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Must-Have Travel Trailer Accessories

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By Kelly Beasley

When it comes to planning a camping trip, ensuring you have all necessary travel trailer accessories is essential for a successful and stress-free adventure. 

From kitchen essentials to outdoor gear, having the right equipment on hand can make all the difference.

But with so many options available, it can be challenging to know where to start. That's why it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences before diving into the sea of camping gear available both in-store and online.

By taking the time to evaluate what you need and want for your trip, you can make informed decisions and pack your travel trailer with confidence.

travel trailer with awning out boondocking in Valley of the Gods, Utah

Some must have travel trailer accessories can be pulled from your house. 

Just make sure you have these things before you're out so you don't have to travel to the big box store (or get stranded somewhere) on your trip.

That said, here are our travel trailer must haves!

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list below, as well as additional items that we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

Living Comforts

These camping trailer essentials help you sleep better while out on your great adventures, as well as help a bit around your mobile house during everyday life.

RV Bed Sheets

The type and size of the mattress and its orientation determine what RV bed sheets are best. If you have a regular queen or an RV king bed in your camper, you can just use regular queen or king sheets.

If you have an odd-shaped or sized bed, OR if it's in a corner, it becomes a little more challenging to fit sheets.

If you need custom sheet sizes, you can visit Tochta.


If your RV has a regular home-sized bed and you can walk all the way around it, you can use any comforter or duvet that you like.

Fitting a comforter or duvet to your RV bed isn't a precise endeavor. Even if you have an odd-sized bed, a regular comforter or duvet should work fine.

But if you like a clean look and want an easy-to-make bed, Beddy's offers an all-in-one comforter and sheet set.


Don't forget your pillows! Use any pillows you want in your RV, on the bed or decorative pillows on the couch.

Seriously, use what you want. There is nothing special so use whatever pillow you sleep with at home.

Clothes Hamper

You need a clothes hamper! Smaller or even collapsible hampers work great.

We've found collapsible hampers work best for us because we have limited space in our rigs, but if you have a larger, more spacious interior, you can certainly use a traditional hamper.

RV-Friendly Clothing Hangars

Hangars waste a lot of vertical space around the hook. These hangar travel trailer accessories are much 'shorter' and don't make your shirts drag the bottom of a short closet.

Towels And Washcloths

These are essentials for travel trailers that are sometimes overlooked. Have fun with colors! It's a great way to add brightness to your (probably brown) bathroom.

Folding Step Stool

This comes in handy everywhere. It's one of those RV accessories you'll never regret getting.

Kelly's Tochta mattress with bedding peeled back from corner

RV Mattress Topper OR New Mattress

RV mattresses are notoriously awful. It's almost inevitable you'll get a replacement camper mattress.

Or, just get a topper. If you have an odd-sized mattress, cut the topper to fit.

Find the best camper mattress or a mattress topper.

First Aid Kit

This is pretty self-explanatory.

It's good to have some medicines and first aid supplies with you at all times.

Often you will find yourself a long ways from help, so having basic supplies such as this is just the smart thing to do.

Toilet Paper, RV Paper Or Regular?

This is a huge debate in the RV world. You have three choices:

  1. Get whatever toilet paper you want, and don't flush it. Zero fear of a clog.
  2. Use RV-specific TP. But you'll hate it.
  3. Get whatever TP you want and tear it up before you use it. Use plenty of flush water.
5 multi-color toilet paper rolls

This is one of those RV must-haves no matter how you camp, and no, you do NOT have to use RV toilet paper.

Just be careful how you use it to avoid black tank clogs.

Camping Trailer Cleaning Supplies

A recreational vehicle is a small space, but it still needs cleaning.

That said, it doesn't need much! Here are a few RV trailer accessories to help you keep your rolling home clean.

Broom and Dustpan

Every home needs a broom and dustpan. You'll be amazed how much dirt gets into your trailer daily.

Swiffer WetJet

Your trailer likely has such a small floor area that a full-blown mop is overkill. A Swiffer should suffice for mopping needs.

Portable RV Size Hand-Held Vacuum

Here's another of the travel trailer must haves that comes in handy often.

From cleaning sand out of crevices on the floor to getting pet hair off the couch, this comes in handy.

You can even use it to vacuum out the floor of your storage areas. This Dyson works wonders, but there are many hand-helds to choose from.

RV Toilet Bowl Brush

This is self-explanatory. Any toilet brush will do, but be careful not to brush the toilet seal too hard. Some people claim the bristles cause the seal to leak if too aggressive with it.

"LA's Totally Awesome" Cleaner

"Awesome" is all I use to clean everything in my RV. When I say it cleans everything, I mean everything.

Black streaks on the outside of your rig? No problem. LA's Totally Awesome to the rescue! It's one of my biggest travel trailer must haves.

Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment

Let's be clear. A holding tank treatment is NOT a necessary thing to have- unless you are camping in high-heat environments. It breaks down odors coming from black water tanks.

If everything is working correctly, you shouldn't ever smell sewage. If you do, either you flushed with the ceiling fan on, or you might have a blocked vent.

OR, it's very, very hot out, causing odors to seep in somehow. That's when you should use Happy Camper products to help.

Setup/Leveling Travel Trailer Accessories

There are a lot of essentials one needs for setting up. Here's a list of those essential products required to get level, safely set up, and connected to utilities.

Wheel Chocks

Travel trailer wheel chocks keep your trailer from rolling once you disconnect from your tow vehicle.

Not all campsites are level, especially when boondocking.

Even when a site looks level, there's a chance your RV will roll if it's not chocked. Do not skimp on this one.

RV Levelers

There are a few types of levelers.

The most common are leveling blocks that work like Lego's, and leveling wedges, like these.

Blocks are handy for leveling, but they can double as a jack stand or for under your stabilizer feet, so the stabilizers don't sink when on dirt.

RV Wheel Covers

It's essential to keep your tires covered as often as possible so the rubber doesn't harden and 'die' prematurely.

It's okay not to cover them when you are on a trip and moving.

When stored, having tire covers is a must-have for safety.

Sewer Hose

If one thing is ESSENTIAL for you to have, it's a travel trailer sewer hose.

It's used to empty your tanks. Get a good quality hose. A leak or spill will make you regret getting a cheap one.

Most standard hose lengths are 15 to 20 feet, usually sufficient to reach your site dump or the dump station.

If you know you'll need longer, get an extension. You can connect them end to end as long as they have the same connection port, which is almost always a bayonet system.

Sewer Hose Support

This is for use at your RV site. It keeps things flowing downhill and lets gravity help things drain properly.

It keeps your hose off the ground, too.

Hose Splitter

If you would like to have access to running water outside of your camper, get a splitter.

This way, you have outside water without disconnecting your city water (freshwater) supply.

RV Water Hoses

Most often, RVers have two hoses for camping. One is used only as a drinking water hose to fill your fresh water tank. The other water hose is for everything else. But the most common thing people use their 'other' hose for is rinsing their sewer hose. Nobody wants to rinse a poop hose and then use that hose for drinking. Get a white hose for freshwater use and a regular garden hose for all else.

Water Pressure Regulator

All water spigots have different water pressure. For the safety of your RV pipes, use an RV water pressure regulator to avoid a pipe blowout. It's one of the cheapest and best RV accessories for disaster prevention.

Camco 55501 RV power cord 30 amp

Power Cord or Extension Cord

Your rig might have a little storage space that stores your connected power cord. But some rigs don't come with a connected power cord. If that's yours, you'll need to get one. Your rig will also either be a 30 amp rig or a 50 amp. Find out which it is and get the corresponding power cord for your 120-volt electrical system.

If you need more length, get a proper RV extension cord.

Visit our RV electrical cord page to learn more.

RV Bubble Level

If your rig doesn't come with a bubble level somewhere, you likely need one to know when you've reached level. Place it inside your refrigerator to see when the fridge is perfectly level, or put it outside somewhere convenient to see it when you are outside controlling your jack.

Bluetooth Level (Level Mate Pro)

If you dislike getting in and out of your trailer to check if it's level, get the Level Mate Pro. Once installed, you can check the app while in the driver's seat to get side-to-side level. This is one of those travel trailer must-have accessories good for solo RVers with no companion to tell them when they are level side-to-side.

30 Amp Surge Protector/EMS

This is one of the travel trailer must haves you cannot skip out on. If you have a 30-amp rig, you need a 30-amp surge protector (SP) or EMS (emergency management system). An EMS is far superior to an SP in that it protects from many more electrical events, and it does so faster and with more protection. 

But an SP is better than nothing. If you want absolute investment protection, go with an EMS.

50 Amp Surge Protector/EMS

If you have a 50-amp rig, you need a 50-amp surge protector (SP) or EMS (emergency management system). An EMS is far superior to an SP in that it reacts to many more electrical events, and it does so faster and with more protection.

But an SP is better than nothing. If you want absolute investment protection, go with an EMS.

Leveling Scissor Jack Socket Drill Adapter

No one loves manually cranking down their scissor jacks. It's a backbreaking job. Instead of doing it manually, get this jack socket drill adaptor and have the job finished in record time! This is truly one of the biggest must-haves for camper trailer life.

Cordless Drill

The cordless drill will come in handy for your scissor jacks and other projects around the RV. It's one of those must-have tools on a camping trip, especially if you are going out into the boonies.

Coaxial Cable

I mean, if you still watch cable, then get a coax cable for your campsite.

But did you know that there are ENDLESS numbers of shows and movies you can watch over the internet?

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Hulu... get yourself a ROKU or a smart TV inside your RV (and an internet connection), and you'll ditch your coaxial cable in no time.

Outdoorsy Stuff

Kelly and friends in front of Casita

You aren't RVing just to sit inside your RV all day. No way, right?

Then you'll need some good gear to make outside more comfortable and enjoyable.

Here's the list:

Strongback Chair blue gray

Camping Chairs

This is a classic of the travel trailer must haves. But what chairs are the best?

This one is subjective, but we put together our list of favorite and best camping chairs.

Read our camping chairs page.

Folding Table

A side table for your camping chair is nice, but it's also handy to have a larger, longer table outside to place your food, drinks, to eat on, for lights, etc.

A folding table helps so you can fit it into a storage compartment.

Read our folding camping table page for more options.


Exterior lighting comes in handy no matter whether you are at a campground or boondocking.

It's smart travel trailer equipment to have so you can find things outside in the dark. You might even need it inside at times.

Gas Powered Generator

Most bumper-pull trailers do not have a generator. Some toy haulers do, but if yours doesn't, and you want to dry camp, a generator is handy.

It supplies 120-volt power and might (depending on the generator's wattage) allow you to run your camper's air conditioning.

Gennies are also helpful in the event of a power outage, even at your sticks and bricks home.

Gas Can For RV Tow Vehicle And Generator

Of course, if you have a generator, you need gasoline. If you need gasoline, you need a gas can. This one holds enough fuel to run a typical generator for hours and has a very east to use pour spout.

Stylish Camping Galloping Horses RV mat

RV Outdoor Reversible Camping Rug/Mat

A camping mat is one of those super handy RV camping accessories.

It creates a living area, keeps dirt to a minimum, softens concrete pads, and invites you to sit outside.

There are so many good mats out there that it's hard to go wrong with any of them.

Read our camping mat page to see what we recommend.

Campsite Hammock

What's camping without a hammock?

Even if you don't have perfectly set trees, you can get a hammock with its own stand.

They don't take up a whole lot of storage space, and they offer up fantastic relaxation.


Above, when we wanted you to ditch your coax cable, we mentioned getting a ROKU.

It's only necessary if you don't have a smart TV, OR your smart TV doesn't support a streaming service you have and want to enjoy in your RV.

TV entertainment is excellent for full-timers, and for keeping up with whatever is necessary while camping. Lastly, it's a great 'fall-back plan' if it rains on your trip.

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, and additional items that we recommend.

Towing Must-Haves

Every travel trailer that gets towed has particular needs to tow safely and reliably. Here are some of those travel trailer must haves you need to hit the road.

Andersen weight distribution hitch

Weight Distribution Hitch

Almost every RV bumper-pull travel trailer on the road needs a weight distribution hitch. Most systems distribute weight back onto the front wheels of your tow vehicle, keeping the hitch tongue weight from overloading the back wheels.

Additionally, most have sway control as an extra safety measure.

Read our weight distribution hitch page to view our recommendations.

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

If your tow vehicle and trailer come with this, you can skip this item. Otherwise, this is a must-have travel trailer accessory, and it can save you from a devastating or even deadly blowout.

Safety Chain Hangar

A safety chain hangar is one of Kelly's favorite RV gadgets.

There's a certain satisfaction in keeping your chains off the ground and not hearing them drag, even when hitting a dip.

The other bonus is that you're less likely to start a fire during fire season from chain sparks.

This gadget is super cheap and easy to install. Just place it on your hitch and connect the chains.

Tow Mirrors

If you have a heavy-duty truck, it may already have tow mirrors that extend out. Otherwise, look into getting a set that fits your specific vehicle.

They do make generic one-size-fits-all types, and they work.

But it's best to find a custom set of mirrors that fit your make and year of vehicle.

Hitch Lock For Travel Trailers

This (the Mega Hitch Lock) is an almost 100% foolproof hitch lock, so nobody drives away with your lovely new travel trailer when you leave it parked.

There are cheaper versions around, yes, but this one is the best. The others are easily hackable.

Is it worth the price? It depends on how likely you think someone may try to steal your travel trailer.

RVing Apps

While there are many different apps (and websites, for that matter) that give you RVing information (besides Camp Addict, or course!), we have included a few of our favorites below.

Yes, you could fill up your phone with different apps, but these give you a place to start.

AllStays Camp And RV

This app (iOS only) costs $9.99, but it's 1,000% worth it. With it, you'll find almost anything RV related you need.

It lists campgrounds, Walmart overnight parking, dump stations, truck stops, national parks, bridge clearance heights, rest stops, RV supply stores, and MUCH more.

You can also filter for rates, star ratings, amenities, age restrictions, pull thru sites, and more. Once you buy it, it's yours forever. Well worth it.


Campendium is the best website for finding campgrounds and free camping spots for boondocking.

We're good friends with the creators, and they did a fantastic job of creating this user-sourced review site of thousands of locations you might like to camp in.

Most reviewed spots have photos, details about cell service, road conditions, and much more.

In addition to the website, they offer an iOS app and an Android app.

Google Maps

Who doesn't use Google maps already? Even if you don't, you'll want it to plan your route.

You can choose to avoid interstates and tolls, figure out how long a trip will take you, look at dirt roads on satellite view when boondocking, and more.

In addition to their website, they offer an iOS app and an Android app.

Wandering Labs: Reserve

This website (not an app) helps you book a reservation at a fully booked participating RV park.

It constantly checks for cancellations at whatever park you are interested in and then alerts you when it finds one. You must then make the reservation, but knowing WHEN an opening happens is invaluable.

It's free, but you can pay for more frequent checking and other perks.

Essential Tools

Holy moly, do NOT leave home without your tools! There are so many important ones you need in an emergency or equipment failure.


Besides have a weird name, these are a wonderful travel trailer add-on for maneuvering and parking as a team. Walkie-Talkies are also great for communicating when traveling in two vehicles.

This is especially true when traveling through areas with no cell reception.

These are the radios we use while traveling and we consider them travel trailer must haves when traveling together.

Fuse Kit

If there's one camper trailer must-have, it's a box of fuses for your rig. You'll understand the convenience of having some the first time you need a replacement.


Keep a toolbox full of the usual suspects. Keep a hammer, nails, screws, wrenches, sockets, etc. They come in handy.

This is a great sized toolbox that can fit in a storage compartment or in your tow vehicle.

Jump Starter

Can you believe how tiny (and affordable) jump starters have become?! There's no excuse not to have one in every vehicle you own. Never be dependent on someone else to jump-start your car again!

Chose a size that matches your engine's displacement.

Torque Wrench For Lug Nuts

Be sure you have a socket that fits your lug nuts on your trailer and your tow vehicle so you can use this torque wrench to properly tighten them while doing a tire change. 'Nuff said.

Tire Pressure Gauge

You should have a tire pressure monitoring system onboard, but you should also have a manual pressure gauge, just in case.

Check your tire pressure on a regular basis. We check ours before we start towing. Having a blowout due to low tire pressure is very preventable.

Travel With Pets

Many of us travel with fido and/or fluffy. They are members of our family after all! Here are a few travel trailer camping accessories for our furry family members, including a couple that could save their lives.

Food And Water Bowls

You could bring dishes from home or get new ones for your rig.

One thing to consider is non-splash water bowls.

This way, you don't get the floor wet if you forget to empty their regular water bowl before travel day.

Pet Food Mat

Okay, so this one isn't a must-have.

But it is nice to keep the floor from getting grimy from dog slobber, spillage, or wet food from those picky mutts that put it down on the floor before eating.

Elevated Dog Bed

No campground or boondocking spot has a lovely soft area outside for Fido.

If you want your dog to be out with you, it would be nice for them to have a soft bed area like an off-ground dog bed or a regular dog bed.

Remember that a traditional dog bed will likely be in the dirt, pavement, or sand, and won't stay clean.

That's why the platform bed works well in this situation.

Nimble Waggle Pet Monitor

40% Discount

Waggle For Pets

Waggle (formerly Nimble) is a temperature monitoring device. It has its own cellular subscription and cellular connection, so no WIFI is needed.

Even if you are in a campground with full hookups, the power in the park can (and will) fail, or the electricity from your outlet can fail, killing your air conditioning or heater.

If you don't have a RV temp monitor device, your pet can suffer or even pass away in the heat or cold.

Knowing the interior temperature of your rig is a MUST if you have pets. The peace of mind is unmatched.

Read our review of the Waggle.

Cat Litter Box

Yep, you can bring your cat camping! Just don't forget the litter box.

Figure out where it will go first, then decide what style will work best in that area. You'll need the box, litter, and somewhere to put the waste, so it doesn't stink up your RV living space.

We've seen many setups where people created a door inside the trailer that leads into a storage bay area where they put the litter box. Pretty genius!

Cat Scratching Post

Save your RV couch and other furniture by making sure you have a scratching post on board.

Kitty Window Perch

Speaking of 'off the floor', your kitty will enjoy having a way to look out the window and see what's happening outside.

These suction-cup window beds are perfect for just that if you have a window large enough to accommodate it.

"Pets Inside" Stickers

In case of an emergency, having a sticker on the outside letting people know how many pets are inside with a phone number might save your animals' lives in a crisis.

Dog tracking GPS devices

Fi Or Whistle GPS Tracker

These devices are GPS trackers for your pets. We've tried Fi and Whistle.

When you're away from home camping, if your cat or dog gets out, they will likely be lost forever.

If you have a GPS tracker on them, you have a fighting chance of getting them back.

They are also good to have when traveling in any vehicle. Imagine getting into a wreck and your pet getting out and running away.

If it's a remote area, they will likely disappear in the woods or desert and never be found again. A GPS tracking device saves lives.

Outdoor Playpen

There's no need to explain this one. Your dog or cat probably doesn't want to be cooped up in the RV all day.

Get a playpen for them to hang out outside with you when you're hanging out.

Dog Tie-Out

A tie-out is another solution for dogs.

You'll need to make sure it's short enough so your dog can't get into your neighbor's campsite or into the street.

Be aware, most campgrounds will not allow you to leave a dog on a tie-out unattended if you are not present.

Temperature and Moisture Control

Just like your home, your travel trailer needs temperature and moisture control.

Your tiny RV gets hot and cold fast and might have issues with condensation, especially the smaller ones.

Here are some of the best travel trailer accessories for helping with these needs.

Damp Rid

Damp Rid is a travel trailer must have when camping in high humidity areas. Humidity lead to mold and mildew growth in your rig. Stop the issue before it starts and get some damp rid or a dehumidifier (below).


A dehumidifier is the more powerful player in fighting humidity. There are a large number of these portable units on the market.

This one is sized for most small to medium-sized travel trailers.


Just about everyone in the RV world has used Reflectix in their travel trailers accessories' arsenal at one time or another. It's an insulator that looks like rolled-up tin foil. It's placed in windows and skylights; some even line their cabinets with it.

Vent Cover

You can get an insert for your vent fan opening. Some are made of thick foam, and some have foam and Reflectix on one or both sides. It is brilliant for keeping the cold or heat from coming in through your vent.

Mattress Mold Prevention

Most RV mattresses sit on a platform with nothing in between. If you're in even the slightest bit of a humid area, mold is almost guaranteed to grow underneath. Getting space in between the two helps to prevent this issue. There are many products and ways to prevent the mold:

  • Hypervent is a molded polymer with a breathable fabric on one side. It doesn't compress fully, allowing air to circulate between the mattress and the bed platform.
  • Wood Slats: Some people put slats underneath their mattress for lift and circulation.
  • Froli System: There's also a product called Froli, which gives lift but also also adds cushion.
  • HyPUR-Flo- Tochta has a product called HyPUR-Flo that does the same thing as Hypervent.

Luxe Camper Trailer Accessories

These items are not NECESSARILY travel trailer must haves, they're like a bonus to have.

If you're more of a glamper, these RV travel trailer accessories might be on your must-have list!

Portable Ice Maker

I'm not kidding when I say people who love their portable ice machine seem cult-ish about it, they love it so much.

If you love ice and your fridge doesn't have an automatic maker, this is probably a must-have on your camper trailer accessories list.

String Lights

Who doesn't love string lights? They make playful/theme lights, colored lights, party lights, you name it.

Hang them from your awning, from tables, or string them across the top of your campsite seating area.

Awning Screen/Shade

Your awning becomes useless when the sun is low unless you add an awning screen. As a bonus, a screen adds an element of privacy to your campsite.

Clam Tent

Mosquitoes dislike these tents. You can keep the buggers out using a Clam. Also, if it's cold, you can stay warmer in these (just add some sort of heater). It also allows you to stay out of the sun during the summer.

Cornhole Game

Cornhole is a popular campground game. Keep yourself and the kids entertained with this simple game while the other parent barbecues dinner.

Anti-Gravity Chairs

Boy, are THESE NICE. Sit upright or kick back hammock-style and watch the breeze through the trees.The detachable cushion lets you choose more or less squish.

They take up more space than the traditional camping chair but trust us. They're worth it.

Berkey Filter

When you travel, you have zero idea what is in the water from your campsite spigot. Stay healthy and genuinely filter out ALL harmful substances with your Berkey. They do make a travel size.

Blackstone Grill

Here's the grill we were saying dad was grilling on while you played Cornhole. The Blackstone has become popular among campers for its large cooktop and adjustable zones.

Solo Stove

Love a campfire but hate the smoke? Here's the perfect camping fire pit for that. It burns so hot that there is very little smoke to be had once it's going. It's gorgeous, too.

Portable Hot Tub

Talk about luxury! This might be one of the ultimate camping accessories for travel trailers. Really, try to get more luxe! Put it inside your Clam tent, and you've got a party (or just private relaxation)! We've had multiple friends who've traveled with one (they are good friends to have, LOL).

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, and additional items we recommend.


That's a wrap on the mush-haves for a travel trailer. Make sure to check out our RV must-have accessories list which are the items that we recommend for all camper types.

When your rig is properly equipped you will have more enjoyment (and less stress) on those camping adventures. After thousands of nights full-time RVing, we've dialed in what one needs, and what one can do without.

Have fun on your next adventure and let us know in the comments below if you have any favorite gear that was left out above.

  • Are you into lists? Here at Camp Addict we have a few more accessories lists that you can peruse if you want are looking for more ideas:
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