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New RV Mattress Weight Considerations - This Is SO Important!

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By Kelly Beasley

When it comes to RV travel, comfort is key.

After a long day on the road, you want to rest your head on a comfortable and supportive mattress.

But if you don't like your mattress and are in the market for a new one, there's one thing you may not be considering before you buy:

How much does the mattress weigh?

Not many owners think about their RV mattress weight considerations, but it may be an important factor in packing up a recreational vehicle.

Lazy Daze small Class C motorhome

After a long day on the road or hiking, you want to rest your head on a comfortable and supportive mattress in your camper.

We are here to remind you (or open your eyes to) that you should be mindful of how much EVERYTHING weighs, including your mattress, because your vehicle has a strict weight limit.

This article explores the topic of RV mattress weight considerations and how to select the best mattress for your RV.

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Know Your Rig's Weight Limitations

RV weight restrictions are a serious matter, and exceeding yours can lead to safety hazards, mechanical issues, and even an existing warranty claim being voided for being overweight, which is dangerous for travel.

Therefore, RV mattress weight is one factor to consider when avoiding exceeding the weight limit of your rig.

When it comes to RV mattress weight restrictions, there are several things to keep in mind.

First, you should always weigh your RV, fully loaded, INCLUDING people, water, and propane, BEFORE heading out on a camping trip.

Find out if you are close to or are already over your cargo-carrying capacity (CCC). 

Cargo carrying capacity is the weight you can safely add (also known as your stuff) to your RV without exceeding the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

GVWR is the highest weight your vehicle can weigh safely.

Obviously, you need to know your RV's weight limit (GVWR).

Then, if you are close to the GVWR without a mattress in it, consider opting for a thinner and lighter mattress, such as a thick RV mattress topper, or a lightweight type of mattress, such as certain memory foam mattresses.

Camping table under Class B+ motorhome awning

Travel Trailers And Weight Distribution

If you have a travel trailer that has a bed in the rear, you are even more at risk if you have a very mattress like a 105 pounder.

Because the more weight you put in the back of a trailer, the more likely it is to sway. Even if you have sway bars.

The longer the trailer, the worse the issue. Be aware of this before you buy a mattress.

Travel trailer on commercial scale

Marshall weighing his travel trailer at the QT scales.

Voiding Your Warranty And Other Legal Troubles

An overweight camper is dangerous on the road and might cause steering issues, braking issues, or even trailer sway.

You might even void your warranty or be in big legal trouble if you are in an accident and they find out your rig was over its maximum rated weight (and yes, they can figure this out).

You could even be charged with manslaughter if your rig was overweight in an accident and someone dies.

So just be aware that you cannot load up an RV with everything you want if it overloads the rig. It could have dire consequences for you, your family, and other people on the road.

This is why it's essential to know your rig's weight, and to pick the lightest RV bed you can if needed.

Where To Buy A Light RV Mattress

One company that makes lightweight mattresses specifically for RVs and Semi trucks is called SleepDog.

They make the lightest mattresses we know of, claiming tat-no-adsheir Sleep Dog and Big Dawg mattresses (queen) are 39 pounds.

Normally, queen mattresses weigh from 70 to 160 pounds.

I (Kelly) had and slept on a Big Dawg mattress for about two years.

SleepDog logo

They weigh considerably less than most competitors.

While a 20 or 40-pound difference may not seem like much, understand that every pound makes a difference when loading an RV or camper.

Sure, there are other ways to save on weight, too.

But a mattress is something you likely don't want to live without.

So the lighter, the better if you're cutting it close as far as weight goes.

Mattress Types and Sizes

Mattress weight can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of mattress, mattress size, materials it's made from, and manufacturer.

RV mattress sizes include:

Some even have wonky dimensions with angles or curves.

When choosing an RV mattress, it's essential to consider the size and type of mattress.

RV mattresses come in several types, including innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and latex mattresses.

Each type of mattress has unique properties, such as comfort, pressure points, and support.

If you're a side sleeper, you may prefer a softer mattress to alleviate pressure points around the hips.

However, if you're a back or stomach sleeper, you may prefer a firmer mattress that provides more support to the back.

In addition to type and size, the mattress layer also plays a significant role in the overall comfort and support of the RV mattress.

Comfort layers, such as gel-infused memory foam and mattress toppers, can add extra comfort and pressure relief to the mattress.

Coils, high-quality foam, and gel memory foam are common materials used in RV mattresses.

Kelly's Tochta mattress with bedding peeled back from corner


RV weight and mattress selection are important to consider when your RV is almost at its maximum weight rating (GVWR).

And yes, selecting the right RV mattress is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

When choosing a new RV mattress for your motorhome or trailer, you should consider not only the size and type of bed but also the weight, if you are pushing your weight limits.

Overloading your RV can get you in an accident and even into legal trouble in the event of an accident.

You might even cause a death, even your own.

So be sure to know how much your fully loaded RV weighs and make SURE to keep it well under the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR).

RV mattress weight consideration is something most people don't think about. Now you're one of the smarter few to know.

Stay safe!

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I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

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