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Best RV Step Covers for Travel Trailers and Motorhomes in 2024

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Your lovely camper has RV steps.

They are a necessity to allow you to easily enter and exit your rig (unless you have unnaturally long legs, ha).

However, RV steps aren't exactly very foot-friendly as they come from the factory. 

This is where RV step covers come to the rescue.

Camco wrap around RV step rug installed

Also known as RV step rugs, these covers do a few things:

  • They make the metal RV steps a bit softer underfoot while removing some of the debris that your shoes may track into your rig.
  • They provide more grip than the standard RV steps when it is rainy or snowy out, reducing the chance that you might take a tumble as you are exiting or entering your rig.

I don't know about you, but I certainly don't want a slip-and-fall accident at my RVs doorway. 

No thanks!

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Guide to RV Step Covers

You like seeing people bust their butts? OMG, we do too!

But of course, it's best to avoid this practice yourself.

Falling in or out of your RV can be a serious and EXPENSIVE business, killing the fun of it all.

If you enjoy seeing people bust as much as we do, here's a little montage for you:

Get Those Steps Covered!

If you watched the video, your memory is refreshed about how easy it is to fall.

Falling is only funny when someone else does it, so we are here to help YOU stay vertical.

We're talking about covering your RV steps with step covers. It's way too easy and cheap of a fix not to do.

Most RV steps are made from metal and they have little drain holes in them with maybe some non-skid tape on them.

Metal is nice and strong, but it gets slick in mud or rain. The holes are very very dangerous if you have a dog.

Their nail can get stuck in the hole and potentially rip out, or even break a leg depending on how fast your pup is going.

That wouldn't be funny at all.

And metal just really isn't the most hospitable surface for your feet, right? Therefore, you can easily purchase RV step covers and install them yourself.

If you absolutely cannot install them yourself, you're either:

A. Super lazy

B. Unable to kneel down to do the job

The point being that step covers are SUPER EASY to install.

Anyone can do it! (Getting up and down from the ground is the only potential hard part.)

Attaching Your Step Cover

Most step covers come with one of two ways of 'adhering' it to your step:

  1. Hooked spring attachment
  2. Zip tie attachment

The step covers have grommet holes in them and come with the zip ties or hooked spring fasteners (that attach through the grommet holes) so there are no extra parts to purchase.

All you will need for installation are scissors or wire cutters if the RV step covers you purchase have zip ties.

Sizes For RV Step Covers

Not all RV steps are the same size.

Here's where you need to do a little manual labor.

Yes, you need to pick up that heavy measuring tape, walk alllllllll the way to your RV step, and measure the width and depth. Maybe even the height.

 We know this is asking a lot, but if you don't, you may end up with a product that doesn't fit.

So, measure! Measure twice, buy once.

RV Step Cover Material

Now, here's a product that needs to be made with very good quality material or it won't last long.

Camp Addict Co-Founder Marshall got the Prest-O-Fit Wraparound Radius RV stair covers and they have worked for him for over 3 years now.

CA Co-Founder Kelly has the plastic type of astroturf stair covers that resemble home doormats.

Hers have worked well since May of 1015. They STILL show no sign of wear in mid-2021.

RV step cover astroturf

CA Kelly's step setup. The height of the cover material adds considerable bulk to the step.

Marshall's need to be replaced. His are made of a short outdoor turf material which is different than what Kelly's cover is made from.

Marshall's 'turf' is much shorter as it's been worn down with use, giving the dirt nowhere to go but to mostly sit on top of the step, ready to be tracked back in.

He needs to change his RV step covers!

(Update: Marshall changed his covers, which greatly improved the look/functionality. Then he changed his steps to ones that don't need covers.)

Prestofit RV step cover wear
Prestofit RV step cover wear


Step covers are pretty simple. There's not too much to know.  

Just a few things- some may be too thick to store your steps for travel, and some work better and last longer than others. 

If you're looking for new step covers, we have reviewed them below. Take a look and find the right covers for you!

RV Step Cover Reviews

RV step covers come in all different shapes and sizes. They also come in various materials.

We have narrowed the field to what we feel are the best RV step carpets you can get in a few different categories.

The amount you can spend on RV step covers varies widely. So does the quality of cover you can purchase.

And if you cover your steps, you can quit worrying about slipping on your stock RV steps.

You will also reduce the amount of dirt and grime you are tracking into your rig.

Folding RV Steps And RV Step Cover Interference

If you have more than one RV step leading into your rig, be aware that adding a step carpet will increase the thickness of the steps.

This may cause issues when you fold your steps into the stored position, as the additional thickness may cause the steps to not fold enough to be stowed.

This is a potential issue for both manually folding RV steps and electrically folding steps.

If your steps will not fold/stow with the RV step rugs installed, you may have to remove one or more of the rugs prior to folding your rig's steps into the stored position.

It's not the end of the world, but definitely a hassle so we wanted you to be aware.

Best RV Step Covers for Dirt & Debris

Safety Step Sand Away

Safety Step Sand Away RV step cover


  • Does a great job of keeping shoes clean
  • Doesn't add too much to step thickness
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Thick (steps might have a hard time closing)
  • Doesn't feel the best under bare feet
  • Your pet may not like stepping on it

The Safety Step Sand Away RV step covers are what you need if you want to have the best chance of keeping the MOST dirt and debris out of your rig.

The astroturf type material is tall enough to get into the nooks and crannies of your shoes and do a great job of keeping 'stuff' out of your RV.

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Best 'Turf Style' RV Step Covers

Prest-o-Fit Wraparound Step Covers

Prestofit 20 Wraparound Plus RV step rug


  • Material feels comfortable under foot
  • Doesn't add too much to step thickness
  • Affordable general purpose step rug
  • Covers holes in steps for pet comfort


  • Not the best at cleaning shoes
  • May be slicker than other options when wet

The Prest-o-Fit Wraparound RV step carpets are a great 'turf style' option to put on your rig's entry steps.

They offer a bit of shoe cleaning ability, feel good under bare feet (if you are into that sort of thing), and cover up the holes in the steps so that your pet isn't afraid to climb in and out of your rig.

Choose your color after you click on the "buy" button below.

Wraparound 18" Wide

Wraparound Plus 20" Wide

Jumbo Wraparound Plus 23" Wide

Wraparound Radius 22" Wide

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Best Gripping RV Step Covers

Prest-o-Fit Outrigger

Prestofit 18 Outrigger RV step covers


  • Great traction when step is wet
  • Doesn't add too much to step thickness
  • Great combination of gripping and cleaning
  • Covers holes in steps for pet comfort


  • Won't clean excessively dirty shoes

The Prest-o-Fit Outrigger RV step rugs provide better traction than 'turf style' covers. This is a consideration if your RV steps are wet often, or you want to reduce the chance of slipping while entering/exiting your rig.

Choose your color after you click on the "buy" button below.

18" Wide Straight Step

23" Wide Straight Step

22" Wide Curved Step

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Best Budget RV Step Covers

Camco Wraparound RV Step Rugs

Camco wrap around RV step cover


  • Decent basic covers for your RV's steps
  • Covers holes in steps for pet comfort


  • Not 'grippy'
  • Cheaply made
  • Don't expect to last a long time

If you are looking for something to cover your RV steps but don't want to spend much money, then the Camco Wraparound RV step rugs are a good choice. They are basic step rugs that do have some drawbacks.

Chose Size and Color

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Best Motorhome Interior Step Rugs

Prest-o-Fit Decorian Step Huggers

Prestofit Step Huggers RV step rug set


  • Ribbed texture provides grip and shoe cleaning capability
  • Makes interior steps less slick
  • Available in various colors to coordinate with interior decor


  • Have to order each piece separately

Have a motorhome with interior steps that need covering up? The Prest-o-Fit Decorian Step Huggers do just that. Available in a variety of colors and having finished edges, these motorhome step covers will make your feet happy as you enter and exit your rig.

Choose your color after you click on the "buy" button below.

Stair Step Rug

6" Wide Landing Rug

8" Wide Landing Rug

10" Wide Landing Rug

Continue Reading Prest-o-Fit Step Huggers Review

Have Incredibly Muddy/Dirty Shoes?

Step covers will only do so much for REALLY muddy/dirty shoes.

Even the best RV step covers for dirt and debris aren't up to the job of clearing off super dirty shoes, especially if the mud/dirt is on the side of you shoes.

This is where a separate shoe cleaning apparatus (yes, we're sure that's the technical name, hee hee) comes in handy.

The Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper is useful when it comes time to clean an extra dirty pair of shoes or boots.

It folds up, so it doesn't take up a lot of space when stored inside your rig.

It has side steps that you use to stabilize the boot scraper when using, or it can be permanently attached to a board for extra stability (though that defeats the whole purpose of having something that folds to take up less space).

Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper
Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper step
Rhino Bilt Folding Boot Scraper brush detail

Use A Portable Step For A Little Extra Reach

There are times when the steps that are on your RV are just too high above the ground. This can make it difficult for people (especially those with shorter legs, or for short legged pets) to reach the bottom step, or to step down onto the ground.

Let's face it, some RVs are poorly designed and the distance from the bottom step to the ground is too much regardless of if the RV is on a hill or on level ground.

The Stromberg Carlson is a folding aluminum platform step that has a top surface which measures 19" x 14". The four legs are EACH adjustable from a height of 6.75" to 8.25". This allows you to level the step on uneven ground, or to adjust the overall height of the platform step.

With a weight rating of 1,000 pounds, the Stromberg Carlson adjustable platform step is tough enough for the job and its folding legs means very storage space is needed to haul this step around.

Stromberg Carlson SA-250 platform step
Stromberg Carlson SA-250 platform step folded

Legs In Folded Position

Stromberg Carlson SA-250 adjustable legs

Adjustable Legs


We believe that the traditional home mat astro turf RV step covers are the way to go. They give the dirt somewhere to DROP whereas the other kinds don't.

The only caveat with this style is that on some RVs, it causes some bulk and might make putting the steps away a little difficult.

In this case, you may have to remove one (or more) of the step covers whenever you store your steps (bit of a pain in the butt, but definitely not the end of the world).

Whatever you choose for YOUR needs, it's best to have a cover for your RV steps, whether it's to replace a worn cover or if you are putting on an RV step carpet for the first time.

If you have a question, make sure to read the comments first. If your question is not there, pop it down below! We are happy to answer relevant, reasonable questions if we can.

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    • Hi Chris,

      I have looked and looked and looked. Haven’t seen it. I would advise you to just buy a regular one, drill holes into it, and use zip ties to keep it together! I did this with my new Winnebago Solis Pocket van using fake turf people use in their yards! Wrapped it around my running board and zip tied it together. Works like a charm.

  • My 2013 Phaeton 35GH has (2) 29″ w x 11″ d steps. I would like to cover the entire step. Is such a size available? If so where might I buy them?


    • Hi Jim,

      We are not aware of any RV step covers that are 29 inches wide. 23/24 inches wide seems to be the maximum width they come in.

      Have you tried posting a question in a Tiffin forum to see what other Phaeton owners are using?

        • Hi Kim,

          You can use the ones that are 23 or 24 inches wide. They will wrap around the steps just fine. They just won’t go out to the extreme edges of your steps, so you’ll end up with an inch or less on either end.

  • We just bought a new Winnebago micro mini – Ordered step covers, but the top step is 13 inches deep (20×13). are there any step covers that will fit?

    • Hi Marilyn,

      Congratulations on your new RV! How fun!

      Unfortunately, we don’t have the time/resources to research this for you, but maybe another reader knows of step covers that will fit?

      Any replies appreciated!

  • I use MOR/ryde International STP-4-30-03H Step. Though the MOR/Ryde camper steps are a bit expensive, I think that if only I had it in the first place, I wouldn’t have had that accident: so I think it is well worth its price for the safety it provides.

    • Hi Emma,

      The MOR/ryde step you mention is really a nice setup. Definitely a heck of a lot more stable than what generally comes in an RV.

      The only thing I don’t like about them is how you have to fold them out if you want to access you rig. Depending on where you are parked, there might not be room to do this. Though I wonder how big of a deal this is in real life (other than if it is pouring out and you just want to get inside NOW)?

      Other than this minor quibble, this is definitely a great, stable way to access your RV.

  • Just found your URL. Do you have way to attach pictures? I’ve got a new camper that I’m doing small projects in that might help other people.

    • Hi Eric,

      Camp Addict isn’t setup to receive user generated content.

      We hope you are having fun with your camper projects!

    • Hey Paul,

      Those definitely look like interesting step covers.

      I recently did away with needing covers when I replaced my steps with quality aluminum ones that actually feel good on your feet. I may have taken out the original steps as I was leaving a boondocking spot this past spring in Arizona. Finally replaced the steps this past month. HUGE improvement!

    • Hey Margo,

      No clue who actually makes the carpets, assuming the sellers don’t. And good luck getting a seller to tell you who their supplier is (assuming they don’t make the carpets themselves).

      Why do you ask? Considering going in the RV step cover business? 😉

  • Have you tried any of the adhesive anti-slip products? My steps are slightly curved, which poses a challenge with a flat, non-flexible piece of course tape.

    • Hi Dan,

      Do you mean like an anti-slip tape? Haven’t tried that. I’d think you’d have to cut it into small strips to make the ‘curve’.

      Keep in mind that this type of tape is going to do absolutely nothing for cushioning the steps, or helping clean the bottom of your shoes before you enter your rig.

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