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51 Best RV Kitchen Accessories You Absolutely Need in 2023

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By Kelly Beasley

Congratulations on your RV purchase- you must need to outfit yours with RV kitchen accessories!

It's surprising how much RV kitchenware is necessary to cook in a recreational vehicle.

Your home kitchen probably has a lot more in it than you realize.

Get ready to see just how many RV kitchen accessories you need!!

Marshall cutting onions in RV kitchen

Here we share the things we've used and things we think are the best RV kitchen gadgets and all the regular RV cooking accessories you'll need.

These are our RV kitchen accessories recommendations.

Get ready to know everything you'll need!

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You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, as well as additional items that we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

Refrigerator/Freezer RV Kitchen Accessories

You most likely have a relatively small fridge in your recreational vehicle, so you need appropriately sized accessories. Plus, you need to have a few items that help control and monitor the temperature. Lastly, let's keep the stuff inside from flying out when you take a corner a bit too fast.

Silicone Ice Trays With Lid

RV freezers = small.

These trays don't take up much room and easily fit. Silicone makes it easy to remove the ice, and the lid is helpful in case you fill it right before travel.

RV Fridge Thermometer

You'll quickly learn, especially if you're boondocking in hot areas, that this is another one of those RV kitchen supplies you should not skip having.

Your absorption refrigerator (what most RVs have) doesn't make much noise when on. Usually, you'll only hear the igniter clicking to start the flame, if that.

So, there's not much warning that your refrigerator is not cooling aside from a temperature gauge. We highly recommend having one as we do. It's best to have the indicator outside so you see it more often, like this one we recommend.

It also alarms and flashes when outside of your preset range!

Refrigerator Fan

It sounds strange, right? But almost all RVs come with a pretty inefficient absorption refrigerator.

Adding a battery-powered fan will circulate the air to keep the temperature consistent inside the entire area, causing your fridge to work less hard to stay cold.

This RV kitchen accessory is especially good for hot climates. That said, this is one of those RV kitchen accessories that is not 100% necessary, but might help your refrigerator perform better, especially in the heat.

Refrigerator Bars

This absolute must-have RV kitchen accessory saves items from falling out and spilling during travel.

An RV refrigerator bar also keeps contents arranged/packed, so you aren't rearranging after every travel day.

Cooking Accessories

Your RV's kitchen requires many of the same accessories that your home kitchen uses, but in more RV-friendly configurations. Here are some cooking accessories we recommend you take on the road with you.

Mixing Bowls

Your camper likely doesn't have much storage unless you have a big fifth wheel.

Kitchen storage space is at a premium- an expanding storage RV accessory is one of the best investments you can make for your storage needs. So, nesting bowls it is!

Measuring Cups

It's probably best to get light, plastic measuring cups. Why? Because we usually get the lightest stuff we can for our RVs, so we don't go over GVWR.

But if plastic is not your thing, try these high-quality stainless steel measuring cups that Marshall got. There's something about them that feels so luxe. They are heavy, well-made, and feel great in the hand.

Measuring Spoons

Same deal here. Marshall and I love these measuring spoons, though they are heavier than plastic. They are precise, feel good in the hand, and will outlast our lifetime!


If you have a propane stove with no igniter, you need one of these.

It's also multipurpose- obviously you need something to light the campfire, and what else ya gonna use but a lighter.

Collapsible Colander

Having as many RV kitchen gadgets that collapse for storage is the preferred way to go. Your colander takes up a good amount of space otherwise. Instead, open it when you need it, and pack it down when you store it. These work so well for us. It is highly recommended. With this one, pop it out to use, then you can hang it up when not in use (think inside of a cabinet).

Cutting Boards

It's nice to have light and easy-to-store cutting boards in your RV. I had some just like these and still do. They were easy to put away, weighed nothing, and didn't take up the entire countertop.

Baking Sheet

Marshall swears by his Nordic baking sheet. It's good enough for commercial use. It's made out of aluminum so that it won't rust or degrade.

The encapsulated steel rim keeps it from warping. This is a baking sheet you can use in your RV or your home.

Can Opener

Seriously, get a good one like this one. Life is too short to struggle with or have hand pain from a can opener.

It's a camper utensils essential.


Marshall bought these silicone mats a while back, which are handy for protecting the countertop.

We often use them as an oven mitt, so they are dual purpose. It's a good one to add to your RV kitchen accessories list.

Cast Iron Skillet

If you know, you know. Even though it's heavy, it's camp-worthy.

It cooks evenly, and you can even use it over a campfire. Marshall only uses his cast iron skillet these days.

He brings it along whenever we head out on the road.

Magma Pots

Magma brand is the top-end cookware set for RVs and boats. Why? It's stackable, and the handles come off.

Plus, they are compatible with all stove types, induction included (induction is popular with vanlifers and boats).

Sets take up less than 1/2 cu ft. of space when nested. Of course, any pots and pans will work in your RV. Just try not to let whatever you get take up too much precious space.

Cooking And Serving RV Utensils

You'll need the same utensils for cooking when you're camping that you need at home.

So buy a set, leave them in the RV, and be done with it! These won't warp or mold, which is important for camping weather and conditions.

Glass Measuring Cup

If you need more than one cup at a time measured, well, doesn't every household in the USA have one of these?

They are great. 'Nuff said.

Jar Opener

If you aren't in your younger years anymore (like us), just do yourself a favor and get an under-cabinet jar opener.

They ARE AMAZING, and we refuse to do without ours from now on, RV or house!

Cheese Grater

For grating cheese, we recommend the flat style, like the one we use here.

This style takes up much less space with your other RV kitchen utensils.

RV Kitchen Appliances

If you have the room, there is no reason you can't equip your camper with some of the small appliances you use at home. Here are our suggestions.

Small Toaster Oven

RVs don't come with a built-in toaster oven the way they come with a microwave oven. Using one of these can help keep the heat down in your RV if you're camping in the summertime.

You could also use it outside to keep the heat out completely. Add it to your camper kitchen supplies if you want to keep the heat factor down or if you don't have an RV oven.

I used to have this one and loved it. But I got rid of it when I started full-time RVing.

Instant Pot

This little champ is GREAT if you like to cook and also if you want to boondock. It cooks meals in a jiffy. Instant Pot replaces a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and more.

RVers and homesteaders both rave about this thing. Zero negative reviews heard. Takes up little space and replaces a huge variety of otherwise needed cooking accessories.

Blackstone Tabletop Grill

Speaking of fires, holy cow do people love to grill when they camp! It's easier than trying to cook over an open flame in a fire pit.

This popular grill is one of the best RV appliances OR home appliances you'll ever buy if you are a griller.

We have yet to get one but have friends who use them, and we've enjoyed some delicious meals from their Blackstone.

Add it to your camping appliances list if you like to grill.

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is the perfect solution for those who don't like to cut things up. Your little Bullet does it all for you. It is a great invention and small enough that it doesn't take up much space in your RV. You can chop, grind your coffee, make smoothies and shakes, and more.

Countertop Ice Maker

If you use a LOT of ice or you don't want to make it, an ice maker is one of the TOP things you're bound to love.

It does take up a little counter space, but if you love your ice, the trade-off is 100% worth it.

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, as well as additional items that we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

For Eating

Making food is one thing. Delivering it into your mouth is another. Here are some RV friendly food delivery systems.

Stemless Wine Glasses

These are perfect for RV life as they won't break when stored.

It doesn't hurt to have a grippy exterior, too, in case you have too much. These camper necessities make your trip a little more fun!

Picnic Table Cover

Campground picnic tables are notoriously dirty and gross.

Cooking and eating on them without a cover is not a pleasant experience.

Use a tablecloth for your outdoor RV kitchen setup- you'll thank us once you see your first picnic table with bird doo-doo on it, among other things.

Don't forget to buy clamps to hold it down as well.


You need RV kitchen dishes. I started with my breakable Fiesta tableware, but they kept flying out of my cabinet and, well, breaking (and damaging my countertop).

Light dishes are a good investment in your RV kitchen accessories.

RV life is hard on dishes, so be sure to get some that are inexpensive, hardy, and clean easily.

We like these lightweight Melamine dishes (and they come in other colors), but any non-breakable dishes will do! I currently just use paper plates when I'm RVing.


In your RV, some cups are better than others. Sure, you can have glass cups, but glass is prone to breaking. And it's heavy. So, unless you're ready to manage your glasses and prepare them for every trip you make, get yourself some other material. They're going to bump and rattle around, so get something durable like these acrylic tumblers.


It’s cheap and easier to have a set of cutlery in your RV that stays there (as opposed to packing some into your RV for every trip). We love this set by Oneida. Put it in a drawer or if you don’t have space, put them in a countertop cutlery holder.

Kitchen Storage and Organization

Organization is key to a happy life on the road. Everything in its place (and remembering where you stashed everything). Here are some of the storage accessories you should consider getting to help your RV's kitchen be perfectly organized.

Silverware Drawer Orgainzer

These are simple and are no-brainers to have. However, if your rig doesn't have any drawers, there's also (below) countertop silverware storage.

Tension Rods

These are used by tons of RVers (myself included) to keep the things in their cabinets from flying out during transit. They are another on the RV kitchen must-haves list. They have saved me many times, but occasionally something still slips out. It's one of my top must-have travel trailer kitchen accessories (I have a travel trailer).

Countertop Silverware Holder

This holder is nice and skinny, so it won't take up much of your valuable countertop space.

Ratcheting Paper Towel Holder

Don't learn the hard way that a regular paper towel holder will have unraveled your entire roll of paper after a trip down the road.

This product stops that mess from happening. It also prevents eight sheets from flying out when you try to rip one off. Great for home and RV use, and both of us have one.

Cabinet Liners

These are funny animals. They are supposed to be 'non-slip- type of pads, yet in a camper, they slide.

I installed these camper kitchen accessories the day after getting my trailer. Still, after a bit of time, they would slide around, causing me to have to reorganize everything in the cabinet after every single travel day.

I eventually glued them down. Now the liners work great to keep stuff from moving about when I travel.

Pantry Door Hanging Storage

Talk about a space saver. If you have a big enough pantry door (or you can hang this on the outside of the door), this kitchen gadget doubles your pantry space. You can also use it over your bathroom door for extra bathroom storage. If this one is too thick, look around. There are ones made out of fabric, different styles of pockets, and more. You will find something that works.

Magnetic Knife Holder

Once again, the more counter and drawer space you save, the better. Putting your knives on the wall is a no-brainer. Marshall has a knife collection and used a magnetic knife holder his entire seven years of full-time RVing, and not once did a knife end up on the floor. It keeps your blades within easy reach and out of storage, and you're less likely to cut yourself when reaching for one.

Garbage Can

I've used this little garbage can in my RV for years, and it works perfectly with used plastic grocery bags. A little hack- I put a command strip on the front, hook pointed down, to hook the grocery bag handle over to help keep it in place. It works like a dream! If this is too small for you, get the bigger size.

Sponge Holder

This goes along with saving counter space and reducing clutter. I absolutely love having my sponge hung and dried inside the sink with this holder. It also helps to air it out, as opposed to setting it flat on the counter.

Cabinet "Stairs"

I've had these since before I started full-time RV living in 2015. They are worth their weight in gold, especially in deep RV pantries. Such a simple product, but helps you see and know what is in the deeper parts of your cabinets. I use them as a spice rack and to help see the canned stuff. Legit won't ever live without them again.

Food Storage Containers

You're going to eat, and you're going to have leftovers. This is RV kitchen essentials list must-have.

I enjoy these Rubbermaid ones as they are stackable, disposable if necessary, and affordable. I use them every day.

Disposable Baking Pans For Refrigerator

This isn't going to be a suggestion for baking. Instead, it's the second solution for keeping your refrigerator contents from jumping to their death after a travel day.

Find out which sizes will fit your setup best and pop them in! They help keep things contained and also organized.

If you have groupings of things you need to access all at once, pull them all out in one swoop instead of grabbing every item individually. It's genius for refrigerator storage.

I started using them way too late in my full-time RV life of almost 6 years.

RV Kitchen Accessories With No Real Category

Yes, there are a few RV kitchen accessories that don't fit into any of the above categories, so we present those here.

Swivel Sprayer

This lets you rinse out your sink if your sink doesn't come with a sprayer. It also changes from a single stream to a shower stream by pulling down on it.

It's the lazy-woman's way of having a sprayer without replacing the faucet.

I used this for almost five years before I finally replaced my kitchen faucet. And I wish I had replaced it sooner!

Extra Fire Extinguishers

This one's not sexy, but yes, your RV should come with a fire extinguisher, especially if you bought new. Either way, just one isn't enough. Having extras stashed around the RV is a great idea.

I (Kelly) keep my extra (this one) one in my bathroom in the event I am in there and a fire starts. I have another under kitchen sink. Adding this to your RV kitchen accessories list might save your stuff and your life one day.

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

This sucker collapses, which is great for when you are short on counter space (which is always). It's easy to put away when not in use.

Microwave Plate Cover

This is a must-have for any microwave owner. Once you have one, you'll never have to clean the inside of your microwave ceiling or walls again. The bottom? Sure.

We both took our microwaves out of our RVs since we didn't use them, but we use this one for the house.

Dish Rags

Even in a camper kitchen, you need rags to dry dishes and wipe off countertops. It's one of the essentials, so don't forget to pack some!


A sponge has always been a staple in my RV kitchen items list. I use them to wipe my counters and a separate one to wash dishes with.

If you use sponges at home, you likely also need them in your RV as part of your RV dishes and accessories. Get whatever brand you usually use at home.

LA's Totally Awesome Cleaner

I used to think the product name 'Awesome' was cheezy- until I tried it. I cannot express enough how much I love this magical potion.

It cleans ANYTHING. And does it well, without streaking or other annoyances. It will even get black streaks off the outside of your RV if you need it to.

I bought a half gallon of concentrate in 2015, and it goes so far that I still have half of it left here in 2022. It's all I ever used when on the road. It will be forever in my RV kitchen kit supply.

RVing Beverages

Whether your favorite beverage is water, tea, or coffee, we have you covered! Below are a few items that we have personally used on the road.

Berkey Water Filter

Marshall has had a world-renowned Berkey for years now so he knows he has clean water. So many camping friends of ours have one and love them. We use his in the house now when we aren't RVing.

Check sizes- many available. Consider your size needs and placement before buying.

Electric Kettle

If you like your coffee hot or you want afternoon tea, you could boil some water for it in a pot. But some campers enjoy bringing their electric kettle along.

If you're the latter, Marshall loves this one he's used for a long time.

But dang, it was only $95 when he bought his back in 2014!!

Coffee Maker

This is one of those RV kitchen appliances some cannot live without. If you're one of them, you can bring your regular coffee maker, or, for the sake of space-saving and electricity-saving, get yourself an Aeropress. It's small, light, and needs no electricity, so it's great for boondocking.

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, as well as additional items that we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

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