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How To Easily Add Bluetooth To Your RV Stereo

Woot woot! Yes, you CAN add bluetooth to your existing RV stereo system!

Adding bluetooth means you can play audio from your phone, computer, and other devices through the built-in speakers in your RV ceiling (or wherever they are set).

You can also play your RV TV audio through your built-in speakers. (If your TV is connected to the audio system already then you won't need this setup to play through the speakers because it already does.)

Only Two Requirements:

  • You have an aux-in input on your RV stereo.
  • You have a USB power port to plug the transmitter into. (A convenient USB port is easy to add or to have an electrician add for you.) If you are plugged into shore power all the time, then you can just use the included 120-volt power adapter.
USB cable

Plug end of USB power cord

RV stereo auxilary aux jack

An Aux-in input

It was SO easy! I'd have installed one long ago had I known it was a thing. And if I'd known what to purchase.

But I didn't. Marshall was the one who knew and told me about it. He always seems to know all the things!

Kelly's bluetooth receiver install front quarter

Top right: HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter. To the right of the stereo is the noise isolator.

I'm gonna make this quick and easy, because there's nothing to it. Even installing it is quick and easy.


You'll Need:

1. A bluetooth transmitter (I used HomeSpot)

2. A ground loop noise isolator

That's it! Simply plug the transmitter into the ground loop noise isolator and the isolator into the aux-in input.

Then plug the HomeSpot into a USB power outlet, turn the stereo setting to 'Auxillary'  (or aux) and start hearing your music/audio through your RV speakers!

And what better way to have a party if you have outside speakers. Now you can be the DJ!

Kelly's bluetooth receiver install side

Why HomeSpot Above Other Brands?

Sure, chances are that there are other transmitters out there that will work.

However, beware that Marshall tried a couple of other bluetooth transmitters before finding the HomeSpot. With the others, the sound coming from his TV didn't match the person talking on the screen. Totally ruined the watching experience.

The HomeSpot has a technology called APTX Low Latency. Turns out, it syncs the sound with the video so there isn't a lag between the lips moving and the audio track.

However, if you aren't going to watch TV through your speakers, this should be a non-issue.

If you find another transmitter with APTX technology, that product will likely also work. (Just make sure it's the low latency version of APTX.)

We simply named the HomeSpot here because it's the one that worked for us.

Why The Ground Loop Noise Isolator?

Without a noise isolator, the static will be overwhelming. This is because most all RV stereos run on 12-volt systems.

Static will be present with any 12-volt system in any RV. It has to do withe the way the electrical system is grounded to the chassis, blah, blah, blah.

So when adding bluetooth with ANY transmitter in an RV, you're going to need to get a ground loop noise isolator.

Products We Use:

Here's what we both use for our systems:

Homespot bluetooth receiver

HomeSpot Bluetooth Transmitter

Mpow ground loop isolator

Ground Loop Noise Isolator


If your stereo has an aux input, now you can get yourself bluetooth without replacing your whole RV stereo unit.

It's as simple as that! Get the products in this post and you're set.

If you have any questions, post below. We are happy to assist!

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