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The Best Way To Replace Your Pathetic RV Bunk Mattresses

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By Kelly Beasley

When you head out on the open road seeking new adventures, doesn't everyone coming along deserve a comfortable bed? Yes, even the kids need a good night's sleep.

Yet RVs are notorious for the terrible mattresses that are standard equipment. Especially RV bunk mattresses.

Why Are RV Bunk Mattresses So Bad?

Usually, the mattress for a camper bunk is nothing more than cheap stuffed foam particles sandwiched between two layers of extremely cheap foam.

They are less than enticing and feel like barely more than a soft piece of plywood to sleep on.

Getting a replacement mattress for RV bunks is cheap and relatively easy.

That said, you are probably here because you already know you want to purchase new ones.

Let's cover all you need to know to replace your travel trailer bunk mattress or motorhome bunk mattresses with a quality mattress that will greatly increase comfort levels!

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What is an RV Bunk Bed Mattress For Campers?

RV manufacturing companies have a job to fit as much into a small space as possible while keeping the camper weight to a minimum.

This means that the kids' bunks are going to be relatively small. You aren't going to have twin-sized beds with an innerspring mattress in the recreational vehicle.

Therefore, you will have smaller-than-twin-sized places for them to sleep, usually in bunk form, to save space.

Another space-saving feature may be that the corners are angled. This also saves space.

So, a camper bunkhouse mattress most likely will be a very light, odd-shaped, low-quality place for your smaller sleepers when you're RVing.

Is an "RV Bunk" Mattress a Certain Size?

When it comes to RV bunk mattress size, dimensions are all over the chart. There are so many sizes and shapes out there that there's no need even to list 'common sizes' here.

There is no 'certain size' that bunks come in.

If a manufacturer advertises that they sell RV bunk mattresses, they will likely be in different dimensions than the next manufacturer.

Bunk mattresses all vary in:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Depth

The only way to know your RV bunk mattress size is to measure with a measuring tape and also be sure to measure the size of the platform the mattress goes on.

Otherwise the replacement bed may be less than a perfect fit.

The old mattress might have warped and somewhat shriveled, shoddy as they make them.

Measuring the platform, or space the bed fits into, is the best way to ensure the new mattress is the correct size.

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Should a Camper Bunk Mattress Be a Certain Thickness?

Thickness is an essential factor to consider when shopping for a new mattress for bunk beds in a camper.

Why? Because usually, there's another bed not too far above the bottom, and there's a ceiling not too far from the top bunk.

If you get too thick of a mattress, it might become impossible for the person to turn over.

Also, especially for the top bunk, you don't want the mattress higher than the guard rails that keep a kid from rolling off.

So keep these two things in mind when ordering new camper bunk mattresses for your motorhome or travel trailer.

Why are Some RV Twin Bunk Bed Mattresses So Uncomfortable?

RV manufacturers make RVs as cheaply as possible to increase their profit margin.

The 'mattresses' they install are no exception.

They also figure the mattresses are only used once or twice a year, which may ring true.

But the quality and durability of most bunk mattresses is insanely poor.

Bunk bed mattresses for campers are often made from the cheapest and thinnest of foam and may not even last a week.

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How Much Do RV Bunk Mattresses Cost?

  • $200-$650

You can get a cheap replacement camper bunk mattress for about $200.

You'll find better quality ones that will last many trips for about $530 - $650.

You can certainly spend more, but these prices were pulled (at time of original article publication) from Mattress Insider and Tochta for roughly a 38" x 74" bunk mattress for RV.

You might be able to make your own replacement RV bunk mattress out of foam for cheaper.

But then it probably won't be too much better than the one that came with the camper.

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Bunk Bed Mattress Considerations- Buy Smart!

Don't just buy any ol' mattress. Especially if you are on a budget, you might consider how often you will use the mattress.

If you only use it once or twice a year, you may be able to get by with a cheaper mattress or get a topper for the current mattress.

You may not need a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress with all the bells and whistles, but you do want to be careful to buy from a reputable manufacture so you limit exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances.

Don't forget to consider how thick you can go without going over the protective rails.

You also don't want to lose too much space to either be able to sit up in bed or roll over.

Remember, if you get a foam mattress for RV bunk, you can cut it down if it's a touch too large.

Where To Buy Sheets For Your RV Bunk Beds

You can buy RV bunk sheets at these companies:

  1. Mattress Insider - multiple sizes/dimensions to choose from.
  2. Tochta - They offer a few standard sizes (may not fit your bunk) and the option to custom order different sizes.
  3. Camping World - They have 'bunk' sizes but not many options for sizes. So if your bunk fits the measurements of their 'bunk' sheets, you lucked out!

If your bunk is anywhere close the size of a traditional twin, you may be able to make regular twin sheets work. This size of sheets can be purchased at any home goods store.

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Where To Buy an RV Bunk Topper

Mattress Insider is one of the only places we have seen toppers specifically built to fit an RV bunk size.

However, if you get a foam topper, the beauty is you can cut it to size.

If you have an oversized one for the RV twin bunk mattress, cut it down to fit!

This will save you a lot of money from buying a custom-sized RV bunk mattress topper.

How to Measure for a Properly Fitted RV Bunk Mattress

Measuring for a properly fitted RV bunk mattress is not rocket science, but there is one thing to consider.

We recommend measuring the bed itself and the platform it sets on.


Because, depending on many factors, the mattress may be smaller than its intended area.

You may be able to go a few inches bigger with your new mattress.

Measure the platform area and use that over the mattress size when ordering your RV bunk mattress replacement.

Tochta Cortana RV foam mattress cut corner

What if my RV Bunk Mattress Has a Cut Corner?

Some companies can make you a custom-made mattress for RV use at a reasonable price.

Specifically, and the best we have seen regarding website navigation, an excellent long-standing company, American-made, and excellent customer support, Tochta wins hands-down.

They can do radius, angle, and notch corners.

The price is shown instantly when customizing your RV bunk mattress with cut corner.

We cannot recommend Tochta any higher for your new bunk mattress for camper, custom or not.

Visit Tochta's mattress builder and see what they can do for you.

If you want a more affordable option, Mattress Insider also offers you the ability to custom build a bunk mattress, so you can check out their mattress builder page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are RV bunk mattresses?

RV bunk bed mattresses come in every size imaginable. Some even have cut corners.

Typically they range from 20 to 42 inches in width and 74 to 80 inches in length.

The only way to correctly size yours is to measure the platform it sits on.

How do I make my RV bunk more comfortable?

If you don't want to buy a whole new mattress, consider getting a mattress topper for your RV bunk bed mattress.

You might even be able to get away with using ONLY a topper as your camper bunk bed mattress if it's thick enough.

Don't fret if you can't find a topper that is the right size for your camper bunk mattress.

You can always get a bit too large one and cut it, as they are made out of foam.

Mattress Insider offers a wide variety of topper sizes, so they may have one that fits your bunk.

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Mattresses for RV bunk beds are almost all individual in their dimensions and materials.

RV manufacturers tend to put the cheapest and worst-quality beds in for bunks.

Therefore, almost every new RV owner needs to replace the mattresses so that their kids can sleep comfortably at night.

Luckily, they are easy to replace. Simply measure all three dimensions and cut corners if applicable, and put in your order!

Some people make their own mattress out of decent quality foam.

Whatever you decide, everything you need to know to replace your junk bunk mattress is here on this page.

Good luck!

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