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Welcome! We are Marshall Wendler and Kelly Beasley. Two RVing friends with a combined 13 years of full-time RV experience.

Marshall has a great technical background and a great attention to detail. He's the technical force/brains behind the Q and A on the site. Kelly has a remarkable ability to write in a style that is relatable and not full of technical jargon. She is the creative force/writer/director of Camp Addict.

Camp Addict is where you get your RVing product answers in one place. More importantly, we aim to be the RVing place that you trust on the internet (usually full of misinformation).

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Where were you 30 years ago when we first started full time RVing? Your awesome videos would have saved us hundreds of dollars, a bad back and countless WHOOPS at the dump station. Newbies should really pay attention.


This article (and really entire website) has been a godsend for me. I was so confused on all of these, but was able to make some great decisions based on this information that will help my family when we go full-time next month! Thank you.


Your site is invaluable. There’s so much more to all of this than any new camper/ RV owner might guess, I wonder just how many people are “winging it” out there. Our research and planning has become a nearly full time job for me. Thanks again!


Your article listing the best RV brands should be mandatory reading for anyone looking to buy an RV. The article describing the market share of the key players and how the different brands are related is also very eye opening. If I had had just these two articles I could have probably saved 3 months of research.