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Online RV Resources

The Internet is a big place. Kinda huge. A bit overwhelming. Finding quality RV resources online can be a bit of a PITA. No fear! We are here to help.

Below is a constantly updated list of RV resources we find useful. Since we find them useful, we are SURE you will find them useful as well!

Check back at your leisure to see what other RVing resources we have added to the list.

RV Organizations

  • Escapees - The premium RVing organization that offers RV advocacy, mail service, RV parks such as Rainbow's End, and a whole bunch of other cool things that you, as an RVer, should be taking advantage of. Not a member? Join today!
  • Xscapers - A lifestyle group of the Escapees, the Xscapers cater towards the younger RVing generation, so if that's you, then join up! An Xscapers membership includes an Escapees membership (same price for one or both).
  • FMCA - The Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) started out as a motorhome only 'club' that offers some pretty sweet member benefits. Recently they opened up membership to owners of towable RVs. If you have a travel trailer or 5th wheels (as well as a motorhome), consider joining the FMCA and take advantage of what they have to offer.
  • The RV Advisor - The RV Advisor is a member-based website that supports the RV community. Our members have access to a comprehensive, non-biased advisory platform that works to hold the industry accountable, on their behalf, by fighting for RV consumers’ rights. Membership includes perks such as discounts on travel, campgrounds, dining, entertainment and so much more. The RV Advisor also offers members an excellent Roadside Assistance Service, and additional services such as Tire & Wheel Protection, Extended Warranties, Virtual Diagnosis, and RV Insurance. Use Promo Code RVAC for a $5.00 discount off membership fee.

Where to Stay

  • Campendium - The premier free resource to locate places to park your rig. Whether you like to boondock, camp in a state or national park, or enjoy snuggling up to your neighbor in a commercial RV park, you can search for a suitable location using Campendium.
  • Boondockers Welcome - For a nominal annual fee (less than the price to stay one night at many campgrounds/RV parks), you get access to boondocking locations in the United States, Canada and other countries where you can stay on people's property for free. How cool is that?
  • Harvest Hosts - For less than 2 night's stay at a cheap campground (or one night's stay at a hoity-toity RV park), you can join Harvest Hosts. This will get you access to wineries, breweries, farms and other attractions that will let you stay at their facility for free. Pretty nifty!
  • RV Parks - Commercial RV park listings for the United States and Canada. Listings by state and province with location and contact information for each location.

Discount Camping

  • We have a complete guide to organizations that offer RV discounts that has an extensive list of ways you can save money on campsites.
  • Passport America - For less than $50 a year you can get 50% off at participating commercial RV parks in the US, Canada and Mexico. If you stay in RV parks, you would be wise to be a member of Passport America.
  • Good Sam Club - Allegedly the largest RV membership club in the world with something like 1.7 million members, Good Sam Club offers discounts on RV park stays and a whole lot more. Their parent company also owns Camping World, so as a Good Sam member, you get discounts there.

Membership Campgrounds

  • Thousand Trails - You purchase an annual pass in one (or multiple) zones throughout the US (5 zones for a total of 86 campgrounds). This lets you stay at each campground a certain amount of time each year. If you do RV parks in locations where Thousand Trails exists, this might be right up your alley. Just be aware of the fine print.
  • Coast to Coast - Coast to Coast is owned by Good Sam (yes, they do own just about everything in the RV world) and lets you stay for up to 7 days (2 times a year) at their network of RV parks. Membership also gives you all sorts of other 'wonderful' discounts. Read the fine print before you buy to make sure you are OK with all the hoops they make you jump through.

Dump Stations

  • Sanidumps - If you are like us and boondock a lot, you are always looking for a place to dump your holding tanks (and possibly fill up with fresh water). Sanidumps is a great resource for finding both free and paid dump stations.
  • Campendium - Campendium isn't just for locating places to stay. You can also find places to empty your RV's holding tanks. Just use the search bar to find a city you are looking for a dump station in, and then you can choose "Dump" from the Category drop-down menu.

Roadside Assistance

  • Coach-Net - Coach-Net offers RV roadside assistance plans for both towable RVs and motorhomes. They also offer other 'protection' products, so go check them out and see if they have something your rig needs.
  • Good Sam Roadside Assistance - Good Sam has a good number of product offerings for the RVer, including roadside assistance. With plans that cover travel trails or motorhomes, as well as your personal vehicles, they have something for everyone. They also offer a stand-alone tire and wheel protection plan.

RV Education

  • RV Education 101 - Mark Polk has been in the RV education business since 1999 when he identified a need for good, accurate RV information. He offers many online videos as well as written material to help you familiarize yourself with using your RV.
  • The RV Geeks - John and Peter have been full-time RVing for over 15 years, so they know a thing or two about the lifestyle. Their YouTube channel and website cover RVer DIY topics with a slant towards diesel Class-A motorhomes (as this is what they call home).
  • Love Your RV - Ray has been full-time RVing for 8+ years. Via his website and YouTube channel, Ray shares RVing tips, how-to's, and upgrades.
  • Maxwell Group - Margo Armstrong has been RVing full-time for 20+ years a number of books on the RVing lifestyle, including many that are tailored towards women.

RVing Technology

  • RV Mobile Internet Resource Center - (Say that 5 times fast!) Run by Chris and Cherie of Technomadia fame, the RV Mobile Internet Resource Center is THE go-to place for learning how to stay connected while on the road. Offering both free and paid resources, there is no better place for people who MUST stay connected while enjoying the great outdoors.

Work on the Road

  • Workamper News - Workamper is a great source for seasonal/temporary jobs that allow you to live in your RV while you work. With both free and paid memberships, you can find all sorts of work camping jobs throughout the US.
  • Workers on Wheels - Workers on Wheels is another good resource for those looking to work while RVing.
  • Live. Work. Dream. - Jim and René are full-time RVers that not only write about their RVing experiences, but have extensive resources on their website that deal with making a living while leading the nomadic lifestyle.
  • FlexJobs - FlexJobs is a subscription based service that helps you find real, vetted jobs that you can do remotely. There are part-time and full-time opportunities. Freelance positions and jobs that pay benefits are available. FlexJobs team of researchers finds jobs in all categories and skill levels with the one constant being they are all telecommuting positions.
  • Live Camp Work - Sharee Collier writes about working on the road. She is able to bring an insight to the topic that is unique. Via her podcast she explores various work opportunities for those on the road.

RV Manufacturers

View a complete listing of North American RV makers and learn about who makes what types of RV.

  • RV Consumer Group - A non-profit, independent organization that has been providing unbiased reviews of RV models and manufacturers since the 1980's. If you want to know what RV brands/manufacturers to avoid and which ones are quality, then check out RV Consumer Group.

RV Dealers

  • Holiday RV - Holiday RV is located in the small town of Poncha Springs, Colorado and is an Outdoors RV dealer (among other brands). We've personally visited this dealer and love how laid back they are - they just unlock the doors and let you do your thing with zero pressure.
  • PPL Motorhomes - PPL Motorhomes is a used RV dealer with three locations in Texas. They only sell used RVs and are the largest consignment RV dealer in the US.
  • Thompson RV - Thompson RV is located in Pendleton, Oregon and has a great reputation. They also happen to be located very close to the Northwood Manufacturing and Outdoors RV factories, two of the most reliable RV brands that we wouldn't hesitate to buy and brands that Thompson sells.

Full-Time RV Blogs

  • Wheeling It - Nina and Paul have been on the road since 2010, with the first 8 years living full-time in their RV in the United States. In March 2018 they shifted gears and headed to Europe, where they currently RV full-time.
  • Mandy Lea - A incredibly talented woman who lives in a teardrop trailer and travels the country as a professional photographer. Check out her AWESOME landscape photography.
  • Live Laugh RV - Ingrid and Al have been living in their RV full-time since 2013. They travel in a 31-foot 5th wheel trailer.
  • Watsons Wander - Tim and Amanda hit the road full-time in 2012 and travel in their Airstream.
  • We're the Russos - Kait and Joe Russo hit the road in 2015. First they traveled in a Class A motorhome. Now they are doing the van life thing,
  • RV Chickadee - Camp Addict Co-Founder Kelly's tales of traveling in her 24-foot travel trailer as a solo RVing woman. She traveled full-time for 6+ years and has now transitioned to part-time RV life.

RV Renovations

  • RV Inspiration - Ashley lives in a fifth-wheel full-time with her husband and writes about how to make your RV feel more like a home. Check out her site for some RV renovation inspiration, unless you really like living in a sterile, boring, beige environment.
  • The Flipping Nomad - Cortni is a full-time RVer that remodels RVs (specializes in Montana fifth-wheels) while living on the road. She does AMAZING work. Contact her if you want to turn a boring RV into your dream house, but don't have the skills (or time) to do it yourself.