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Luxe RV Accessories for 2023

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You live the good life. You want the best of the best for your recreational vehicle, so you need the BEST OF THE BEST! This page is for you if you're more into GLAMPING instead of camping. Here are some fun accessories that will make your camping trip as luxurious as it can possibly be. 

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Smokeless Campfire

If you love a good campfire but hate the smoke, this is your solution. It's a sexy looking campfire that puts out little to no smoke. It's a wood burning fire pit, so you can use fire-starters to get this RV accessory flaming hard and fast.

Portable Satellite Dish

King makes antennas for DirecTV and Dish specifically for your RV. Who watches just television anymore? For many RVers this is a must have RV accessory, but it's still a luxury. You can take your satellite TV with you on the road so you don't miss your favorite shows. If you consume it at home, camping, or full-timing, likely this will be a camping must have for you.


Maybe you're more of an online entertainment consumer (Or both satellite as well as online). Yes, you can connect your television(s) to a Roku stick to watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, etc on your TV sets. Don't most of us consume mainly online entertainment nowadays? You can consume it on your big screen TV sets with this cool RV gadget called a Roku.  

Awning Shade

Keep your business to yourself and shade the sun from your party with an awning sun shade. Some shades are hard to see through so you get sun protection as well as some privacy with this RV or motorhome accessory.

Instant Pot

You really haven't heard about the Instant Pot craze? This is especially helpful in the kitchen if you are dry camping as it heats so quickly you use less battery power overall. Also for use in your home, of course, but this is definitely one of the hottest camper kitchen accessories out there. It can easily become a favorite RV essential or home essential gadget.

Cellular Booster

The We Boost cellular booster will give you better service where it's dragging. Hot Tip: Do NOT count on campground WiFi. It's going to be slow and you can't rely on it for streaming. In fact, most campgrounds ask you not to stream since it takes up so much bandwidth. You live the luxe life- bring your own Verizon or AT&T service with you as one of the best bonus motorhome accessories. And boost it when necessary.

Clam Shelter

Camping in windy or cold temperatures is no fun. A  sweet portable shelter can keep you warmer, keep the bugs out, and provide some privacy for your outdoor get togethers. If you want to be outside a lot, this is easily an RV must have.

Portable Generator

If you purchased a travel trailer and plan to ever dry camp, you will need a generator to live comfortably unless you have a massive solar and battery setup. With a generator, you can use all of your electrical outlets, appliances, and possibly your A/C depending on the size generator you purchase. This is one of the best camper accessories you will ever get. Learn more by reading about the best quiet generator for RV use.


If you don't want a fully-enclosed Clam, simply get this canopy. This is great to make a space that is shaded so you can chill outside or entertain without getting fried. Comes with weight bags and sides you can add for privacy or to block wind.

Outdoor Screen Room

Now THIS is luxury while camping! You can have your own fully enclosed screen porch to keep out the bugs and keep your privacy. Greatly expand your living space and use it to cook, play games, and let your pets and/or kids roam around in. 

New Entrance Stairs

If you don't like your current stairs, this is an upgrade that you  won't regret. These are adjustable in height and make it very easy to get into and out of your rig. This is easily some RVers favorite travel trailer or motorhome accessory.


No grill at your campsite? Doesn't matter. YOU have one! (And it's bound to be much cleaner than any campground grill.) This one doesn't doesn't take up much space in your storage. This very popular grill does the job just fine!


Well, the conclusion here is that you want and 'need' some killer accessories. Whether it's a cool RV gadget, an Airstream accessory, or fun camper supplies you are looking for, well, we're sure that you just had fun with what is on this page.

Have some other ideas for the best camping accessories for the luxe life? Let us know in the comments below. 

View List On Amazon

You can view all of our recommended items directly on Amazon by visiting the Camp Addict Amazon Storefront. You will find all the items we list on this page, as well as additional items that we recommend you consider taking on the road with you.

  • Hey Kelly and Marshall – thanks for this list and for the “must have” list – awesome recommendations! In a couple months, my wife and I are headed out on a year long RV adventure in a wrapped RV. We’re doing an experiential marketing trip to meet people and promote our outdoor gear company, OME Gear. Doing all the research now to learn and your site and information is super helpful! The only thing missing on the must have list is bourbon. haha. Much appreciated, you guys!
    – Jules

    • Hi Jules,

      Have a wonderful time on your trip! And thank you for the kudos. : ) Also, you’re totally right. We forgot to include the alcohol category for must-haves! LOL! Cheers.

  • I’m glad I found you! My wife and I have dreamed about traveling for 38 years. Now it’s getting close. We are planning an 18 month trip around the US and Canada before we settle down and buy some land for our forever home and my huge fabrication shop anywhere away from California…

    • Hi Brady,

      Sounds like it’s about time you and your wife got that long term wish!! And yeah, not much public land in California- I love visiting the state but don’t think I want to live there. 18 months is a good chunk, hopefully it will be as amazing as your daydreams of it are!

      Glad (and hope) we can help you get there! Let us know when you hit the road.

    • You’re very welcome, Sharon! You’re in for quite the adventure.

      Thank you for commenting on Camp Addict! Our fans are our favorites!!! XOXO

  • I’m wondering if we can buy something from you to install ourselves. We need a 12″ trash compactor and no one seems to have one for our home. They said the only place that uses that size are RV manufacturers. So here I am! Can you let me know if that’s possible?

    • Hey Chris,

      We aren’t familiar with any trash compactors as we don’t use them in our own rigs. Nor are we a supplier/distributor so you cannot purchase directly from us.

      I’ve actually never seen one in an RV, nor do I know off the top of my head, any of our full-time RVing friends that actually have one. Space is tight in most RVs, so having something such as a trash compactor is not a normal item because it takes up room that otherwise can be used for something else.

    • Sure thing, Barry! We need to add some things as more cool gear has come to our attention/popped up in the RV world. Glad you found this page and have fun with your new ventures. : D

  • May I suggest this also? The small vent fans included on many rv’s in their bathrooms in severely inadequate. Buy a Fantastic Vent fan and install it yourself or have someone do it for you. On both rv’s we’ve had I did this- there were 2 of them- one in the living room/kitchen area and one in the bathroom. They move a lot of air quickly and quietly. They will save you from using your a/c on days when it’s somewhere around 85 or less outside. We use ours with the screen door- very pleasant.

    • Great suggestion, and we couldn’t agree more! RV roof vent fans can certainly be a lifesaver, especially when boondocking on those hotter days when you really wish you had a little AC action.

      Our preference is actually the Maxxair units as we feel they have a few key features that the Fantastic fans don’t have, but you really can’t go wrong with either choice.

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