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Here Are The 5 Best Places To Buy RV Short Queen Sheets

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By Kelly Beasley

RVs are tiny homes on wheels.

Like other camping-related things, people are often surprised that their mattress size doesn't match any size they've seen!

For example, you might have a recreational vehicle with a short queen bed that requires RV short queen sheets.

Jessica's Airstream trailer bedroom

This is an RV short queen. Photo by @Jessica.Over.Yonder (IG)

If your mattress size is about 60 x 75 inches, it's an RV short queen.

For reference, a standard queen-sized bed is 60 x 80 inches.

Why the shorter mattresses in RVs?

To save space!

Which begs the question- where do you find comfortable sheets that fit an odd-sized mattress?

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What's The Deal With RV Mattress Sheets?

RVs often have wonky-sized mattresses. Not always, but often.

Sometimes they even have weird angles to them or curved corners.

This opens up a whole market for oddball-sized camper sheets, especially for your fitted sheet.

You can make just about any size of flat sheet work in your camper.

So either you make what you have work using sheet straps under the corners of the bottom sheet, or you buy yourself some short queen RV sheets (if that's what you have).

Can You Use Regular Queen Sheets In An RV?

You can use regular queen sheets (or twin/king/full) if your RV bed is the same size as a standard bed that size (60 x 80 inches).

There's no magical trait that the sheets must possess otherwise to use them in your RV.

Do you have a standard queen mattress in your RV?

If so, you can use any queen sheets from any big box store like Bed Bath and Beyond, Marshall's, Ross, etc., and they will work just fine.

That said, are there qualities sheets have that make for a better overall camping experience?

Sure! Let's look at a few.

Can You Buy RV Short Queen Bedding Sets?

Yes, you can buy RV short queen sheet sets.

There's plenty of short queen bedding for sale out there.

You only have to know where to find them. That's next!

The 5 Best Places To Buy RV Short Queen Sheets!

Here are our top 5 places we recommend buying your RV sheets.

The best part? You can get them in almost any color or material, even RV short queen flannel sheets (Walmart).

Here are the best places to get pre-made short queen sheets or custom sheets.

Tochta ($160+)

Tochta sells regular-sized and custom-sized mattresses. They also offer their custom-sized 'dream collection' sheets!

This is especially great if you have a custom corner on your mattress that you'd like your bottom sheet to match.

Their customer support is stellar.

You can view their custom sheet builder page, where you can choose the color, length, width, depth, and any custom corner cuts you might have.

You pay only $15 more per custom corner.

Sheets with no cut corners for a short queen size are about $160.

Sheets are 100% cotton with a 600 thread count.

Mattress Insider ($100+)

With Mattress Insider, you can choose your size (pre-set options, not custom), color, and mattress thickness (height).

The sheets are 100% cotton with a thread count of 300. You can try them risk-free for 30 days. They have a live chat which is nice, and you can call if you have any questions.

The price for a short queen sheet size is right under $100.

That's about $60 less than Tochta sheets without any cut corners.

Visit Mattress Insider's sheet order page.

QuickZip ($130)

Your QuickZip fitted sheet is "luxurious 400 thread-count sateen 100% cotton." Their RV queen bed sheets are all OEKO-TEX Certified.

This zippered sheet will set you back about $130.

You can try and return within a 60-day window. QuickZip has a chat window powered by a bot which we don't love, but that's what they offer.

Still, their happiness guarantee includes free shipping to the contiguous states, gift wrap available, and a payment plan.

Visit QuickZip's website to learn more.

Visit QuickZip's Amazon store page to purchase.

Walmart (Varies)

Believe it or not, Walmart does carry RV Queen sized sheets online! They even have (at the time of publishing) flannel sheets in this size.

There's little to add here. Most of us are familiar with Walmart and its policies, and this, not surprisingly, is just about your best selection available with the best prices.

View short queen sheets at Walmart.com (just be careful you are looking at short queen sheets as normal-sized queen sheets may be mixed in with these results).

Amazon (Varies)

We are all familiar with Amazon!

They sell a large assortment of RV queen sheets.

You may have to dig a little to find ones that have the size you need, but there are a large number of colors and materials available.

You'd be hard-pressed not to be able to find a sheet set that works for you from Amazon.

You can also find customizable sheets on Amazon.

View short queen sheets at Amazon (just be careful that you are actually looking at short queen sheets as normal-sized queen sheets may be mixed in with these results).

Will My Sheets From Home Fit My RV Short Queen?

You may have wondered if sheets from home will fit your short RV queen mattress after buying your camper.

If your bed at home is a short queen, then yes. But most likely, it will be a regular-size queen bed, which is longer, so the bottom fitted sheet won't work.

Woman in bed peeking from sheets

You Can Make It Work

Now, you might have regular-sized sheets that you made work for your short queen mattress sheets.

For instance, you may have a double bed that fits a very thick mattress that fits your RV short queen.

It might be a tight fit, but depending on the thickness of your camper mattress and the dimensions of the sheets, it could work.

Sewing Machines And Sheet Straps

You can make larger-sized sheets work by either doing sewing magic to it or using sheet straps under the corners to keep the fitted sheet in place.

Therefore, you'll need to jerry-rig your current sheets using sheet straps, or you'll need to get a set of short queen camper sheets made to fit the size of your mattress.

Family around campfire roasting marshmellows by an alpine lake

Best RV Short Queen Sheet Options

We will not pretend to know what you want in a sheet and rank that as the 'best RV sheets.' Why not? Because sheet preference is personal.

There's no way we can know what you want or deem what's the most important to you when it comes to queen size camper sheets.

Your biggest concerns could be:

  • cost
  • softness
  • durability
  • eco-friendly such as bamboo sheets
  • warmth
  • thread count
  • whatever else!

Therefore, we will only share our opinions on the best options for specific bed-type orientations.

Bed Against Two Or More Walls

If you have this kind of bed in your travel trailer or motorhome, we're very sorry (Kelly had this in her trailer, with her bed against FOUR walls. Pictured below).

It's a real pain to make and unmake this type of bed.

Kelly's trailer's mattress made

There are walls to the left and right that you can't see.

The ease of making the bed may be most important in this situation.

Therefore here are our suggestions for RV short queen bedding against walls:


This is a fitted sheet that has a zipper all around the top. This way, the sides stay on when you need to wash.

You wash the part you lay on, then zip it back on when it's clean. It's GENIUS!

No more lifting the corners of the mattress to get the sheet under the bottom!

And yes, they sell a short queen size (They call it an RV queen).

That said, the next idea might be even better if it fits your mattress.

Visit the QuickZip store on Amazon.


Beddy's is another zippered bedding for a short queen mattress solution. Imagine a luxury sleeping bag connected to a fitted sheet.

It's all-in-one bedding.

You DO have to take the whole thing off to wash it, but Beddy's makes making the bed very easy.

No more tucking the top sheet and comforter back in every day to make it.

Bed made with Beddys sheets

Now, they do NOT offer short queen bedding for RV.

That said, the stretchy sides mean it might still fit your short queen well enough.

Also, you can try using sheet straps under the corners of the foot of the bed to keep it snug.

Beddy's come with pillowcases and shams.

Beddy's Discount

Click below to receive 15% off your Beddy's order.

Camper Bed You Can Walk Around

If you have a short queen and can walk around it, you can get any RV queen mattressRV sheets you'd like.

You can try the Beddy's or get a QuickZip. You can order RV short queen bedding sets from the places we listed above.

You can also use your sheets from home and see if you can jerry-rig them to work.

It's up to you as you have the easiest bed to make, with no concerns about annoying walls making it complicated.

Any Bed Orientation- Make Up Your Own Bedding

I got very tired of making my short queen in my travel trailer, and one day I realized I could use something other than traditional sheets for an RV queen bed.

Now, I lay a quilt on the mattress and have a duvet over me to sleep.

Kelly's RV bedroom

The white on the bed is the quilt. The duvet is the yellow against the wall. Made it (very) colorful with pillows!

It works great for me and might for you as well.

Additionally, you can use a sleeping bag instead of sheets and a comforter.

Custom Made Camper Queen Sheets

You can have custom sheets made for your RV queen short bedding.

You may have a company or material you like and can't find your RV sheets short queen in that material.

Or, more likely, you have a mattress with weird angles and want a snug fit.

Who knows!

The best place we know to go for custom camper queen sheets, especially for those with weird angles or curves, or cutouts, is Tochta.

We love their mattresses, they have STELLAR customer support, and they are affordably priced in the market.

Visit Tochta's custom sheet builder page.

Things To Consider About Your Camper Bed

Mold and Mildew

RVs are not often stored in a climate-controlled storage unit.

And the mattresses often sit on a solid platform.

Meaning there's no circulation underneath.

If you live in a climate with even the slightest bit of moisture in the air, there's a good chance your RV mattress will mold underneath.

So, it's excellent preventative maintenance to get some lift underneath it.

Here are two good quality options to consider to allow your mattress to "breath":

Both allow room under the mattress, so you don't have a mildew problem on your next trip.

As a bonus, Amazon offers a mattress underlayment product in a few standard mattress sizes.

Mattress Covers

Like a home mattress, you want your bed protected from dust mites, spills, and other stains.

It might also save your short queen-size mattress from getting a tear.

Some covers even help reduce allergens.

Uncomfortable Mattresses: What Can You Do?

You might wonder if you can replace your RV mattress.

You sure can! Like RV queen size bed sheets, you might have to get a custom-made mattress or an RV short queen mattress that fits your bed platform.

Otherwise, consider getting a camper mattress topper.

If you need help finding a topper in your mattress size or shape, keep in mind you can cut them to size as they are made of foam.

Considering Sheet Materials

The Egyptian cotton sheets you use at home to get a good night's sleep might be just what you want to get to be comfortable at the campground.

When choosing sheets, you must consider the climate you camp in.

Family at picnic table by water

You'll want very warm fabrics if you only camp in winter, with little to no heat.

If you camp in cold and hot climates, linen sheets are good.

If you always keep it 72 degrees in your rig, well, you get the picture.

Will Camper Queen Sheets Fit A Short Queen Mattress?

RV queen-size sheets won't perfectly fit a short queen mattress (they will be too long), but you can make them work.

Try trimming the fitted sheet and then sew some new elastic in the corners.

Or, you can use sheet straps under the corners of the fitted sheet to make it snugger.

What Size Sheets Fit A Short Queen Mattress?

Most short queen mattresses are 60 x 75 inches. Some might come as 60 x 70 inches.

Measure your mattress to know what size you have and, therefore, what RV short queen bed sheets will fit yours the best.

Purchase according to the dimensions of your mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Does "RV Queen Sheets" Mean?

Queen-size RV sheets simply mean that you need bedding with the same dimension as a traditional queen bed (60 x 80 inches).

The exception is if you have a short queen mattress, then you will need sheets that measure 60 x 75 inches.

What Size Sheets Fit An RV Queen Bed?

Any queen short sheets (60 x 80 inches) will fit an RV queen bed. If you have a short queen, you need camper queen size sheets.

More the fitted sheet than the top sheet.

The top sheet can just be tucked in further to get it lined up the right way.

Will Full-Size Sheets Fit A Short Queen Mattress?

No, full-size sheets will not fit an RV short queen mattress. While the length is the same for a short queen and full-sized mattress, the queen is 6 inches wider.


Mattresses for RVs are not always like regular mattresses.

Often the size is smaller than the traditional.

You're lucky if you have an RV short queen, as it's a reasonably standard RV bed size.

You can buy pre-made RV queen short sheets at many outlets. Make sure you measure your mattress so you get the proper dimensions.

An RV short queen is usually 60 x 75 inches. Some of them are made with the dimensions of 60 x 70 inches or anywhere in between.

Be sure to measure the thickness of your mattress, as that may be one of the factors you choose when ordering.

We recommend Tochta, Mattress Insider, QuickZip, Amazon, and Walmart to order your short queen bed sheets.

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