Public Land Camping

Camping on public land is a great way to see unspoiled areas of the country while avoiding campgrounds.

There are vast amounts of public land in the United States, much of which is available to RV camp on. Public land camping is something we at Camp Addict do exclusively. Below you will learn all about how you can do it, too.

National Forest Camping

One of our favorite ways to enjoy public lands is camping in national forests. Learn how to camp in national forests so that you can experience pure nature.

Public Land Safety

When you take your RV onto public land, there are definitely unique safety issues you'll be faced with. Learn how to be safe while enjoying public lands.

Dry Camping Tips

Camping without being connected to utilities is called dry camping. Mastering the art of dry camping is key to enjoying off-grid RV camping.

Camping On Public Lands 101

What You Should Know About Camping On Public Land

There are many types of public land. BLM, national forests, state trust, and more. Each has its own set of rules. Each area even has its own set of rules.

There are ways to learn what the rules are before you go. This is just one of the things we teach you how to figure out. 

Public lands are fragile- and they are taking a beating by those who are uneducated about it or simply don't care. Learning what you should and should not do before you go is essential in helping keep our lands open and healthy.

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You also should be prepared to be able to camp there for a few days without running out of water, tank space, food, and battery power.

So that's what we help you out with here. How to do it, how to respect the land, and how to have a great time!

We don't want you getting stuck anywhere, staying beyond the stay limit, or angering any of your distant neighbors.

So read on for more about how-to and how-not-to do things when camping on public lands!