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The Little RV Hitch Camera That Could

PublishedFebruary 18, 2018

Being a solo full-time RVer with a travel trailer, the bane of my existence has been hitching up without an RV hitch camera.

I used to have to hitch up horse trailers back in my TEENS (without any hitch cameras), and STILL I had not perfected this chore.

I seem to have become  worse and worse at it. 4 attempts. 

Then 6 attempts.

Sometimes EIGHT attempts to hitch up without a trailer hitch camera.


It called for serious eye-rolling action. 

It can also be mildly embarrassing.

The more people around, watching, the more attempts it took.

iBall wireless backup camera monitor front

The iBall camera monitor. 12V plug for your vehicle

When I first launched, in lieu of getting an RV hitch camera, I got a stick with yellow balls on one end  and a magnet at the other end. 

That, well, NEVER worked.

I tried all of once.

That's all it took to realize that it works about as good as it looks like it would. 

Backup aid yellow balls

Enter 2+ years of frustration of hitching without an RV backup camera about every two weeks.

I couldn't live anymore without a wireless RV backup camera.

It finally boiled over, and with that, I broke down and got myself an RV wireless backup camera called iBall

Best Little RV Wireless Hitch Camera!

The iBall is the little RV backup camera that could.

The only negative I can find about it is that I have to put this RV camera on my bumper (magnetic attachment) and take it off for each use.

However, this is also a good thing- it can't get damaged in the elements, nor can someone steal the trailer camera right off the bumper.

If it was installed, it would likely be pretty easy to get off. 

The monitor couldn't be easier to "install".

You simply plug it into your 12v "cigarette lighter" port in your vehicle. 

iBall wireless backup camera system

Because I am a destroyer of all nice things, I still might damage it since it did not come with a carry case.

I just sort of throw it in the truck and hope for the best!

But so far, so good. 

How Does It Mount?

Even with installation and uninstallation required every time I hook up, it's just SO easy to install and uninstall this RV backup camera, it really doesn't bother me.

The hitch camera mounts on the steel part of my bumper with a magnet.

Whap- it connects nice and firm. 

iBall wireless trailer backup camera mounted

Next, I plug the monitor into a cigarette lighter plug in my truck, and that's it!

There's nothing to actually "install".

Simply power the monitor on, and it connects quickly to the camera (which you also have to power on and off for usage).

The screen view is EXCELLENT, and after about the third time I used it, I knew exactly how it looks on the monitor when I am perfectly lined up over the ball. 

Re-Learning To Back Up

The first time I tried backing up with this hitch camera, (as you will see in the video)  I am not sure what I was looking at- the monitor or out my back window.

It it threw me and I ALMOST hit the coupler with my bumper.

It would have not been the greatest way to start my new  RV back up camera experience.

But I didn't hit it. 

I pulled forward, backed up again, successfully lining perfectly up over the ball.

I just overshot it a bit in the video since I was not familiar with what it should look like on the monitor just yet. 

Today, I can get it right pretty much the first time every time and now the iBall hitch camera really is my new best friend when it comes to RV gadgets.

Kelly Reviews the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera


If you don't have a "way" with electronics and don't want to deal with any wiring or hardware issues, the iBall hitch camera is what you need to make hitching up your RV very easy.

I am as lazy as they come with installing things.

It's no secret that I wouldn't ever consider installing a wired rearview camera for my truck by myself. 

The iBall is easy on, easy off.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do.

Thanks, iBall hitch camera, for being the best trailer hitch backup camera out there for my vehicle! 

Kelly Headshot

He-llllo. I'm the co-founder of Camp Addict, which my biz partner and I launched in 2017. I frigging love the RVing lifestyle but in December of 2020, I converted to part-time RV life. Heck, I lived in my travel trailer for over 5.5 years, STRICTLY boondocking for pretty much all of it. Boondocking is a GREAT way to live, but it's not easy. Anyway, I'm passionate about animals, can't stand campgrounds, I hardly ever cook, and I love a good dance party. Currently, I can be found plotting and scheming whether or not to start collecting farm animals (or plotting my next RV trip!) at my beautiful new 'ranch' named 'Hotel Kellyfornia', in Southern Arizona. 

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    • Hey Bob,

      The iBall hitch camera doesn’t have a night vision camera, but if the area is suitably illuminated at night, then it will be able to project an image.

      Depending on how bright your backup lights are, they may be good enough.

      You do a lot of hitching up at night?

        • We can’t say whether or not the camera will work in complete darkness, but they likely won’t work very well. Your brake lights may help out enough, or get another light source to help out.

  • Hi
    I’m only seeing fuzziness when i let go of the power button on camera. In other words i have to keep my finger on power to see anything

    • Hi Lisa,

      Sure, why not? You can mount this backup/hitch camera anywhere you can stick a magnet to. This means you certainly can put it either on the cab of your truck, or somewhere else in the bed, giving you a view of your fifth wheel hitch assembly.

  • Hi Kelly !!
    I have the I Ball camera and absolutely love it !
    I also use mine to level my camper. I put my level on the floor of my camper, set the I Ball camera up behind the level, hop in my Jeep and watch the monitor !! The monitor shows the bubble in the level—– instant leveling !!!
    Works perfect every time !!
    Happy camping !! ????

    • Hi Charles,

      What a great idea for the camera!!!! That’s such a good idea! You just made your own Level Mate Pro. ???? Happy camping to you as well!

  • The camera blinks on and off making it very hard to use! The flex tubing going from the camera to the power outlet is way too short

    • Hi Alan,

      We are sorry to hear you are having issues with your iBall. The camera should NOT blink on and off. (See our iBall video in this blog post- no blinking) It sounds like you might have a defective unit. Contact the manufacturer or who you bought yours from for further assistance on this matter. We hope you get an answer or a new unit. Please let us know how it gets handled! Thank you.

  • I now have a tow bar and car to bring along on my trips. I need a camera since I am fearful of not being able to see my car unless I am turning a corner. My bumper is aluminum and not magnetic. It is possible to use this with a strap? If this will not work, can you recommended something else. Thank you

    • Hey Zena!

      The iBall camera is not intended for use while you are traveling down the road. Rather it’s intended use is to assist in backing up your tow vehicle (such as a truck) to hitch up with a travel trailer. And then to be removed once you are ready to hit the road.

      In order to see behind you while towing your toad (car behind your RV) is one of the cameras we review on the RV backup camera page.

      Hope that helps and we are looking forward to seeing you again down the road!

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