RV Upgrades & Modifications

You have a shiny new RV (yay!). If you are like many new RV owners, you are planning upgrades and modifications to make your house on wheels your own.

What's the first thing that many people do after spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new RV? Spend more money on it! (duh!) A favorite pastime of recreational vehicle owners is modifying their rig to give it different capabilities and upgrading existing systems. We've done a few ourselves, so here you will learn what we have done for you to learn from.


Upgrades fall into the category of making things just a little bit (or, sometimes a lot) better. Changing out the stock shower head is a common AWESOME RV upgrade. Here we cover some of our past upgrades including some you may want to do yourself.


Adding new systems and capabilities to an RV falls under the modifications category. One popular example is adding rooftop solar so that you can camp off-grid without having to rely on a generator (see Kelly's solar install below).

RV Upgrades & Modifications You Can Try

Most of these upgrades are really and truly easy to perform yourself (The solar install being the exception, per Kelly). These small mods, though small, make a huge impact on your life inside the RV. Check them out!

RV Upgrades & Modifications In Brief

Getting your RV is only the very first step. FIXING IT UP is the really fun part! There are so many things you can do.

Paint the inside, remove the ugly, horrible box valances, change out your shower head, replace the light bulbs with LED bulbs, and so much more.

Whether you plan to live in your RV full-time or just spend a few weeks a year inside of it, you may as well be comfortable!

The shower heads are notorious for being a joke. Easy fix.

The electrical systems/technology- not made for boondocking (not enough 12v outlets) if you plan to do a lot of it. Moderately easy fix.

RV mattresses Facebook

The typical camper bed mattress is notorious for being terrible. Easy fix.

The kitchen sink faucet... I could go on.

Anyway, we think it's fun to upgrade an RV, and how much you want to do yours is up to you. Some people go as far as redecorating the ENTIRE interior and it looks like it came out of a home decorating magazine!

And no longer resembles a recreational vehicle.

Motorhome and camping trailer brands are very, very slowly responding to the consumers telling them that the insides are hideous.

Meantime, you can upgrade yours yourself. Why not be as happy in your RV as you are at home?