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The 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets That Actually Exist Right Now

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By Kelly Beasley

Quite often, camping doesn't offer up all the luxuries of home life.

You might have a roof over your head and some type of bed, but do you have a pot in which to pee?


If you don't have a portable camping toilet, and your rig doesn't have an RV toilet, you have a few choices:

  • Do your business out in the woods, if there are any (where legally allowed). But you have to dig a cathole to poo in. You can't just leave it sitting on the ground.
  • Use the campground toilet, if there is one.
  • Oh, well, that's it!
Young women sitting on top of old van

Beyond those two options, you can get yourself a camping porta-potty.

There is a wide variety of models and styles from which to choose.

Honestly, there are TONS of styles and options to choose from!

It's almost as if people love the idea and love to poo, LOL!

Your options are from as basic as pooing in a bucket, to as 'luxurious' as having a toilet similar to your house toilet, right there in the woods.

So how do you choose what will work best for you and your family?

Let's dive into all of the ins and outs, and then we will look at our porta potty reviews.

What's A Camping Porta Potty?

Hey, there are times and places when having your own personal toilet would have REALLY come in handy.

  • Maybe you were stuck in traffic.
  • Perhaps you were in an area where no businesses allowed non-customers to use their bathroom.
  • Bathroom emergency in your vehicle with NO civilization in sight.

Whatever experience you have had, it likely wasn't any fun.

Having a toilet when camping is a necessity more than a luxury for some.

What a portable camping toilet is is just what it sounds like.

It's a container used to do your business in that holds and usually stores your waste until you can throw it away or dump it.

Not all camping areas have toilets available.

If it's a pack it in pack it out place, you CAN NOT go outside in the wild (it's against the law).

You must pack out even your own waste!

Therefore, you need some type of lightweight, portable potty.

8 Portable Camper Potty Benefits

What types of situations might you find yourself in where a portable potty for camping is ideal?

Line of portable outhouses

Let's have a look at some ways portable potties are helpful:

1. Low Budget

There are plenty of solutions here that are very cheap compared to buying a regular toilet for your recreational vehicle or camping needs.

2. Simplicity

If you don't want to have a toilet that will one day need maintenance or repairs, something as simple as a bucket toilet will eliminate (no pun intended) that stressor.

3. Backup Toilet

Once you have it, you have it. If your toilet at home clogs up or your water gets turned off, your camper portable toilet will still be usable!

You can take it with you anywhere, and you'll have it for backup in the event other toilets go out of commission.

4. Camping In Areas Where Leaving Excrement Is Unlawful

Yep, there are places where it's against the law to go and dig catholes in which to poo.

This is to protect the land and water supplies from over contamination.

If you don't have any other toilet available, your portable RV toilet comes to the rescue.

With it, you can successfully camp there and remain a law-abiding citizen.

Wooden man figure standing at toilet urinating

5. Potty Training Your Toddler

Some of the porta potty for camping toilets will easily double as a pot for your toddler to learn to go in!

Many of these potties are much, much shorter than a traditional toilet.

So there you go. More than one reason to have one!

6. Avoiding RV Dump Lines

You might camp at a very popular campground without full hookups.

But you're staying for three weeks.

If you don't use your camper toilet and don't want to use the campground toilets (or there aren't any), you can use your small RV toilet.

It's easy to walk it to the dump station and dump.

You won't have to break camp and drive your whole motorhome or trailer there.

7. Public Restrooms Gross You Out

Yep, you might be one of these people. Fair enough.

Campground toilets are often very stinky and unclean. Instead of suffering through that, you can get yourself one of the toilet tents if needed and go right at 'home.'

8. Family Outings

You might be having a birthday celebration at a park or the beach (will need a tent) or on a river.

No toilets are available? Only if you don't bring your own.

Some pack down and fit into the smallest places, so you can take them anywhere!

Family around campfire roasting marshmellows by an alpine lake

Portable VS Non-Portable Camping Toilets

Like I mentioned above, there is an INCREDIBLE variety of portable toilets for camping.

Some fold down, some store water for flushing, and others mechanically wrap your stuff all tidy into a sealed bag.

The Non-Portable Potti

I want to point out that there's a recreational vehicle toilet type that some mistake as portable.

That, or they are mistakenly calling a small portable camping toilet the wrong name: the cassette toilet.

A cassette toilet is NOT portable, not at all.

It's connected to the inside of a camper, just like a regular RV toilet.

Wherever the camper goes, that cassette toilet goes. Period.

Composting Toilets

That said, we also aren't talking about composting toilets.

A manufactured composting toilet is big and bulky.

Though you CAN take it out of an RV for cleaning and such, it's just not meant to be portable.

People just don't bring a giant, heavy composting toilet on their tent camping trip.

But we shall explore dry toilets, flush toilets, bucket toilets, and folding toilets.

  • Check out the Kildwick toilet, which is a lighter weight, simpler alternative to the traditional composting toilet.

RV Portable Toilet Types

You wouldn't believe how many different styles and designs of camping toilets exist!

We are all used to the traditional toilet with a bowl and water sitting in it.

We go, flush, and are relieved when it doesn't clog, and then we watch it refill.

Your portable camping commode will not be like that. RV portable toilets don't have an unlimited water supply, and some don't have a water supply at all!

Here are a few examples of the types out there:

Wet Flush Recreational Vehicle Toilets

These are usually an all-in-one unit that has a seat, a waste storage container, and sometimes a tank that holds water.

It might even have a little pump to get the water out. The only way they resemble a traditional toilet is the seat.

Bucket Toilets

This type of portable travel toilet could fall into many categories, such as composting toilets or bucket toilets.

They have no water and need no water.

Collapsible Portable Toilets

Any dry toilet systems that don't use a bucket. They also fold down for storage.

They may have a bucket type of container for capture that comes with the system. But it's not a standard bucket.

The benefits are obvious in that you save space because it collapses.

Dry Flush Portable RV Toilets

There are a couple of brands on the market that use a bagging technique that seals the waste so smells are contained.

However, one isn't exactly portable (Laveo toilet).

We cover the other, but at time of publishing, it's out of stock everywhere (The Wrappon).

As you can see, there are many types of small portable toilet for your camping needs.

It's up to you to decide which style suits your outfit the best and which one fits into your budget.

That's next- we will do a deep dive into the ins and outs, pros and cons of each of the camp potty types.

But first, you might be wondering...

Boy holding toilet paper rolls to eyes

Where Do You Dump The Waste?

Ah, the "fun" of figuring out where to dump your portable camping potty!

The good news is you have more choices with this style of personal portable toilet than you do when your loo is affixed to your camper!

This is partly because some of these portable camp toilets use water to rinse, and others use a bag.

The bags are easy- you can throw bags in the trash, opening up ENDLESS possibilities on where to dump.

Otherwise, here are some places you can dump:

  • Public Restrooms: This is one of the most popular choices for RV porta potty dumping. The only possible negative is that you might be shy about toting your waste into the bathroom with other people looking. If you don't care, then there's no issue!
  • Dump Stations: Just like you can dump your RV black tank and gray holding tank at a dump station, you can also take your RV portable toilet to one to eject the contents.
  • Friend's House: If you have a nearby friend who wouldn't mind you dumping your tank into their toilet, well, that's a good friend, LOL!
  • Dumpster: This only applies to dumping bagged waste. If you dump liquids, please, for the sake of the sanitation workers, use some type of absorbing material such as cat litter or peat, or coco coir. Nobody wants to throw trash around only to have sewage spew out onto them. Make sure you're using THICK and durable bags. Don't overfill.

10 Best Porta Potty Toilets for Every Type Of Camper

Best Portable Flush Toilet

Thetford Porta Potti 565e

Thetford Porta Potti lid open

(The Thetford 565e replaced the Thetford Porta Potti Curve.)

This is arguably one of the most popular and best portable camping toilets.

It's attractive, sturdy, it has a large-sized waste tank, and it's good at keeping odors at bay.

Works Like A Home Toilet

It uses fresh water in a tank with a flushing system that rinses the goods down the drain. The pump is battery-powered.

There's a hidden toilet paper holder inside the bottom to use when you're using the camp toilet.

It even comes with waste and water level indicators so you don't runneth over or run out.

The lid and seat resemble a traditional toilet more than any of the others.

So, if you miss your creature comforts when you're at the campsite, this toilet gives you a home feel to help you feel like you're glamping, LOL!

Not The Only Model They Make

Thetford does have other (less pricey) models of portable potties for camping. This one is their cream of the crop.

That said, my only beef is why didn't they include side handles to make it easier to carry?

Thetford also makes other models of portable toilet for camper.

Best Budget Flush Portable Toilet

Seaflo 10L

Seaflo portable toilet

This little camping portable toilet is a lot cheaper than the Thetford.

It comes with a smaller 2.5-gallon waste holding tank. This is smaller than the Thetford (it will sit lower than a traditional toilet).

But for JUST a little more money (under $10), you can upgrade to the larger 5.3-gallon tank. And, of course, the larger tank also makes the toilet a little taller.

The 2.5 gallon size weighs under 10 lbs and holds up to 330 lbs.

It also has a 3.4 gallon freshwater tank for flushing. This is everything you need for the best self-contained RV toilet.

Choose Size

Best Bucket Camping Portable Toilets

Below are three examples of bucket-style portable toilets for campers.

They are exactly what they sound like - buckets used as toilets. Nothing fancy here!

While they might not make the best camping toilets, they sure are inexpensive and straightforward to use.

The real downside is that your waste ends up in a bag, which you get to dispose of.

But let's face it, no matter the style of portable self-contained RV toilet, you are going to have to get a bit familiar with your waste as you dispose of it.

Here are the bucket-style portable toilet reviews:

Luggable Loo

Reliance Luggable Loo

I mean, using the word 'best' to describe this might not be the right word to use.

You're... using disposable waste bags and pooping into a bucket, LOL!

Buckets aside, it IS a cheap and easy solution for a camper porta potty.

It's Just A Toilet Seat

The Luggable Loo is simply a plastic toilet seat with a lid.

It's a toilet seat that fits right on top of most standard 5-gallon buckets (work/construction type of bucket).

You can get the Luggable Loo with or without (seat only) a 5-gallon bucket.

To use it, line a fitting bucket with a disposable bag (Reliance calls their version Double Doodie bags which has a bio-gel, while you can purchase generic bags for less money), attach the seat, go, then throw some coconut coir or sawdust over your mess and put the lid down.

Rinse and repeat!

One of the biggest benefits of bucket toilets or seat toilets is they have zero maintenance issues.

There's almost nothing that can break.

Bucket & Seat

Reliance Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet

Reliance Hassock portable toilet

This is a little bucket within a bucket.

It's 14" x 14" and weighs about 4.5 lbs.

The lid screws on and off, and they offer up a little storage shelf inside for your toilet paper.

This thing is sturdy (It holds up to 300 lbs) and holds a good amount of your 'yummy' waste.

The seat height is about 14" high, so it's not much lower than a regular household toilet.

Author's Favorites

Kelly has and uses the Kildwick toilet system, though she build hers into her van under her dinette so it's not portable. But they DO offer portable units! It's a toss-up between Kildwick and the BOXIO for a portable favorite.

Kildwick's benefit over BOXIO is that you can buy the parts separately and build the toilet into a space permanently.

The BOXIO's benefit is that it's completely washable, all parts. Unrelated buy cool, they also offer a sink or 'washbasin' kit. So if you're doing Van Life and need a sink, you can look into their kit.

Kildwick Portable Composting Toilet

Kildwick complete composting toilet

Kildwick is a German-made composting toilet system that has a lot of advantages. It's portable, obviously. It's way less expensive than the plastic non-portable composting toilets.

They offer an all-in-one box, either pre-built or one you put together yourself.

Additionally they offer parts so you can build it into your RV or other vehicle. It's so easy to dump your bits, no dump station necessary.

Just like the BOXIO, the urine is disposed of in a toilet while the poo (mixed with a substrate such as coconut coir) is bagged and thrown in any trash OR dumped into a compost pile.

Kelly has a Kildwick composting toilet system in her camper van and loves it. Read her review of the Kildwick toilet to learn more.

BOXIO Portable Composting Toilet

BOXIO portable composting toilet

Here's the perfect portable composting toilet with urine diverter for your portable needs. It's much like the Kildwick toilet system, which is also a composting system.

The benefit of this system is the entire thing is washable. So if you want to ever wash the outer bits, you can. Comes with a urine box and a poo box. Sold separately is the (pictured) lift to make the box taller.

The urine is disposed of in a toilet while the poo (mixed with a substrate such as coconut coir) is bagged and thrown in any trash OR dumped into a compost pile.

Best Folding Toilets

These portable camper toilets fold down into a compact state, so they don't take up much space.

Granted, your bucket from the bucket toilet could be used for storing things when not in use.

Regardless, if you need something smaller or more sturdy, this type of camp toilet should pique your interest.

Say you want something in your car for emergencies.

A bucket would take up much more space than a folding portable toilet.

There are some very clever designs out there.

Here are some of the best and most popular ones:

Portable Folding Toilet With Lid

Portable folding toilet

Ok, just look at this thing. Before you have any great expectations, understand that this will perform its job.

But don't expect it to be comfortable! It's LOWβ€”one foot tall, to be exact.

Not For Everyone

So if you have bad knees, can't squat that low, OR have a fragile bootie/thighs, don't go here.

There's no toilet SEAT. There's a rim for you to sit onβ€”a narrow rim at that.

So, yes, it's nice and light and compact. Yes, you can poo into it (using a bag, of course).

Butt (too much?), don't be fooled into thinking this is some great, comfy portable bathroom solution for camping or emergencies.

Smallest and Lightest Option

It's LOW, it's SMALL, and it's not perfect.

But it takes up very little space.

So if space and weight are your biggest limitations, this will work for you as a toilet solution.

Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet

Reliance Fold to Go portable toilet

Here's a portable folding toilet that has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

It weighs around 5 pounds and folds down to a mere 5 inches tall. Not bad!

Having three legs and a longer seat area, this is a sturdier choice for a camp toilet than the bucket toilet seat camp toilets.

Super Portable

When it's folded down, it looks like a suitcase.

It has a handle, also just like a rounded suitcase.

You need to supply waste bags to use this portable toilet. Reliance calls their version Double Doodie bags which has a bio-gel, while you can purchase generic bags for less money.

Sit, go, wrap it up and throw it away.

It weighs just under 5 lbs, so this won't be any kind of hassle at your gathering.

This is another very affordable product.

Best Portable Toilet For Privacy

Greenwaste Go Anywhere

Cleanwaste Toilet System

Before you say 'one can get privacy for any portable toilet,' yes, we know this and agree.

But it's also nice to have everything in one unit and one carrying case, no?

All In One

If this is you, and you don't want to buy everything separately, you can get this arguably overpriced one all-in-one kit.

It contains:

  • Privacy tent
  • Toilet
  • Backpack
  • 15 Go Anywhere Waste Kits

As they promote, and it's true, the tent can double as a changing station and privacy/wind block for a shower.

The toilet claims to hold up to 500 lbs.

Use It Anywhere

It would be great to have at the beach, at an camp gathering, or carry with you on the river when you stop for lunch.

Also, if campground bathrooms aren't your jam, this makes for a good alternative during your stay.

Best Dry Flush Toilet

The Wrappon Green

Wrappon Green portable toilet

This high-tech little toilet came to life in Japan to be of service for disasters, in medical care, long-term care, and camping.

It's much more portable than the competitor, the Laveo (The Laveo is much bulkier with no easy way to carry it).

We don't really view the Laveo as being a portable toilet though they advertise it as such.


While the Wrappon Green is a great product, it's very pricey (close to $1000).

Add in the accessories you need, and it costs even more.

It is a small unit weighing about 25 lbs and it runs off of 120v electricity or 12v electricity (120 volt charging cord sold separately).

They sell a little lithium battery (almost $500) that adheres to the unit or you can run it from a battery of your picking.


It uses special bags to capture the waste. After each flush, the toilet hermetically seals the bag.

Then a new bag automatically becomes ready for the next use.

One pack of bags is good for about 50 flushes. Each pack costs about $60.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do With Toilet Paper?

What to do with your toilet paper depends on what type of toilet you get and how often you dump.

If you're out on the weekend on your own and your loo can hold your waste plus the TP, go ahead and put it in the loo.

That said, some choose not to go #2 into theirs.

Once again- these decisions will be made by you and your situation.

Woman holding 2 rolls of toilet paper under right arm

I have a recreational vehicle with a built-in toilet, and I choose not to put my TP down the toilet.

Instead, I place it in a small lined wastebasket and throw it away.

It saves in black tank space and also helps avoid a clog.

So to sum it up, you can either throw away your TP, or you can put it down whichever toilet system you choose to get.

Do Camping Toilets Smell?

Any good camping toilet should not emit an odor.

Reports have been made about the flush types leaking odors.

They shouldn't if the seals are working correctly.

And if you're using a bag to go into, if you cover your 'stuff' after going, you shouldn't smell anything past what you smell as #2 comes out.

Can You Poop In A Portable Camping Toilet?

Yes, you can poop in a porta potti while camping.

It doesn't matter if you're going in a bag or a portable flush toilet. You can go #2!

What Is The Best Portable Toilet For Camping?

There's no best camp toilet that fits all.

This is because everyone has their own needs, whether it's to spend as little money on it as possible or if it needs to fit into a certain sized space.

The best one is the one you find that works well for your situation. We mention several great options above.

How Do You Clean A Portable Camping Toilet?

You can clean a porta potti using any cleaner to clean your home toilet.

If you are using a flush toilet, such as the Thetford listed on this page, be aware that they only recommend using THEIR cleaning products (disclaimer).

The biggest worry is damaging the flush seal.

But if you don't use anything with bleach, and use X product sparingly, you're probably safe.

Stick to either Thetford's cleaners or use mild cleaning agents, and your seal will likely be safe.

Should I Get A Portable Toilet For Camping?

If you have no permanent toilet, such as one in your RV, we highly suggest getting a portable toilet.

Especially if you recreate in places with no bathrooms!

Can You Use Cat Litter For A Camping Toilet?

Cat litter is often used when using a toilet that requires a bag.

Think of it as a human litter box!

What Is The Smallest Camping Toilet?

The smallest camping toilet we found is the Portable Folding Camping Toilet.

It's small when it's put together (12" x 12" x 11") and folds down to about 2.5 inches tall.

Can I Empty A Camping Toilet At Home?

You can easily empty your camping toilet at home.

Either dump the liquids in the toilet or throw away the bag in your outside garbage.

What Chemicals Do I Need For A Camping Toilet?

You can use any RV toilet chemicals in your camping toilet.

Just be sure to use about 1/10th of what the package says since a portable toilet has a WAY smaller tank.

Family at picnic table by water


There are so many portable toilets out there for you to consider buying.

Which type you get depends on your comfort levels, budget, and need (or opposite) for familiarity.

The best camping toilet for you is the one you're the most comfortable with.

Whether it's a bucket toilet, a flush toilet model with a water tank, or a collapsible toilet, you're sure to find something that works well for you on this page.

  • If you found this information useful, check out what else we have on Camp Addict for those new to the RVing lifestyle (as well as you experienced RVers).
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