5 Best Pop-Up Campers With Bathrooms (Toilet AND Shower!) In 2023

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By Kelly Beasley

A pop-up camper with bathroom facilities is a popular choice for those who love to camp but not rough it TOO much.

It might be one of camping's greatest inventions to get you off the ground and be more comfortable when out in nature.

Flagstaff high wall tent camper with bathroom

They are easier on the budget than most other RV types and they are compact, making them easy to store and tow.

And because they are so light, they are towable by many different vehicles, even an SUV.

Some even feature decks so you can bring your adult toys like 4-wheelers!

Let's look at what pop up travel trailers are and which are the best with bathrooms!

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What Kinds of Pop Up Camping Trailers Have Showers and Toilets?

So, not all pop-up campers have a bathroom (the smallest pop up camper tends to not have one). But yay, some do!

This is good because not all campground toilets and showers are a 'joy.'

And some of us are, err, shy when it comes to doing business in public.

So, almost any tiny RV type can come with a bathroom. Or a toilet, at the very least.

There are many different types of pop-ups besides the one you're probably thinking of (tent trailers).

Though there are many pop up types, we're showcasing the most common, starting with the tent kind.

Tent Trailers

Pop up Trailer

The tent trailer is likely the one you think of when you think 'pop-up camper.' This trailer has a hard bottom and top with canvas walls.

It looks like a big lunch box when it's in towing or storing mode.

Tent trailers usually come with most of the comforts of home, such as beds, a dinette, stove, and refrigerator.

These days they can be pretty fancy, some even have a slide-out! Crazy.

The side walls are made of (usually) canvas, much like a tent.

So, don't expect it to be great with cooling or heating. The insulation is non-existent when it comes to canvas.


Pop-Up trailer example

The Hi-Lo is very similar to a regular travel trailer, except the top half collapses down to the bottom half when stored or towed.

This makes it much more aerodynamic and easy to store in a garage.

They use a hydraulic system to raise and lower the top.

High-Wall Campers

Forest River high wall series tent trailer

This camper is like a tent camper, but the bottom wall is taller than a regular tent camper.

The taller hard wall allows for nicer amenities, a larger interior, and typically a larger bathroom.

The bigger walls usually come at a cost as it weighs more than their sibling tent trailer, affecting gas mileage (while towing) a bit because of weight and wind resistance. (How much does a pop up camper weigh?)


Aliner small camp trailer

The A-frame pop up camper with bathroom is usually smaller than a tent trailer or hi-lo.

It is easy to spot as it looks like an 'A' when erected, thus 'A-frame camper'.

This style of camper usually does not have soft sides but does have canvas around the window pop-outs.

Ultimate Guide To RV Types

Confused about the different types of towable campers? Read our guide that explains the differences.

RV Types

What Is A Pop-Up Camper Bathroom Like?

Think about it. It's a camper that works like a transformer, compacting down on itself.

So no, a pop-up camper with toilet and shower won't likely be super fancy, spacious, or even comfortable (it depends on the trailer).

In fact, tent campers with bathrooms usually look pretty different than regular towable trailer bathrooms.

Here are the types you will find.

Shower Curtain Bathroom

Most of these recreational vehicles have no hard walls surrounding the bathroom.

Instead, it's a half-walled area (lower area) with a toilet and shower pan in a cabinet.

That cabinet opens up inside the living space (hello toilet right next to the dinette, kitchen, and bed!!!)

In such case, a shower curtain is used to keep the water where it should be when you shower AND to provide a semblance of privacy when doing your doo-ty.

This bathroom style is considered a wet bath.

Now, you might feel differently, but if I had one, I am stepping out if anyone needs to use the toilet, AND I'd have everyone step out if I need to go, lol!!!

Wet Bath

Coachmen Clipper tent trailer bathroom

Pretty typical pop-up bathroom-in-a-cabinet toilet and shower setup. Notice the shower curtain.

A wet bathroom is one where the toilet is in the shower area. So when you shower, the toilet gets all wet and can be used to sit on while showering.

Doesn't matter if it has hard walls or a shower curtain for privacy, it can still be a wet bath.

There is probably not a sink in this type of pop-up bathroom area.

I mean, come on, your kitchen sink is likely four steps away, lol!

Dry Bath

The dry bath has separate areas for the shower and toilet like a normal house bathroom.

So if a pop up camper with shower amenities has a toilet NOT in the shower pan, it is a dry bath (and there's only one camper on our list that has a dry bath).

The Type Of Toilet In A Pop-Up

There are a few different toilet styles in these RVs, unlike home toilets which all work the same.

Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet comes built-into the camper.

It has its own little black tank or 'cassette' tank that you remove from the toilet to take to a dump station.

Usually, the access to pull the tank out is on the outside of the camper.

The holding waste tank is relatively small in this type of toilet.

Flush Toilet

This toilet is the same type most 'regular' RVs have.

An RV toilet uses water from the freshwater tank to flush and stores that waste in a black holding tank that is attached underneath the toilet and the RV.

Portable Toilet

Say you get an A-frame camper with shower but no toilet; you can put your own toilet inside! An RV portable toilet is just what it sounds like.

It's small, portable, and has its own black water tank. In other words, it is totally self-contained.

You only need a place to store it when not in use. You could use it outside or inside. Some people get an outdoor toilet tent for just this purpose.

Recirculating Toilet

This toilet type is like what airplanes use.

The toilet uses chemicals and also 'cleans' the water internally so it can be re-used for flushing.

This way, you aren't using your precious water from your fresh water tank when dry camping (dry camping meaning).

  • Thinking about buying a popup and are curious of what you will need to equip it? Check out our list of pop-up camper must-haves to learn more!

5 Best Pop-Up Campers That Have Bathrooms

Okay, let's get to it.

Here are some great choices when it comes to pop up campers with bathrooms!

Forest River Rockwood High Wall Series

Forest River high wall series tent trailer

Forest River offers two in their high wall series of tent trailers with bathroom, and yes, both have a wet bath.

The dedicated bathroom areas have only curtains for privacy (boo!).

Maybe when one needs to go, everyone should leave the camper, lol!!!

The trailers have all of the other home amenities one needs, including a microwave, a three-way refrigerator, and Bluetooth speakers with outdoor speakers.

This one is REALLY nice, probably the creme de la creme of the pop-up trailers with bathroom.

Forest River HW296 Rockwall pop up trailer floorplan

Specifications (of the larger HW296)

  • Hitch Weight of 371 pounds
  • Exterior Open Length is 27 feet 9 inches
  • Exterior Closed Length is 21 feet 6 inches
  • Closed Height is 6 feet 9 inches
  • Dry Weight 3,721 pounds
  • CCC: 1,278 pounds (wow!!)
  • Freshwater Capacity of 26 Gallons
  • Grey And Black Tanks 12 Gallons Each
  • Website

Aliner LXE

Aliner LXE popup trailer

This A frame pop up camper is one of the lightest campers on this list.

Weighing in at 1795 pounds dry, this one can be easily towed by many vehicles.

It comes with a wet bath, sofa bed, sink, stove, and all you need to enjoy your camping getaway.

Cook out on the outside grill and do your dishes with hot water, as the water heater comes standard.

This A-frame camper with bathroom features a cassette toilet.

Aliner LXE pop up camper floorplan


  • Hitch Weight of 180 pounds
  • Exterior Length of 15 feet
  • Closed Height of 57 inches
  • Dry Weight of 1,795 pounds
  • CCC is 705 pounds
  • Freshwater Tank Holds 11 Gallons
  • Website

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285SST

Coachmen Clipper Classic tent trailer with bathroom

This little lightweight adventure camper has a nice little wet bath in it. This tent trailer with bathroom has a dry weight of 2,840 pounds.

Here's another pop up trailer with bathroom that can be pulled with most SUVs.

Coachmen Clipper Classic interior

It has a queen-sized bed and a king-size bed PLUS it has a slide!

All of these come standard: a 23-gallon fresh water tank, roof vent, privacy drapes, residential laminated countertops, 12v camper water pump, and a 1.9 cu ft Dometic refrigerator, among other things.

Options include an AC unit, a 'jack it' bike rack, and solar panels.

Coachmen Clipper Classic pop up trailer floorplan


  • Hitch Weight is 296 pounds
  • Exterior Open Length is 23 feet 5 inches
  • Exterior Closed Length is 19 feet
  • Closed Height About 4 feet 7 inches
  • Dry Weight is 2,840 pounds
  • CCC of 456 pounds
  • Freshwater Tank Holds 23 Gallons
  • Website

TrailManor 3124 Series

Trail Manor 3124 pop up camper with bathroom

Here's a hi-lo trailer with all hard sides.

Keep in mind that some parks/campgrounds don't allow for pop-up tent campers (any type of soft-sided camper) to stay because of bear activity.

But with this hard wall pop up camper, you'd be permitted to stay.

The Trailmanor 3124 series is their largest and most luxurious trailer series, all having a king-sized bed and more.

Hard side pop up camper interior

All three models in the series come with a dry bath featuring a recirculating toilet with solid bathroom walls, refrigerator, sink, three burner stove, and even a small tub!

This one is almost like a regular travel trailer but is much easier to tow because of how it collapses.

It's less wind-resistant, and you can see behind you somewhat, where you cannot with a regular travel trailer.

Also, consider that you won't hear outside noise as much as you would with a tent trailer.

Trail Manor 3124KB pop up camper floorplan


  • Hitch Weight of 434 - 490 pounds
  • Trailer Size Open is 31 feet
  • Towing Length Closed is 24 feet
  • Body Length Open is 28 feet 4 inches
  • Closed Height is 79.5 inches
  • Dry Weight is 3140 - 3200 pounds
  • CCC between 1595 - 1227 pounds
  • 20 Gallon Freshwater Tank
  • Website

Aliner Somerset Utah

Aliner Somerset Utah tent trailer

The Utah is one of the sturdier/well-made tent trailers.

The roof is a solid sheet of aluminum, the bottom is made of steel instead of the usual fiberglass, so the durability of this one is fantastic.

This pop-up camper with bathroom option sports a curtain for toilet privacy and for the shower. It's coming in about average in length for a pop-up, but still pretty short at 19 feet long.

Plus, it has a slide which opens up the space!

Even at this short length, the trailer boasts two king-sized beds. It also has an awning, two twenty lb propane tanks, a screen door, 20-gallon freshwater tank, stove, sink, dinette, and recirculating toilet.

We also love the enormous self-enclosed sliding storage trunk behind the jack.

Pop-ups aren't known for their storage spaces, so this one is a step up when it comes to storing your toys or extra supplies.

With this popular camper, you can sleep 8 people.

Aliner Utah tent trailer floorplan


  • Hitch Weight of 290 pounds
  • Inside Length is 12 feet
  • Towing Length Closed is 18 feet 9 inches
  • Body Length Open is 23 feet 7 inches
  • Closed Height is 58 inches
  • Dry Weight is 2760 pounds
  • CCC is 740 pounds
  • 20 Gallon Freshwater Tank

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Pop-Up Camper With A Bathroom?

Yes, plenty of pop-up trailers come with a bathroom with a shower and toilet.

It's usually a 'wet bath,' meaning the toilet is in the shower area and thus will get wet when you are showering.

The bathroom usually does not have hard walls. Instead, privacy is had using the shower curtain.

Do You Need A Bathroom In A Pop-Up Camper?

Only you can decide if you need a bathroom in your pop-up.

If you always stay at campgrounds, you can use the facilities there and don't necessarily need a bathroom in your camper.

But you might want your own bathroom, which is doable with this type of camping.

Additionally, you might dry camp a lot in locations where there are no facilities. In that case, you might need your camper to at least have a toilet, even if it's a portable one.

Can You Put A Bathroom In A Pop-Up Camper?

Do all pop-up campers have bathrooms? Some do, and others don't.

If one doesn't, you can put a portable toilet inside if you find a place to store it.

It's not likely you can put a shower inside the unit easily, but often these campers come with an outdoor showerhead.

This doesn't mean you have privacy if you want to use it. It just has a shower wand connected to the outside.

You could get a shower tent if you want to shower naked and use the wand from the camper if it's long enough.

A tent will also serve to block the wind and sun.

Will I Need A Portable Waste Storage Tank To Dump?

Whether or not you need a portable holding tank depends on where and how you camp.

If you plan to only camp in campgrounds where they have dump stations, you don't need one.

Even if there's no dump, you can probably stop at a dump station on the way home.

The only two situations when you might need one, with the first being when you have a pop-up travel trailer with bathroom facilities that you use and don't want to move the RV.

That said, there must be a dump station or bathroom nearby, OR one must load it up into the back of a pickup truck to go dump.

The other time a portable tank is helpful is if you don't have full hook-ups and don't want to move the camper before your camping trip is over, but your black tank fills up before then.

In such a case, you can dump into the portable tank (which must then be stored somewhere), and then you have a few more days to go until you refill your black tank.

Do I Need To Use RV-Safe Toilet Paper In My Pop Up Toilet?

Well, it's not a terrible idea to use at least septic-safe TP if you're flushing it.

Clogs are no fun and definitely aren't on the agenda when it comes to a camping trip.

A better solution is to use whatever your favorite TP is and don't flush it. This serves two purposes:

  1. Saves space in your black holding tank.
  2. Eliminates the possibility of any clogs!

Once you get over the thought of it being 'gross' to place it in a trash can instead, realize that most countries practice this.

The USA is the anomaly. It doesn't stink, you won't see it, and best of all, it offers worry-free camping!

And as a bonus, it means you don't need to purchase special toilet paper for RV use.

What Are The Advantages Of Pop Up Travel Trailers With Bathroom Facilities?

  • Small, compact and easy to tow.
  • No going out to use the bathroom in the rain.
  • Still feels like camping if you get a tent camper.
  • Can dry camp anywhere and still have bathroom facilities.
  • Great when you have a small bladder.
  • Good to have if you're shy about 'going' in public places.
  • Can shower even if campground doesn't have showers.

Do Pop Up Campers With Bathrooms All Have Black Tanks?

No, not all pop up campers have a black tank onboard.

For the uninitiated, a black tank is what holds everything that you flush down your toilet in an RV.

If your pop-up trailer has a cassette-style toilet, then that toilet has its own little tank, or cassette, that holds what you flush, but no black tank.

The cassette tank is certainly smaller than what a black tank would be, so you'll be emptying it out much more often than if you had an onboard tank underneath the recreational vehicle.

If there's a traditional-looking toilet in your pop-up, you very likely have a black (and gray) tank on board.


Pop-Up Tent Trailer exterior

Sleeping in a tent does not afford the luxuries that pop up travel trailers with bathrooms do.

That said, getting a pop up trailer with bathroom facilities makes being in the outdoors just a little more doable for those who love the luxuries of home but don't want to spend big money on a regular travel trailer.

These types of pop up campers allow you to feel like you're camping outside while affording you the privacy of your own bathroom and off-the-ground bed!

If you've been looking for a pop up RV with bathroom facilities, now you know what is out there for you and your family to enjoy.

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  • Older popup hardwall wet baths like my 2015 Flagstaff WH27SC are gone, sadly. My operates flawlessly that make me wonder why Forest River would stop making hardwall baths. Lowering costs of production had to be an excuse given the vastly increased pricing the last 3 year models. I have also suggested cassette toilets to FR due to the emptying black tanks being nasty. Other than that little compromise, my PUP is preferred over my large Jayco TT.

    • Hi Lester,

      Thank you for your question. We don’t sell pop-ups ourselves; we aren’t a manufacturer. We share information about RVs. Many pop-up campers do have AC units in them. Some do not. Therefore, you must check the individual pop-up you are interested in buying to find out if it indeed has AC.

      Hope that helps!

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