11 Fantastic Teardrop Campers With Bathroom Facilities You'll Instantly Love

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By Kelly Beasley

Don't be fooled! 'The best' teardrop camper with bathroom facilities doesn't exist.

Why not? Because 'best' is sooooo subjective.

A teardrop camper with bathroom facilities that has an interior you can stand up in compared to one that you cannot- well, see how even one variable can determine what's best for one but not another?

That's why we do 'best RV' lists as little as possible.

Instead, we show ALL of the teardrop campers with bathrooms (that we know of and can find) and let you decide which one is best for you.

Sound good? Ready or not, let's dive right in.

Things To Consider When Choosing Teardrop Trailers With Bathroom Facilities

If you're a new RVer, know that just having a toilet and shower won't fulfill all needs.

There are so many other factors to consider.

Here are just a few things to consider:

  • Tank sizes
  • Where will you store it?
  • Do you fit in the bed comfortably?
  • Can it sleep your kids/pet?
  • Is it small enough for your garage?
  • How much counter space does it have?
  • Can you stand up straight inside of it?
  • Enter your own criteria...

A teardrop trailer with bathroom facilities is no bueno for you if it doesn't fit your other many needs.

Dog with family of four husband wife two kids

And would you prefer a dry bath or a wet bath?

(Spoiler- these teardrops ONLY have wet baths, so if that's not for you, look at other small trailers.)

How Will You Camp Most Of The Time?

So, you need to know how you will mostly camp. Campgrounds? Boondocking?

What will the weather be like?

Will you bring a pet? If so, where will they sleep and fit? Litter box? Where can it go?

How many do you need to sleep?

Can you deal the face-to-face with your sewage aspect of dumping a portable cassette toilet?

Counter space is not plentiful in this size and type of camper, nor is storage space.

And on and on...

So as you can see, you must make sure a tear drop camper works for your particular needs.

Do All Teardrop Campers Have Bathrooms?

No, not all teardrop campers have bathrooms.

Why not? Because most campers don't need a personal bathroom. They stay in campgrounds and most campgrounds provide bathroom facilities.

Not having a bathroom creates more room for other seats, counter space, storage, etc.

So for some, having a bathroom inside the camper is not a priority and so manufacturers make some with no bathroom.

Keep in mind that if you just want a toilet and don't need a teardrop trailer with shower facilities, you might be able to fit a portable camp toilet somewhere inside the cabin.

Or, bring a port-a-potty with you and get a tent to use it outside.

11 Great Teardrop Campers With Bathrooms

Again, there's nothing 'best' about any of these, and they are all good campers.

Which one is 'best' for YOU is entirely up to your needs and desires.

Here are the teardrop campers with bathroom facilities for your review.

NuCamp: Tab 400

nuCamp Tab 400 teardrop exterior
nuCamp Tab 400 teardrop with bathrrom floorplan
  • 2840 pounds dry
  • Has black tank (12-gallon)
  • 18 feet 3 inches long
  • Website

We love this teardrop camper with bathroom facilities for its forward-thinking and contemporary (relatively speaking) design on the inside.

NuCamp has three teardrop trailers with bathrooms, and we feature all three here.

The Tab 400 is the largest in their fleet.

It has a galley kitchen in the front, ample windows, so you don't feel like you're in a cave, and the tallest interior height on our list (6 feet 5 inches).

Amenities And Specs

It lacks nothing as far as amenities go. We love the nightshades and bug screens.

In addition to that, the windows are good. They are dual-pane and open out, so airflow is unimpeded and generous.

It has a 22-gallon freshwater tank and a 12-gallon black tank.

The exterior length is 18 feet 3 inches.

Dry weight is 2840 pounds (but will vary depending on what options the unit has), and you can load 1060 pounds into it, which is stellar for this size of a trailer!

This one sports the Alde heating and hot water system and has probably the most spacious wet bath of the bunch.

If you get the boondocking package, you'll have pitched axles, giving more ground clearance, as well as off-road tires (among other things).

We love this one, and it's a favorite among teardrop enthusiasts.

NuCamp: Tab 320-S

Nucamp 320 Tab S teardrop trailer exterior
Nucamp 320 Tab S teardrop trailer floorplan
  • 1946 pounds dry
  • Highest interior point is 5 feet 7 inches
  • 15 feet 3 inches long
  • Website

NuCamp also makes two teardrop with bathroom trailers that are both 15 feet 3 inches in length.

The difference is the CS-S has the kitchen outside in the back, and this one, the Tab S, has an inside kitchen. Otherwise, they have a similar layout.

The S in this model stands for the shower.

It's their most popular camper, and we love it, too!

This is a really good one if you want to boondock on roads that aren't perfectly level.

Amenities And Specs

The back end of this teardrop camper with toilet facilities is curved upwards.

This keeps your hind end from dragging when you go through ditches and other unlevel spots.

This camper has just about everything the 400 has but in a 3 foot shorter floorplan.

Even so, the sleeping area is generous, and it has a little kitchen sink and a microwave.

Taller persons won't be able to stand fully upright in much of the RV.

nuCamp Tab S interior seating area

The inside clearance at the highest point near the door is 5 feet 7 inches. So that's one downside.

It weighs 1946 pounds dry, and you can add 954 pounds of cargo, which is excellent for a small trailer.

These numbers are different (a little higher) if you get the boondocking package.

The freshwater tank holds 19 gallons and the black tank for the cassette toilet holds 5 gallons.

The convenience package on this one adds a LOT of goodies, including the Aldi system, lithium battery, solar, soft-close cabinetry, and so much more.

This dinette breaks down into a bed easier than any other travel trailer on this list.

Like the 400, the boondock package adds extra features that make boondocking easier for you.

Lastly, at only 7 feet 8 inches high and 15 feet 3 inches long, it easily fits into any garage.

This is just about the perfect teardrop RV with bathroom facilities for anyone looking for a small one.

NuCamp: Tab 320 CS-S

nuCamp Tab 320 CS-S teardrop exterior
nuCamp Tab 320 CS-S teardrop with bathroom floorplan
  • 2075 pounds dry
  • Outdoor kitchen!
  • 15 feet 3 inches long
  • Website

The CS in the name stands for clamshell. S stands for shower.

Clamshell means it has a hatch in the back containing the kitchen facilities, including the refrigerator, stove, and sink.

People that like this setup like to do cookouts, tailgating, and gathering outside with friends when camping.

That said, this setup is less than ideal when the weather is not good. So if you want to full-time in this, you'd better be ready for some real inconvenience.

But this is a fun outdoorsy option if you're a weekend warrior who only goes out in good weather.

Amenities And Specs

This teardrop trailer bathroom is identical to the 320-S.

What you lose inside is some storage space in the back of the camper.

The dry weight on the regular model is 2075 pounds.

You can add 825 pounds worth of cargo to this unit. The length is 15 feet 3 inches, and the interior height is 5 foot 7 inches.

The boondock option is also available on this unit with all of the same benefits.

The freshwater tank holds 19 gallons, and the black water tank holds 5 gallons.

The gray water tank holds 18 gallons.

You can easily pull these trailers with almost any SUV.

Check your weight rating on your vehicle and make sure you don't go over 80% of your tow rating.

These are lightweight, but not all vehicles can tow them.

Aliner: Grand Ascape ST

Aliner Ascape trailer exterior
Aliner Ascape small trailer floorplan
  • 14 feet long
  • Shortest on the list!
  • 1700 pounds dry
  • Website

This IS the shortest teardrop camper with shower facilities (and toilet) on our list!

It's only 14 feet long from tongue to back end.

Even so, it also has EVERYTHING inside that one wants for a comfortable campground stay!

Amenities And Specs

Not too surprisingly, it's also the lightest (dry) at 1700 pounds. 

The interior ceiling height is 6 feet 4 inches, so it accommodates most humans.

Despite its short length, it has everything others do as far as basic necessities.

It has a hot water heater, a portable toilet tank (cassette), shower, microwave, a 23-inch TV with a soundbar, two propane tanks, a refrigerator, 2-burner stove, and a bed that doubles as a seating area. 

It even has double pane windows and an awning!

The unit has four stabilizer jacks around the base. It also comes with solar.

How they fit everything in this camper is beyond us. There's not a lot of storage, so keep that in mind.

Warning- counter space. There is none. 

You DO have the dinette table if it's set up, so understand that that's all you have to do for any food prep.

You don't realize how much you need counter space until you don't have it. 

Older models don't have the wet bath (2018 and older?), so watch for this when you're searching. 

Braxton Creek: Bushwhacker 15FK

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15fk teardrop exterior
Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 15K teardrop floorplan
  • 15 feet 6 inches long
  • 21-gallon fresh tank- nice size!
  • 1900 pounds dry
  • Website

This one is very similar in style and layout to the Aliner

At 15 feet 6 inches in length, it's just a foot and a half longer and sports all the same great basic amenities. 

Amenities And Specs

We love that it comes with a 12-volt fridge, and is short and light (1900 pounds dry), but beware about the interior heights.

The inside feels very spacious when you walk in. It has about 6 feet 1 inches of interior height. 

However, the shower is much shorter- about 5 feet 5 inches in this teardrop trailer with a shower. If you're fine always sitting when you shower, this is no big deal.

It's nice and wide at 8 feet 5 inches, so it feels pretty spacious inside even though it's a small space. 

You'll have to duck coming in through the door, but this is not unusual for small trailers like this. 

The Bushwacker does have better countertop space than the Aliner.

It comes with a swivel table that makes the dinette area VERY easy to get into.

The blackout shades it comes with are a cheaper type than most others in this list have, and its strings are known to break frequently (they are fixable, it's just a pain to do).

Please note that there are only two stabilizing jacks.

It offers a 21-gallon fresh and an 8-gallon black tank. Very adequate for its size!

The one drawback that I don't like is that it has only two windows.

And the door window is frosted, so you can't see out of it. Gives the interior a bit of a cave-like feel if you ask me.

But that's a personal preference. It might not bother you at all!

Little Guy: Max

Little Guy Max teardrop trailer exterior
Little Guy Max travel trailer floor plan
  • 21 feet long
  • Full queen mattress sized bed
  • 3140 pounds dry
  • Website

This is the longest trailer on our list. It is 21 feet from front nose to tail. 

Additionally, it's the tallest inside at 6 feet 7 inches at the highest point. 

The bigger the trailer, the more storage it usually has (such as this one). It will also have more comfort and conveniences featured.

The Little Guy Max is no exception. 

Amenities And Specs

When you step inside, you'll immediately notice all the windows.

It has SEVEN! Seven windows help it to feel open inside, not dark or cramped. 

The dinette is immediate to your right upon entry, with the kitchen galley to the left and bathroom in front of you. 

It sports a full queen-sized bed (60 x 80 inches) with lots of storage compartments around the area, and a TV. 

Older models had two TVs, but the newer (2021+) only have the TV in the sleeping space. You can sleep three adults comfortably in this little teardrop travel trailer with bathroom facilities. 

The bathroom has a frosted glass door and a regular flush toilet connected to the 9-gallon black tank. 

The shower accessories mimic more of a typical home shower than most other campers on this list. Head clearance is adequate in the shower area.

They installed a fan the bathroom area that we wish they had put in the main living area.

Even though there's a gap above the shower door, it can't allow the fan to move as much air as it would be able to were it in the living area (I know this from my 24 foot travel trailer's similar setup).

Interior storage is plentiful, and there is a well-lighted pass-through on the outside.

The Maxx comes with a power jack and four stabilizer jacks.

Even though this is a teardrop-shaped trailer, it resembles a regular larger RV due to its size.

Little Guy: Mini Max

Little Guy Mini Max small travel trailer
Little Guy Mini Max Floorplan
  • 17 feet 2 inches long
  • Interior highest point 6 feet
  • 2320 pounds dry
  • Website

This little sister of the Max is four feet shorter at 17 feet 2 inches. 

The shorter length makes it easier to maneuver and lighter to tow. 

Outwardly, the trailer looks almost identical to the Max. The inside also has a very similar look.

The features are similar to the Max, just in a smaller area. 

Amenities And Specs

On the Mini Max, the company offers a few options such as the Rough Rider package (bigger tires and a lift), backup camera, and bike rack.

The dry weight is 2,320 pounds with a hitch weight of 240 pounds. Black tank is 9 gallons. 

The fresh water tank is 19-20 gallons, fluctuating only because of current supply constraints.

The bed is a generous 75 x 70 inch area. Of course, this trailer has all of the other usual amenities we've listed for other campers on this page... microwave, refrigerator, shower, AC, furnace, TV, and more.

Interior height is 6 feet and exterior is 8 feet 11 inches to 9 feet 1 inch. This is still a generous height for most people, but if you're 6 foot tall or more, the Max might be a better fit.

You can put about 1200 pounds of cargo inside this camper which is more than ample. 

Ultimate Toys: Ultimate Camper

Ultimate Toys Ultimate Camper exterior
Ultimate Toys Ultimate Camper teardrop with bathroom floorplan
  • 15 feet 3 inches long
  • It's basically a TAB 320 CS-S in a different outfit?
  • GAWR (axle weight rating) 2900 pounds
  • Website

This one has us very perplexed as to what they are doing. Because we don't know who makes this camper.

One of the photos says TAB right on the door, and they look very similar.

I tried checking to see if this manufacturer was connected to NuCamp Tab S (or straight up was one) but couldn't find a link.  

It's strange. They 'make' (outfit?) vans and we suppose, outfit Jeeps as well. Hmmm.

We reached out to them via their contact form asking for specifics about if they manufacture their own products etc, and got a generic email reply back only sharing their brochure and specs. 

Tom's Camperland in Arizona emailed us back (a distributor) and we replied asking the same questions, but they haven't replied. 

Not helpful so far. So, it's weird for sure. 

But Inc 5000 in 2021 has Ultimate Toys listed as #162 of fastest-growing private companies in America. 

But that doesn't answer any of our questions about who is making it and how they are related.

Regardless of all the mystery, we've found it, and here are the stats.

Amenities And Specs

This little camper is VERY similar to the NuCamp Tab CS-S. It is 15 feet 3 inches long. 

It will seat five and sleep two. They state it's a foot wider than the Tab 320 CS-S, so you have more inside space. 

It has a back/outdoor kitchen like the Tab CS-S, but the big difference here is that they ALSO include an inside kitchen.

So, if you like to cook or need to cook a lot while camping, this is a great choice. 

The rear kitchen features a sink, two-burner grill, a Yeti cooler, AND a TV. Talk about the perfect tailgating camper!

One extra cool feature of the rear kitchen is the pass-through access it has to the camper's interior.

So if you need the salt and it's inside, just ask whoever is inside to pass it to you. 

The bathroom is small, as is to be expected in a 15 foot trailer, but it does have the facilities expected. 

The website claims you can get yours in about 60 days.

Do your due diligence with this one should you choose to buy it.

Snoozy 2

Snoozy 2 trailer exterior
Snoozy II trailer floorplan
  • 19 feet 5 inches long
  • Fiberglass hull
  • 2300 pounds dry
  • Website

This is the only fiberglass mold teardrop-shaped trailer.

What's important about that? The fact that there are NO holes in the roof and no places for water intrusion. 

Water is generally what 'kills' RVs.

This little thing will outlive you and be great to pass down to your kids and their kids. It will last!

Amenities And Specs

It has all the amenities you need. 

Note that there are options to have more windows put in if you order it custom (The video below does not have all the windows that are available).

The difference between the two models offered is the bed layout. One has a queen bed, and the other has two twins.

The benefit of the two twins is that if one needs to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, the one laying at the very front of the trailer doesn't have to climb over their partner to go. 

The shell is 14 feet 7 inches long, but with the tongue, it's 19 feet 5 inches in length.

Its dry weight is 2300 pounds. It is exactly 8 feet tall on the outside. 

The trailer frame is galvanized by Wesco and has a lifetime weld warranty.

This is probably one of the best-insulated campers on the list, made from vacuum fiberglass with a thick gel coat.

We aren't a massive fan of the couch layout (nowhere to sit opposite of another person), but it is what it is. It might work great for you!

This is a unique, almost bombproof teardrop trailer with toilet and shower that you can keep in the family for years to come.

Safari Condo: Alto

Safari Condo Alto small travel trailer exterior
Safari Condo small trailer floorplan
  • 17 feet 2 inches long
  • Unique pop-up with excellent windows
  • 1800 pounds dry
  • Website

We love this one! What an interesting and unique setup.

This is essentially a pop-up teardrop camper.

When it pops up, it pops up with windows almost all the way around! And they are HIGH, unlike the low windows in almost every RV. 

This means you're looking at the sky or the trees when you're inside looking out, instead of the ground.

Amenities And Specs

The bathroom in this one is a bit unconventional. It's basically a box with a toilet inside of it. 

You'll have to pull the curtain around to make 'walls' when you want to shower.

So if this doesn't bother you, you can have a VERY unique trailer that is low enough to fit inside a garage (7 feet tall when closed) and has every amenity you need for your adventures. 

This one is also quite bombproof as it's made with all materials impervious to water damage.

The roof is one curved piece of aluminum, keeping it light and aerodynamic.

Here are some specs... it weighs just over 1,800 pounds. 

It carries a 15-gallon freshwater tank, which is not the best capacity. The black tank holds only 12 gallons.

Best not to flush your TP down the toilet (to conserve tank space) in this one if you're dry camping!

The bed is 60 x 76 inches, almost the size of a regular queen. It's 17 feet 2 inches long on the outside and comes with a 20 pound propane tank. 

If you can get hold of one of these, consider yourself lucky!

(They are made in Canada, there's a long waitlist, and you don't see them for sale used often at all.)

Helio: O2

Helio o2 teardrop RV exterior
Helio o2 teardrop trailer floorplan
  • 14 feet 1 inches long
  • Very water resistant with little upkeep
  • 1,135 pounds dry
  • Website

Here's another privately made teardrop located in Canada.

Though we aren't as excited about this one as some of the others, it fits the bill as a teardrop with a bathroom. 

There aren't many windows (done on purpose to reduce leak points), and the interior is a bit sterile for our liking.

But if you want a teardrop trailer that is quite leak-proof and is very well made, here you go. 

Amenities and Specs

The tiny Helio is mounted on an aluminum frame. The roof is one of the most leak-proof, requiring NO sealant. 

They do have the roof fan mounted up there, so that might need something.

We aren't sure (they claim the roof needs no sealing, but there must be something required around that fan).

Both windows are exit windows to allow for decent airflow, especially with the ceiling fan in the middle of the roof. 

They offer (as an option) a portable AC. It lives inside a cabinet, but if you opt not to have it, that cabinet becomes additional storage. 

There's good counter space for such a small trailer.

Like the Snoozy 2, the mold is vacuum-compressed, so this thing isn't going anywhere in your lifetime, and it should outlast you for sure!

Grey and black tanks hold 10 gallons. 

The bed size is 74 x 84 inches, quite large. The length is 14 feet 1 inch. 

It's the lightest on our list with a dry weight of only 1135 pounds! You can tow this with just about any mid-sized vehicle.

If you can stand the lack of windows and want a trailer that will last a lifetime with good counter space and a large bed, here you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Teardrop Campers Have Bathrooms?

Not all teardrop campers have a bathroom. Some do and some do not.

Some teardrops have full bathrooms, some only have a toilet, and others have zero bathroom amenities. 

What Is The Smallest RV With A Bathroom?

If you just want the smallest RV with a bathroom and don't care about the shape, the smallest RV with a bathroom is the 13 foot Scamp mini camper

They have two versions: 

  • Standard (layout 2)
  • Deluxe (layout B)

The smallest teardrop-shaped trailer with a bathroom is the Aliner Ascape coming in at 14 feet.

Is A Small Teardrop Camper With Bathroom Facilities Worth It?

The frustrating answer to this question is 'it's up to you to decide.'

If you or anyone in your party needs to use a toilet frequently or suddenly, it's probably a good idea to get a teardrop trailer with a bathroom.

If you'd better benefit from more space and amenities aside from the bathroom, then maybe you can go without (as long as you stay in campgrounds with bathrooms or you have an alternate place to use such as a port-a-potti).

Personally, we'd opt to have a built-in-bathroom in our teardrop. You never know when you have to go, and we solely boondocks, so it's a necessity for us.

How Much Is A Teardrop Camper With A Bathroom?

Prices are going up in 2022. Heck, they have already climbed.

If you go for brand-new, as in 2022, you're looking at around a low of $17,000 (Bushwhacker) and up to $53,000 (Safari Condo Alto).

You may find all of these used for less but some of them are difficult to come by as people tend to hold on to them and there's a high demand for small trailers.


We've rounded up this list of all the teardrop campers we could find with a teardrop camper bathroom inside them.

They are almost all cute, light, and easy to tow. 

It is up to you to decide whether you need a full bathroom inside yours.

If you always stay in campgrounds with bathroom facilities and you don't mind using them, you could get a teardrop without a bathroom.

But having one right there with you at all times sure is nice!

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I dedicated myself to living the full-time RV life for over 6.5 years, immersing myself in the unique quirks and joys of the boondocking lifestyle and gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience along the way. In December 2020, my business partner and I made the transition to part-time RVing, but in January 2023, we hit the road once again, this time in our trusty vans. My mission is to help others embrace the RVing lifestyle with confidence and excitement, armed with the knowledge and resources needed to make the most of their adventures. I believe that the more you know, the more you can truly appreciate and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of the open road.

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