Learn RVs

Buying an RV is an intimidating process. Getting educated about the best RV brands and how to buy an RV makes it all much easier. Here the information you need to enter the world of recreational vehicles with confidence.

As a newbie RVer, or a wannabe RVer, there is a lot to learn about these homes on wheels. Even those more experienced campers don't know it all (we certainly don't!). Here you will find information to help you learn about RV types, make a purchase, and tackle upgrades.

Motorhome classes. Types of trailers. Different styles of pick up truck campers. So many types of RVs. Learn the different RV classes so you are an informed consumer.

Oh boy, shopping for an RV is like wading into a pool full of sharks. Salesmen often don't know what they are selling, but they want your money. Many RV brands are junk and not worth your hard earned cash. Become an educated consumer before you go RV shopping.

RV Classes

RVs are broken down into different types (motorhomes, trailers, etc.). There are different classes within each of those segments. Yeah, that's not confusing at all. You've come to the right place to make it easier. Below are two articles to get you started, or you can learn all about RV classes to get your fill of the different types of RVs.

RV Shopping Help

Buying an RV is a huge financial decision, even if you are buying a used RV. Yes, you can get a relatively inexpensive rig costing a few thousand dollars, but you can also spend well over $1 million on a rolling mansion.

The 'best' part of buying an RV is that most brands are pure junk. So it is in your best interest to learn about different RV manufacturers, which RV brands are the best, and how to choose the right RV for you.

Below are three articles to get you on the right track. Read all our articles about shopping for an RV to learn even more.