RV Shopping

Walking onto an RV dealer's lot totally clueless? You're chum in the water! (And they loooove your type.) Below are articles explaining what to look for when shopping for an RV.

There are a few things to consider before you set foot on an RV dealer lot. Being even slightly educated means you're MUCH less likely to get taken. These articles will get you off to a good start.

Deciding On The Right RV

Enticing floorpans. Shiny bells and whistles. You MUST know there is way more to consider before making a purchase. Like what though? Here are the most important things to factor in before you buy an RV

Knowing Which RV Brand To Buy

There are SO MANY brands of RVs. Buy a bad brand and you're 'doomed' from the start. Which ones are the best? How do you stack the odds in your favor and not buy a total piece of junk?

RV Shopping Considerations

Beyond type of RV and what brands you should consider, here are some more things you might find helpful before making a purchase.

Which RV Is Right For Me?

MOST RVs will entice you in one way or another. Shiny counters, large sofas, a giant flatscreen TV, a small or large sized camper. There truly are endless options out there. It's overwhelming. These articles will help you figure out what you are truly looking for.

Travel trailer, fifth wheel, motorhome, Class A, Class B, Class C, say what????

If the above is Greek to you, we'd suggest you start out learning about the different classes of RVs. Let's not put the cart before the horse, okay?

Who Makes What And Which Brands You Should Consider

Did you know that the vast majority of RV brands are made by a few HUGE corporations? That's right- only a few truly independent RV manufacturers exist today.

The lack of diversity in RV manufacturers is not a good thing for consumers. Most RV brands aren't worth the money you have to spend to buy one. To put it bluntly, most RVs for sale today are total junk.

Below are a few articles where you will learn who makes what RV brands, and which ones you should consider purchasing. As well as some real-world owner input on their rigs.

RV Purchase Considerations

Here are some more specialized tidbits for you. Once you have decided how important quality is to your purchase, you may be looking deeper into certain types or features. And learn what to look for when buying a used camper.

  • Once you purchase a recreational vehicle you have to make sure it is properly equipped before heading out on your first camping trip. See the following accessory recommendation lists to learn what you should consider buying:
  • Accessories for campers
  • RV trailer accessories

Why Shopping For An RV Is Always Challenging

Before entering the world of RVing, it's all excitement and possibility. What most newbies don't know is what is behind the scenes of the RV manufacturing world.

As mentioned above (somewhere), most RV manufacturers are currently owned by one of four companies. Thor, Forest River, REV Group, and Winnebago. This is not a good thing.


Because they are publicly traded companies. They are only in it for profit. Not for customer support, customer experience, or ANYTHING positive for the customer.

Ok, well, Winnebago and REV Group still seem to have some morals and decent output when it comes to quality. But Thor and Forest River? Oh, no.

Not by a long shot. And again, they own right around 80% of the manufacturer (brands) out there.

But what average Joe knows this out of the box?

That's why we are letting you know. But it's not just about finding the right brand. It's also about finding the right TYPE of RV, the right size, the right amenities in the RV, and so much more.

Fact is that starting out with a GOOD, reputable independently owned brand will get you off to the best start.

RVs are NOTORIOUS for having issues, breaking down, parts breaking, and worse.

So start off with the best brand your money can buy, and go from there. The articles on Camp Addict will help hold-your-hand and understand better what to get and why.

Camp on, friends!