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Here we share one-off reviews. We also share tips about these reviewed RV products.

Quick RV Product Reviews & Tips

Some products have stood out enough that we had to share them. They haven't necessarily been compared to similar products, no. These either were sent to us by the manufacturer (always disclosed in the post), or we just liked them (or DISliked them) enough to inform you about our experiences.

 But you can use your own brain and make up your OWN mind after reading. We encourage that.  Not everything we like will be something you agree on!

Comprehensive Reviews

The below quick reviews are of single products. For comprehensive reviews comparing top products in different categories, see the main RV Product Reviews page.

Quick RV Reviews In Brief

How do we review products? Let us count the ways...

First of all, this website basically started when Kelly realized what a gem of a resource Marshall was for answering any RVing questions she had. She realized it was a very valuable resource and thought others would love to have the same access.

So, we started Camp Addict.

We decided much value would come out of helping people pick the 'best' products they could for their RVs. Why? Well, there are simply SO many products... these days how does anyone have the time to do the research and choose well?

Doing research is exhausting.

That's where we come in. We have selected, to the best of our researching abilities (and we believe they're pretty good, we must say) the best products you can buy. It's like having an RVing concierge. We DO explain in our reviews why we chose x product and what benefits it has.

Often we comment on why one is better than the other. Certainly, we cannot list ALL products, nor can we try them all out. But anyone with half a brain can zero out most of the competition for big reasons. (Horrible customer support, bad reputation, cheap materials, etc etc etc.)

We have either tried the products, have friends who use them and love them, or we simply go through the process of elimination using online reviews, logic, help from friends, consumer reports reviews when applicable, how their website looks (for real- people's website can tell you a LOT about the company), and more.

It's not rocket science!

And yes, the reviews and our selections ARE our own opinion. So they aren't ONE HUNDRED PERCENT RIGHT. In anyone's review, there's an element of opinion. And opinions are just that. Opinions. There's no right or wrong there. 

But our MAIN goal is to be trusted. We admit (and change) when we are wrong about anything. We answer all relevant and intelligent, helpful comments on our site. We wouldn't recommend products we wouldn't use or trust. 

There's just no reason to create distrust with our readers. 

So there you have it. Ask us anything! You can find comments sections below any regular page or blog post on our site. You can also reach us via the Camp Addict contact form.

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