Are Oliver Travel Trailers Worth Their Enormous Price Tag? The Ultimate Ollie Guide.

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By Kelly Beasley

Oliver Travel Trailers are an elite brand of molded fiberglass campers you may not have yet heard about.

Most people know about the Casitas and Scamps, but did you know there's a very similar style, Oliver, that's in a higher luxury class?

It's true! Oliver Travel Trailers are basically the yacht of the fiberglass RV world.

Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer

Only one other company makes them with as high quality as this, Cortes Campers. But they are brand-new in the molded fiberglass RV world.

Anyway, the quality of Oliver campers make the more common Scamp campers and Casita campers look a bit 'lower-middle-class,' so to speak (though they are also pricey and well-made).

So what makes these little RVs so unique, aside from the high-quality fiberglass shell?

Let's dive in and see!

Oliver: The Yacht of The Fiberglass Travel Trailer World

Oliver Legacy Elite II interior looking rearward

Interiors are VERY similar to the way a yacht is outfitted and looks. 

The title above is no exaggeration. High-quality yachts are made of similar materials and design.

The materials used to create an 'Ollie,' as they call them, are of superior quality.

There is nothing in the Oliver RV that can degrade or wear down in a lifetime.

OBVIOUSLY there will be a few parts that will need replacing in a 20-year span or so, but for an RV, that's almost unheard of.

Even the frame and steps are made out of aluminum instead of steel, so they won't rust.

Another standout feature is the double-hull design.

Unlike other high-quality molded fiberglass campers, almost all of the other brands use a single-hull design.

This double hull allows for insulation to go in between the hulls, increasing the insulation value so well that this truly is the best 4-season fiberglass trailer out there.

But it also adds weight to the trailer. There are pros and cons to everything, right?

A Camper Likely To Outlive You! 

Do you think you'll live to 100? If so, there's still a good chance your Oliver will exist longer than you.

That said, the company has only been around since 2007, so there's no proof of that length of longevity.

But aside from an accident on the road, there's not much that can destroy the hull or frame.

If well-kept, you can expect your Ollie to easily last beyond your lifetime.

Four-Season Capabilities

Yes, we touched on this earlier. The double hull itself offers a layer of insulation with the gap in between the hulls.

It also eliminates a good portion of condensation problems that happen with their competition.

They put a layer of insulation in between also, so you'll stay more comfortable than you will in a competitor.

This insulation also helps to block noises from outside.

Only the Cortes camper also has a double fiberglass shell.

On Oliver's website, they explain:

"For insulation, we use an insulated double-sided radiant barrier, which is best described as follows:
Reflective aluminum foil on each side of a 5mm (13/64 inch) polyethylene bubble center.
*Polyethylene Bubble + Radiant barrier + Vapor Barrier + Air Gap Barrier."

It also features double-pane windows, an 11,000 BTU ducted furnace, and "a quiet and efficient Dometic Penguin II roof-mounted air conditioner and the MaxxAir Fan Deluxe."

These things combined provide a superior environment inside when it comes to temperatures.


The Oliver camping trailers are only available direct from the manufacturer (and only custom) if you're buying new.

They are not sold at RV dealerships. (Yay for not having to deal with RV dealers! Yay for excellent service and talking to people who know what they are doing!)

Therefore, just like when building a house, it's your job to pick every available detail when you order.

Some Standard Items:

  • Dometic A/C, Furnace
  • Awning
  • Three Powered Stabilization Jacks
  • Stainless Steel Microwave
  • Flush Mount Dual Burner LP Stove
  • 2-Way Fridge
  • Entertainment System
  • and More

Some Optional Items:

Are Olivers Rodent Proof?

Hallelujah, they ARE!

These trailers are rodent-proof. The only way they can get in is for you to invite them through the door.

We're not even sure why they don't promote this as one of their selling points.

Unlike traditional RVs, the two-piece molding prevents openings for critters to enter.

All of the components are located inside the camper hull, so there are no exit/entry points for critters.

They do have 13 condensation weep-holes underneath the trailer but they are screened to prevent outside entry.

Additionally, the insulation material in between the hulls is non-nesting.

There's nothing for them to get to nest and really, not many places they would want to nest.


What Models Does Oliver Make?

Oliver travel trailers only produce two models:

  • Legacy Elite (one floorplan)
  • Legacy Elite ll (two floorpans)

The Legacy Elite comes with a single axle (2 tires) and is 18 feet 5 inches long, and it weighs only 3,700 pounds dry.

The Legacy Elite ll comes with a double axle (4 tires) and is 23 feet 6 inches long. It weighs 4,900 pounds dry.

Each has a side dinette that breaks down into a 75" x 30" bed.

Let's take a closer look at each!

Oliver Legacy Elite

The Oliver Legacy Elite trailer is the smaller of the two products Oliver produces.

Oliver Legacy Elite interior looking rearward


It sleeps up to three and seats up to six.

The dinette turns into a 74" x 52" bed.

The side dinette also folds down into a 23" x 71" bed.


It's the smaller of the two lengths at 18 feet 5 inches long.

Floor Plan

It offers only one floor plan, shown below.

Oliver Legacy Elite floorplan

Bed area converts into a dinette.


All Olivers come with a wet bathroom, fully equipped with a shower and toilet.


3,700 pounds dry. Maximum weight (loaded) of 5,000 pounds.

Other Specs (2021 model)

GVWR                                 5,000 lbs

Tongue Weight:                 370 lbs approx.

Fresh Water Tank:             30 Gallons

Black Water Tank:             18.5 Gallons

Gray Water Tank:               32 Gallons

Outside Height Incl. AC:   9 feet

Outside Width:                    6 feet 6 inches

Inside Width:                       6 feet 2 inches

Oliver Legacy Elite II

The Elite ll is about 5 feet longer than the shorter version.

It is 23 feet 6 inches long.

Oliver Legacy Elite II interior with beds made


It sleeps up to three and seats up to seven.


The Elite ll is 23'6" long which is 5' longer than the smaller Elite.

Floor Plan

The Legacy Elite ll offers two different floor plans:

  • Standard
  • Twin Bed
Oliver Legacy Elite II floorplan

Dinette at end converts into a bed.

Oliver Legacy Elite II sleeping floorplan
  • Standard floor plan: rear dinette that breaks down into a 75" x 79" bed.
  • Twin bed floor plan: offers two 75" x 30" beds.
  • Side dinette bed size: 76" x 25"


Of course, this model also comes with a wet bath, including a shower and toilet.


4,900 pounds dry. Maximum weight (loaded) of 7,000 pounds.

Other Specs (2021 model)

GVWR:                                 7,000 lbs

Tongue Weight:                 490 lbs approx.

Fresh Water Tank:             32 Gallons

Black Water Tank:             15 Gallons

Gray Water Tank:               32 Gallons

Outside Height Incl. AC:   9 feet 8 inches

Outside Width:                    7 feet

Inside Width:                       6 feet 7 inches


Check out their brochure and build worksheet. Brochure has tons of info. With build sheet, you can see 2023 build prices and packages they offer.

Boondocking In An Oliver

Is an Oliver trailer good for boondocking?

It absolutely is, and additionally, it might be one of the best boondocking rigs in existence!

There are many reasons for this. First, it has a double-hull design with insulation in between, making it very well insulated.

All the plumbing is inside the unit, it has a lithium battery upgrade available, AND it has excellent capacities for its tanks (grey water tank, black tank, and the all-important fresh tank).

On top of the camper being small and agile, all of these features make it a superior product for dry camping.

With the lithium batteries, you also get solar. They also offer a composting toilet option.

Casita trailer at dirt campsite

How Much Do Oliver Travel Trailers Cost?

The Oliver Legacy Elite starts at $65,500.

The Oliver travel trailer price for the Elite ll starts at $73,500.

And those are the bare-bones prices with no add-ons.

What Is A Molded Fiberglass Travel Trailer?

Let's make sure you understand the difference between a molded fiberglass trailer and travel trailer models that have fiberglass siding.

There are trailers with fiberglass sides, and there are molded fiberglass trailers, and they are VERY different:

Molded Fiberglass

Molded fiberglass travel trailers come in two or four pieces. They only have ONE seam between each molded half.

They are comprised of a top and a bottom that are connected together in the middle. The middle connector point is the only seam.

If a molded fiberglass trailer comes in four pieces, it's similar to a two-piece trailer, except it has an inner and an outer hull.

So, two top hulls and two bottom hulls. Still, there's only the seam in the middle.


Conversely, fiberglass-sided RVs have only sides made out of laminated fiberglass, and they come in many separate panels.

Typically two side panels, a front and rear panel, a roof panel, and the floor.

In other words, there are roof seams. Roof seams are the #1 source of leaks.

The panels are connected and then sealed to stop leaks (this is how 'regular' RVs are made. They are very prone to leaking due to many long seams).

To put it simply, with a molded fiberglass RV you have MUCH less chance of water penetration due to there being many less seams than you find in a traditional, fiberglass-sided RV.

Oliver Travel Trailer Luxury Features

The company offers many luxury features, some come standard, and others are optional.

Things such as:

  • Porcelain toilet
  • Bulldog electric hitch
  • On-demand water heater
  • Lithium package
  • Wireless backup camera
  • Electronics pro package with cell booster, electronic door lock, and more
  • Omni-directional antenna
  • Composting toilet
  • Locking cabinets and drawers
  • Yacht-like interior

Not many RV interiors compare to this brand in luxury and quality. (Check out other nice trailers.)

Why Are Molded Fiberglass Campers So Popular?

The molded fiberglass camper is very popular for a multitude of reasons.

First, the fiberglass and frame are nearly indestructible, so the trailer lives a long life AND holds its value.

Additionally, they are small and compact.

They are often very light, capable of being towed by many different types and brands of vehicles.

Lastly, they are cute! They aren't the boxy traditional travel trailer we're all used to seeing.

Do Oliver Trailers Hold Value? 

The Oliver holds its value exceptionally well.

It's nearly indestructible, in demand, and not many are made every year, creating the perfect storm for holding value.

Not being able to order one and get it even within a year causes many buyers to look at used models.

There aren't many used for sale out there, so naturally, supply and demand keep the used price quite high.

Oliver Legacy Elite II with awning out

Oliver Trailer Cons

Do these campers have cons? Sure!

Almost everything we've covered above is a pro, so here are some cons for you to chew on:

  • Expensive
  • Wait time for a new one 1 year+
  • May not want to get it dirty/scratched, so may not use like you want to
  • Wet bathroom (some people don't mind this, some do)
  • Lack of storage inside and out
  • No oven
  • Condensation might be an issue (Get some airspace under your mattress)
  • Smaller of the two is only single axle (be SURE to get a TPMS system)
  • Hard to find used
  • AC above bed (cold and loud)

Manufacturing Plant Tour

Here's a really easy to follow and educational video.

It's a walk-through tour of the Oliver manufacturing plant relaying interesting facts about the campers and the process of building them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Oliver Travel Trailers Cost?

The Oliver Legacy Elite starts at $65,500. The Elite ll starts at a whopping $73,500. The Oliver travel trailer prices jumped BIG time in 2022 (as did many other things).

How High Is The Interior Of An Ollie?

The interior height of the Legacy Elite is 6'1.

The interior height of the Legacy Elite ll is 6'6 (2021 models and older).

Are Oliver Trailers Still In business?

Yes! Oliver trailers are in business and are in high demand.

Where Are These Travel Trailers Made?

Oliver makes their RVs in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Oliver Legacy Elite II interior looking forward

Are Oliver Trailers Worth The Money?

Oliver trailers are high-quality small campers that do depreciate, but hold their value fiercely.

Whether the Oliver trailer cost is 'worth' the money is a personal call.

They are one of the most expensive molded fiberglass trailers on the market per square foot, and the price very well might be beyond your budget.

If you have the money to spend and are looking for a high-quality product from a top-notch company, whether the Oliver travel trailer starting cost of $65,500+ is 'worth it' is completely up to you.

What Is The Largest Oliver Travel Trailer?

The largest Oliver trailer they make is the Legacy Elite ll.

It is 23'6" long.

What Is The Smallest Oliver Trailer?

The smallest Oliver is the Legacy Elite at 18'5" long.

How Much Does An Oliver Trailer Weigh?

Here are the weights of their 2021 and earlier trailers:

Legacy Elite dry weight: 3,700 lbs

Legacy Elite ll dry weight: 4,900 lbs

Note that they weigh more once one adds water, propane, goods, food, etc. to the camper, and the axles are only rated for 5,000 and 7,000 pounds respectively.

What Is The GVWR Of Oliver Trailers?

The Ollie has two camper lengths. Here are their GVWR's (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, or the maximum the trailer can weigh):

Legacy Elite: 5,000 pounds

Legacy Elite ll: 7,000 pounds

Oliver travel trailer in a forest


Ollie's are high-quality molded fiberglass campers that are highly sought-after but will decimate a regular person's wallet.

The look and materials that make up the camper are luxurious and sturdy, and they hold their value impressively.

The result is an almost indestructible RV and it will easily outlast you if well-kept.

The only reason to not love these campers is - well, you decide. The company has owners (ambassadors) that are willing to let you come look at their tiny campers.

Simply contact them on their website to get set up with a nearby owner for a look.

Now it's up to you to decide whether you can afford and/or want this unique camper to call your own.

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