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3 Best RV Sewer Hoses For Dumping With Absolutely No Leaks

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By Marshall Wendler

Dumping an RV's tanks using an RV sewer hose is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. (Probably youuu!)

And you might as well stack the odds in your favor that you won't have one of those dump station horror stories of your own (though they make for a fun story - way after the fact).

A quality RV drain hose is an inexpensive piece of equipment that every RVer should have in their rig.

Waste Master hose in use

Well, maybe not INSIDE inside, like in the living area. Eew.

But, when buying a camper sewer hose, it pays to buy something that won't give you grief down the road.

Read on to learn about picking the best RV sewer hose.

Best Overall

Lippert Waste Master sewer hose

Waste Master RV Sewer Hose

Best Traditional

Valterra Viper 15 foot sewer hose

Valterra Viper RV Drain Hose

Best Budget

Camco Rhino tote tank hose kit

RhinoFLEX RV Waste Hose

What Is An RV Sewer Hose?

An RV sewer hose allows you to drain your recreational vehicle's holding tanks into a ground sewer connection at a dump station or campsite.

This motorhome or travel trailer sewer hose connects the camper sewer pipe (drain outlet) to the hole in the ground where the waste is deposited.

A good quality RV sewer kit will make a secure connection on either end, which reduces odors and the chance of making a mess.

Are All RV Sewer Hoses The Same?

All RV sewer hoses are the same in that they are 3-inches in diameter and traditionally have bayonet-style fittings. However, the quality of materials used for the hose and the fittings wildly vary, as does the method of attaching the end fittings to the hose.

So yes, most RV sewer hoses are universal in connecting to the camper drain line and the ground sewer receptacle. The one exception will be if your camper uses a higher-end hose like the Lippert Waste Master RV sewer management system, which uses a cam lock connector.

With this one exception, RV sewer hoses are interchangeable.

Travel trailer sewer hose connected to a sewer clean out

Why A Quality Hose Matters

You might think emptying your camper's waste tanks is no big deal, and any old hose will do the trick. But one incident using a cheap hose with leaking fittings that drip fecal matter all over you will make you believe in using a quality hose.

Seriously, this is one piece of camper equipment you don't want to cheap out on. We've personally heard several dumping horror stories that could have been avoided if a more durable hose had been used.

Ensuring you have a leak-proof connection and abrasion-resistant hose materials are just two considerations before settling on a camper drain hose.

Here are a few more things to consider before deciding which brand you choose.

Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase

  • Thickness: The thickness of an RV sanitation hose is measured in mils. A mil is one-thousandth of an inch, so a pretty small number. The best RV sewer hoses use thicker, heavy-duty material, which means they have better durability and are more puncture resistant. A puncture leads to leaks, and when we are talking about leakage of human waste, the more puncture-resistant, the better.
  • Storage: Where do you plan to store your RV black water hose? Some campers have bumper RV sewer hose storage. However, the opening usually is about 4x4 (inches). Consequently, this setup requires a camper waste hose with detachable ends if they are 90-degree fittings or are too large to fit inside the 4" bumper. Lastly, if you are storing it in your motorhome's 'basement,' you may not be as limited in storage space.
  • Cost: Think about it. This is a category you DON'T want to skimp on. Of course, the cheaper the RV waste water hose, the cheaper the components and build quality. If you skimp in this category, it might come back to slap you in the face. It's not worth the risk. The average price range for a decent to premium camper sewer hose is between $40 and $150.
  • Waste Tank Outlet Size: Most of today's RVs have a standardized RV sewer pipe size of 3 inches. However, if you have an older recreational vehicle, ensure that your outlet size is the same standard size used today.
  • Hose Length: How long is your RV? The longer it is, the longer your RV black tank hose should be. Some campgrounds have an old-style dump at the end or the back of the site. It would be best if you had enough hose length to reach no matter the dump situation. The length of the longest individual hose is typically 15 feet, but you can always attach multiple sections to increase the overall length. Sometimes it is necessary to connect two hoses to reach the dump receptacle.
  • Accessories: When considering what hose to get, look closely at what comes with a particular brand. Does it have all the necessary RV sewer hose fittings for your rig, or do you need to obtain additional items to connect to your rig and the dump station correctly? Also, will you need an RV sewer hose support to keep the hose off the ground and provide a gentle downslope to the campsite ground dump hole?
RV sewer hose in use

RV Sewer Hose Reviews

When you picked up your RV from either the dealer or the party selling it, it probably came with a cheap (or no) RV drain hose.

You know, the kind with fragile walls that puncture easily, leading to raw sewage going places you don't want it.

Not to mention those 'great' cheap hose fittings held on by hose clamps.

And when you go to put this 'great' RV sewage hose away, it flops around and doesn't collapse into a shorter length for easier storage.

Yeah, fun times.

Fortunately, high-quality RV waste hose products are available that solve these issues.

What Is The Best RV Sewer Hose?

While there are many different products available, here are the ones we believe are the ones worth checking out.

The Best RV Sewer Hoses:

  • Best Overall: Lippert Waste Master
  • Best Traditional: Valterra Viper
  • Best Budget: Camco RhinoFLEX

Read the RV sewer hose reviews below to find out which is the best camper sewage hose for you.

We hope this helps you make quick work of the dirty business of draining black and grey water tanks.

Best RV Sewer Hose

Lippert Waste Master Sewer Hose

Lippert Waste Master sewer hose


  • Pretty much leak-proof if used properly
  • It uses cam locks instead of the standard universal bayonet mount
  • Hose fittings permanently attached
  • Integrated shut-off valve incorporated into the handle at the sewer drain nozzle
  • Built-in clear discharge viewing port
  • The Interior of the hose is smooth, eliminating pockets that can trap debris
  • Much easier to connect and disconnect to the RV's sewer outlet


  • Pricey
  • The extension costs more than the initial kit
  • One time, permanent modification for installation of cam lock mechanism on your RV

First, the Lippert Waste Master drain hose has a revolutionary design, and it virtually eliminates the leaking issues associated with a traditional RV holding tank hose.

Second, the Waste Master utilizes a cam lock system instead of the traditional bayonet-style fittings, which eliminates the need to have incredible grip strength to install and remove the hose from the RV's sewer outlet.

The cam system is the easiest hose to connect and disconnect. This provides a no-drip seal between the RV sewer drain hose and the RV.

Camp Addict co-founder Kelly currently uses one.

Waste Master Kit

20-foot Extension Kit

Best Traditional RV Dump Hose

Valterra Viper Dump Hose

Valterra Viper 15 foot sewer hose


  • Virtually indestructible
  • UV resistant 25 mil thick hose material
  • Will not crush if stepped on
  • Permanently attached fittings
  • 90-degree sewer adapter has a clear viewing port


  • Storage caps are an optional purchase
  • It uses traditional bayonet lug fittings, which can be hard to connect & disconnect for those with weak grip strength

The Valterra Viper sewer hose is the best of the best when it comes to a traditional-style RV sewer hose kit.

A 'traditional' hose has a universal bayonet mount system that comes standard on RVs.

Choose Hose Length

Best Budget RV Septic Hose

Camco RhinoFLEX Septic Hose

Camco RhinoFLEX 15ft RV sewer hose kit


  • Durable 23 mils thick polyolefin hose material that is UV resistant
  • Collapses down to a small size
  • 90-degree clear elbow to view flow
  • Storage caps included
  • Permanently attached fittings


  • Crushable if you step on or run over
  • It uses traditional bayonet fittings, which can be hard to connect & disconnect for those with weak hand strength

The Camco RhinoFLEX sewer hose is a great budget-minded option for your RV waste hose needs.

Camp Addict co-founder Marshall is still using his original Rhino camper septic hose after 7+ years and it's still going strong!

Choose Hose Length

How We Chose The Above Hoses

With 12+ years of full-time RVing combined, Camp Addict co-founders Kelly and Marshall have dumped their tanks more times than they'd like to admit.

Kelly personally uses the Waste Master hose, and Marshall uses the RhinoFLEX, so we have lots of real-life experience with the products we are suggesting.

Marshall has never had a dumping incident (knock on wood!), but Kelly has a tale or two she could tell. Which led her to settle on what we consider the best of the best - the Waste Master.

We understand that the price point isn't realistic for people using their RVs a few times a year, so we offer other quality choices.

Waste Master hose connected to RV

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Of An RV Sewer Hose Do I Need?

It is relatively simple to figure out how long an RV sewer hose you need if you use this rule of thumb: Buy at least the length from your RV's sewage dump outlet tube to the rear of your rig (plus a few extra feet).

Some RV parks have a ground sewer connection at the rear of the site, making for a long distance to drain your RV sewage system.

While you might not always need the entire length of all your septic hose sections, there are times you'll need a second section. (Lots of great campground planning out there.)

Most brands come in either 15-foot or 20-foot hose lengths (generally two 10-foot sewer hoses).

If you need more length, you can purchase a separate hose extension (which generally comes in 10-foot sections).

Having several sections of sewage hose means you can use just the amount you need but will have more in 'reserve' if required.

  • If you are in a situation where you need to move your waste water up hill or if you need to drain your tanks over a long distance, you may need an RV macerator system.

What Is The Longest RV Sewer Hose You Can Buy?

The longest RV sewer hose you can buy is approximately 20 feet in length. This is a manageable size for most people - any longer, and a single run of hose will become too unwieldy, and you lose portability.

To answer the question 'how far can you run an RV sewer hose?' you need to understand that most sewer hoses for RV use can be connected together. You can buy extensions ranging in length from 10 to 20 feet, and you can connect multiple extensions.

Theoretically, there is no length limit to how far you can run a sewer hose for camper use. Remember that long runs will result in wastewater pooling up along the length as you encounter regular ups and downs of the topography (liquid doesn't run uphill very well πŸ˜‰ ).

Can You Shorten A Septic Hose?

You can shorten a septic hose in one of two ways:

  1. All quality drain hoses will compress together to shorten their overall length. This compression allows you to vary the length of hose needed from full extension to less than half the full extension. This allows for easy storage and adaptability, depending on the length of sewer run you need.
  2. Some brands will enable you to unscrew the ends of the hose, which allows you to cut off a length and then screw the end fittings back on. This is handy if you need to cut out a puncture or if, for some reason, you want an overall shorter length.
Travel trailer sewer hose connected to residential sewer clean out

Can You Hook Two RV Sewer Hoses Together?

Yes, you can hook two RV sewer hoses together. You can conjoin as many as you want to.

Choose hoses with compatible ends. Generally, any hose with the traditional bayonet fitting will connect to any other hose with the same style fitting.

What Size Is A Standard RV Sewer Hose?

A standard RV sewer hose size is 3 inches in diameter, and this is the typical size among all modern recreational vehicles.

This means that the inside diameter of an RV poop hose is 3 inches. The outside measurement will vary from brand to brand, with thicker hoses having a larger outer diameter.

How Often Should You Replace An RV Sewer Hose?

How often you should replace an RV sewer hose depends on how good it was to start with and how well you take care of it.

Like most things in life, if you treat your black and RV grey water drain hose with care, it will lead a long life. However, if you abuse it, step on it, run it over with your car, or are careless with taking care of it, don't be surprised if you have to change out the RV black water tank hose frequently.

I've been using the same RhinoFLEX RV black water drain hose for over seven years of full-time use, and it's performing just as well as the day I bought it.

In other words, protect it from abrasions, punctures, and crushing so that it will give you many years of mess-free dumping.

How Do I Support My Sewage Hose?

You may consider supporting your sewage hose if you stay in one spot for a while and want to remain connected to a sewer drain. A hose support isn't necessary if you stop at a dump station to empty your RV's tanks.

There are several camper sewer hose support options available to you. The most common options are plastic or aluminum sewer supports you can purchase that are lightweight and expandable.

Read our RV sewer support article for more information.

RhinoFLEX hose in plastic container top view

Simple storage solution

How Do I Store My Drain Hose?

Storing your wastewater hose can be challenging if your rig doesn't have a built-in storage tube. Keeping a gross waste hose away from other items in your recreational vehicle is critical. Fortunately, RV sewer hose storage solutions are affordable and easy to use.

One of the most common ways to store your black and gray water drain hose is to get a large plastic container with a lid. Then keep this container in an exterior storage bay or the back of your truck (if you tow a travel trailer or fifth wheel).

Read our RV hose storage article for more ideas.


One of the messiest jobs of RVing is dumping waste tanks. Truly, there is nothing nastier than dealing with a black water spill because your waste hose had an issue.

Invest in the best RV sewer hose kit for your camper, and you will reduce the chances of a wastewater spill at the dump station.

Durable construction and quality leak-resistant connections that you'll find in the best RV black water hose make a rather unpleasant job a bit more pleasant (if there is such a thing).

At the very least, you can significantly reduce the chances of a dumping mishap due to poor construction and materials.

Don't cheap out when it comes to purchasing an RV sewer hose. Your future self will thank you!

Learned something by reading this page? Awesome! Get more content for RV newbies on Camp Addict.

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As the co-founder of Camp Addict, Marshall Wendler is a seasoned expert in the world of RVing, with years of hands-on experience living the full-time RV life in his travel trailer. From 2014 to 2020, Marshall learned the ins and outs of the lifestyle and has enjoyed sharing his knowledge and expertise with others. After a brief hiatus as a part-time RVer in 2021 and 2022, Marshall is back on the road full-time, embracing the vanlife and all the exciting possibilities it brings. He particularly enjoys the freedom and flexibility of boondocking and is excited to share his technical insights with the Camp Addict community. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the RV world, Marshall has valuable insights and information to share, and is here to help you navigate the exciting world of RVing with confidence and ease.

  • Marshall, I have limited space for hose storage in my new Keystone Crossfire Bullet, like only 26″ no bumper storage, ( I know one of the cons to an otherwise pretty sweet trailer, cheap bastards). I am going to add a super slider adjustable tube storage but was wondering what length hose seems to be the best without carring too much or too little?

    • Hey David,

      Yeah, isn’t it ‘wonderful’ how RV manufacturers put so much thought into the little details that make living in, and using, their products so much easier? (insert eye roll here). There can be an argument made that most RVs are designed by people who don’t use them. Not that it shows or anything. OK, I’m done being facetious and will actually answer your question…

      I’ve had a 15 foot Rhino Sewer Hose since I launched (coming up on 7 years ago) and still have that very same hose today. As in, it’s never been replaced. I also purchased the 10 foot extension at the same time, but for the vast majority of the time, I’m only using the 15 foot hose. So, for me, a 15 foot hose does the trick.

      But keep in mind that I only boondock so I’m not having to deal with full hookup-up campsites that put the sewer outlets in weird places. For these times, you may need more than 15 feet. But since I’m only using dump stations, I can position my trailer so that 15 feet of hose is more than enough.

      So the answer depends. For me, 15 feet is plenty. For people that only camp in campgrounds that have sewer at the site, they may find themselves needing longer hose.

      How is that for a ‘it depends’ answer? πŸ™‚

    • Hi Rrabby,

      I really like my Lippert Waste Master! Glad to give you some ideas. Thanks for the comment and Camp On!!

  • Hi,
    I have a RhinoFlex Tote Tank 3’ hose which has been used very little. Now it leaks at the 90˚ swivel which makes is unsuitable for dumping black water, only grey. Tried everything I could to make it seal, including rotating the swivel several times, wiggling it, letting it sit in the sun. Nothing. I can’t find a site to contact Camco directly so thought I would let you know so you can include this in any reviews. Thanks for a good job on this site.
    Brian Bender
    Napa, CA
    2017 Airstream 23FB
    1989 21’ Winnebago Warrior on a Ford F-350

    • Hey Brian,

      Sorry to hear the trouble you are having.

      Do you have the end that is removable? Or the new style that is permanently installed?

      If you have the older style where the end is removable, make sure that you have tightened the end per the video at the bottom of the Rhinoflex review.

      Camco customer service can be reached at 800.334.2004.

      Sorry for your troubles! Please let us know how this got resolved.

      • Marshall,
        I did call Camco and described the problem and offered to send photos of where it’s leaking and my purchase receipt. The fellow, Mark, I think, said don’t worry about it. He was great! Instantly, and I mean instantly, he said a new one would be sent out today. That is excellent customer service! Now if everybody would be this good……….
        Speaking of sewer hoses, I like the Valterra Viper you have on your site. I will consider it. Thanks a lot.

        • Hey Brian,

          Glad that Camco was so accommodating on the replacement. Truly great when you run into customer service that exceeds your expectations.

          Here’s hoping that the new hose will treat you right.

          Thanks for the feedback and Camp On!

  • Rhinoflex is no longer using removable ends. They now use permanently attached but very leaky connectors. They leak between connector and hose not at the swivel or at the gasket where it can be connected.

    • Hi Warren,

      Thank you for the information! We have recently noticed the upswing in negative comments about leaking. We are currently re-assessing our inclusion of the Camco Rhinoflex in our reviews. Thank you for helping assist us in keeping Camp Addict up to date and great. Camp On, Warren!

  • Love your site and the information you provide. Ordered the Valterra Viper today. I think it will be just fine. Thank you for all of the information and reviews. BTW, we ordered from your link.

    • Awesome! Thanks, Ken and we are glad that you find Camp Addict useful. The Vlaterra Viper should serve your dirty job well for years to come. Have “fun” using it and Camp On!

  • We are purchasing our first TT this week -FORest River ROckwood. So glad I came across this site. Will purchase this hose. THE customer support is aMAZING.

  • We are “newbies” reading all these articles, bought the Lippert system, want to save the embarrassment, but it will not work on my RV. After cutting the nubs and attaching the cam lock I would have to remove the cover door and drive down the road with the sewer port hanging out. Wife would not have this! Any help here. Thanks, Mack

    • Hi Mack,

      I just want to understand what you are asking. Your sewer connection is inside a bay door and after installing the cam lock there isn’t enough clearance to close the door?

      If this is the case, I don’t know what to suggest. Definitely need to check clearances before any modifications are done to an RV to make sure all fits properly.

      Am I understanding the issue correctly? If so, have you contacted Lippert to see if they have any suggestions?

    • Mac,
      May be too late, sorry I recently found this site. If you contact Drain Master 877 787 8833 toll free we will help you with your issue. If one of the techs is not familur with your coach ask to speak to me. I created the Waste Master system and am here to help RVers understand there is a much better way to do the least desirable task associated with RVing.
      With appreciation


      • Doug. We are Fort Wilderness today trying to use the Waste Master Hose that came with our new Forester for the first time. It absolutely refuses to stretch out. I cannot reach the sewer pipe no matter what I do. If I pull on it what small part of it that has stretched a bit just collapses and bends. This hose is worthless and I need help or a new hose. If it helps, the unit we purchased is one year old and had never been stretched out. I am beginning to think that there is an expiration date to the hose if it is not used right away.

        • Hi Leonard,

          Sorry to hear you have had an issue with the Drain Master. We have reached out to Doug of Drain Master about this and he is aware of this comment and should be replying to you here shortly!

        • Hi Lenard,
          The system is a closed system so when you hook the system to your RV and try to pull the hose a vacuum is created! There is no place for the hose to get air because the end connected to the RV has closed dump valves so there is no source of air from the tank roof air vent. The nozzle end of the hose has a shut off valve and is normally closed. No place to get air! By following our First in Last out rule of dumping you will have uneventful dumping in the future. Please contact me directly 831 801 4827 cell or dougATdrainmasterDOTcom and I will help you better understand the system and how it really is the best on the market.

          • Doug, thanks for the reply! I also received some guidance from some good folks in the Forest River forum realm. I actually had two newby issues. I had the valve at the head closed and I had the red shipping plug still installed. I am all good now. Thanks for the reply!

          • Hey Leonard,
            We are happy to hear that all is well with your Drain Master! Thanks to Doug for helping out Leonard. Camp On, Leonard!

          • It is great to know others in the Forest River Forum have helped you as well. Any time something new comes to market the challenge is to be in contact with the new owner to eliminate confusion. Documents supplied to the OEM never seem to make it through the system to the end user. It is sites like Camp Addict that are invaluable to being the link between us and you, the consumer, and we appreciate their efforts on your behalf.
            We specialize in RV Waste Management and welcome your questions on this important subject. Visit our web site http://www.drainmaster DOTcom or call our toll free number 877 787 8833.

          • Do not throw away the red plug! Use it to trap odors in hose. Our hose is now over 4 years (full timer) trouble free, until aqua hot exhaust caught it.
            Ordered new one today.

          • Hi Chuck,

            It sure does!! I am glad to have mine on my Waste Master. Because my hose goes into my trailer basement. Which I access frequently. BOTH ends close off, one with a handle/valve, and the other with the red cap!

            I’m thankful for it. LOL!

          • Thanks for the help, Doug! You are so committed to how amazing this hose is and we appreciate it!

          • You are more than welcome Kelly, I appreciate all the work you and Marshal do to keep our RVing family out there enjoying this special lifestyle.

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