These Camping Sex Tips Would’ve Made Hugh Hefner Blush!

Oooooh, camping sex- THIS is a fun topic, now isn't it? Don't be shy, you can admit it. You're here, aren't you?

('Warning': slightly erotic, potential turn-you-on  photos ahead. Nothing x-rated though.)

So. Your (Read: EVERYONE'S) dirty mind wants to know: Can you have good sex while camping? What's it like to have sex in an RV? How about in a sleeping bag?

Scrabble sex with condoms

Sex: You may smile soon, as there are some saucy photos ahead.

You bet your bare ass you can have good sex while camping! Wait, are you talking about with yourself, or with someone else? Heh.

Anyway, the good news is that camping sex is doable. Very doable. Even if you have (gasp) kids.

And guess what? It might even improve your sex life. Squeeeeee!

It Can Improve Your Sex Life? How?

Typically, people do 'it' MORE in RVs and when camping than they do at home. Let's review a few reasons why.

Then we will offer tips for better sex while camping in different situations. Sound steamy? Good.

1. You Might Have Sex More Often When Camping

Here's a study about camping sex that was done in the UK. The people interviewed had sex more often when camping.

They interviewed 500 campers before and after a three-night camping trip.

Over half of the couples reported they had sex "a lot more often" during the trip and 37% doubled their number of typical naughty adventures.

Here's another study done by the US Travel Association showing that couples who travel "have healthier, happier relationships compared to those who do not".

A happier relationship usually means you're having sex more often.

So moral of the story here is... if you like getting physical, go camping somewhere new, not just in your own backyard.

Woman on top of man

If we ALL looked like these two, would we all naturally be having more sex? Hmmm.

2. It Will Likely Be More Memorable

When you are adventuring, your brain gets very stimulated. Everything seems more fun, more exciting, more alive. Your routine has been broken. Routine is a sex killer.

So is stress. While camping, you can abandon much of your daily stressors. You're on vacation. You're free! It's very liberating, and it sparks something in us.

Additionally, you are more likely to get more experimental when you are on vacation.

Better sex is more memorable. And when your brain has been ticked 'on' by breaking from routine, the memories you make are likely to stick with you longer.

There's Good And There's Bad

Besides less stress and routine change, what's different about having sex in an RV or a tent in a sleeping bag versus some room in your house?

Answer: Almost everything.

Let's explore what can go well and what can go wrong so you don't make these mistakes as a rookie.

Man and woman kissing

Well, aren't you both just perfect.

The Good Stuff

Well, the best part may be the fact that YOU ARE CAMPING! If you're camping, you're likely on vacation or are at least you're doing the weekend warrior thing, and you're getting AWAY from your 'real' life. 

This often promotes a sense of freedom and best of all, ADVENTURE! It's the great outdoors- nothing beats it if you ask me.

Not to mention you might have some cocktails while at leisure... this too can add a little sexy to your love life, wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

But with the good must come the bad. Sex in a camper or tent is not as comfy or as easy as you might think.

Here's why.

The Bad Stuff

There's definitely 'bad' things. You'll have different challenges to conquer depending on your destinations.

If you're boondocking in remote locations, you automatically have fewer problems to deal with.

If no-one is within eyeshot, you can shower outside, you can do it outside, go swimming in the nude, whatever tickles your fancy.

Man in bondage

Not sure about you but this looks 'bad' to me!

If you're at a paid campsite, you've probably also paid for neighbors, grrrr.

If you're an exhibitionist, then go ahead, get it on day and night in your RV. There's no problem, but people are likely to know what you're up to in there. More on this in a few. 

So, what's bad about RV camping sex?

  • Unless you've replaced it, your RV camper mattress is probably terrible.
  • Sometimes there's a low or angled ceiling above you.
  • It will be a pretty small space if you're in an RV.
  • There will be occasional... odors. Even if the bathroom has a door. This is a huge turn-off.  Using Poo-Pourri in the toilet to combat any odor is highly recommended!
  • Your indoor temperature may not be regulated. And there could be bugs. Or dirt.
  • RVs have very thin walls.
  • RVs aren't known for their stability. Thus the saying "If the RV is a-rocking... don't come a-knocking!"
  • If in a tent and it is really cold, you likely want to stay in the sleeping bag. Have you tried this? Not the easiest way to have sex unless it's in two sleeping bags zipped together. 

For the sake of this article, we're going to assume you aren't an exhibitionist, and you want to have camping sex without anyone knowing.

So let's go over how to have that camping trip sex without feeling too exposed!

(PS- even though there are 'bad' things about sex while camping, the more you know, the better you can make it and the less these things are an issue.)

Sex In RV Parks

While it's nice to have amenities that an RV park space can provide, being in one can kill your privacy. Sites are often crammed together like sardines.

If you want to get dirty without others knowing, you have to keep it down.

Dildo collection

Is this enough for a week 'long' camping trip? (Heh)

The sound issue doesn't much matter if you are having campground sex in a trailer or if you're having motorhome sex. There's not much of a sound barrier either way, and the potential for rocking exists when you're RVing, no matter the type of RV you are 'doing it' in.

You can do it comfortably while camping with just a little planning and knowledge. Everywhere you RV on the road has the potential to be fun when getting frisky.

Then why not experiment?

For example, maybe you've never tried a sex swing. Why not try it in your RV if yours is big enough?

Get a door sex swing (I'd recommend reinforcing whatever you have for a door or doorway).

Woman dominating man on bed

You're either thinking: "HOT" Or, "WOAH, Camp Addict! You took it too far with this one!" (Too far? Then why are you still staring?)

Or get a swing stand that will fit in a large enough area of your RV that can break right down and go back into your basement when you're done.

You can try new outfits or bondage gear.

Get (or bring if you already have) a sex 'wedge'. (Look it up) Maybe your wedge can double as a doggie ramp for your pup to get up on your dinette bench. Cover it with a blanket so it's hidden in plain view!

Why not break out of your 'usual' box? There's no better place/time to get experimental if you haven't already than on a vacation/trip.

Other RV Park Camping Sex Tips: 

  • 'Sex'-Chocks: Get some X-chocks or another type of stabilizer for your RV to help reduce rocking.

  • Know Thy Neighbors: If they go out every day from 10-7, there's your best chance! (But people can always walk by, you may have neighbors on both sides, etc.)
  • Gotta Wear Shades: If your windows aren't tinted dark, keep those shades closed when you're getting after it.
  • Awning Oops: Don't leave your awning out, or it will accentuate your best moves, hee hee.
  • Kill The Squeaks: Before you arrive, 'rock' your camper. Have someone outside to listen for squeaks. Silence that squeak if you can find a way! If you have a big trailer, get someone to help. They don't have to know why you want to get rid of the squeak. Or, if you want them to join you in the bedroom, here's a nice way to segue the hint, heh.
  • Be The Naughty Couple In The Park: Guys, get your girl some remote-controlled panties. Stimulate her while she's least expecting it. Maybe while you're hanging out at the ice cream social evening gathering. (bzzz bzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz.)

Sex While Camping Remotely

Woman kissing man

Yeah, you know they aren't in an RV. That room is waaaay too light.

This situation is the most ideal. Heck, if you're remote enough, your options are expanded to having camping sex in the trees or anywhere else out in nature.

Just don't do it where you went to the bathroom if you're doing that outside. I feel no need to explain why. Eew.

Honestly though, you may have some of the best moments and best views of your entire sex life doing the deed outside (watch out for mosquitos and ants though). There are SO many places out west where you can take advantage of outdoor (or indoor) sex and camping.

Other Remote Sex Tips:

  • Go Wild: You're remote? This is the best scenario. Go wild! Your campsite is far from unwanted eyes or ears! This is ONE MORE reason not to park on top of other vehicles when boondocking. (AND why others may not want you parking on top of them.)

  • Safety: You're camping remotely- please let someone at home know where you are going and when you should be back
  • Accessories: If you use them, bring PLENTY of condoms. (And/or lube) There may not be a convenience store close by to stock up.
  • Make A Porn: Hey, if you've ever wanted to make a sex tape outdoors- now's your chance.
  • Jail: Be ABSOLUTELY sure there are no kids around that could be watching you!

Having Sex While Camping With Kids

Speaking of those meddling kids, they makes it much 'harder' (tee-hee-hee) for a husband and wife (or a couple or a threesome) to have adult experiences in an RV.

Nope, I don't have kids but I DO know how to be sneaky...

Two girls on bike

'Mood killers'

If you're living in a van and have no other vehicle, well, good luck to ya. This would be the most challenging scenario. If you're that horny, try finding a campground that offers day care or kid programs.

If you have a tow vehicle, when you put your rug rat(s) to sleep, slip into that car for some high-school style passion. This is best for remote camping, obviously.

There are benefits to staying at a campground. You can befriend another neighbor family. Then set up mom play dates. That can be time for YOUR dates, too.

Two girls walking away

That's right... send them AWAYYYYYYYY!

Wear those kids of yours out! The more tired they are, the better they should sleep, and the earlier they are likely to do so.

Then you can practice making some more kids since you seem to like kids so much. Heh. Heh. 

Other 'You Have Kids' Camping Sex Tips: 

  • Extra Rooms: Get the kids a tent/play area outside. Shove 'em out there and make them use it, lol. (Kidding. Don't shove your kids)

  • Wind Storms/Earthquakes: If your kids are young enough, you can 'manufacture' a wind storm at night or morning and let the kids know to expect some shaking. Or tell them there have been earthquakes in the area lately and there may be some aftershocks. Heh.
  • Partition: This should go without saying, but have some sort of curtain/partition between your bed and your kids' bed.
  • Bribes: Give them ice cream or something that they have to eat outside, and get in a quickie while they're eating.
  • Bedtime: Put kids to bed early. Hit the sack together. Be vewy vewy quiet.
  • Trailer Living: The lower your front end in a fifth wheel or travel trailer, the more stable you are.
  • Showers: Take advantage of campground showers together when you can.

Can You Do It In A Tent?

Sure, sex in a tent can be nice if you're not too hot or too cold.

Either way, make sure you TURN OFF YOUR LANTERN if you are around other adults and RVers while having camping sex. LOL!

Otherwise the next morning  your cool friends will be telling you in the morning how good/bad your visual camping sex show was.

Your uptight friends will be all awkward and quiet the next morning, and if you didn't know about the lantern thing, you'd be puzzled why they were.

Sex in tent

ZERO Sound Buffer In Tents

Be aware that the tent canvas serves you with ZERO sound buffer. When having sex in a tent, you either stay silent, or anything you say/moan will be heard by everyone nearby as clearly as if there were no tent wall at all.

If you don't want to be heard and don't want to be quiet, you'll have to find a VERY secluded spot. 

Best Seasons To Have Tent Sex 

It's best you tent camp during the cooler months. Hot tent sex isn't, well, 'hot'. I'd call it uncomfortable. If it's humid, it will be even worse.

It's nice to curl up by the campfire at night, get warm, then sneak off to your tent to get busy WITHOUT worrying about heat or bugs.

Sex In Nature Is Amazing

But tent camping is the most primal type of camping of them all. You're in the great outdoors. You will likely have campfires, will likely cook your dinner over a flame, you're more likely to be outside than if you have the RV, and you're sleeping on the ground or even possibly outside.

If the idea of having sex in a tent doesn't spark your primal urges, I don't know what will. If you and your partner are the only people around, try doing it outside the tent. Or do it inside the tent with the door flap fully open.

Camping sex in nature is amazing. Just make sure to watch out for the bugs.

Just maybe don't try doing it in a lake. Water is not lubricant. And girls...that's nasty water- bacteria and stuff. Not a good combo.

Other Tent Sex Tips:

  • Circulation: Don't forget to keep your vents open! Otherwise you may start conjuring up some serious condensation in the tent. I know I don't want to get dripped on while naked. Eew.

  • Flooring: Make sure you have plenty of ground cushion. Or you're in for an uncomfortable 'ride'. You can get an inflatable mattress, or just have loads of linens- a sleeping bag plus a comforter, and even a sleeping bag mat can help.
  • Sleeping Bags: Bring a couple of sleeping bags- for cushioning or to zip together to make one big sleeping bag. Or bring a double sleeping bag.
  • Wet Wipes: No need to explain to you what you may need these for. (eew)


Root vegetable penis

Now wouldn't THAT be painful?

If you've never had camping sex or sex in an RV, there's a lot to figure out. If you have done it before, you likely know a lot of this already.

You haven't? Then watch out, there will be learning curves! Still, getting busy while on a camping vacation is a fantastic way to boost your libido. Camp often enough, and your sex life can get a great boost.

Even if you don't end up doing it on your trip into the great outdoors, unless you're a stick in the mud, you know you're gonna have a lot of fun.

Whether you're on a mountain, in an RV spot, tent camping at a primitive area, or you're by a lake, you are probably happily free of life's regular demands and stresses.

 As previously mentioned, this is monumental in allowing your sexual juices to get stirred up without much effort.

Get out there and camp, you sexy thing.

HOLD UP! I must admit, my secret list of sex tips is JUICY. Much of it I thought too risqué to put here on our site. And a lot of it is stuff I hadn't thought about before. 

I had to reach out to my playfully naughty full-time girlfriends to get most of the juicy tidbits. They came through with some excellent sexy tips.

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  • We camped several nights on our honeymoon in 1975. Mesa Verde ,Bryce Canyon, Boulder dam. Wonderful experience. Still married 45 years later. Best advice was to buy cheap sheets and throw them away at the end. We did not have zip together bags. Later camped with our kids. We would leave the sheets and blankets outside and slip out after midnight.

    • Sounds like camping sex worked out for you two! LOL! Congratulations- we hope it’s still a partnership full of love and admiration! (And sex)

  • Good read Kelly and boy could I tell some juicy stories on this subject. On the lighter side, both my kids were definitely conceived while tent camping, it gets a little chilly in October.

    • LOL! Yes, October is when I love to tent camp… at least in the Smoky mountains! Nice and cool, hardly anyone around in campgrounds. I’ve had my fun in a tent as well. : D

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