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47 Best Gifts For RV Owners and Enthusiasts

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By Kelly Beasley

So, you have one of 'those' friends (or spouse)?

You know- the crazy RVer kind. If you're lucky enough, they might take you on a trip one day

This RV gift guide assumes that they already have everything REQUIRED for RVing.

Marshall's CGear Sand Mat

If not, you should head to our RV accessories must-have page. There, you'll find the things they NEED to take a trip.

Here, we offer things they would WANT to have, not necessarily need to have, so, more fun.

Also, it's hard to know if they need something 'necessary' such as a portable power station or backup camera.

Only they know if they need those or not.

Therefore, we offer up great RV gifts, ones that I or my RVing friends would want. Some of these gifts might invoke a laugh.

Others are great RV gift ideas that they will use often.

A few may save a life.

Let's go.

General RV Gift Ideas

We start off with gifts for camper owners that range from the cutesy things you often see hanging outside a rig at a campground, as well as some practical items that most any RVer would enjoy.

Happy Campers Personalized Campsite Flag

"Awe, how cute!" More like "BARF." No matter how YOU (or I) feel about personalized stuff doesn't matter.

You need to think about whether your friend or spouse would like it. Then, act accordingly.

If you don't like them and they won't like personalized stuff, get it for them.

If you like them and they'll like it, get it. If you like them and they hate this stuff, move on.


Camping Themed Clothing

There's a ton of camping and RVing-themed clothing out there.

It's probably best to scour the shelves for something you think your favorite RVer will like.

Think hats, shirts, pajamas, and more.

Quitcherbitching Sign

Getting out there should mean leaving the stress of everyday life behind.This is one of those gifts for RV owners that only goes over well with chill people without sticks up their, well... you know.

We love this sign, and it might be one of the best RV travel gifts your friend gets, especially if they need this advice for themselves, LOL.

RV State Sticker Set

We've all seen these, right? Who CARES where you've been?? But for real, the person who owns this set does, haha.

So, let them have their fun in trying to fill all the states. Don't be jealous that they're traveling and you're not. Just get it for them.

Personalized Door Mat

If one can't have a personalized camping flag because of prissy campground rules, one cannot be denied a personalized mat.

If you don't like these people you're getting the gift for, remember, people will be walking all over and spreading dirt on their name. Joke's on them.

Luci Solar Lights

Campers who dry camp especially like Luci lights because they need no power to recharge. It's a super practical gift. Little munchkin kids are usually fans, too.

Dry camping or not, this little accessory is a cool, useful light. We especially love the ones with multiple color selections. Some even have USB charging ports.

Solar Mason Jar Lights

Here's another pretty light setup that also adds a little mood.

Your recipient can hang them up around the campsite, making it feel a little more like home.

Which is good, long as they like their home, hee hee, you never know.

Propane Fire Pit

Your pyromaniac RV friends would be super disappointed to find out there's a fire ban where they are camping.

That said, you can swoop in and be the hero by getting them a propane fire pit.

In some cases, they can still have a propane fire, as these don't produce sparks or stay hot even after the flames are long gone.

We have used this one many nights with friends. It works great and is easy to use.

It doesn't take up too much storage space, but you may want to inquire first to see if they have room to carry it.

Book: The Most Scenic Drives In America- 120 Spectacular Road Trips

RVs were made for driving. But humans are lazy. They need to be shown where to go.

Enter this book. It's one of those great gifts for RVers that move their RV and sightsee.

Inflatable Couch

This might be a fun gift idea, or it might annoy the heck out of the RVer in your life.

Can they run? Because that's how you inflate it. It might be a very funny gift, primarily for your benefit, especially if you can watch them try to inflate it.

Book: Reading Nature's Signs

Chances are that even if your friends are new RV owners, they likely have every electronic device with them on their trip.

We understand. But the benefit of camping is to get away and to be in nature, right?

Give them a book that helps tempt them out into nature more. They might appreciate this one.

Cornhole Game

For whatever reason, this is a popular RVer game.

It doesn't take too much brain power or skill, and it seems to invite others to come and play.

This set is collapsible, so it's easy to store for RV campers, and it also has a carry bag for storage.

Best Gifts For RVers That Love Cooking

Everyone has to eat, right? Eating requires some kitchen time.

Here are some gifts for a camper owner that help around the tiny kitchen of their home on wheels.

Or the campfire at night when it is time to do that thing people love so much - roasting marshmallows over an open flame.

S'mores Sticks

Kiddos will especially love- oh, who are we kidding? Adults love S'mores just as much as kids do.

It's nice to have dedicated sticks to get the job done. These sticks are made to do just that.

They come with a handy-dandy case to keep them organized when not in use. These make perfect gifts for RV owners.

S'mores Carrier

Having s'mores sticks is one thing, but how is anyone expected to bring allllll those crazy, droppable ingredients out to the fire in one fell swoop?

By using a S'mores carrier, of course! Pack in the sticks, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers into this little kit and easily carry them to the fire in one neat bundle.

The kids will especially love it.

Funny Camping Kitchen Towels

This is boring but handy.

Maybe they already have some kitchen towels, but do they have CAMPING THEMED kitchen towels?

Ok then.

Camping Pot Holders

Again, they may already have pot holders, but do they have CAMPING THEMED pot holders?

If their campsite neighbors see them with ordinary pot holders, they might feel embarrassed.

Instant Pot

If your intended gift receiver loves to cook, chances are they already have an Instant Pot.

But if they don't, this is the perfect gift for their RV.

They come in a very small size, so if counter space is a problem, go with the small one if possible.

Less Exciting But Practical Gift Ideas For Camper Owners

Practical gifts for an RV owner are more your style?

Fine, be that way!

We've got you covered with the below offerings, some of which are very practical and others toe the line between practical and fun.

First Aid Kit

Boring!! But extremely useful when the need arises.

Swoop in as the practical friend and give them a gift they'll very well appreciate one day, especially if they have kiddos.

Most especially boys.

Step Cover

Ok, this one may seem boring, but it is a practical gift.

It could actually be one of the best RV gift ideas because it might save them from a broken wrist or leg.

Exposed metal steps are slippery when wet (Bon Jovi, amiright?). They can also catch a dog's nail if it has holes in it.

So, if they don't have step covers, this is an excellent gift for a camper owner.

Keyless Entry Lock

Honestly, I never got myself a keyless entry door lock on my travel trailer, and I know when I get one, I will regret not doing it sooner.

Not needing to keep up with and drag around keys is a luxury.

The door lock is a bit pricey compared to the other gifts for people with campers, but it's one that you'll be remembered by fondly every time they need to unlock their RV.

Jumper Battery

This is a great gift for RV owners, but it's also something everyone should have in their everyday travel vehicles. I consider this battery to be a little miracle.

I have one in my Toyota, and it has saved me from being stranded and from being at the mercy of a stranger.

Get your favorite RVer one for their motorhome or tow vehicle.


Unless they already pack a hammock, this is the perfect gift for their adventures, whether they are full-time or weekend warriors.

Selfishly, if you go on a trip with them and love lounging in a hammock, well, genius!!!

Camping Hair Hat

OK, so it's camping-themed. And it's relevant since when most people camp, they tend not to care how they look.

So this hat is one of those good gifts for RV travelers. It's basic, cute, and practical.

This saying comes in a T-shirt, too. Check Amazon. Super easy to find.

Camper Apology Pillow

So, backing up or maneuvering an RV in a campground is probably one of the top most stressful things about camper life.

This saying is not uncommon among couples. Giving them this pillow should invoke a good laugh.

Makes a great gift or gifts for RV owners that are couples.

Or, give one to your spouse, but don't substitute it for saying this in real life, bozo.

RV Minders

Every RVer has seen it- the 'idiot' pulling out of the park with their steps still out.

Or their antenna is still up. Or the dog still tied out at the campsite, maybe the wife lounging in the hammock, LOL.

This clever little idea helps prevent accidents. The RVer puts these rings on their steering wheel.

Takes them off as the job is completed. When all rings are gone, they have done all the chores and are cleared for takeoff.

Book: 100 Parks, 500 Ideas

Humans are lazy. Help your human friends find the things to do. The internet is overwhelming. Books, not so much.

It's a great, brain-easy thing to have a bunch of ideas in a book. And hey, look, it's about places to visit!

Perfect camper gift idea for your friend on wheels.

Rumpl Blanket

When it's cold outside, you need the perfect snuggly blanket to cuddle up with around the fire. No, the fire is often not enough.

Plus, it likes to aim its smoke towards you, so you can't get TOO close without getting smoked out.

So, a good light blanket that doesn't catch crap off the ground if it drags is one of those priceless RV accessories to have.

For RVers With Pets

Pets pose a special set of issues in the RV lifestyle.

Temperature and keeping them from getting lost are two of the biggest challenges.

The best gift for RV owners that are pet owners are gifts that help them keep their furry companions safe and happy.

Here's what I have used that has worked wonders for my two (now one) dogs.

Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor

l won't camp without this in my RV in extreme temperatures (if I am traveling with my dog).

Having a temperature monitor saved my dog's life once in Florida.

If your RV friend is an animal owner, they should know temperatures in an RV can swing radically and fast.

If their heat or AC goes out, they need to know immediately. This is their solution. I love mine and cannot recommend it more.

Click on the green button and receive 40% off the purchase of the Waggle unit (not applicable to the subscription).

A monthly fee is required for the monitor to work.

If you're a REALLY good friend, you'll provide a year's worth of monitoring, too. Just sayin'.

Lighted Dog Collar

This is a fully lit LED โ€œcollarโ€ for your pet. We love that it recharges via USB, so no batteries are required.

Itโ€™s bright, comes in different colors, and helps you keep track of your pet in the dark.

Great for Boondocking or using on your partner if thatโ€™s your kind of thing.

Pet Emergency Stickers

RV fires are a real danger. Time is of the essence, so if the RVer in your life has pets, these stickers may help others get their pets out in time if they aren't home.

They are also good for other emergencies.

Whistle Pet GPS Tracker

Here's another life-saving product for your animal lover camping friend. I used it with my late dog, Trixie.

If a dog or cat gets out while camping, there's often no finding them.

If one keeps a GPS tracker on their pet, long as they are within cellular range, they can find them and recover their pet.

This is another priceless gift. Do know that it requires a monthly fee.

Dog Paw Cleaner

Sure, they can just get a towel and attempt to clean their dog's feet.

But towels don't get in and around toe beans and nails.

This nifty paw cleaner does just that. Insert some water, insert paw, agitate, and boom- cleaner dog paw.

Great Gifts For RV Owners With A Sense Of Humor

Life's too short to not have a sense of humor. You know that right?

Assuming your RVing friend enjoys a good laugh, check out these fun gifts for RV owners.

Dissolving Swim Trunks

Hee hee hee... get your husband or lover some dissolving swim trunks for your trip to the lake.

Best if you can be there in person to watch the hilarity ensue.

Better be sure you know their sense of humor for this one to work well.

Poo Book

Boy, do RVers love to talk about poop (you'll only understand if you are an RVer). It's true.

So that makes a poo book the perfect gift, though slightly on the gag side.

You may intend it to be a gag, but likely your RVer friend will find it more useable, used, and talked about than you realize.

Shitter's Full Keychain

Keeping on theme, who doesn't know this famous scene in this famous movie?

Any non-snooty RVer would love to have this keychain for their motorhome keys.

Better yet, make it one of their Christmas gifts. Haha.

Gift Ideas For RV Owners That Love To Drink

RVers like to drink. Some like to drink a lot. The below gifts for RV lovers all have to do with imbibing.

These may not be the best idea for those campers with a drinking problem unless you are an evil person. Except for the last one. Anyone can benefit from that!

Funny Camping Sign

Camping and drinking seem to go hand-in-hand. This camping sign alerts fellow campground people that: 

1. Your friends are drinkers, and

2. They might know how to party

And if they don't like it, they can paint over it and write whatever the heck they want on it.

Wine Tumbler

Wine and vacations go hand in hand. RVing holidays are no different, except people bring their own kitchen and supplies.

So, this stainless steel unbreakable wine tumbler with a cover (think gnats) makes the perfect gift for that alcoholic in your life! You can find this saying on coffee mugs, too.

Just search Amazon and boom.

Book: Camp Cocktails

Are you starting to see a theme?

It's a great gift for camper owners that like to have an evening cocktail but need some help in the creative drink department.

Perfect to add to their alcohol kit!

Mixology Bartender Kit

Your lush-loving friends will DROOL over this bartender kit to keep the essentials of making cocktails handy right on their bar or countertop or even out on the picnic table.

It even comes with a cute little rope to hang it.

You might win for 'best Christmas gift' with this one.

Keychain Bottle Opener

Here's a cheap RVer gift you can buy.

So many men have arrived at their campsite with a cooler full of beer, but they forgot the bottle opener.

Stick one on their keychain, and they'll always have it. It must have camping stuff on it, so here's a 'happy camper' one to make it relevant.

Portable 12-Volt Refrigerator

Who has time to go into and out of the camper to fetch fresh beer or margaritas?

Get your buddy a portable refrigerator for outdoor use and have that liquid fun and ice right out where you need it during the campfire. Are these pricey gifts for RV owners? Yes (there are cheaper versions out there).

But hey, are they one of the best gifts for RV owners that like to drink? Also yes.

Gift Cards and Membership Gifts For People With RVs

Gift cards are a "can't go wrong" type of gift, especially for those who are too lazy to figure out what your camping friend really wants.

An RV club membership makes great gifts for new RV owners as it lets them explore available options. Heck, they make an excellent gift for ANY recreational vehicle owner!

Walmart Gift Card

This might seem super non-personal, but we don't know a single RVer that doesn't stop at Walmarts during their travel.

Some even stay for a free overnight, so standard practice is to patronize the store as a thank you.

Yes, camping overnight at Walmart is a very popular thing amongst RVers.

America The Beautiful Annual National Park Pass

What average functioning human doesn't like nature and National Parks? The thing is, one is more likely to go if it's free, and entry is only free a few days per year.

So, get them a pass that's good for a year, and if they're your neighbor, they'll go away a few weekends, and you can have that blowout party without them calling the police on you.

If they are a senior, they will have to verify age, so just give them the cash and let them buy the pass.

Oh, yeah, these passes are good at more places than just national parks. They are valid at over 2,000 federal recreational locations.

Harvest Hosts Membership

You can't go wrong with this one. A Harvest Hosts membership is one of those RV camping gifts that they can use to camp in places they couldn't otherwise and save money doing it.

Business owners (or land owners) allow a night or two for RVers to stay at their business overnight.

It's often breweries or wineries, so the partaking in the testing of product comes naturally. Additionally, they get an experience out of their stay!

Boondocker's Welcome Membership

This membership is like Couchsurfing but with your RV. Home and land owners with room allow RVers to park on their property for free (minus the cost of the membership, of course).

This gives campers more options for places to stay and saves them money on annoying campground costs.

This is one of the best gifts for RV campers, especially those who like to dry camp.

Allstays App

Not really a membership, but sort of, this is an all-in-one app that costs just under $10 that is pretty priceless to any RVer.

It helps the traveler find propane, campgrounds, gas stations, specific RV-related stores, and so much more.

It's an inexpensive one-and-done purchase that will last them the rest of their camping lifetime.

Escapee's Club Membership

Escapee's offers many benefits, from mail service to receiving their magazine to discounted campground stays to finding a support/social network.

$49.95 gives them a year's worth of membership. They are one of the best gifts for RV owners that travel and want some community. We have been members for years and love the club.

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