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RV Bunk Sheets Conquered: How To Make Camper Bunk Beds The Easy Way

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By Kelly Beasley

Parents love nothing more than seeing their kids happy (except maybe a night on the town away from the kids?).

Ha! We're just (kind of) kidding.

Millions of Americans take their RVs to vacation with their kids.

And those kids usually sleep on RV bunk beds, which require RV bunk sheets.

This begs the questions:

  • Do you need to buy special-sized sheets for RV bunk beds?
  • Are RV bunks standard size?
  • Do twin sheets work on RV bunk beds?
Two kids on bunk bed with grandma standing next to it

And so many more questions.

We're here to answer them (and more) for you so you can get on with your vacation and enjoy your time with your family.

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Are RV Bunk Mattresses Different?

RV bunk mattresses are very different from standard bunk bed mattresses.


Stock RV bunk mattresses are a poor excuse for a mattress, and they are often barely thick enough for anyone over 25 pounds to sleep comfortably.

Add to that that they are often NOT the same size as any traditional camper bed sizes, so no sheets fit them exactly.

Bunk 'Size?'

When you think 'twin bed,' a specific size comes to mind, right?

Well, in a recreational vehicle, that bunk bed size could be ANY size (but it's almost always narrower than a traditional bunk or twin mattress).

So your bunk size might be different from your campground neighbor's bunk size, making getting sheets that fit a little challenging.

How Can You Make Your Bunk Mattresses More Comfortable?

RV stock mattresses are notorious for being super uncomfortable.

They make the bunk mattresses even worse, as sometimes they are only 4-5 inches thick!

You can either buy a whole new RV mattress, or you can get an RV mattress pad to put on top of it.

Adding these layers should make regular sheets fit better, as bunk mattresses in an RV are known for being SUPER thin.

These are your best options for improving the camping experience for your kiddos. (RV mattresses for kids.)

Are RV Bunks Standard Size?

What size sheets for camper bunks should you get? It depends.

We already know that RV bunk beds come in a variety of sizes.

They range between 28-42 inches wide and are usually around 74-80 inches long.

The best you can do is measure yours and then find the closest match in a fitted sheet and top sheet for your RV bunk mattress sheets.

The top sheet size almost doesn't matter, and you can make just about any size work.

Here's a video summarizing how to easily outfit your RV bunks:

Do Twin Sheets Fit RV Bunk Beds?

Sure, you can make twin sheets work on RV bunk beds. The trick is to use sheet straps to connect the sheets underneath the mattress.

The closer sheet measurements you can get to the dimensions of your bunk beds, the better.

Family around campfire roasting marshmellows by an alpine lake

What Size Sheets Fit RV Bunk Beds?

When you need RV bunk bedding sheets, you have two options.

Either make twin sheet sets work with your RV bunk beds by using sheet straps to keep them fitted and tight, or you can buy RV sheets that have measurements as close to the dimensions of your mattress as you can find.

You can also employ both methods for the best fit.

What Size Are Camper Sheets?

Camper sheets come in a variety of sizes.

This is because RV beds come in many different sizes, such as short queen mattresses, king RV mattress, and RV bunk bed sizes.

If you find a company that makes many different sheet sizes, including bedding for camper bunks, you sure can find a set of dimensions to order that closely match the size of your RV bunk beds.

Finding RV twin bed sheets and sheets for camper bunk beds is not a problem, thanks to the internet!

Do Regular Sheets Fit Camper Beds?

So, you can either go and buy an RV bunk sheet set from somewhere like Tochta or Mattress Insider. (They offer custom sizes and pre-made sizes in MANY various more common sizes.)

OR, you can force twin-sized sheets to work for your camper bed sheets.

It depends on your pickiness level.

It's not easy for kids (or you) to make their RV bunkhouse sheets when the mattress is against three walls.

If you have an acrobatic sleeper, their bed is a mess in the morning.

There are other bedding solutions (as opposed to sheets) for this problem that are VERY effective.

One is the Beddy's bedding system. The other is Zipit. They're like having RV bunk fitted sheets connected to a sleeping bag.

More on Beddy's and Zipit for your RV bunkhouse bedding below.

What Is Beddy's?

Beddy's is a zippered bedding system that 'practically makes itself' per its slogan.

It is a very clever system.

Originally seen on Shark Tank, they are quickly becoming a household name, especially in the mom circles.

Bed made with Beddys sheets

A Beddy's bed set


Because the system makes making a bed SO easy, and kids like easy. So do moms.

Therefore, Beddy's makes a mom's life easier as well as her kids.

Beddy's works so well on an RV mattress because of the limited space available in a rig.

Especially when a bed is up against two or more walls, having a Beddy's is almost priceless.

It's a decorative fitted sheet with the bedspread and sheet connected to it, and it's a 3-in-1 product.

To make the bed, you just zip it up!

They offer different fabrics and a variety of colors and designs.Keep in mind that they don't make custom sizes.

Where Can You Buy Beddy's?

You can get a Beddy's zipper system from their website, Beddys.com.

Be sure to order the closest size to your bunk beds, which is almost guaranteed to be the twin.

To make it fit right, all you need is some sheet straps.

Beddy's Discount

Click below to receive 15% off your Beddy's order.

Making Your Beddy's Bed

It's so simple to make a Beddy's bed. You simply zip it up, and you're done!

Does it get any easier than that?

It's similar to a sleeping bag.

Keeping Your Beddy's Bunk Bedding In Place

If you're using a Beddy's bedding system for your camper bunk sheets, it's almost guaranteed that the Beddy's will be too large.

It doesn't matter though.

If you just connect the fitted sheet underneath using sheet straps, the excess hanging over the bunk edge still works and looks nice.

See what we mean in the video by Tidbits below. She's got a beautiful remodel setup and the Beddy's to go along with it!

Zipit Bedding Alternative For Bunks

There's another product called Zipit Bedding that is similar to Beddy's.

Zipit is marketed as kids bedding, so it is great for your RV bunk beds.

It's an all-in-one fitted sheet that is also reversible and comes with pockets in the sides for your kids stuff.

Just like Beddy's, you'll have to jerry rig it a little to get it to fit right. But once on, it's MUCH easier to make the beds!

Look For Cot Sheets For Your RV Bunks

On Amazon (and elsewhere) you might luck out finding a fitted sheet advertised for a cot that fits your bunk mattress perfectly.

Some of the Amazon listings even offer multiple sizes and colors AND materials!

This way, in theory, you wouldn't have to use sheet straps underneath to keep the fitted sheet in place, long as you get dimensions that almost perfectly (or perfectly) fit your bunks.

How Do You Put Sheets On An RV Bunk Bed?

If you choose to use regular RV twin sheets for your RV bunk bedding, they might fit OK.

Simply connect the camper bunk fitted sheet underneath using sheet straps if it is oversized.

This keeps the RV bunk bedding fitted sheet snugly in place.

Then, throw the top sheet over it and tuck it in under the bunk mattress.

Place the comforters or comforter on top, and you're set to go camping.

How Do You Change Bedding On A Bunk Bed?

Changing bedding on an RV bunk bed can be a pain.

It depends on the width and the height of the bunk.

The wider it is, the harder it will be to reach the opposite side to tuck and untuck the fitted sheet.

To make changing easier, use a step stool to get up to the top bunk to change the RV bunk bed sheets.

Or, you can try the Beddy's or a Zipit zippered bedding solution.

It will still be a bit challenging to put it on (and secure to the mattress using sheet straps), but it's easy to make every day once it's in place.

What Size Is A Double Bunk In A Camper?

There is no one standard size for a double bunk in a camper.

Double bunk means there are two bunk beds.

Bunks come in different sizes.

Therefore, camper bunk bed sheets are going to have different size needs.

Where Do You Buy Camper Sheets For Bunks?

There are a few places where you can order camper bunk bedding that closely match the dimensions of your particular bunk sizes.

Here are a few places to get fitted camper bunk sheets:

With Mattress Insider and Tochta, you can choose the thickness of your mattress so your camper bunk fitted sheets will fit even better.

Family at picnic table by water


Finding bedding for RV bunks is not a challenging endeavor.

Sure, RV bunks are smaller than your typical twin bed size.

However, it's easy to make twin sheets work by securing the fitted sheet with sheet straps underneath.

Alternately, you can find sheets for RV bunks with very close dimensions from a few companies, OR get a bedding solution such as the Beddy's or the Zipit.

For some kids, a sleeping bag will do.

RV bunk sheet sizing isn't a big mystery.

The game is to find fitted and flat sheets as close in size to your unusual bunk size mattresses as possible.

Don't let the unusual size scare you. Regular twin cotton sheets or cot sheets (OR a bedding solution) will work!

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