RV Product Reviews

You know you need it or want it. But which one? And is it really necessary? You've come to the right place to help you navigate the turbulent waters that are RVing products and accessories. 

You've just found best RV product reviews available online!

At Camp Addict, we strive to provide you with the best, most comprehensive information on RV products. On this page you will discover the different categories of RVing products that we review. Locate the category you want, and head off to that categories page.

Each RV product category has both reviews and guides associated with them. Here is the difference between the two:


With RV product reviews, take a deep dive into what you are considering getting for your RV. Years of experience have helped us to find the best of the best when it comes to products.


RV product guides go into the use of each category of product. What you should look for in a particular product. And general information about the category to help you be a better RVer.


It doesn't matter whether electrical stuff is in a house or an RV. It's complicated stuff. And it should be respected. The wonderful things we get to use because of it can also be intimidating to learn about.

We did our best to break it down for you and let you know which RV electrical products should work the best for you as far as stuff that requires electricity. There's a TON of product on the market. We simplify your decision making process with pros and cons and reasoning why we chose each item.

Below are a sampling of RV electrical product reviews and guides. To view all in this category, head on over to the RV electrical product review page.

Campsite Setup

This is the fun part! Setting up your home away from home. There are things you will NEED to have (leveling blocks, trailer chocks, etc) and things you will want to have (RV camp chairs, tables, fire pit, etc).

We know what you need, what works and what doesn't work, and we made it all as easy to understand as possible in our guides and reviews. Educate yourself so you don't have to buy your products more than once.

Below are a sampling of campsite setup product reviews and guides. To view all in this category, head on over to the campsite setup product review page.


This is one category you don't want to mess up. Mess up, and you'll end up with water leaks or, worse, the dreaded sewer leak (or spill!). Even choosing the right type of toilet can be intimidating. We hear you. We totally get it. (And, most importantly, we've been there.)

We've reviewed RV plumbing products and created guides to hold your hand during your decision making process.

Below are a sampling of plumbing product reviews and guides. To view all in this category, head on over to the plumbing product review page.

RV Towing

This is one of the most important categories, yet one that SO many people make mistakes in (and misunderstand). Most travel trailers need a load leveling hitch. Many people who DO have one have theirs set up incorrectly.

And towing your toad- again, there's a lot to know about this subject. And it's one you don't want to skimp out on. So here you can learn what to do and what not to do. Understanding it and doing it right just might save you from an accident.

Below are the RV towing product reviews. You can also view them on the RV towing product review page.

Other RV Products

There are some things that just don't fit into any box. So here are some things you will want or need that we can't categorize. Doesn't make them unimportant. The more you know, the better off you are.

Read and figure out if you need X, why you need X, and how to correctly use X. BEFORE you buy!

Below are a sampling of 'other' RV product reviews and guides. To view all in this category, head on over to the 'other' RV product review page.

Quick Reviews

While most of the reviews on Camp Addict are comprehensive (see the different categories above), there are certain products that we review individually or otherwise do a 'quick' review of. You will find these RV products below.

RV Products- Necessary Accessories

One might think that when they bought an RV that it came totally accessorized with all the 'parts' they need for camping. But this is not so.

There are MANY, MANY things you will need to have a successful camping trip. That is, if you want it to be a comfortable and enjoyable trip.

From an RV sewer hose kit to shower head upgrades, these things will make or break your happiness on a camping trip.

Kelly at Timber Lake Rocky Mountain National Park

We do have a page on accessories that are RV must haves. After the necessary ones are mentioned, we highlight stuff you will thank us for suggesting.

Some of our favorite accessories have been the Andersen Levelers, the shower shut-off valve to stop the drip, and the portable heaters that we couldn't live without in the cold.

You will end up with your favorites as well.

A couple of other things I (Kelly) have come to absolutely find priceless are the Lippert Waste Master sewer hose and the temperature monitoring devices: the MarCELL and the Waggle pet monitor, for my dogs.

Kelly and Marshall with Trixie

Trixie girl. RIP 1/18/21

The hose has SAVED my back from being wrenched by trying to twist the usual-style twist on and off sewer hose. Time and time again, I would find that my outlet was so low that I had to hunch over to get to it.

Then I would have to twist it on or off and OFTEN it didn't want to turn. UGH!

The Lippert is a different system. It uses CAM locks instead. Insert, push back the 'lockers' and DONE. Soooo much easier.

The temperature monitoring devices have LITERALLY saved my pets life at least once. I was in Florida. I left and forgot I had turned off the AC. Got an alert. Raced home and it was over 93 degrees in there already.

BIG relief!

Technology can be a wonderful thing. We use a lot of it.

And we hope this site has helped you choose the best products to make your RV life/trip the best one possible.

-Kelly and Marshall