RV Electrical Product Reviews

When it comes time to upgrade one of the many 12-volt electrical products on your RV, you need to know what is the best choice. Find the best RV electrical reviews here.

A recreational vehicle has two separate electrical systems: 12-volt and 120-volt. Below we review products that help get shore power (120-volts) to your RV and products that use the 12-volt side of things. FYI- the majority of RV electrical systems use the 12-volt system. We also have guides explaining how the different systems work.

12-Volt Electrical

The 12-volt part of an RV's electrical system is what powers the majority of electric devices inside your recreational vehicle. It shares many things in common with a 'normal' vehicles electrical system. 

120-Volt Electrical

When you plug your RV into shore power (a power pedestal at an RV park, for example), you are plugging into a 120-volt electrical source. An RV has a way to convert this 120-volts into 12-volts to power items and charge the onboard battery.

RV Electrical Product Reviews

Whether you are looking for a new electric jack for trailer use, portable generator, solar panels for camping, or a RV backup camera system, you'll find reviews for these items (and more!) below.

You will also find RV extension cord and RV surge protector reviews for those times when you need to plug into shore power. Browse the best RV product electrical reviews below and find the right product for your needs.

RV Electrical Product Guides

Electricity can be a confusing subject, and recreational vehicle electrical systems are no different.

Here you will find guides to help you better understand individual electrical items, as well as guides to help you understand concepts such as RV solar panels.