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Valterra Viper RV Sewer Hose Review

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By Marshall Wendler

Dumping an RV's waste tanks isn't a lot of fun if you are using a cheap RV drain hose. Trust us when we say this is one place where you don't want to purchase the cheapest offering available.

The Valtera Viper dump hose is a great choice if you are looking for a quality product that will give you nothing but happy memories while dumping your rig. (OK, 'happy memories' may be a stretch, but using a piece of junk product can lead to very unpleasant memories at the dump station.)

Valterra Viper 15 foot sewer hose


  • Virtually indestructible
  • 25 mil thick hose material
  • Will not crush if stepped on
  • Permanently attached fittings
  • 90ΒΊ sewer adapter has clear viewing port


  • End caps optional purchase
  • Uses traditional bayonet fittings which can be hard to connect/disconnect for those with weak hand strength

The Valterra Viper sewer hose is the best of the traditional style hoses. 'Traditional' sewer hoses have the bayonet-style fitting end that comes standard on RVs.

Choose Hose Length

Available in a 15-foot and a 20-foot septic hose kit, the Viper has tough, thick walls and an outer bead to resist abrasion, scuffing, and tearing.

The hose construction encourages it to spring back into shape if stepped on or run over.

RV sewer connection fittings that are permanently attached eliminate leakage and also rotate to allow you to hook up to your camper without twisting the hose.

Both the 15 and 20-foot Valterra sewer hose kits come in the stated length, with the 15-foot kit being a single piece, while the 20-foot kit comes with two 10-foot hoses.

Valterra Viper 15 foot sewer hose

15' Valtera Viper Sewer Hose

Valterra Viper 20 foot sewer hose

20' Vaterra Viper RV Septic Hose

90-Degree Sewer Hose Adapter

Also included is a 90-degree adapter that fits into the ground sewer connector at your campsite or at a dump station.

And hey, this adapter is clear! This allows you to view the stuff coming out of your holding tanks. (Yay!)

As 'fun' as this sounds, there is a reason for it. It lets you see when your black tank is fully flushed and 'running' clear (if you are flushing it).

You can also see when the gray and black tanks stop flowing.

Additionally, the 90-degree adapter has a series of 'steps' that allow it to fit most sizes of ground sewer connectors.

It even has screw fittings of various diameters for screw-type sewer connectors, and will also press-fit tightly when screw fittings aren't present.

Valterra Viper Dump Hose Extras

Drip Caps

Unfortunately, the Viper hose doesn't come with drip caps.

Without these, you get a bit of wonderful black or gray water spilling out when it is in your RV sewer hose carrier. At any rate, they are available for purchase separately.

Valterra T1020-3VP drip cap set

10-Foot Extension Hose

If you need a little more reach, you can purchase a 10-foot extension.

It connects to either the 15 or 20-foot Valterra Viper sewer hose kits.

Valterra Viper 10 foot sewer hose extension

The Valterra RV sewer hose itself is stronger than your typical drain hose. As a result, it resists abrasion and punctures for long life.

Additionally, it springs back to shape if stepped on or driven over, thus not suffering from the normal problem of crushing that so many of the competition face.

Valterra Viper Introduction

Valterra Viper Features and Specs:

  • 25 mil thick hose is flexible to -30ΒΊ F and offers protection from UV rays.
  • End fittings are permanently attached to minimize the possibility of leakage.
  • Fittings spin so that hose doesn't twist when connecting to the RV or ground sewer connection.
  • Has outer beading to help with abrasion resistance.
  • Hose has a spring back feature which prevents crushing if stepped on or driven over.
  • Each Viper RV sewer hose kit comes with a clear 90-degree adapter that connects the hose to the ground sewer connection.
  • The adapter has multiple 'steps' that allow it to tightly fit into most sizes of ground sewer connections. There are screw fittings as well.
  • Hose easily compresses for storage. Stretch it out to the desired length when in use.
  • Your choice of 15 and 20-foot lengths. The 20-foot kit consists of two 10-foot hose sections.
  • You can purchase a 10-foot extension if you need additional length.
  • Drip (end) caps are not included with either Valterra Viper sewer hose kit but are available separately.

For campers that don't move very frequently, you might want to have an RV sewer support to 'hold' your Valterra sewer hose as it 'flows' away from your camper to sewage dump. These supports are also great if the terrain your hose runs over is uneven, to eliminate any low spots.

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As the co-founder of Camp Addict, Marshall Wendler is a seasoned expert in the world of RVing, with years of hands-on experience living the full-time RV life in his travel trailer. From 2014 to 2020, Marshall learned the ins and outs of the lifestyle and has enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. After a brief hiatus as a part-time RVer in 2021 and 2022, Marshall is back on the road full-time, embracing the vanlife and all the exciting possibilities it brings. He particularly enjoys the freedom and flexibility of boondocking and is excited to share his technical insights with the Camp Addict community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the RV world, Marshall has valuable insights and information to share, and is here to help you navigate the exciting world of RVing with confidence and ease.

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