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The Perfect Guide To RV Sheets: What You Need To Know

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By Kelly Beasley

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep, don't they?

Especially while on a camping vacation, there's nothing better than having the best RV sheets to crawl into after a long day of exploring and discovery.

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But when it comes to camper bed sheets, where does one purchase them?

And how do you find linens that fit your odd-sized RV bed? For example, finding the right-sized RV bunk bed sheets can be 'fun.'

It's not that hard, but there are a few things you need to know about RV camping sheets.

Let's learn about it.

What's Different About RV Mattress Sheets?

In most ways, RV bedding sheets are not unlike regular ones, and there's nothing special they need to possess.

They only need to fit. Just like regular sheets, they vary by:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Materials

Where camper sheets differ the most from 'traditional' sheets is (sometimes) the dimensions.

Some mattresses in recreational vehicles are different from the standard size you are used to seeing.

Therefore, the 'hardest' part of buying sheets for your RV mattress is knowing the dimensions of your bed.

And that part is not hard. Tape measure to the rescue!

Refrain from assuming that your queen-sized-looking mattress is, in fact, a true queen.

Queen mattresses in motorhomes and travel trailers might be called a 'Queen short,' a few inches shorter than a regular queen and therefore require short queen sheets.

Therefore, measuring your mattress is almost a requirement. Once you know the size, you can proceed.

Features To Look For In Your Bed Sets And Sheets

Camper beds often come with their own set of challenges regarding RV bedding.

The bed might be against a wall, and it isn't easy to make if you cannot walk around the bed.

It may be a murphy bed that folds up into the wall for day use. Or it might be an odd size.

Toy Hauler garage bed and sofas

This type of Toy Hauler bed is a good candidate for the all in one style of bedding solution we talk about next.

There are alternatives to a conventional camper sheet set and products that can make making your bed (and stripping) easier.

More on that next.

Easy To Make/Easy To Remove Camper Sheets

If your camper bed is against a wall (or three), you can make things easier using alternative styles of camper sheets and comforters.

Here are two great options:

"QuickZip" Fitted Sheet

The QuickZip makes ANY bed easier to strip and make.

The fitted sheet is usually the hardest part to change since you have to lift the mattress.

The QuickZip are RV-fitted sheets with zippers that allow you to remove the horizontal part of that sheet for washing. Because you are never touching the sides, right?

The sides don't get dirty nearly as quickly as the top, right?

This is a genius invention. It makes changing the fitted sheet SO MUCH EASIER!

The video below shows the benefit perfectly. (Shop QuickZip on Amazon.)


Beddy's is a product that acts like a fitted sheet with a sleeping bag.

Instead of individual sheets, you place this entire item on top of your mattress. It fits your mattress like a fitted sheet, but it has the sheet and comforter attached.

It's all one piece. To make the bed, you zip it up.

To sleep, unzip, slide yourself in the sack, and call it a night.

This makes for easier bed-making each morning.

Beddy's Discount

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Camper Sheet Materials And Benefits

Honestly, any RV linen material you decide on will work.

There are only a few factors to consider when making this decision:

  • What materials do you prefer (soft, breathable, wrinkle-free, wick away moisture, deflects dust mites and allergens for allergies, etc.)?
  • What temperatures will you mostly camp in (flannel or lightweight)?
  • What climates will you mostly camp in?
  • Whether or not you need a solution for a corner-type bed.

Regular-sized sheets come in many types of materials. Some are more durable than others.

Some keep you warmer than others.

As far as pilling goes, the longer the material fibers, the less prone to pilling the fabric will be.

This equates to more expensive sheets, which is not surprising.

Natural materials tend to pill less than synthetic ones. (Bamboo, silk, linen, etc.)

Here's a rundown of some of the most popular materials you're bound to find:

Egyptian Cotton

Authentic Egyptian Cotton is considered a 'luxury' fabric (hello, swanky travel trailer sheets!). Egyptian cotton is an extra-long fiber compared to regular cotton.

It has a smaller diameter, so it produces a super smooth and soft cloth. Beware of fake advertising, though.

Look for ELS (extra-long staple) on the package for authentic Egyptian Cotton.

Otherwise, it's probably just cotton that was grown in Egypt.

Genuine long-fiber cotton will also be listed as "long-staple Egyptian, long-staple Pima, or Supima cotton."


Cotton sheets are affordable, breathable, and comfortable and tend to last a long time.

They come in many different thread counts, so watch for that before buying.

Woman in robe sitting on bed holding coffee

A higher thread count isn't always better. The comfort level has more to do with the fiber length.


Microfiber sheets are made from synthetic materials such as nylon, wood pulp, or polyester.

The benefit of microfiber over natural materials is that this sheet is less likely to shrink and is more wrinkle-resistant. Watch for the weave.

A flatweave is best because a waffle weave will trap heat and absorb moisture instead of repelling it.

Microfiber sheets are soft and affordable, making them a good choice.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber made of plastic, usually derived from petroleum.

Much of the clothing made today is made from polyester.

Young woman lying face down on bed

This fabric sometimes causes skin irritation, is less absorbent than cotton, and will wrinkle less easily.

These are also likely more affordable than cotton but will sleep hotter.

This is not your best option for getting comfortable sheets for RV beds.


Flannel is a material made from cotton. It holds heat more than most other common materials. But it also breathes.

Still, flannel motorhome or travel trailer bed sheets are best for camping in colder climates as it does sleep warm. This material is not recommended for hot sleepers.

Expect to pay from $30 to $200 for a sheet set.

Temperature Controlled Mattress Pads

This is an excellent addition to help make your RV feel luxurious!

Of course, you either have to have access to 120-volt power or you need a pad that runs off of 12 volts.

Female legs under sheets on bed

If nothing else, you can use this pad to warm up the bed before you jump into it, then turn it off. Or, keep it on all night.

Just make sure you aren't overloading your electrical system.

What's The Difference Between RV Bed Sheets And Regular Sheets?

The only possible difference between RV bed sheets and regular sheets is sometimes the size.

There's no magic potion that the sheets must hold to be in your rig.

In other words, it may not be necessary to order specific RV camper sheets.

They only need to work for you and fit!

Where To Buy RV Sheets

There are quite a few places you can purchase RV sheet sets.

Keep in mind that some only sell standard RV sheet sizes and regular mattress sizes.

If you have a funky-sized mattress, you must order custom or make up your own solution OR make the closest size work.

Here are a few places where you can get the best RV sheets:

Camping World

Camping World has some in-store, but you are likely to find more of a selection on their website.

When ordering, you can choose to have them delivered to your local store (when applicable) or to your home.

Keep in mind that they only sell standard RV sheet sizes and regular sheet sizes.

Shop sheets at Camping World.

Camping World RV bedding page

A screenshot of a few of the varieties of some sheet sets from Camping World


Here you can get just about anything for your RV bed.

You can get standard mattress-sized sheets, RV-sized mattress sheets, and custom-sized sheets.

Shop RV sheets on Amazon.


Beddy's is a solution for hard-to-make RV beds.

However, even if your bed is not hard to make, you might prefer this solution.

Beddy's is a fitted sheet, sheet, and comforter all in one piece! It has a zipper that opens or encloses the sleeping bag type set.

You can wash it all together. It makes making the bed SO much easier!

Beddy's Discount

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Tochta makes custom and RV-sized mattresses.

They also make custom-sized RV sheets!

Beyond that, they have RV mattress-sized sheets, so, say, you have a Short Queen; they sell in that size.

Shop Tochta RV sheets.

Custom size RV sheets at Tochta.

Where To Order Custom-Sized Sheets For Your RV Mattress

There are a couple of places you can order custom-sized sheets for your rig:

  • Amazon
  • Tochta (you can customize just about any aspect of your RV sheets)
  • A quick Google search for 'custom sheets' will also give you plenty of other options

Why Use Specialized RV Sheets?

There are a few reasons to use specialized RV sheets.

Ease of making the bed, special size needs, the need for extra warmth, and the need for stain resistance are a few good reasons.

Don't feel confined to NEEDING sheets. I place a quilt on top of my RV mattress and have a duvet on top.

That's it. No travel trailer or motorhome bed sheets!

How To Make An RV Mattress More Comfortable

We must acknowledge here that most mattresses installed in a motorhome, travel trailer, or small RV camper are, to put it mildly, crap.

You can easily replace the mattress.

Just make sure you order the correct size, so it fits. This may mean ordering a custom size.

Another cheaper route is to buy a camper mattress topper. A good quality mattress topper can make a mediocre mattress feel just right.

They tend to come in latex, gel, and memory foam. There is no 'best.' It depends on the feel you prefer. A topper may also help you sleep better by relieving some pain caused by your uncomfortable mattress.

Make sure the mattress has air circulation underneath it to prevent mildew from growing on the bottom. This rings especially true with dense foam mattresses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do RV Beds Need Special Sheets?

RV beds don't need special sheets necessarily. A bed sheet is a bed sheet as far as the material used and how they are manufactured.

However, some recreational vehicle mattresses have abnormal dimensions, which would require a special-sized set of bedding.

Other than potentially being a specialized size, there is nothing unique about the RV bed linens that you'll need.

Can I Use Regular Sheets In An RV?

You can certainly use regular sheets from home in your recreational vehicle if it has a bed that matches the size of your home bed.

There's no difference in such a case. Just know RV bed sheet sizes range much greater than regular bed sizes.

Rear of Sprinter van open showing the bed and mattress

Get yourself correct-sized pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet, and you're ready for a comforter on top!

It doesn't matter if you need motorhome sheets or other camper mattress sheets. Measure it, find the size that works, and get it. Or, go for an alternative type of bed linen for your RV.

What Size Sheets Go On A Camper Mattress?

The size of sheets for a camper mattress depends on the depth and width of your bed.

Measuring your mattress is the best way to find out what you need. Then order the correspondingly sized camper sheet set.

What Size Are RV King Sheets?

RV king sheets are either 72 inches x 80 inches (normal king) or 72 inches x 75 inches (short RV king).

You will need to measure your RV king bed mattress to determine which king-size RV sheets you need.

How Can I Wash My RV Sheet Sets While Camping?

You can wash your RV sheet sets while camping by heading to the nearest laundromat.

Some campgrounds even have washers and dryers.

If boondocking, you could wash sheets in the nearest river, but use an eco-friendly soap.

What About Those Zippered Sheets For Camping?

Yes, zippered sheets are great for camping!

We mention a couple of companies that make them above.

What Are The Best Sheets For RVs?

You pick the best sheets for your RV much as you choose them for your home. The best RV sheets are the ones that let you sleep comfortably.

Once you've determined the correct size for the sheets, choose the material they are made from (more on materials above).

Bed with light shadow on wall

It depends on your wants, likes, and needs.

You may want super high-end sheets that will last the longest and cost the most.

Or, you might only camp where it's cold with no heat, so you'd prefer flannel sheets. It's up to you to figure that out.

What Size Sheets Fit An RV Table Bed?

The size of sheets needed to fix an RV table bed will depend on the size of the sleeping area that the table converts to.

The most typical 'table bed' is created when a camper's dinette converts into a sleeping area.

The resulting camper dinette bed can range in size from having enough space for a child, like a twin, to having enough room for two adults. Generally, the bigger the recreational vehicle, the bigger the dinette will be.

The dinette bed may not be the right size to use conventionally sized bedding, so you have a couple of options:

  • Purchase a custom set of sheets sized to the dimensions you need. You may only want to go to this expense if you frequently use the table bed.
  • Make do with a regular set of sheets that is close enough in size, and tuck the excess under the bed as necessary.
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Getting sheets for your recreational vehicle may or may not be more challenging than getting them from your bedroom bed.

There's a good chance that you have an irregular-sized bed that requires custom-made sheets for RV mattresses.

That, or you may have three walls surrounding your bed, making it extremely difficult to make.

In such a case, you should get a different type of sheet set that makes the job easier.

If you have a bed the same size as your home bed, you're in luck! You can easily buy sheets or use the ones you already have. Just measure your camper's mattress, and you'll know what you have and need.

Everything you need to know about picking the proper sheets is on this page.

Get your sheets, get out there, and enjoy your camping vacation!

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      Yeah, so many mattresses these days are super thick so many bottom sheets are made to fit them or a huge range of mattress sizes. We’d suggest getting the ‘suspender’ straps to connect the corners underneath. They are just little stretchy pieces with ‘biting’ connectors at each end. You put them in the corners under the mattress connecting and pulling the bottoms together to help keep the fitted sheet taut. You can find them on Amazon or at any store like Walmart or maybe even a Ross or Marshall’s. Good luck!

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      Good question! As mentioned above in the article, we would recommend the Beddy’s or the Quick Zip sheets. They offer an alternative way of removing the sheets from an RV bed.

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