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Best RV Shower Heads in 2024

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Let's face it, the RV shower head that came with your rig is most likely a piece of junk.

Junk that does a horrible job of providing a good flow of water to get yourself clean.

No, we aren't passionate about this subject at all, lol!

The good news is that the solution to your sucky shower head couldn't be easier.  

You can easily replace your camper shower head to transform your shower experience while on the road.

Below we review RV shower head reviews to find out which is the best choice for your rolling home.

RV Shower Heads 101

RV shower heads are pretty simple devices, but there are a few things you should consider before you purchase one.

Read our Camper Shower Head Guide to learn more, as well as how to stop the dreaded dribble when you 'pause' the water flow.

RV Shower Head Reviews

Do you have to buy an RV-specific shower head?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, you will want to get one that stops the flow of water, if you ever dry camp.

(When you dry camp, your water supply is limited to the size of your water tank.) 

However, you can alternatively purchase an after-market flow stopper of your own and use it on a regular shower head.

So, no, you don't HAVE to have an RV-specific shower head. Then, what is the best RV shower head?

Below we review several different options, all of which are handheld. Some have flow-stoppers, others do not.

We label ones with a valve 'RV Shower Heads'.

See the video in the guide for information on how to install your flow-stopper valve and, possibly, a check valve.

The truth is, the RV shower head upgrade is one of the easiest and most popular modifications you can make to your new RV.

It is surely well worth the effort and cost.

Best RV Shower Head

Oxygenics Fury Handheld

Oxygenics Fury RV shower head


  • Mixes air into the line for greater pressure
  • Well known brand among RVers
  • Lifetime warranty against clogging and failure
  • Low GPM (Gallons Per Minute)
  • WaterSense certified
  • 5 spray settings


  • No glaring negatives

The Oxygenics Fury RV shower head offers one step above the Oxygenics Body Spa shower head in that it offers a wider spray and has adjustable settings.

Our second place pick, the Body Spa, has only one setting and the spray is narrower.

Therefore, being a bit better with options, the Fury is a little more expensive than the Body Spa.

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Best RV Shower Head on a Budget

Oxygenics Body Spa

Oxygenics shower head


  • Uses air to mix in stream for higher pressure
  • Well known as a favorite among RVers
  • Lifetime warranty against clogging and failure
  • Saves water
  • WaterSense certified


  • One setting

The Oxygenics Body Spa shower kit is probably the most well-known of the RVing showerheads. 

This Oxygenics RV shower head is reasonably priced, offers a strong water stream, and is miles better than the typical piece of junk shower head that is standard on most RVs.

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Best Non-RV Shower Head (no low-flow valve)

Niagara Earth Massage Handheld

Niagra camper shower head


  • Low Flow- 1.5 gallons per minute & WaterSense certified
  • Excellent reviews online
  • Inexpensive
  • 72" tangle-free hose
  • 10-year warranty
  • Adjustable settings


  • No low-flow valve (can buy after market shut-off valve)

The Niagara Earth handheld massager is not an 'RV ready' model but it is such a good shower head we had to include it as an option.

You can purchase an aftermarket flow-stopper to conserve water.

Read this section of the camper shower head guide for more details on doing so.

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Runner Up Non -RV Shower Head (no low-flow valve)

Ecocamel Jetstorm

Ecocamel RV shower head


  • Adjustable settings
  • Uses air in the stream (like Oxygenics) to increase water pressure
  • Wide spray pattern
  • Proven product overseas
  • 2 gallon per minute flow rate


  • Low-flow valve and RV shower hose sold separately
  • Price
  • Only a 60-day guarantee

The Ecocamel Jetstorm has been an RV staple on the other side of the pond for a good while now. They are now available in the United States.

This model works much like the Oxygenics brand in that it infuses air into the stream. As a result, it produces a stronger spray using less water.

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You don't have to get a showerhead that is MADE SPECIFICALLY for RVs. Instead, you can get any showerhead (low flow GPM is best) and install it if you would like. 

You can stop the water flow to help conserve water by installing the flow stopper valve shown on this page. 

If you are ALWAYS connected to a water source and a sewer drain, the low flow may not matter to you. 

You can simply buy any showerhead you would like. ANY upgrade is good from the regular shower heads installed in RVs off the lot. 

If you have any questions, please read through the comments to make sure your question has not been answered. If it hasn't, pop yours in the comments!

We do try to answer all the good/relevant questions that our readers have. The purpose of this website is to help our fellow RVers!

Camp on, Addicts!

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    • Hi Lynn,

      There is not different recommendation for an RV shower head when you are using a tankless water heater. The tankless heater doesn’t affect the flow of water to the shower head. It only has a bearing on how long you can shower before you run out (or don’t) of hot water.

      Enjoy your new shower head, whichever one you decide to go with!

      • OK, thanks. One last question though – as tankless heaters work on demand, I assume you really can’t use the shut off option on the shower head or there will be no demand for hot water so will have to wait every time you use that option – is that not correct?

        • I’m not absolutely certain how they work with the shut off valves as I don’t have one and I don’t have any friends with one. But, in theory, the on demand hot water heater should just stop heating the water when you use the shut-off valve (pause the water flow) and then start heating the water again when the water flow resumes.

          The water in the hot water line between the heater and the shower head won’t have time to cool off (any more than using a ‘normal’ water heater) as long as you aren’t pausing your shower for 10 minutes at a time. 😉

          • Understood – and thanks! I know the “trickle” shut off seems to cause a little grief in the on demand (due to required flow) so think we will install a proper shut off and see how that goes. Thanks for the advice!

          • Oh, I never considered what the trickle would do to the on demand heaters. Interesting, but totally understandable. And it’s funny that RV Manufacturers would install a on demand hot water heater and then turn around and install a trickle shut-off valve. Things that make you go hmmmm…

            Please let us know how the proper shut-off valve works with your water heater!

  • There is an adapter that allows you to connect a garden hose to a shower.

    After doing this could you connect a garden hose, and utilize as a outdoor shower?

    • Hi William,

      I assume the RV in question doesn’t already come equipped with an outdoor shower? Most modern RVs do.

      I am not familiar with the adapter that you speak of. If there is an adapter that allows you to connect a garden hose to an RV shower, then nothing would be stopping you from running said hose out the door and using it outside.

      Or you could use one of the many stand-alone outdoor shower products available on the market and accomplish the same thing.

  • Does anyone know if the Oxygenics Fury has the same GPM rating for each of its spray settings, or does the GPM change depending on the setting being used? Thanks!

    • Hi Linnea,

      While we haven’t tested the Fury on all settings, I’m guessing that there may be a slight variation between them. However, for planning purposes, I’d assume pretty close to the max flow rate given by the manufacturer for all settings, as it’s doubtful you’d be able to tell any difference in real life between the settings.

  • Thank you for the great reviews and education about the shower head, and all the various valves that can assist to improve the RV shower experience – I always learn so much from y’all! But here is MY question: what kind of feedback and reviews have you gotten about the shower HOSES? The shower hose in our TT is just a wee bit too short, at least for me. It’s ok, but I noticed in your review of the Oxygenics Fury that the hose is 72″, which would be heavenly. But are the Oxygenic hoses as good as the shower heads? Would love your feedback on that.
    Thanks for helping us make better choices!

    • Hey Sue!

      Great to hear that you are learning things by reading Camp Addict! That was the goal that Kelly and I had when we set out creating the website.

      The shower hose that comes with the Oxygenics Fury still may have some of the flexibility problems (especially when colder) that many of the plastic type shower hoses have.

      I installed a 60″ flexible, stainless steel shower hose over a year ago and love it! This may be the route you want to take.

      I just added an RV shower hose section above that shows the hose I installed and gives another brand option that offers longer shower hoses.

      Thanks for reading Camp Addict, and Camp On!

  • Just to let you now this review is incorrect. The Oxygenics products DO NOT come with a shutoff valve, it is a trickle valve which REDUCES the flow of water and does not pause or shut off the water for any period of time.

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment. In the shower head guide section, we often address that the valve is not for shutting the water flow off completely. For instance, under the ‘dribble comparison’ section, we state: ” All shower heads with a ‘stock’ shut-off valve will still leak with the valve in the ‘off’ position. It’s an industry standard, not a design flaw (but we see a lot of flaws about it).”

      We have always said that it is not supposed to totally stop the flow. But after re-reviewing the page, our terminology DID make it sound like it SHOULD be a ‘shut-off’ mechanism.

      We suppose we chose poorly to describe it as a ‘shut-off’ valve. Oxygenics has patented its valve to be called a “smart pause” valve. We have added this terminology and more elaborately explain that its job is not to stop the flow fully, but to slow it down to a dribble.

      We changed our terminology from ‘shut-off’ valve to ‘low-flow’ valve. The issue with them remains the same. They don’t stop the flow fully. The after-market valve we feature on the page DOES stop the flow. This keeps the water temperature the same and also conserves more water for the boondockers out there.

      Ian, thank you for helping us make this more clear.

  • Anyone know what size o-ring the Oxygenic showerhead takes? Mine has sprung a leak through the o-ring. Would like to just replace the o-ring vs the shower head. Thanks.

    • Hey Bev,

      Is the o-ring destroyed, or can you remove it to see what size it is?

      Is this leak new? Reason why I ask is that a slight ‘leak’ when you shut off water is normal. This is from the FAQ on the Oxygenics website:

      “Our hoses are designed with a backflow feature. When your water source is turned off, water that remains in the hose will siphon itself from the grooved end preventing any contaminated water from going back into your pipes. This will only last for a couple of seconds.”

  • My follow up research on Oxygenics Body Spa RV Adventure:


    Thank you for contacting us regarding the BodySpa Adventure RV unit.

    Most Oxygenics products are WaterSense-certified, meaning you don’t have to worry about water regulations. The PSI (pounds per square inch) is how water pressure is measured while the GPM (gallons per minute) measures the flow rate of the shower head.
    So, the lower the GPM and the higher the PSI, the better. Our shower heads are highly efficient, so regardless of the PSI—our showers feel like there’s more water coming through when in reality, less water is being used. This results in more pressure, less water, and more savings.

    This product performs at 2.0 GPM at 80 PSI – resulting in a supercharged shower pressure with minimum flow rate all while helping you save money on your utility bills.

    This applies to the Oxygenics and Focus Stream RV setting on the Adventure RV. The SmartPause setting is not a shut off valve. When pushed to pause the water flow, the shower head continues to flow at a lower rate. This is a normal safety feature.


    Valerie F
    Customer Service Representative

  • First the shut off valve is a great idea. However, the valve you recommend leaks. From the comments off Amazon, this leak varies from a stream to a drip. Mine was a slow drip. I am switching to a ball valve device. Also the return/refund process by KES is atrocious.

    We purchased the “Oxygenics Body Spa Adventuer RV”. It has 3 settings, Oxygenics, Focus Stream and Smart Pause. My wife likes the Focus Stream to rinse her hair. The company claims 2 gal/minute. I am verifying that flow rate for all positions.

    • Hey Ed,

      Sorry that you had problems with the shutoff valve. I did a search of the comments on Amazon and didn’t see many complaints of this (yours is there, but there are only a few others out of the 1,500+ reviews for this item). Always a pain when you are the ‘lucky’ one to get the ‘one’ that doesn’t want to work as advertised.

      I switched the recommended stop valve back to the one that both Kelly and I have installed (with no issues). It was not available for a bit, which is why we had the one you had purchased. The one that is on the site now uses a disc valve.

      Thanks for the feedback, Ed, and Camp On!

  • I just installed the KES shutoff valve you recommended. It works great and gives you instant hot water when you turn it back on. My only negative is that it seems to further reduce the the typical RV’s already low water pressure. If you look inside the valve, there are only very small passages for the water to go through. I’ll try it in a real world camping trip and see if it’s going to be okay pressure-wise. I might have to see if can find a more open valve, like a ball valve or something. Thanks for getting me on the right track though! My biggest concern with the whole cold water blast problem isn’t so much the cold water blast, or the shorter lasting hot water, but the extra water that goes into the holding tank. It may not be that much extra, but it adds up when you have limited gray water capacity.

    • Hi Chris,

      Hmm, neither me nor Marshall have experienced a drop in water pressure from the valve. Are you using an Oxygenics shower head? They REALLY help with the feel of the water pressure. Not that any Rv will really every have sticks and bricks shower power, but it’s much better than most traditional shower heads that come in Rv’s. If you find another valve that you think works with more pressure AND shuts off the water supply 100% will you let us know? We’d like to try it out! Thanks, and Camp On!

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your advice to use a shut off valve to save on water and stop the cold dribble. Is it possible to use the shut off valve with the Oxygenics Body Spa even though it has a stop/pause button (which apparently still dribbles cold water)? Am I correct, I can simply omit that part and install the KES shut off valve you’ve recommended to accomplish the desired outcome? Or would it somehow affect the way Oxygenics functions in general? Thanks.

    • You are most welcome, Helen!

      That’s the exact same setup that both Kelly and I have – the KES shut off valve plus the Oxygenics Body Spa. You are correct in that you simply omit the shut off valve that comes with the Oxygenics (because yes, it still dribbles) and install the KES valve. The KES valve DOES NOT hinder the Oxygenics functionality in any way. It simply ensures there is no dribbling when you are lathering up.

      Thanks for the question and Camp On!

      • We just have the shower head that came with the trailer. It’s adequate and I wasn’t planning on changing it. I think the one you recommend is about $30. That’s a bit much for a shower head. To me anyway. I’d be happy to let you know if I find something else.

  • Hi, I just found out about a Camco shower head on Amazon for $10 USD. I haven’t bought it yet, but the reviewers and people who answered questions say that it completely stops the flow of water – no extra valve needed. Also, some people mention that they like the slide toggle better than a button toggle. It may be worth you checking out!

    • Thanks for pointing this out, Reid. We are aware of this and took a look at it. However, we don’t feel like it is a great fit for many RVers. Yes, while it definitely has a shut-off valve that completely shuts off the water, it doesn’t have many other redeeming features. Other than the price (it’s cheap).

      Reviews mention how poorly constructed it is (not surprising considering the price) and how it performs poorly with lower water pressure. One commenter even states, “Beware, if you are expecting a oxygenics, this isn’t it.”

      We love the Oxygenics because of it’s ability to ‘boost’ the water pressure.

      The Camco shower head doesn’t have the right stuff to make our Best RV Shower Head list.

      Thanks for the input and Camp On!

  • We got an Oxygenics shower head but haven’t yet installed it. I had no idea about the dribbling issue. Hell yeah that’s an issue! Though it will take us a while to get outfitted for it, we hope to boondock LOTS and that’ll mean fewer showers and making the most of the ones we do take.

    Will share this with the hubs. I think he needs to hold off on installing the shower head until we get the two thingamajigs you guys recommend.

    Thanks for the info, and for this website. You guys are going to rock this niche!

    • Hey Teresa! Yes, the dribbling WAS very annoying. Both Marshall and I put in the shut-off valve listed on this page and BOOM. No more problems! I LOVE it! I still intend to install the backflow valve since I have it. Why not? I haven’t noticed a temperature change nor has Marshall since we installed only the valve. Once or twice there was a tiny temp change for me, but not even enough to be annoying. Enjoy your new shower head. I know you will MUCH more now that you have this tip!

      You are most welcome. We hope you get everything you need out of Camp Addict! Much more content coming. We are only two people (right now) and can only produce so much at a time.

      Thank you for commenting, Teresa!

      CA Kelly

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