Overnight RV Parking

Finding a place to stay just one night comes in handy when you are driving to your camping destination. Learn what your best overnight RV parking options are below.

Many RVers need a quick place to stay overnight when traveling from one place to another. A campground is not always necessary. There are certain places that welcome overnight RV parking. Read on below to find out where you can park for a single night while heading to your camping destination.


Does Walmart allow overnight parking? Is it safe? How do you know if you can park overnight at any given Walmart?

Truck Stops

Truck stops may be a tempting place to pull into for a quick stay. But can RVs stay at truck stops??


Where else can you park your RV overnight? Are there other legal options to camp while traveling?

Overnight RV Parking 101

All About Overnight RV Parking

You may or may not already know that you don't have to stay in campgrounds for quick overnight stops. There are quite a few choices out there that are perfect as well as free.

Many big-box stores will allow overnight parking if you ask ahead of time. (Some don't even require you to ask)

Stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Cracker Barrel, and the best known- Walmart often don't mind a one-night stay. Especially if you are going to patronize the store in the AM or PM while there. There are things you should and should not do when staying.

Walmart RV parking

Is this considered overnight Walmart 'stealth' parking? LOL! 

For instance, it's taboo to put out slides or put down your stabilizers. You're not supposed to be getting comfortable or 'camping' per say. You're parking and going to sleep. Not putting out your grill and having a cookout.

There are other choices as well. Truck stops, gas stations, and some rest stops will also allow you to stay for one night. You should check before you try though. Some city ordinances do NOT allow overnight parking, whether the business objects to it or not. 

In these cases, you will likely get a knock on the door from the local police telling you to move. This can be very uncomfortable if it's late and you don't have a destination nearby to go to. Plan ahead and make sure you can stay. This might mean making some phone calls. 

Ask first, don't get too comfortable (ie keep slides in if you can, etc), leave early in the am, patronize the business before you go, and you should be fine with most overnight parking you do.