30 Small Campers With Bathrooms: No More Annoying Trips To The Toilets!

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By Kelly Beasley

Small campers with bathrooms are highly sought after in the RV world.

This is because small campers are easier to deal with when driving and maneuvering. But there are fewer of them in the market AND not all small campers have a bathroom.

Some have zero bathroom amenities, while others might lack a shower.

16' Scamp camper

But the smaller they are, usually the less likely they are to have a toilet and even less likely a shower.

But small RVs with bathrooms do exist! And you just found a big list of the smallest RV with bathroom facilities.

You'll find tiny campers with bathroom facilities in this list, all under 19 feet in length.

All of them DO include a shower and a toilet.

Let's have a look!

What Is A Wet Bath VS Dry Bath?

First, understand that RVs come with what is referred to as a wet bath or a dry bath.

Here's the difference:

Dry Bath:

A dry bath means that the toilet is separate from the shower area.

When you shower, the toilet and bathroom walls don't get wet, just like any home bathroom.

Wet Bath:

A wet bath means the entire bathroom is waterproof and is designed to get wet when you shower, including the toilet.

Some people HATE this and won't get a wet bath, but others are fine with it.

A wet bath is small and designed to save space, so it's often what is found in small trailers with bathrooms.

30 Small Campers With Bathrooms

Without further ado, let's look at 30 great small camper trailers with bathroom facilities!

(Note: some of these are not made anymore but can be found in the used marketplace.)

Keep in mind many of these have multiple floorplans.

So if you don't like what is pictured, there might be other layouts or even other models in the line (some are mentioned here) that are still 19 feet long or under and have bathrooms.

Bigfoot B17FB

Bigfoot B17FB travel trailer with bathroom

Length: 17 feet 5 inches

Weight: 3360 pounds

Wet Bath


The Bigfoot is a coveted fiberglass travel trailer, made from two molds of fiberglass, much like the Casita and Scamp.

This build type lasts a lifetime when properly maintained. They hold their value better than most RVs.

It offers one floorplan with 4 different interior colors.

If you don't like the 'rat fur' on the walls of the Casita or Scamp, you don't have that in a Bigfoot.

Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro E15 TB

Flagstaff E Pro E15TB exterior
Flagstaff E Pro E15TB small camper with bathroom floorplan

Length: 16 feet 4 inches

Weight: 2667

Dry Bath


The Forest River E-Pro series also has a larger version with a bathroom, the E16BH (19 feet long), which has a dry bath instead of the wet bath featured in the E15. 

The dinette can sleep as either two twin beds or as a king-sized bed! Amazing for such a small trailer.

We like the solid entry step and the exterior storage that's hefty for the size of this trailer.

However, there's no counter space aside from the dinette table.

You can get this one with a bike rack on the front.

Forest River Wolf Pup 14CC

Forest River Wolf Pup 14cc small trailer exterior
Wolf Pup 14cc small camper with bathroom floorplan

Length: 19 feet 3 inches

Weight: 2884 pounds

Dry Bath


We love the rear entry design, which is rare in travel trailers.

This one has all the amenities you need for a fantastic camping trip, including a decent cargo-carrying capacity of just over 1,000 pounds so you can bring lots with you to the campground.

It's a good layout with a dry bath and good counter space for the size of the unit.

Little Guy Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max small travel trailer
Little Guy Mini Max Floorplan

Length: 17 feet 2 inches

Weight: 2,320 pounds

Wet Bath


This is one of the teardrop travel trailers people love as it has everything inside (no outdoor kitchen) and a full bathroom.

It's very short at 17 feet 2 inches long, so that you can take it about anywhere. The teardrop shape makes it easy to tow and light on the MPG. Additionally, it's a very similar layout to the E-Pro above, but this is not as tall, so it's better for fitting inside a garage.

The E-Pro is 10 feet 6 inches, and this one is only 8 feet 11 inches to 9 feet 1 inch tall.

Jayco Hummingbird Series

Jayco Hummingbird 16 small travel trailer
Jayco Hummingbird 16 MRB small camping trailer with bathroom

Length: 19 feel 1 inch

Weight: 2,890 pounds

Dry Bath


Jayco offers three floorplans with bathrooms in this series (four, if you go back to 2020).

Jayco as a brand is well-known, though it's not on our top list of manufacturers (Not many are!).

If you don't want a slide-out, look for a used 16MRB. That one doesn't show up in their current brochure, but it does on their website.

The other three have a slide. Slides are a personal preference.

Be aware that if you have a slide, you may not be able to access the bathroom or refrigerator while on the way to your destination without putting out the slide.

Airstream Bambi Series 16RB and 19CB

Airstream 16RB small RV with bathroom
Airstream 19CB exterior
Airstream 16RB small RV with bathroom floorplan
Airstream 19CB small trailer with bathroom floorplan

Length: 16 feet and 19 feet

Weight: 3,000 and 3,650 pounds

Dry bath (16) and Wet bath (19)


Airstream is pretty much a household name, and their compact trailers are sure nice looking!

If you can afford one, they are sweet inside and out. These two are no exception. (How much are Airstream trailers?)

Be prepared not to want ever to get it scratched, though.

Best to NOT get one if you want to keep it pristine, but you like to camp in densely treed areas where it can get pretty scratched up.

Forest River Rpod Series 153 and 171

Forest River R Pod 171 small trailer exterior

Length: 17 feet 6 inches and 19 inches

Weight: 3159 and 2,714 pounds

Dry Bath (153) and Wet bath (171)


The Forest River R-Pod is a pretty popular and well-known name for making small trailers.

Strange that the smaller of these two weighs more and has a wet bath, whereas the larger weighs less and has a wet bath.

But stranger things have happened. Though WE aren't crazy about the floorplans of these two, you might love them!

Casita Travel Trailers

Casita small trailer exterior
Casita Freedom travel trailer tan interior

"Freedom" floorplan

Length: 17 feet

Weight: 2210 - 2480 pounds

Wet bath (all models)


Casita camp trailers comes in many floorplans, but the size and shape don't change.

It's a 17-foot molded fiberglass travel trailer that is always in high demand, and some units are ordered without bathrooms.

So either order a new one with a bathroom or look for used units that include a floor plan with the bathroom option.

Also, expect over a year wait for yours to be completed and delivered.

Escape E14 Hatch

Escape 14 Hatch exterior small travel trailer
Escape e14 Hatch small camper trailer with bathroom floorplan

Length: 18 feet 1 inch

Weight: 2770 pounds

Dry Bath


This is essentially a toy hauler... either you can use it to haul some of your recreation toys, or you can enjoy opening the back to make the inside of your small travel trailer seem more like an outdoor room!

Strange kitchen layout- there's a pretty substantial counter space area, but you cannot get to it.

You can use it for storage, but don't expect to be able to do any food prep there.

Pretty unique camper, otherwise.

Forest River Rockwood High Wall Series

Forest River high wall series tent trailer
Rockwood High Wall Series small popup with bathroom floorplan

Length: 17 feet 3 inches

Weight: 2,204 pounds

Wet Bath


The Forest River Rockwall high wall series is a pop-up trailer with tent-like sides, so scroll on if this isn't your thing.

The nice thing about it is the 'windows' do make it feel more like you're outside when you're inside.

It's also very easy to store inside a garage and pull with an SUV due to its lightweight nature.

This is not a trailer you should use in extreme temperatures.

Escape 17

Escape 17b travel trailer exterior
Escape 17b small RV trailer with bathroom floorplan

Length: 17 feet 8 inches

Weight: 2640 pounds

Wet Bath


This is the second fiberglass molded trailer on our list.

These are also coveted, just like Casitas are. This trailer will cost you, but it will also last much longer than most traditionally built trailers.

It's one of the best small camping trailers money can buy.

It offers three different floorplans and also a contemporary white color inside.

Riverside RV Retro 135

Riverside Retro 135 small travel trailer exterior
Riverside Retro 135 small travel trailer floorplan

Length: 15 feet 9 inches

Weight: 2640 pounds

Dry Bath


Talk about a shorty! If you're looking for a VERY short trailer with a DRY BATH, this is it! At 15 feet 9 inches exterior length, you'll hardly realize you're towing.

This one even has a decent-sized freshwater tank at 36 gallons.

They also have the 165 with a bathroom, which is still well under 20 feet long.

Aliner Somerset Utah

Aliner Somerset Utah tent trailer
Aliner Utah tent trailer floorplan

Length: 18 feet 9 inches

Weight: 2760 pounds

Wet Bath

Here's another pop-up tent camper, so keep scrolling if that's not what you want.

This type is harder to manage the interior temperature than most others in this list due to the canvas walls.

But it has plenty of amenities like a stove, water tank, and a queen-size bed, so you'll have the regular comforts of a small camper with a bathroom you need in a trailer you can park in your garage.

Happier Camper Traveler

Happier Camper Traveler small trailer exterior
Happier Camper Traveler small travel trailer floorplan

Length: 17 feet

Weight: 1800 pounds

Wet Bath


The Happier Camper is a modular mini camper with a bathroom.

It comes with boxes that you can move around to make a dinette, office area, or bed in just minutes.

This might not be the most ideal for some, but for others, it's perfect. That decision is yours.

It's also a molded fiberglass camper, so it will outlast many of its fellow campers out there.

This is a quality product perfect for the right type of camper.

Safari Condo R1713

Safari Condo Alto small travel trailer exterior
Safari Condo small trailer floorplan

Length: 17 feet

Weight: 1825 pounds

Wet Bath


Talk about a unique small RV with a bathroom! This one 'pops up' but is hard-sided all around, featuring windows almost 360 degrees around the camper.

A wet bath is an option, so realize that it might only have a toilet if you're looking for a used example.

This fits better inside a garage than traditional RVs, so if that's a feature you want, this fits the bill but is better than a soft-sided pop-up.

Safari Condo is a Canadian company, and there is a long wait if you order a new one.

Nucamp Tab 320 S

Nucamp 320 Tab S teardrop trailer exterior
Nucamp 320 Tab S teardrop trailer floorplan

Length: 15 feet 3 inches

Weight: 1946 pounds

Wet Bath


If you want tiny, here you go! This adventure camper is only 15 feet 3 inches long on the outside, one of the smallest on our list.

It's a teardrop camper with a tiny kitchen featuring a refrigerator and stovetop but no microwave. You can sleep with it as one big bed or two twin beds.

It's cute, agile, and might be the perfect small trailer with bathroom facilities for you, especially if you want to store it in your garage.

This one is only 8 feet tall! That also means the interior height is shorter- only 5 feet 7 inches at the highest point inside, so this trailer is better for shorter folks.

Venture RV Sonic Lite SL150VRB

Venture RV Sonic Lite RV trailer exterior
Venture RV Sonic Lite RV trailer floorplan

Length: 19 feet 11 inches

Weight: 3,160 pounds

Dry Bath


This is the longest on the list and is the first small camper trailer with bathroom facilities with a murphy bed.

A Murphy bed is a bed that pulls down for use and pops up into the wall when not in use, and the area reverts back into a couch.

It's a good idea to use all the space in a small area, but if you aren't into making the bed every day, this may not be your jam.

Otherwise, the bathroom is quite large for the camper, including spacious bathroom closets and a walk-in shower.

Barefoot Caravans

Barefoot small trailer with bathroom exterior
Barefoot small trailer with bathroom floorplan

Length: 16 feet 6 inches

Weight: 2116 pounds

Dry Bath

You either buy this one used or you're shipping one from the UK!

But they are so cool and well-made, we had to include them.

(Note that nuCamp has released a US version.)

They are fiberglass 'egg' trailers that won't leak or rot like so many traditionally-made trailers will without lots of care.

The inside features a modern, clean design with a good amount of storage. If you're lucky enough to find one and are able to afford it, enjoy!

16 Foot Scamp

Scamp 16' travel trailer exterior
Scamp 16' Layout A floorplan

Length: 16 feet

Weight: 1750 pounds

Wet Bath


Scamp makes a fiberglass 'egg' trailer and they are iconic.

Owners are usually hardcore fans and don't give them up. The fiberglass 2-piece shell makes for an almost indestructible trailer that will probably outlast you.

They offer 7 floorplans with this size, and the dry weight depends on which options are on the trailer. 1750 is the lightest.

They come with a fridge, 2 sinks, and can likely be pulled with a small truck or SUV.

It's one of the smallest RV with shower facilities that you can find.

13 Foot Scamp 

Scamp 13' travel trailer exterior
Scamp 13' Layout 2 floorplan

Length: 13 feet

Weight: 1200+ pounds

Wet Bath


Here's a smaller version of the Scamp we talked about above. It's a fiberglass 'egg' trailer that should outlive you, barring it being in an accident!

They come in standard and deluxe, with the deluxe having solid oak cabinets.

Not all floorplans have the bathroom, so if buying used, you'll have to look around.

These are highly coveted and hard to find, so if you find one, and know you want it, don't dilly dally around!

Winnebago Micro Minnie 1708FB

Winnebago Micro Minnie travel trailer exterior
Winnebago Micro Minnie small travel trailer floorplan

Length: 19 feet 4 inches

Weight: 3360 pounds

Dry Bath


This is one of the heaviest on our list, but Winnebago does have a good reputation for decent quality, hence the extra weight.

This has no slide, but be prepared to put up and take down the murphy bed daily (unless you decide to keep it a bed full-time).

Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp small trailer exterior
Airstream Basecamp travel trailer floor plan

Length: 16 feet 2 inches

Weight: 2650 pounds

Wet Bath


This little thing sports the classic Airstream aluminum skin and riveted construction.

Inside, it holds a dinette that breaks down into a bed, a sink, stove, wet bath, refrigerator and even a microwave.

This is another trailer on the list that is likely to outlast you if taken care of properly (and there's not much to keeping it in good shape).

It's pricey as it's an Airstream. (Pros and Cons of an Airstream)

But if you like it and can afford it, it's a great lightweight camper with bathroom facilities.

Trailmanor Series

TrailManor hard sided pop up camper open position
Hard side pop up camper interior

Length: 18 feet

Weight: 2580+ pounds

Dry Bath


This is possibly the most unique small RV trailer with bathroom facilities on our list. It's a hard sided pop up camper, similar to the Safari Condo.

This one opens up and gets longer (25 feet open) but is short for towing.

The purpose is to keep it low for garage storage and it makes it low and easy to tow. It's a pretty ingenious design!

Keep in mind that you can't easily just stop on the side of the road to use the toilet or kitchen with this one.

Airstream Nest

Airstream Nest travel trailer
Airstream Nest travel trailer floorplan

Length: 16 feet

Weight: 3,400 lbs pounds

Wet Bath

The Nest was discontinued in 2020, so there are a limited number of them on the streets as they were released in 2018, just under three years of production.

It's Airstream's fiberglass-shell trailer.

You'll find everything you need for a weekend camping trip (or for full-time RV life! We know people who have full-timed in a Nest).

It's a bit of a head-turner, so expect people to ask to see inside when you're at the campground.

Jayco Jayflight 145RB

Length: 16 feet 6 inches

Weight: 2330 pounds

Dry Bath

What a cutie! It's impressive how many amenities manufacturers fit inside these small camping trailers with bathrooms.

And it's even a dry bath!

With the window-style side mount AC, the trailer is shorter than others in its class. Counter space is more plentiful in this one than most in this list.

The windows are also plentiful, giving it a spacious, non cave-like feel inside. It even has a tiny bathtub!

Coachmen Apex 15T

Coachmen Apex Nano exterior

Not the actual 15T, but a (longer) Coachmen Apex

Coachmen Apex Tera 15T small trailer floorplan

Length: 18 feet 7 inches

Weight: 2862 pounds

Dry Bath


This one may feel a little tight inside but it SLEEPS FOUR!!

Yes, it has two bunks, so it's probably better for kids than adults. It has a bike rack (or the ability to have one) on the front.

The main bed makes into a sofa for day use.

It's pre-wired for solar and it has outdoor speakers, a power awning, microwave, and an outdoor camp stove.

It even has a dry bath, amazingly.

This is not a camper you'd want to spend a lot of time inside during the day (Who wants that anyway?) but if you need small AND you have kids, this works out very well. Have a look.

inTech Sol: Dawn, Eclipse, and Horizon

Intech Eclipse small trailer floorplan

Length: 16, 17, 19 feet

Weight: 2650 - 3230 pounds

Wet Baths


Here's another high-quality product from an independently-owned manufacturer, inTech RV.

They offer three trailers with bathrooms 19 feet and under that are VERY contemporary looking compared to the industry standard.

Build with an aluminum cage, they are not going to fall apart anytime soon.

They are also light and modern-looking.  They don't mass-produce these trailers, so if you want to order one, anticipate a long wait.

But if you want a well-made, good looking camper with a bathroom that also looks good, check out inTech.

Sundowner Trail Blazer Series

Length: 16 feet - 18 feet 8 inches

Dry Baths


Sundowner sells horse trailers but they also sell campers.

In their Sundowner series, they have the 1669, 1686, and 1869.

All three are 19 feet and under in length.

Their interiors are surprisingly spacious and well thought-out. Windows aren't at a premium on these, but if you don't care, great!

If there's a dealer near you, go check them out.

Travel Lite Rove Lite

Travel Lite Rove Lite RV trailer exterior

Length: 15 feet 4 inches

Weight: 1498+ pounds

Wet Bath


The Travel Lite comes in three floorplans. This is one of the shortest trailers on our list.

Their 14BH has a travel trailer bunk bed mattress so you can sleep four, though the bunk floorplan has the least amount of counter space.

The other two sleep two so it just depends on which you like the best as far as the floorplan.

Coachmen Viking 16SFB

Coachmen Viking Ultra Lite travel trailer exterior
Coachmen Viking Ultra-Lite travel trailer floorplan

Length: 18 feet 6 inches

Weight: 2783 pounds

Dry Bath


We're not especially impressed with the quality of this one, but the price does reflect the materials used for this little trailer.

It's not the smallest camper with bathroom facilities on our list, but it does qualify! It does have great storage space for the size of the trailer.

And the price is a low one compared to the others, so this is a good budget pick if you're looking at small travel trailers with bathroom facilities.


So, do you think these are the 30 best small campers with bathroom facilities?

There's something here for you, and if not, let us know what you found otherwise in the comments.

Remember, these are all 19 feet long and shorter.

Happy camping!

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  • Great info. What do you think are the three best values for the money (cost relative to quality, features, etc) with no additional value given to a larger size.

    • Hi Bill,

      Great question! All other things aside, if I factored in best value for the money, I’d go with any of the fiberglass trailers, used. They just don’t fall apart!

      They hold their value so well, you often can buy one and sell it years later for just about the same price (or more, depending on the economy) if you kept if in good condition, and maintained it as one should.

      So, Scamp, Escape, Bigfoot, and Casita. (Bigfoot is not listed, and now I’m not sure why, as they have a model under 19′ with a bathroom, the B17FB. Maybe I’ll add it in today. We wrote this years ago).

      Hope that helps- just my opinion though. Everything is subjective!

    • Hi Don,

      Buying an RV means you must love the layout, among other things. The e-Pro trailers we listed were under 19′. The 20BHS is just fine long as you like the layout, brand, price, etc. If you haven’t already, we suggest getting inside one and hanging out with your family to see how it suits you. Good luck picking!

  • Another one to add to the list would be the Roulotte ProLite series. They have several models of small campers. Their lightest one that includes a toilet and shower weighs only 1390lbs. I was thinking about getting one, until I decided to get a motorhome instead.

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