables is pretty much essential pop-up camper furniture. When you sit in your chair, where will you put your lantern or drink or camp stove?

There's always a need to put something down and not to put it on the ground. This is especially true if your campsite doesn't have a picnic table.

Hanging Storage Strap

Because your RV is so tiny and you may not even have a bathroom, it's good to find a compact clothesline or strap to hang things outside when not in use.

Hang towels, pots and pans, your lantern, jackets, whatever won't fit in the pop-up! It can double as a badminton net.

Collapsible Trash Can

Unless you're in bear country, don't forget the trash can!

Again, collapsible because it's excellent for not taking up much space when not in use.

I used to keep mine in the back of my Ford Raptor- worked great till I could get to town to unload my trash.

Dustpan With Broom

Even if you have a camping mat and step cover, you'll still track dirt inside your RV.

Having a little dustpan and broom helps get it back out. I used mine every day or every other day and was amazed every time how much dirt got in, though I don't even wear shoes inside!

Miscellaneous Pop-Up Camping Must-Haves

Here are some of the must-have items that don't fit in the above categories. That doesn't make them any less important.

See which of these you should bring on your next camping trip.

First Aid Kit

Hopefully, you'll never need this, but it's great to have handy if you do. After all, at times you will be camping a long ways from civilization/help.

Keep band-aids, rubbing alcohol, burn cream, sting cream, gauze, and more with you while camping.


Every RV needs fuses in the event they have one or more that blows.

Otherwise, you'll be sitting without power until you get the right one. Better hope the stores are open and close!

I've used mine probably 4 times in 6 years.

Do yourself a favor and have some BEFORE your trip.

Canvas Repair Tape

Hopefully, you'll never have to use this, but in a pinch, you should keep some in your toolbox.

Otherwise, you're getting rainwater or mosquitos inside when you get a rip.

This canvas repair tape will patch things up until you can get it permanently fixed.

Tool Kit

Every camper needs tools. Things break, things need tightening, and you will want to install things.

Have the usual suspects, a hammer, screwdrivers, measuring tape, socket set, etc. This is one of those pop-up camper accessories everyone needs.

The tool set shown here has many of the basics you should take on the road with you.

Popup trailer cover

Pop-Up Camper Cover

You may consider an RV cover if you're not storing your camper under something. 

These products tend to have a fairly short shelf life, but they could help you keep your camper in a little better shape while you own it. The wind stress and sun rays will tear and destroy it over time. But it can help while it lasts.

Read our RV covers page to learn more.

RV step cover reviews

Step Covers

If your steps aren't already covered, get some step covers. They keep you from slipping and help keep sand out of your tiny home. I've had mine since 2014, and it's going strong.

Read our step covers page to learn more.

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. Find all the items we list below along with other recommended items.


That's the end of the pop-up camping must-haves list. We hope you found what you were looking for to equip your recreational vehicle for the next adventure.

Having a camper that is setup correctly helps make trips a bit more enjoyable. Keep in mind that you won't have everything dialed in on the first outing. It'll take a few trips to figure out what you really need.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any favorite items that we didn't mention above.

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