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RV Queen vs Regular Queen Mattress: Know The Actual Difference Like A Pro

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By Kelly Beasley

You're wondering what is the difference between an RV queen mattress VS a regular queen mattress?

Good question!

But the answer is relatively easy as there is only one for sure difference:


But we shall dive further into the specifics.

Kelly's Tochta mattress with bedding peeled back from corner

Kelly's short queen Tochta mattress in her travel trailer

If you're looking for a replacement mattress for your RV bed, here are a few things you should know.

By the way, you have the most common standard mattress size in your RV, so that's good news for buying (more options).

RV Queen Mattress vs. Regular Queen Mattress

There are two typical 'queen' mattress sizes in an RV.

  • RV queen (Short queen): 60 x 75 inches
  • Queen (Regular queen): 60 x 80 inches

The 'regular queen,' or standard queen mattress, has the exact dimensions as a queen you see in anyone's house.

The short queen is the shorter version of a regular queen. It's just as wide, but it's shorter, more compact.

One other difference might be the thickness and cut/rounded/notched corners.

Keep in mind, there are three terms used in the English language to describe these two mattress sizes:

  • Short queen: 60 x 75 inches
  • RV queen: 60 x 75 inches
  • Queen (regular queen): 60 x 80 inches

Also, keep in mind that some short mattresses are 74-75 inches long (it can vary).

Do your measurements to make sure you know what your bed platform can hold.

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When it comes to mattresses for campers, perhaps the most common size is the RV queen bed.

The RV queen is shorter than a regular queen mattress by 5-6 inches.

To add to any confusion, the shorter RV mattress version is also called a short queen.

Different manufacturers use different terminology, so CHECK for dimensions when ordering.

Are RV Queen Mattress and Regular Queen Mattresses Made Differently?

Most of the time, there is no difference between an RV queen mattress and a regular queen mattress except for the length. (RV vs. regular mattress.)

The RV queen is usually 5 inches shorter than a regular queen mattress.

But as far as materials go, you can get both in traditional mattress materials.

Also, the short RV queen mattress purchased by an RV mattress manufacturer might be a bit lighter than a regular queen.

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What Is The Difference Between A Queen And An RV Short Queen Mattress?


The short queen RV mattress is usually 5 inches shorter.

This is the only significant difference, aside from (sometimes) unusual shapes and corners.

Does An RV Queen Mattress Weigh Less Than A Regular Queen?

The RV short queen or RV queen might weigh less due to the shorter length.

However, it mostly depends on what materials the mattress is made from.

Generally, an RV queen will weigh somewhere between 40 and 150 lbs.

You shouldn't be all that concerned with the weight of your mattress.

If an extra 50 lbs puts you overweight, you are WAY overweight already.

You should probably slim down on other things your are hauling in your camper when heading out on trips.

Just don't go over your cargo carrying capacity in your RV.

Cedar and Silver Airstream trailer bedroom

Photo by Cedar And Silver

Can You Use A Regular Queen Mattress In An RV?

Yes, you can use a regular queen mattress in your RV!

As long as you have the room for it, it's fine to use a regular queen.

If you have room but originally had a short queen, make SURE your slide won't run into the extra length when in.

Also, be sure the thickness, if thicker, won't interfere with any structures.

Is A Regular Queen More Comfortable Than An RV Queen?

These two mattress sizes come in the same builds and materials as one another.

That said, often the stock mattress that comes with your camper is a piece of junk and has zero durability.

Replacing it is one of the first upgrades many motorhome and travel trailer owners do after purchase.

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Both sizes are made from either innersprings, pocket coils, natural latex, gel memory foam, and more.

There are also hybrids- mattresses made from innersprings that have built-in memory foam mattress toppers.

Bottom line, you can get an RV queen-size mattress in any material you like.


Beyond the difference in length, there's no special or secret difference between a queen regular mattress and an RV queen bed.

The difference is usually 5 inches of length. The width is the same.

Sometimes a short queen RV mattress has unique cut corners or angles.

Anything beyond that, you can use a regular queen full-size mattress on your RV bed frame or platform if it fits there.

We hope we've cleared up the RV queen vs. queen mystery for you!

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