RV Mattress Sizes Explained: What You Need To Know

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By Kelly Beasley

RV mattresses are a different 'animal.' Why do we say that?

Because in case you didn't know, many RVs come with an 'abnormal' mattress size.

SOME campers have traditional-sized mattresses that are interchangeable with standard ones.

Most often, the identical sizes are a full or queen.

Tochta custom RV mattress installed

"Short Queen" Tochta brand mattress inside a travel trailer

However, often camper bed sizes are a little smaller due to the nature of the fact that, in case you hadn't heard, space is at a premium in an RV.

On top of that, quality is often less than desirable.

There's a VERY good chance that the camper mattress that came with your RV is NOT comfortable for you, and that's why you're here.

We totally understand, and we're here to help.

Getting a replacement RV mattress means figuring out what size mattress to get (physical measurements of the bed) and what kind of new RV mattress materials you want it made out of.

How To Determine Your RV Mattress Size

First off, be aware that your mattress may not fit on of the RV mattress sizes listed below.

You have to figure out whether yours fits into that mold or if you'll need to order a custom sized mattress.

No big deal if you do, there are plenty of companies that make custom RV bed sizes at an affordable price.

First, just measure the area that your mattress sits on.

Then, see if it matches up with the sizes listed below on this page.

Also, check the sizes of regular (house) mattress dimensions. You may be able to get a regular sized, say, queen, from anywhere.

Know that sometimes manufacturers or previous owners get a size a little longer than what the RV came with if room allows.

Meaning the end of the mattress overhangs the bed platform.

You may or may not want to duplicate that if you're replacing the bed.

RV Mattress Sizes and Types Explained

Just like a home mattress, RV mattresses come in various dimensions and materials. (RV mattress vs. regular mattress.)

Campers might come with bunk-sized mattresses, they can come with thin mattresses (depth) for a good reason, and others have room for any type and size custom mattress.

Width, length, and depth can all vary.

Some use an innerspring design while others are foam or latex with no innerspring at all.

RV Mattress Types

You can order an RV mattress from many different companies, as long as they make 'standard' sized RV mattresses or custom sizes.

You can get an RV innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress, hybrid mattresses, or opt for a latex mattress.

Essentially, you can get almost any type of mattress for your RV bed frame.

Couple and dog sitting in front of van

Vans usually have need for a custom sized mattress.

Mattress Sizes Are Not Always Standard

It doesn't matter what 'typical' size RV mattress you are looking at.

Let's say it's an RV bunk mattress.

It could easily come in many, many sizes and shapes.

This is why it's so important to measure your RV mattress bed frame area when looking to replace it.

The bed you purchase needs to fit inside that area.

RV Mattress Sizes

So, we already know that there are many mattress size possibilities.

That said, there are a few fairly standard mattress sizes for RVs out there, but this doesn't mean your recreational vehicle will fall into this category.

Let's have a look at some of the more common sizes.

RV Twin Size Mattress

The RV twin typically comes in two sizes:

  • 38 inches x 75 inches
  • 38 inches x 80 inches

This does NOT mean that your RV twin mattress size is one of those above. Yours may be smaller or larger (usually the width will be the dimension that is unusual).

Remember, RV manufacturers think that the people who utilize the twin or even bunks will be kids. Hence, the smaller mattress.

Sometimes this type of mattress also doubles as couch seating.

Trixie dog lying down in front of Kelly's RV outside of Glacier

RV Bunk Size Mattress

An RV bunk mattress might have even stranger measurements.

This could be the size you find in a C Class camper cabover bed or a kid's bunk bed. Once again, dimensions may be all over the place.

RV bunk mattress sizes usually range from 28 to 42 inches wide and 72 to 80 inches long due to the wide range of applications you will find them in.

Measure twice to get your replacement size.

RV Full Mattress

A full size camper mattress is usually an inch smaller than residential fulls. They range from 53 to 55 inches wide by 75 inches long.

Two smaller adults can sleep together on full size mattresses, albeit pretty tightly.

Queen Size Mattress

The RV queen mattress size is arguably the most popular. But it's not simple, just like the other categories.

Instead, there are three named queen "RV mattress" sizes.

RV queen dimensions include:

  • Standard Queen Size: 60 inches x 80 inches
  • RV Short Queen Mattress Dimensions: 60 inches x 74 inches or 60 inches x 75 inches
  • Three Quarter Queen Size: 48 inches x 75 inches

Measure your bed platform, and whichever measurement matches the size of RV queen mattress you have.

RV King Size Mattress 

The RV king mattress size is not very common for RVs as they take up a lot of space. But they do exist.

You likely won't find a standard king mattress (76 inches x 80 inches) in an RV as they are too big for the limited space found in most rigs.

Just like the others, they have different 'standard' RV sizes and are named accordingly. Here are the two RV king size bed measurements:

  • RV King Mattress Dimensions: 72 inches x 80 inches
  • RV Short King Dimensions: 72 inches x 75 inches

Truck Camper Size Mattress

An RV truck camper often comes with the short queen mattress size.

However, for a replacement truck mattress, your primary concern will be with the thickness.

You don't want to make it so thick that you are unable to turn over in your sleep! Truck camper sleeping areas are usually very restricted when it comes to headroom.

Therefore, when replacing, make sure you get a camper mattress that matches the thickness of the current bed.

Or, maybe you can go a little thicker or thinner. Use that measuring stick and figure it out!

Custom Sizes and Irregular Shapes

MANY RV mattresses have odd shapes and corners to them.

This is due to the nature of the small interior and manufacturers trying to use up and make good use out of every inch of space.

Tochta Journey RV foam mattress

Many RVs have platforms that cut corners, thus having a mattress that matches like this one.

You'll need to find a RV custom mattress maker that can do a cut corner mattress, round corners, etc.

Fully customizable is best, and there are manufacturers out there who do this for a reasonable price.

For sleepers, you'll have a more challenging time finding a company that can make the absolute correct specifications as well as the ability to fold (if your camper requires this type of bed).

RV Mattress Thickness

Do RV Mattresses Have a Specific Thickness?

Sure, each mattress comes with its own specifications and often one particular model is available in more than one thickness.

There is no ONE right thickness. Different types of mattresses are thicker than others.

For example, an innerspring is most likely thicker than a memory foam bed. (Innerspring and memory foam RV mattress differences.)

When replacing, you'll need to be sure that a different, taller RV mattress won't impede with a slide or with you being able to sleep in that space comfortably.

Keep in mind that a thicker mattress will often times be heavier than a thinner mattress. Weight is an issue for most travel trailers and smaller motorhomes, so keep this in mind. (Learn more about RV mattress weights and what you should be aware of.)

Do I Need a Specific Thickness for My RV Mattress?

You might. This depends on slides, mostly.

If your slide can't go all the way in due to a thicker mattress, keep the depth you currently have for a new bed.

That said, if NOTHING is impeding you from getting thicker, you can go as thick as you want to, according to your comfort level.

But remember, the bigger/thicker the mattress, likely the heavier it will be, and you don't want to go over

the GVWR on your RV.

Tochta custom RV mattress corner detail

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RV Mattress Sizes Different?

Yes, specifically named RV mattresses, such as "short queen" are smaller than traditional-sized mattresses and require RV short queen sheets.

There's only one that is the same size as the traditional (house) type of mattress and that is the "RV queen," which is 60 inches x 80 inches, just like a "house" or traditional queen you'd have in your bedroom.

How are RV Mattresses Measured?

You must measure the length, depth, and height.

If there are irregular corners, measure them as well.

What Is the Difference Between RV Queen Mattress Size vs Regular Queen Mattress?

The RV queen mattress is the same measurements as a regular/standard queen.

However, it may not be as thick as a standard and may have cut corners, depending on what the trailer or motorhome bedroom shape is.

Will a Regular Queen-Size Mattress Fit In an RV?

Sometimes, yes. For example, Marshall's Lance travel trailer fits a standard queen mattress.

It's MADE for a short queen, but he got the standard size so his feet wouldn't hang off the edge.

It hangs over the platform by about 5 inches, but it works!

What Size Is an RV Queen Mattress?

RV queen size mattress dimensions are 60 inches x 80 inches. This is the the same size as a standard queen mattress.

What Size Is an RV Short Queen Mattress?

Short queen RV mattress dimensions are typically 60 inches x 75 inches. This is the same width of a normal queen mattress, but is 5 inches shorter.

What Are the Dimensions of an RV King Mattress?

RV king mattress size is 72 inches x 80 inches. This is 4 inches narrower than a standard king size mattress that you would find in a house.

What Size Is an RV Short King Mattress?

The RV short king usually is 72 inches x 75 inches, which is 5 inches shorter than an RV king bed size.

What Size Is a Full RV Mattress?

The full-size RV mattress is usually around 54 inches x 75 inches.

What Size Is an RV Twin Mattress?

RV twin mattresses vary in size.

The most common sizes are:

  • 28 inches x 75 inches
  • 28 inches x 80 inches

What Size Are RV Bunk Mattresses?

Camper bunks are going to be different sizes. A manufacturer will vary the size depending on the available space, so there isn't one standard measurement.

However, a typical RV bunk mattress size is 30 inches x 80 inches.

If you want a ballpark range of sizes, they can vary from 20 to 42 inches in width and 74 to 80 inches in length.

Family sitting in chairs in front of Class C motorhome


RV mattresses come in an almost unlimited variety of sizes and shapes. Now you have a better understanding of the difference between RV mattress sizes vs regular mattress measurements.

Just remember that when it comes time to replacing the bed in your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, you need to measure and use your head.

You may or may not be able to make the new one longer, thicker, etc.

It depends on your slide situation, the room above the bed, and more.

If you have a standard size area, you can easily use a standard mattress. Otherwise, you're looking at getting a custom size made.

Luckily, there are companies out there that specialize in RV mattress making, including custom fits!

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  • I have a class-c rv with the overhead bed, the size of the sleep area is 96×55 and I would like to place a memory foam topper 3” thick on top of that, is that something that is made in that size or do I need to have it cut to that size. It has regular corners.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Because that’s not a standard sized bed of any kind, you could get the largest one you can find and cut it to fit at least the area you want to sleep. The 55″ is in between the width of a full and a Queen. You can get a Queen sized topper and shave it down to fit the width. Maybe you could use some of the cut off part to add to the length. That, or you can look for a company that makes custom topper sizes and ask for your dimensions if you REALLY want the topper to cover the entire top of the mattress in that space.

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