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What Makes Us Unique

YOU make us unique. I used to be you. I was totally frustrated with my internet searches for RV product information. Let me (Kelly Beasley) explain.

As a full-time RVer, I couldn't find most of my RVing answers online. Forums, blogs, and YouTube offered help, but only gave me tidbits of answers here and there. 

Finding my answers on the internet literally took exhaustive hours and hours of scouring. Sometimes I never found my answer.

But I was lucky. I could lean heavily on my friend (and now Camp Addict business partner) Marshall Wendler for help. 

Camp Addict co-founders Kelly and Marshall mountains

With his extensive technical background as a helicopter mechanic, he knew right off how to answer, or fix, what was wrong with either of our rigs. 

Often, I thought (and still think) 'How does anyone do this on their own?'

Wouldn't it be so much easier if everyone had someone who could provide the answers right off? (Marshall) 

Marshall and I decided we should create a website that gave every correct fact and answer about any given RVing related product IN ONE PLACE.

And this is precisely why and how Camp Addict was born.  Our mission is to create the most complete RVing product guides available on the internet. 

We also review RV products. Our goal there is to help you easily choose what will work the best for you. 

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Who Is Camp Addict?

Camp Addict was created by Marshall Wendler and Kelly Beasley. We are two full-time RVers.

WE do the research. WE do the writing and design.

There are no content writers working for us. We do every bit of this ourselves.

It's our commitment to be sure that everything on Camp Addict is the best out there and is 100% correct.

Marshall is the one who makes sure that we are on par with the facts. His technical expertise is really the heart and soul of this website.

It's true. I (Kelly) like to say (about RVers) 'Everyone needs a Marshall'.

Camp Addict is your Marshall.

You can even ask us questions on our product pages, and we will answer.

This is what Camp Addict is all about, and it's what makes us truly unique.

What Our Readers Are Saying

(Pulled directly from comments readers have put on comment pages or sent directly to us)

Where were you 30 years ago when we first started full time RVing? Your awesome videos would have saved us hundreds of dollars, a bad back and countless WHOOPS at the dump station. Newbies should really pay attention.


Your site is invaluable. There’s so much more to all of this than any new camper/ RV owner might guess, I wonder just how many people are “winging it” out there. Our research and planning has become a nearly full time job for me. Thanks again!


This article (and really entire website) has been a godsend for me. I was so confused on all of these, but was able to make some great decisions based on this information that will help my family when we go full-time next month! Thank you.


Thank you for the great reviews and education about the shower head, and all the various valves that can assist to improve the RV shower experience.

I always learn so much from y’all!

(We love you too, Sue!)


Meet Our Team

Kelly Beasley

Kelly and the girls Crested Butte

A full-time RVer since May of 2015, Kelly resides in her 24' Crossroads Slingshot travel trailer. An exclusive boondocker, she and her pups are loving the wide open spaces out West.

The more creative half of the duo, Kelly is an essential part of the research, design, writing, idea making, and overall look of Camp Addict. 

From 2014-2016 she wrote lifestyle articles for for Vie Magazine. This helped refine her talent for writing and style.

Shortly after meeting Marshall in 2016, we decided our skills complimented each other in the perfect way to start our own website related to living this lifestyle.

Camp Addict gained great traction starting in March of 2017 and has been growing ever since.

Kelly occasionally teaches through writing for publications/blogs such as Escapees, Camping World, and more. 

Work is Kelly's primary daily routine, but exploring is a big part of this lifestyle and she of course hikes and explores nearby towns whenever possible.

Marshall Wendler

Marshall Headshot

(Full-time RVer since April of 2014) Marshall lives in his 24' Lance Travel Trailer.

He boondocks the vast majority of the time, having spent an average of $0.10 per night on camping in 2019. ($1.31 in 2018, $0.11 in 2017, and $0.18 in 2016.)

Marshall worked for the largest helicopter manufacturer for 5 years. He was one of only two representatives handling technical inquiries from thousands of world-wide operators and owners.

(Kelly talking now, cause Marshall doesn't like to 'boast'.) Marshall is  crazy good at most all things technical.

His technology background, research skills, and website development knowledge complement my writing, researching, idea, and design skills.

Camp Addict would NOT exist, or especially couldn't be successful, without his brain.

Marshall has contributed to other RVing websites, including Xscapers, FMCA and Camping World.


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Free Product Answers

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Kelly tire pressure monitoring system display
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Our job is to create the most user-friendly and most complete guides for RVing products that you can find on the internet.

Along with this, we want all of your questions to be answered.

Therefore, we welcome your questions on our product pages. This is our dedication to helping YOU, the reader.

If you have a question about a product category in one of our guides, you may ask us your question at the bottom in the comments section. We answer ALL relevant and reasonable questions that have not yet been answered.

This is our way of sharing what we know about RVing to you, the reader.

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