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TankTechsRx Review: Is It The Best Holding Tank Treatment For You?

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By Kelly Beasley

If you have an RV, you probably already know that your waste tanks need a little TLC here and there.

That said, I don't use a holding tank treatment regularly for a few reasons.

However, Marshall does. We will get into that later.

But two of your camper waste holding tank types may need some care. We're talking about your gray tank and your black tank.

Issues you may have without proper care include:

  • Sensor reading issues
  • Clogs, primarily in the black tank
  • Struvite build-up
  • Odors

Some products will help or even correct these issues. Here we look into the benefits of TankTechsRx.

But first, let's recap what RV holding tanks are and how they are used.

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RV Waste Tanks 101

Any modern-day RV normally has three different types of holding tanks:

  • Freshwater tank
  • Black waste tank
  • Gray waste tank
Holding tank

What a typical grey or black holding tank looks like.

All three tanks usually have RV sensors on them that connect to a monitor inside your RV so you can see how full or empty the tanks are at any given time.

Freshwater Tank

This tank stores clean water to flush your toilet, take a shower, and to run through the faucet. RV water pumps get the water through the pipes.

This tank is only needed when dry camping, AKA when you are not connected to an external water supply.

Otherwise, water gets pumped directly through your pipes using a fresh water hose from a city water supply. The fresh tank is bypassed in such a case.

Black Tank

The blackwater tank holds all the goodness that goes down the toilet. If you are dry camping, you keep your black holding tank valve closed until you dump.

If you are parked and connected to a dump, keep the valve closed until you need to dump. Toilet water ALWAYS goes through this tank.

Gray Tank

RV grey water holding tanks catch everything that goes down any of your drains, AKA your shower drain and your sink drain(s). No matter what, your drain liquids go into this tank.

You can keep your tank valve open if you are connected to a dump at a campground, so the tank never fills up.

If you are dry camping, you keep the valve closed and then dump the waste at an RV dump station when it's full.

What Is TankTechsRx?

TankTechsRx tank treatment is a product that claims to 'consume' the contents of a black holding tank or grey holding tank using probiotics.

Unlike enzyme or bacterial-based products, it doesn't produce any by-product.

The by-product they speak of is called sludge.

If sludge accumulates in your tank, it can cause slow draining, a backup, and additionally, it's heavier than water.

TankTechsRx Introduction Video

This means that if it's left in the tank, once the tank fills, you MAY have an issue with the holding capacity of the connection points.

In other words (worst-case scenario), your tank could drop right off of your RV. No sane human wants that!

Tank Techs tank treatment keeps sludge from accumulating and breaks down solids and TP that might cover/clog your sensors or wreak havoc on your system.

It can also potentially clear a clog and clean off anything causing your sensors to read incorrectly.

Additionally, it uses zero chemicals. Chemicals, when they work in a tank, release gases. It's these gases that produce struvite build-up in your tank.

Struvite is the mineralization of ammonia and methane gases. It happens when we use chemicals in our tanks. Same when your internal body gases get messed up and you get gall stones or kidney stones- similar process happens in your tank.

With Tank Techs RX, this process does not happen as they don't use chemicals. It's the only tank product out there (at time of this writing) that doesn't use chemicals.

TankTech RX black tank treatment

How Does TankTechsRx Work?

Tank Techs RX uses probiotics to do the job. The company claims that the microorganisms in the treatment eat up and liquefy the solids in the tank, leaving no waste product of their own.

Without 'goodies' in the tank to eat, the probiotics will die/starve in a few days. This is why it's recommended to only use it in a tank that already has some goodies in it.

How Do You Use Tank Tech RX?

To use Tank Techs RX tank treatment, follow the directions on the bottle.

The product comes in liquid form. You'll be pouring the recommended amount into your toilet with a flush or pour it into the gray tank via your RV sink.

Note that the company says to not fully drain any treated holding tank as you want to keep some of the good probiotics in the tank so that it continues to work.

Toilet paper rolls making face on RV toilet

Does TankTechsRx Remove Struvites?

Yes, TankTechRx has proven to be the best (and the original) product to remove struvites. That's not to say it will FOR SURE remove all deposits.

Best if you start using it on a brand-new RV (or on a tank that has been professionally cleaned) and use it religiously so that the struvites never form.

Struvites are mineral deposits that form in ALL sewage systems that use chemicals.

They are notorious for blocking sensors and aren't easy to remove if you don't know what you're doing. Using Tank Tech RX is the best chance of getting struvite off of the walls of your black tank.

What Is Struvite?

Can Tank Techs RX Be Used In Grey Tank?

Sure! Tank Techs RX does a great job of consuming waste particles in your gray tank. It 'eats' up grease and mold found in that tank.

Using it can prevent a clog from happening. It should also keep your tank level sensors clear.

Why TankTechsRx Over Other Popular Tank Treatments?

TankTechsRx tank treatment uses probiotics instead of chemicals, enzymes, or bacteria. Per the manufacturer, it is claimed that most other products use chemicals, causing sludge to accumulate in the tank.

Additionally, some do not prevent or clear out struvite build-up. TankTechRx is also all-natural. This makes it an ideal candidate for septic system dumping.

Some campgrounds on septic disallow dumping unless you DO NOT use any chemicals.

Will TankTechsRx Cure Odors?

Yes, TankTechsRx will stop odors from emitting from your black or grey tanks (for example, your RV smells like sewer).

However, be aware that this product is scented. We've seen at least one online review where the wife didn't want to keep using this product due to its scented nature.

Though Marshall doesn't smell his once it's in his tanks, you never know.

Kelly grimacing

Nobody wands nasty odors in their RV!

Does Camp Addict Use TankTechRx?

Yes, Marshall uses it MOST of the time in his black tank. His black tank sensors didn't work correctly for years, before he started using the Tank Tech RV tank treatment.

The product did not clear or clean the sensors enough for them to read correctly.

This is probably due to struvite build-up. The product manufacturer claims that it will break apart struvites.

However, we aren't sure it can do the job in all situations.

Marshall's Experience

Marshall used TankTechRx for several years and it never cleared up the black tank sensor reading incorrectly issue, which the manufacturer claims it can do. (He did occasionally use Happy Camper holding tank treatment as well throughout the years.)

This may be because Marshall rarely fills his black tank full enough so that the top level sensor is submerged. Sensors have to be submerged for quite a while while using TankTechRx in order to clear up any buildup.

However, he ended up using another product to clean his black tank and his sensors are currently working. Time will tell how long they remain in working order.

Kelly's Experience

I decided to stop using any tank treatments years ago. Why? Well, my black tank sensors stopped working in 2016.

However, I can look down into my toilet, see the tank, and see how full it is. Therefore, I do not need those sensors to work.

Additionally, I almost ALWAYS have to move before I fill the black tank.

The bottom of the tank is spotless after each dump, so I see no reason to use a treatment as I see zero sludge and have zero smells in my RV. (I only get odors when it's sweltering for a long time, such as when I was parked in Florida one summer. A smell crept in.)

I used Happy Camper during that time to curb the smell.

Kelly running scared Quartzsite

Kelly running from the odor problem.

Is TankTechsRx Odorless?

No, this product is not entirely odorless. It does have a sweet smell to it.

However, Marshall does not smell it after adding it to his RV tank.


TankTechsRx is a safe, effective tank treatment that will control odor and keep sludge and struvites from building up in your tanks.

It uses probiotics to break down and treat the goodies you flush and rinse into your RV tanks.

This is the original product that claims to break down and prevent struvite from growing in your black tank.

Marshall has used it for years and it's done a good job for him.

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