RV Consulting With Camp Addict

Getting Custom Answers To Your Specific RVing Questions? Priceless!

Starting out in the RV lifestyle can indeed be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of weak and even incorrect information available online.

So where do you get reliable and useful information?

Well, for sure, Camp Addict is a great place for trusted information. There's a lot of information to help you get started RVing.

That said, it likely doesn't answer your more specific questions.

Or, you may not have time to spend hours searching for the answers you're looking for.

Sometimes You Just Want Personalized Service To Your Exact Questions!

One-On-One Consulting With Camp Addict

Now you can have just that. You can book a consult call with Kelly and Marshall, Camp Addict founders.

Combined, we have over 13 years of full-time RVing experience.

Here's your chance to discuss your RV questions with two experienced RVers that love sharing their knowledge.

Spend Less Time Researching 

Get All Your RV Questions Answered Now

Who Is Camp Addict?

Camp Addict co-founders Kelly and Marshall have 13+ years of combined full-time RVing experience. After meeting on the road in early 2016, they soon became travel buddies. 

After a year, they realized that while there was a lot of RVing information online, much of it is incorrect, incomplete, or just plain hard to find. So, they started their own site.

Founded in early 2017, Camp Addict prides itself as being the most accurate RVing information/education website around. 

Camp Addict co-founders Kelly and Marshall mountains

Camp Addict Co-Founders Kelly and Marshall

Kelly Beasley

Kelly started full-time RVing in April of 2015, living in her 24 foot travel trailer. She has been a hardcore boondocker since January of 2016.

Starting out with work as a creative writer for a popular regional magazine in the southeast (VIE Magazine), she quit in 2017 to work on Camp Addict full-time. Campgrounds are a big NO for Kelly and her two tiny dogs. Boondocking on public lands is her specialty and love.

She's the creative director of Camp Addict, with Marshall being the 'brain hub' responsible for getting facts right. After moving into a house in late 2020, as of January 2023, she's back on the road in her new Winnebago Solis Pocket van, killing the vanlife. 

Marshall Wendler

Marshall lived full-time in his 24 foot Lance travel trailer since he hit the road in April of 2014. His technical mind is very detail oriented. He's mechanically oriented as well, having been a helicopter mechanic in his old life.

He is just built with this crazy smart mind.

After traveling together for a while, Kelly realized that Marshall was a gem of information and RV help. Being a beginner RVer would have been harder without having him to answer questions she had.

Kelly thought 'Everyone should have a Marshall', and this is half of why Camp Addict was born. To share the knowledge with other RVers.

Marshall excels at either knowing the answers to Kelly's questions, or he, uncannily, quickly finds the right answer.

He's also back on the road in a Winnebago Solis 59P after a 2-year hiatus. Kelly and Marshall couldn't stay away from the RV life!

Read more about the Camp Addict team.

Marshall in front of rig

Personalized Consulting

And so Camp Addict was born so everyone COULD 'have a Marshall'. Kelly has her benefits and input as well, having been on the road full-time boondocking since May of 2015.

Kelly and Marshall's collective RV knowledge has grown through years of full-time RV experience and by bouncing ideas off of each other and other RVers.

Now you can also directly benefit from their RV knowledge in a personal, one-on-one setting.

What You Can Discuss With Us

The time you spend having a real-time conversation with the Camp Addict Team is yours. You decide what we discuss. You bring the questions.

It's your time to ask anything you need.

(We use the Google Meet platform to facilitate the meeting, with the option to use video, which is up to you.)

Below are some ideas of what you can discuss, but these are only ideas. You set the tone. You determine the subject(s).

Variety of RVs parked 2019 Xscapers Bash Lake Havasu Arizona

What Type Of RV Should I Buy?

Get help narrowing down your purchase decision.

Confused about the different RV classes? Which one might work best for your situation? What weight can you safely tow with your tow vehicle?

Discuss with Kelly and Marshall what RV(s) you should consider buying. What are the pros and cons of one you're looking at?

How Do I Equip My New RV?

Learn what you do, and don't need to purchase for your RV.

Do you really need 'X' RVing gadget? Is solar a good power solution for your needs? Rooftop or portable?

Most people start RVing with too many 'things'. Ask Kelly and Marshall what you really need so you don't waste money on camper accessories that you will never use.

Wen generators running in parallel
Airstream trailer boondocking

Where Do I Camp? What Type Of Camping Is Right For Me?

Find out what your camping location options are.

There are many types of campgrounds and camping locations where you can take your new RV.

Is boondocking on public lands something you should consider, or is the RV park life for you? Can your RV go there? We can help you figure out what style of camping is right for you.

Is Full-Time RVing Right For Me?

Hitting the road full-time is a big step.

Are you considering living in an RV full-time, but still aren't sure if you should?

With over 12 years of full-time RV experience between us, we can answer your questions and help you answer the question, 'is full-time RVing is right for you'?

Ketchum Idaho dispersed camping

What Camp Addict Consulting Doesn't Include:

  • We aren't RV technicians so we can't help you fix a problem with your rig. Try this service instead.
  • While we are happy to discuss what RV might be best for you, we don't help you buy the rig. It's up to you to negotiate the price, arrange financing, etc.
  • We don't provide hands on help learning your RV's systems. The dealer you purchased from should provide this service. Or you can check out the RVers Online University from the Escapees.


What comes with the consulting Session?

You receive 'live' access to Kelly and Marshall via a one-hour Google Meet meeting. You may ask follow-up questions via email to clarify anything we discussed. Depending on what subjects are covered, you may receive a follow-up email from Camp Addict with additional information.

How Much Does This Cost?

Personal access to Kelly and Marshall is available at a rate of $199 for a one-hour Google Meet session. Payment is due at time of booking the session.

How Much Time Do I Get?

The Google Meet session will be for an hour. This is generally plenty of time to discuss what you want, assuming you come prepared knowing the questions you want to ask ahead of time. If one hour is not enough, you can always schedule more time.

Do I need Any Special Equipment To Participate?

Anyone with a modern computer or smart phone can attend a Google Meet meeting. We will be using the audio feature of Google Meet and can optionally turn on the video camera if you so desire.

Sounds Great! how do I get started?

Steps To Get Signed Up For A Consulting Session

Step 1.

Use the RV Consultation Booking Form below to schedule a time and pay for your session.

Step 2.

Check your email. You will receive confirmation of your session with us. This includes a link to the Google Meet meeting scheduled at the time and date you chose.

Step 3.

Join the Google Meet meeting at the scheduled time and date (using the Google Meet meeting link that was sent to you). Have your questions ready for us and we shall talk RVing!

Book Your RV Consultation Session Here: