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The Best Way To Save Your Pet From Overheating In An RV!

PublishedNovember 30, 2020

Last Updated: May 13, 2021

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I never thought I could be ‘one of them’. A careless dog owner. No way.

Could you be that pet owner?

I couldn’t be so careless that I almost killed my pets. Yet that's exactly what happened. With my RV.

And I’ll never forget it. I EVEN HAD an RV temperature monitoring system for my pets.

Trixie and Gizmo Moab Utah

How Your RV Can Kill Your Dogs

Listen, my story could easily happen to you as well. And dog safety is at the top of my fur mom list.

At the time of the event, I had been living in my RV full-time for 5.5 years. I was boondocking off the grid ALL of the time. (Except for unusual circumstances.)

It was deep summer, July of 2020, parked in Florida (unusual circumstance). I was connected to power (also VERY rare). Obviously, being July in sunny Florida, I had my air conditioning on pretty much all day every day.

I pretty much ALWAYS vent my RV when I leave JUST in case the AC stops working.

But one early morning, I left to go run some errands. Long story short, I made two terrible mistakes on this day.  

My two mistakes were:

  1. I forgot to vent the RV

About an hour after I left, I got an alert that it was 92 degrees in the RV. FREAKED and completely panicked, I rushed home.

(Why was it set so high? Before Florida, I was always boondocking with no A/C. When it's hot, I'd simply stay home with the girls and keep the RV open. I set the alert that high so I wouldn't get non-stop alerts as it commonly gets up to 90 in the RV on hot days. Upon moving to Florida, I forgot to set the pet temperature monitor down to a much lower temperature. A third mistake.)


By the time I got home, the girls were very hot and panting. Still, they recovered.

I took this photo of Trixie right after I got home. Poor baby was so hot. As was Gizmo.

Trixie dog lying panting

Had I had NOT had pet temperature monitoring for RV, I would have stayed out for longer, not realizing my AC was off.

Death by heatstroke would have been a miserable death for them, to say the least.

I'm VERY cautious when it comes to My Girls. And still, this happened. I made a human mistake and simply forgot to turn the AC back on. And to vent. (Grrrr) It's a mistake (or two) you or anyone can make.

Without an RV pet temperature monitoring device, I don't know what would have happened. Let's not even go there.

Enter Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor

Nimble Waggle Pet Monitor

At that time, I was testing a different brand of pet temperature monitor. And my girls are alive today because of it. I WAS alerted. Though at too high of a temperature.

(Temps can get too low, as well. Freezing can give your dogs frostbite or worse)

So, the BIGGEST thing you should take from this article is to have ANY of the best pet temperature monitors installed in your RV.

But here, I am going to share with you the perks of the Waggle temperature monitoring (Used to be Nimble) system.

And as per our usual full disclosure, I'm letting you know that Waggle sent us their pet temperature monitor to test. For the love of pets, we were happy to test it out!

Pet Monitor peace of mind

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitoring Device Features

Waggle Pet RV Temperature Monitors

We recently tested out the Waggle pet temperature monitoring device (Lite version) in my RV for a couple of months to make sure it worked well. It worked like a charm. Is it one of the best? Read on. 

It measures both temperature and humidity as well as the heat index. 

(They offer the Pet Monitor and the Pet Monitor Lite. Differences between the pet temperature monitors below.)

Nimble pet tracker plan comparison

This system keeps track of the temperature in the room and alerts you if the temp goes out of your set range.

Within the app, it's very easy to set the temperature alerts (high and low). The device sends you a text message (and email if you want) the moment either of those temps is breached.

Though it measures temperature and has a humidity sensor, it doesn't have a humidity alert (Which I'm totally fine with).

You are able to set the alert frequency. It can be every X minutes or X hours.

It works with its own Verizon cellular network. This. means you don't have to rely on Wi-Fi. You only need to be where there's a workable Verizon signal.

The Waggle pet temperature monitor comes with a very user-friendly smartphone app. It shows the real time live temperature at any given moment.

Nimble Waggle app temperature screen

Waggle app interface

The more expensive Waggle pet temperature monitor also comes with GPS tracking. Why should you care? Because if your RV is stolen (or van or car), you can track it down!

Another bonus- if you go on a hike and come back after dark and can’t find your camper (guilty), this will make sure you can using the GPS location.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Features

Make sure you set up text and email alerts for when the temperature goes above or below your settings. It is very easy to do.

You can also change the high and low temp settings right there on the face of the app! (I love when tech makes things easy.)

I created a narrow RV temperature range so I would get alerts frequently (for testing purposes) to be assured it was accurate.

There's also the option to set up how frequently you want it to keep reminding you of out-of-range RV temperature while it remains outside of those settings.

I really liked how easy it was to navigate the app and make changes when necessary.

They also offer the Furbit for dogs (extra cost). This tracks your dog's activity and location. You may also set goals for them to reach daily.

Currently, besides just monitoring temperature and humidity, the app also features blogs with educational bits, guides, and a funny animal videos section to watch.

I personally found the most benefit in temperature monitoring. I didn't use any other features. Felt like a bit of noise. 

Waggle Prices

Like most temperature monitoring systems, offered are different tiers for monthly subscription pricing.

While not the cheapest monthly subscription fees, the device itself is competitive in price. Similar to other temperature monitoring devices, it runs around $200.

The monthly subscription fees run anywhere from $12.50/month to $20/month depending on which length of subscription you get.

Remember, it has a monthly fee as it doesn't rely on Wi Fi. It uses its own cellular. 

Pet temperature monitor subscription options

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Power Considerations

If you are going off-grid/dry camping, OR if you don't have an inverter inside the RV or vehicle, the power cord comes USB capable. This makes it easy to use in RVs. 

It also comes with a 120v adapter. It's not necessarily battery powered, unless you need it for one day or less. 

Battery life is good. It's not meant to be used long periods unplugged. It has a backup battery that lasts over 2 days on the regular Waggle temperature monitoring system. The Lite version of these pet temperature monitors won't last that long. 

Waggle tells me backup battery life will last 30-35 hours after a full charge.

And yes, you will get an alert if there is a power loss.

Upcoming Waggle Features

Waggle has features services slated to launch with their next version. They did not tell me when this would take place. 

The new services will guide you to local veterinarians, boarding facilities, training, grooming, and more.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor Pros and Cons

Here's a brief rundown of what we did and didn't like about the Waggle:


  • Comes with an app
  • Shows live temperature without extra charge
  • Easy to start-up and install
  •   RV pet temperature alerts were immediate and very customizable


  • Live customer support is not US-based
  • Won't work in areas without Verizon service


Honestly, I LOVED having the easy to use Waggle to check my RV pet temperature!

This RV pet temperature monitor made it so easy to check the real time temperature inside the RV. I always knew what the temperature was for my girls when away. Pet temperature monitors provide extreme peace of mind for us dog owners.

With the other temperature monitoring system we've tested (The MarCELL), you must pay extra for live updates on a per-view basis, which I find clunky and kind of defeats the purpose of having the app where one can quickly check the real time temperature. 

Waggle does not charge for a 'live update'. It simply shows you the CURRENT/live temperature.

I had no issues setting it up or using it. Easy peasy!

Full time RVers, beware- getting your Waggle shipped may prove challenging as this has a lithium ion battery. 

Yep, this product is the bomb. I'd say it's one of the best pet temperature monitors out there. Check them out

40% Off Waggle Monitor

Through Camp Addict, you get an exclusive 40% off discount on the purchase of the Waggle camper temperature monitor unit.

Use the discount code CA40 in the waggle store to receive 40% off the monitor unit. The Waggle discount code should be automatically applied when you click on the below button.

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