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3 Best RV Sewer Hose Supports For A Smooth & Happy Flow

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Best Overall

Camco Sidewinder hose support

Camco Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support

Best Alternative

Valterra Slunky hose support

Valterra Slunky Support

Best Aluminum

Camco Aluminum hose support

Camco Aluminum Support

If you're parking your RV for an extended period, it behooves you to get an RV sewer hose support. Yeah, we know, FUN STUFF! (Not really.) Either way, you cannot ignore this subject in the world of RVing.

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What Is An RV Sewer Hose Support?

An RV sewer hose support holds your sewer hose with deep cradles, keeping it off the ground while offering a gradual downward slope for optimal drainage of... well.. you know.

It expands and contracts like an accordion. Open when in use, squished back together when stored.

The flow-down assembly design takes advantage of gravity to help avoid clogs.

They are easy to set up, and the plastic or aluminum they are made from gives them durability and stability.

Do I Need An RV Sewer Hose Support?

You may need an RV sewer hose support for these three main reasons:

1. To Keep The Hose Off The Ground

First, you might want to keep it off the ground to keep it clean.

It also protects the hose from damage from being stepped on, tripped over, or from the weed eater if on grass.

Keeping the hose elevated helps to reduce the chance of punctures, which leads to nasty wastewater leaking places it shouldn't.

RhinoEXTREME crushed by foot

2. To Enhance Drainage

Proper drainage is essential for your RV system, and using a support is the best way to achieve good drainage.

This is because an RV sewer hose support gradually slopes the hose from the highest point (your RV sewer connection outlet) to the lowest point (the ground waste hole).

A good support takes out any dips that cause the sewer line not to flow adequately. This is especially important when running the hose over uneven terrain.

3. Campground Requires It

Some campgrounds require the use of an RV sewer hose support.

In such a case, you have no choice but to use one.

More About RV Sewer Supports

An RV sewer support is pretty basic in design, as they aren't technical or complicated.

Even so, there are some features to know about to help you choose the design you like.

What Length To Choose?

It's best to buy a sewer hose support that is slightly longer than your drain hose, so you don't run out of length.

Most come in 10, 15, and 20 foot lengths to accommodate the typical length of sewer hoses.

You can purchase a support that is longer than the hose you typically used, as you don't need to extend the support to its full length. This allows you to use a longer hose (or extension) if needed, and still have enough support length to 'hold' the longer hose.

RV Hose Support Durability

Again, most of the products we've looked at should last you a lifetime. Plastic lasts forever, and aluminum, while it will seemingly last forever, is more prone to damage.

Aluminum can bend, so we'd go with a plastic support if it were us. If you're looking to get fancy or look fancy, then you may go with an aluminum product.

Some manufacturers offer a long warranty on their products.

If that's important to you, you may look for a longer warranty, as it's a good indication that they stand behind their product and believe it will last.

Camco aluminum hose support in use

RV Sewage Hose Support Setup

Again, not rocket science. Read the box/manufacturer's instructions if you can't figure out how to setup an RV waste hose support on your own.

Most products stretch out and compress, much like an accordion.

Stretch yours out, then lay the hose on top of it.

Some have a hose strap or two to ensure the hose doesn't fall off. Others have deep half pipe support sections that ensure the hose won't flop off.

Most are lightweight, some have stakes, and all are easy to set up.

Stretch it out, curve it around obstacles, if any, and voila, you have your RV drain hose support and good drainage.

Weight Of RV Drain Hose Support

Almost every RV drain hose support you can buy is lightweight because your drainage hose isn't that heavy, so the support doesn't need to hold much weight. There's not a hose support out there that we wouldn't ask any grandma to carry. Most weigh around 3-5 pounds.

Well, except for one. The heaviest we've seen is the somewhat goofy Camco Adjustable Sewer Hose Drain Support Kit. It claims to weigh in at 16 pounds!!

This Camco product also takes up WAY more storage space than most conventional supports. Therefore, we don't recommend getting this particular Camco sewer hose support.

RV sewer hose in use

Sewer hose without a support

What Is The Best RV Sewer Hose Support?

We keep saying this, but this product doesn't need a lot of scientific research. You connect a sewer hose to your RV sewer outlet and put the sewer hose in place on top of an aluminum or plastic sewer hose support.

Make sure the slope goes downwards away from the RV. Use your strap kit if included. Learn a few RV sewer dumping tips, and boom... you're gold.

Still, you probably want to know a few pros and cons about what is on the market. So, we are here to help.

Here are what we consider to be the three best RV sewer supports:

Camco Sidewinder

The Camco Sidewinder RV sewer hose support is made from sturdy plastic and is a top choice for many RVers.

We mention a couple of Camco sewer hose support options here. They make reliable quality items for the recreational vehicle industry and are one of many products they do well.

The flexible design of this Camco sewer support allows for curves to shape it in almost any direction for secure connections at all RV parks. It's an accordion design made of plastic materials so that it won't rust.

It comes with a carrying handle for easy storage. It's a very lightweight plastic support at 1.6 pounds.

You can't complain about moving this one when needed. It offers a gradual slope support system to help the solids from your waste tanks flow out correctly.

It's a simple, lightweight, affordable choice for an RV waste hose support.

The Camco Sidewinder RV sewer line support is available in 10, 15, 20, and 30-foot lengths and is our vote for the best RV sewer hose support.

Camco Sidewinder hose support

Choose 10, 15, or 20' length

30' length

Valterra Slunky

The Valterra Slunky is another good option for a camper sewer hose support. It comes in many sizes, from 10 to 25-feet.

It's a very similar style to the Camco Sidewinder. It sports the accordion style that telescopes to the size you need, is very easy to set up, and is also made of plastic.

It's a moderately priced hose support, very close to the Camco in price.

The Valterra does come with support straps, indicating that the hose COULD come off without the straps. If it were me, I'd use them.

Usage is easy, connect the Valterra to your RV sewer outlet, put out your new RV sewage hose support, put your drainage hose on it, attach the straps, and you're all set up!

The Valterra Slunky comes in your choice of red or black color and comes in 10, 15, 20, and 25-foot lengths.

Valterra Slunky hose support

RED (Choose 10, 15, 20 or 25' length)

BLACK (Choose 10, 15, 20 or 25' length)

Camco Aluminum Sewer Hose Support

Camco strikes again! However, this product is made from aluminum. Now, is aluminum better? Not necessarily. The aluminum could squish if it were run over by a car or a foot.

Therefore, it's not the most durable material to make a support out of.

Still, this RV sewer hose support should stand the test of time with a bit of caution.

For whatever reason, Camco chose not to have a deep top to nestle the hose into. Instead, the hose rest area is relatively flat. Therefore, you must use the straps with this product.

That said, we prefer the Camco Sidewinder to this product. But if aluminum flips your skirt, this one will do just fine with the proper cautions and usage while RVing.

Just be aware that it costs almost twice what the first two we listed cost.

This Camco product certainly won't rust, it comes with a storage strap you can use as a convenient handle, and the design keeps your waste hose off of the ground.

The Camco aluminum camper sewer hose support is only available in 10 and 15-foot lengths.

Camco Aluminum hose support

10' length

15' length


Now you understand the benefits of using a sewer hose support and whether or not you need one.

It all comes down to the style of camping you do. For those who enjoy extended stays in RV parks, a support is an effective solution to keeping your hose out of harm's way while providing additional support to help maintain the smooth flow of wastewater.

These supports also help maintain a gentle downhill slope in uneven terrain, eliminating any low spots that can lead to waste pooling (such a lovely mental image!)

Choose the best RV sewer hose support for you and enjoy many days of happy tank draining!

  • If you want to find out more about recreational vehicle sewage handling (um, sure?) or everything else RVing, check out the rest of Camp Addict.
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