Are Airstreams Worth It? Pros And Cons According To 7 Honest Owners

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By Kelly Beasley

Last Updated: May 15, 2023

Airstreams- who DOESN'T love them? They're SOOOO different than the typical RV. But are Airstreams worth it?

They're sexier. More streamlined. And so much more attractive. But dangit, they're SO expensive!

But don't let the looks alone possess you. Airstreams aren't perfect.

Airstream's pros and cons will always need to be weighed. When thinking of buying one, pay the most attention to the cons. For your needs, do they outweigh the pros?

That's for you to decide. It also depends A LOT on your RV budget!!

Greg's Airstream Trailer in Sedona Arizona

Photo by Greg Graham

7 Real Airstream Owners Spill The Beans

We interviewed seven real Airstream owners to get their opinions and to help you answer the question, "Is Airstream worth the money?"

Note that NONE of these seven owners regret their purchase. Despite the price tag, they are pretty happy, and this seems to be an overall opinion.

Some Quick Universal Airstream Cons

If any of these are deal-breakers, then you have your answer! You should not buy one.

  • They are very expensive (They start at around $50,000 and go straight up from there).
  • They have quality issues (But most RVs do).
  • The exterior, though pretty, is quite delicate and very expensive to repair.
  • Exterior storage space is almost non-existent.

If none of these are deal-breakers, read on to hear what the owners have to say!

By the end of this article, you should have the answer to the following questions:

  • Why buy an Airstream?
  • Do Airstreams hold their value?
  • Are Airstream trailers worth the money?
  • Should I buy an Airstream?

(Note: All photos courtesy of respective owners unless otherwise noted.)

Jessica's 25' International Serenity

Jessica in Airstream door

Jessica is a super fun solo female RVer who has been on the road full-time for about four years. She's an active explorer and member of Xscapers RV club and loves to try out (and make) interesting cocktail drinks.

Boondocking is her jam-she does it almost exclusively.

Jessica's Airstream trailer floorplan

Model: International Serenity (25 foot)

Dry Weight: 7500 pounds

Length: 25 feet

Towed With: Nissan NV 3500

# People Using: 1

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: 4 years

Bought New Or Used? New Airstream. Couldn't get a loan on a used one.

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? It's not without frustrations. But overall, absolutely.

Jessica's Airstream travel trailer and tow vehicle with mountains in background

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. My Airstream pros and cons list start with big pros- windows, windows, and wraparound windows!
  2. I love the style & aesthetic.
  3. It has a separate bathroom and shower.

Airstream Cons?

  1. Flimsy floor material, tears easily (any pebble on a shoe or sliding object), warps with pressure.
  2. Poor cabinet design.
  3. The exterior aluminum shell is exceptionally delicate.

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

The living room TV wall mount doesn't have an arm, so it's a pain to watch from the installed seating.

The couch cushion area isn't the best for hanging out.

I chose the 25 foot floorplan with the sideways bed. It creates a separate "bedroom," so I look out the wraparound windows instead of down the hallway. I also didn't love the 27's overhead cabinet above my pillow.

But I'm one person, so the walkaround bed on the 27 footer might be better for a couple. It would also provide more counter and closet space.

Jessica's Airstream desk and living room

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

There's not much storage. Your tow vehicle becomes a garage.

Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer From 1-10.

8 or 9

Jessica's Airstream trailer bedroom

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

- Tougher flooring.

- Smarter cabinet & overhead compartment design.

- Better lounge space.

Was It Worth The Money?

Only because it has excellent resale value. Otherwise, Airstreams are overpriced.

Would You Buy This Model Again?



I knew nothing about trailers or towing, but I wanted an Airstream for the aesthetic. And I knew I wanted something that wasn't too big but didn't have a wet bath. I liked that it has high-quality materials.

This made my choice easy due to limited options.

Jessica's Airstream trailer and dog boondocking

I added 400w of rooftop solar and a larger converter, removed the dinette, and added a desk.

Lastly, I piped in a quick connect for a catalytic Wave Heater.

You can find Jessica on TikTok at Jessica Over Yonder.

Greg's 28' Flying Cloud Airstream

Greg Graham standing in door of Airstream travel trailer

Greg left Austin in his Airstream after deciding to become a full-time RVer. He mostly boondock camps out west and he loves it. He's got a great Instagram account with amazing photos at @ThisAirstreamLife.

His trailer is all factory stock.

Greg's Flying Cloud Airstream floorplan

Model: Flying Cloud (28 foot)

Dry Weight: 5979 pounds

Length: 28 feet

Towed With: Ford F-250

# People Using: 1

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: 5

Bought New Or Used? Used Airstream

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? Yes

Airstream RV exterior at Alabama Hills

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. I like the design of the trailer. The body is aerodynamic like an airplane fuselage. They are built for travel and are easy to tow. I barely notice the trailer when towing.
  2. Airstreams have a timeless, classic look. They never go out of style.
  3. The floor plan. I like that the sofa and dinette are separate.

Airstream Cons?

  1. Storage is minimal.
  2. Space inside the Airstream is limited as well.
  3. Due to the curved roof, adding solar is more challenging than other RVs. Also, there is limited space under the sofa and bed.

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

This model trailer is heavier than most. The hitch weight is the second heaviest of Airstream trailers at 976 pounds. (What is hitch weight?) The 33-foot Classic is the only one heavier at 1175 pounds. Consider your tow vehicle carefully and make sure it can handle the weight.

Airstream trailer interior front to back

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

The interior storage is not a problem. The Flying Cloud has more overhead storage than other models, and I have more storage than I thought I needed.

Exterior storage is limited. However, my 28-foot trailer has better storage than most because the bedroom is in the rear. The trunk space is below the camper trailer mattress, which provides more space than others.

Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer From 1-10.

9 - I have had very few issues with things breaking inside my Airstream.

Airstream trailer interior back to front

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

I wish my Airstream had larger RV holding tank capacities.

Was It Worth The Money?

I guess it depends on what you value. It was worth it to me. I have had very few problems with my trailer, and I have not had to hassle too much with repairs. Also, these trailers have excellent resale value, so I am confident that this was money well spent.

Would You Buy This Model Again?

If I had to do it again, I'd purchase a 23-foot floor plan.


I bought my 2015 Airstream used in 2016. I've lived in it full-time since the summer of 2018, and I've pulled it through every state in the West.

I am happy with this Airstream.

This was the first and only RV I have ever owned. After living in the Airstream for almost three years, if I had to do it over again, I would purchase a 23-foot Airstream.

Airstream travel trailer rear window view

One last thing about Airstreams. When you buy an Airstream trailer, you also join a club. There is an instant connection among Airstream owners.

Lastly, be prepared to talk about your Airstream, especially at gas stations.

You can find Greg on Instagram with his very popular Airstream photos at @thisairstreamlife. He also now writes helpful articles about boondocking at Boondockers Philosophy.

Cate and Chad's 22' Airstream Argosy

Chad and Cate standing in front of Argosy Oddysey Airstream travel trailer on salt flat

Cate and Chad are hard to miss! Cate is an artist, and what better medium to paint than the outside of their renovated Argosy? It's gorgeous!

Adding to the uniqueness, they take along their pet goat, Frankie, on trips. 

And they were gracious enough to participate in this round-up, so thank you, Cate and Chad (and Frankie)!

(Though theirs was an old trailer that was gutted, eliminating much about the original trailer, they still have good insight into what to look for in a vintage Airstream.)

Model: Argosy (22 foot)

Dry Weight: 3500 pounds

Length: 22 feet

Towed With: GMC Yukon

# People Using: 2 (+ 1 goat!)

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: Since 2015

Bought New Or Used? Used Airstream

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? Yes

Argosy Oddysey Airstream trailer at Alabama Hills

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. I like that it's a trailer vs. a motorhome/van because we can leave it at camp and not worry about someone taking our spot and that we can unhook and go explore some rugged areas you wouldn't want to take your home to.
  2. Having our bed in the front is awesome because we can stare at the stars or scenery through the wrapped windows everywhere we go.
  3. When your home is less than 150 square feet, it doesn't take long to clean.

Airstream Cons?

  1. Tiny kitchen
  2. Lots of maintenance
  3. No bathtub (But hardly ANY RVs come with a bathtub)

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

Can’t, it was discontinued nearly 40 years ago.

Argosy Oddysey Airstream trailer interior living area

Was Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

Decent. But we have a tiny storage unit where we trade out winter/summer clothes, holiday decorations/and sports equipment, so everything we need can fit in the trailer.

Argosy Oddysey Airstream bed with animals lying on it

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

Make it higher clearance.

Was It Worth The Money?

Yes, we scored it for $2,500 and put in another $8,000 to remodel.

Would You Buy This Model Again?

Yes. Argosys are great if you can find one.


When we bought our Airstream, it was pretty much gutted, and we spent about six months fixing it up.

I do wish we had done a little more research about remodeling before we started because there have been a few things we had to redo after hitting the road. There's definitely a learning curve.

Our Airstream is the perfect size because we can explore and camp places bigger sizes couldn't squeeze into. I know some people have a hard time living in tight quarters, but it has been easy for us.

Cate and goat at door of Argosy Oddysey Airstream trailer

We are only really inside at night. Otherwise, we are off hiking while we are on the road or at work while we are stationary.

If you are looking for an Airstream, I would suggest buying one with a double axle which is important because it alleviates the weight, and you don't have to worry as much about getting a flat.

If you want a vintage one, making sure the frame is in good shape is essential, and check for signs of leaks.

You can buy Cate's often Airstream-related and colorful artwork and also learn more about this trio at

Kristy and Sean's 25' Airstream Classic

Sean and Kristy of Long Long Honeymoon standing outside their Airstream trailer
Funny enough, I met Sean and Kristy through mutual friends waaaay before I started my own RV life. They had just started a YouTube channel called Long Long Honeymoon around that time, about 13 years ago.

They have been making memories ever since and sharing RV information on their very successful YouTube channel. They travel part-time in their gorgeous Airstream.

Sean and Kristy's Airstream trailer floorplan

Model: Classic (25 foot)

Dry Weight: 6000 pounds

Length: 25 feet

Towed With: 2007 Ford F-250

# People Using: 2

FT/Recreational: We call ourselves "part-time full-timers." We usually spend about six months a year living in our Airstream. This works out to be 4-6 weeks in springtime, and then a continuous full-time 4 or 5 months from mid-summer through late autumn.

# Years Owned: Since 2007

Bought New Or Used? Used Airstream

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? YES!

Long Long Honeymoon Airstream trailer interior living area and kitchen

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. Timeless design
  2. Interior comfort
  3. Great towing aerodynamics

Airstream Cons?

  1. Propensity for leaks
  2. Limited outside storage
  3. The aluminum skin is easily damaged

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

Airstream campers don't make our specific model anymore (the 25-foot Classic), but if you can find one for sale, we highly recommend it.

It's an excellent size for squeezing into most national park campgrounds. Also, we love our bathroom design because it is all in one room; in newer models, the shower opens to the hallway.

Long Long Honeymoon Airstream trailer interior kitchen

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

We do pretty well with storage, so no major complaints there. We have almost zero outside storage, so we are picky about what we bring.

Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer From 1-10.

Well, it's not a Prevost, so we'll go with a 9  πŸ˜‰

Our plywood subfloor is one nagging concern; water intrusion could cause it to rot. Airstream has finally addressed this issue.

As of 2020, new trailers now come with marine-grade composite subfloor impervious to rot. That's our biggest envy when we compare our older Airstream to the newer models.

Long Long Honeymoon Airstream trailer interior bathroom and living area

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

I would change our front couch area to be more a u-shaped lounge area with an adjustable table (coffee table to dining height).

Was It Worth The Money?

We could sell it today for more than we paid for it in 2007.

Would You Buy This Model Again?

In a heartbeat!


Overall, we've had a very positive experience with ours. We bought a 'like new' lightly used unit at an attractive depreciated price; that turned out to be a wise financial decision.

We've towed it to 49 states through all types of weather. We love the timeless styling.

We love the ability to update and upgrade the interior and wish we had ripped out the carpet on day one instead of waiting five years. We wish we had known to only take it to experienced Airstream service providers because once, an RV service center dented our aluminum end cap by climbing on it.

Long Long Honeymoon Airstream trailer exterior

That was a harsh lesson to learn! Our Airstream has not been trouble-free, but most of the issues have been typical RV/trailer maintenance issues.

Airstreams can last many decades, but they require maintenance and attention like all other RVs. Sean wrote an entire book that talks about these issues in great detail.

 Check out 'How to Buy an Airstream' by C.S. Michael for more info!"

Nallely and Tanner's 30' International Serenity

Bean's standing in front of Airstream trailer in Arizona desert
The Beans are full-time on the road and love it! Tanner loves tacos and coffee, while Nallely loves reading and 'attempting' to do yoga!
Beans 2016 Airstream International floorplan

Model: International Serenity (30 foot)

Dry Weight: 6993 pounds

Length: 30 feet

Towed With: 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 HD Diesel

# People Using: 2

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: 4

Bought New Or Used? New Airstream

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? Absolutely!

Bean Airstream interior front to back

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. Tows like a dream! Tanner forgets it's back there sometimes when he's towing.
  2. The massive windows.
  3. It'll hold its value!

Airstream Cons?

  1. How low it is to the ground. Even with a 3-inch lift, Airstreams are still very low to the ground compared to other rigs.
  2. She's shiny and pretty, but shiny means she scratches easily! 
  3. The expense to do repairs. Unlike other travel trailers, getting a bump/dent/scratch on the aluminum is an expensive repair. 

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

Airstreams are beautiful, and right now, they are totally "on trend," BUT they are major divas and do require some babying.

If you want to camp or full-time solely in RV parks/resorts, you'll have no issue with the Airstream other than the typical maintenance that comes along with RVing.

Bean Airstream trailer desk

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

Nope! We feel like we have more than enough storage for both of us. We are minimalists, so storage has never been an issue.

Heads up, though, Airstreams have VERY little outdoor storage.

Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer From 1-10.

A 10. The interior materials in our particular model are all high quality, and a lot of the materials are marine grade, so they are meant to last.

But because they are high quality, if you need to replace something, you are looking at a pricey replacement!

Bean Airstream trailer living room

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

This is definitely nitpicking because overall Airstream does a phenomenal job. I feel like this goes for all brands of RVs, not just Airstream, but we wish there were more inverter outlets.

Was It Worth The Money?

Absolutely! Airstream quality is excellent and will hold its value better than other travel trailers over time.

Would You Buy This Model Again?

We would buy another Airstream in a heartbeat!


When we were contemplating RVs, we knew we wanted to live in it full-time and have something that was built to last. We chose Airstream for that reason!

We have been delighted with our rig and have minimal complaints.

Bean Airstream travel trailer bedroom

We love the layout, its big beautiful windows, how nice the interior is and that it tows so well. 

But now that we have lived in it for four years and are traveling full-time, having something that is more "rugged" may be a better option for us down the road.

We prefer boondocking, and some of the roads we have encountered have not been smooth, pretty, or easy to navigate. There have been times when we wished we wouldn't have to worry so much about bottoming out or scratching it.

You can follow their journey at their website Essentially Streaming.

Instagram: Essentially Streaming

Cass' 16' Basecamp

Cass and Airstream Basecamp
Cass travels solo with her dog and kitty. I met Cass at the RV Nomads movie premiere way back in 2018. Since then, we've connected here and there while boondocking.

(I convinced her that her tanks WERE big enough to boondock as they were about the same size as mine! Impressive for a 16' RV.)

Model: Basecamp (16 foot)

Dry Weight: 2585 pounds

Length: 16 feet 3 inches

Towed With: 2018 Toyota 4Runner

# People Using: 1

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: 3

Bought New Or Used? New

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? Yes

Airstream Basecamp travel trailer floor plan

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. The kitchen. It offers panoramic views through all of the front and side windows. It also has more counter space than I've seen in most small to medium-sized RVs.
  2. This thing is SO easy to tow!
  3. I love the two doors. They both have screens.

Airstream Cons?

  1. The bed (or lack thereof). The cushions are pretty firm, requiring additional padding or camper bedspreads. You must roll it up and down every day if you want to use the tables.
  2. The bed rests directly against the aluminum interior walls. They are easily scratched by my dog's claws when he sleeps.
  3. The wet bath. This means that if you go to the bathroom right before you shower, you either have to A) stand outside the bathroom and let the fan run for a few minutes or B) shower in all the joys of toilet smells.

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

It's an amazing layout for the size. It has tons of interior storage, a "big" kitchen, and an almost king-sized bed in just 16 feet.

I think it's a great utilitarian trailer for boondocking or extensive travel where you are driving miles upon miles, all while offering some modern accessories, touches, and comforts, giving it the Airstream feel.

It's still an RV, and it's still going to require repairs and maintenance and have those fun little quirks that every RV brand will have.

Basecamp small trailer interior

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

It has a good amount of interior storage. One of the entire benches is storage, and it has three cabinets in the kitchen and ceiling cargo nets.

I carry everything I need to live as well as all of my backpacking gear for the mountains right in the Basecamp.

How Would You Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer 1-10?

Depending on the part of the RV, from a 6-10.

The material on the cushions and my floor have seen quite a lot of use, but still no signs of wear: 10.

The counters are a lightweight material that has dented under the slightest drop of a kitchen utensil: 6.

I would rank everything else from an 8 to a 9.

Cass and Gregg's Airstream trailers in Sedona Arizona

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

My recommendations would be to make the cushions that come with the trailer out of much more comfortable memory foam, so they can be used to sleep on without additional cushioning.

More exterior storage! There is very little offered.

Was It Worth The Money?

This is the cheapest Airstream they sell, but still at the high Airstream cost. To me, as a full-time home, it was worth the money.

It had all of the features I wanted in just 16 feet, offered a modern look and feel, and depreciates slower than most other RVs.

The construction also feels solid, and the insulation seems good. I have stayed cozy in there during wind storms of over 40mph and winter temps down to -15ΒΊ.

If I had been someone who was only going to be camping a few times a year, I would have purchased something smaller and cheaper (teardrop camper trailer!). For less frequent use, you can find some great quality trailers at lower prices.

Basecamp small RV trailer in snow

Would You Buy This Model Again?

When I purchased the Basecamp, I had no idea if full-time RV living would work for me, and I was nervous about towing something large.

Under those circumstances, I would buy the Basecamp again, as I love the size, layout, and feel of the unit. As it turns out, I ended up loving this lifestyle and knowing that now, I would have gone with a bigger Airstream.

Basecamp RV trailer bed looking aft


As a general tip, make a list of your needs and wants before starting to shop for trailers. My list included items such as enough room for the cat litter, a big bed (at least an RV queen mattress size) to fit the dog, cat, and I, a comfortable kitchen space to cook in, tons of windows, etc.

I sat down with that list during my RV search for small pull-behind campers, and it significantly narrowed the results, making the search much easier.

Also, knowing the size of larger items is critical. For example, when I first showed up to tour the Basecamp, I brought a measuring tape. Would the litter box fit?

I would recommend this trailer for someone who likes to cook, loves natural lighting and airflow, doesn't want the typical brown RV interior, and is okay with having to move the bed and dining space around every day.

You can catch up with Cass at her blog: Tails Of Wanderlust.

Karen's 30' Flying Cloud

Lenny, Karen and Lilya (Cedar and Silver) sitting inside their Airstream
This family is in their third year of full-time travel. They have no stop date for this lifestyle.

The family has fantastic photos on their Instagram, and they volunteer to do good things for people in the places they visit.

Karen's Flying Cloud 30FB Bunk floorplan

Model: Flying Cloud (30 foot)

Dry Weight: 5503 pounds

Length: 30 feet

Towed With: 2018 Ram 2500 Cummings Diesel (We call her Daisy - she is a beast!)

# People Using: 2 Adults, and one 12 year old (and a dog and bird)

FT/Recreational: Full-time

# Years Owned: Since November of 2018

Bought New Or Used? New

Are You Happy With Your Airstream? Yes

Cedar and Silver Airstream trailer kitchen and couch

Airstream Pros and Cons

Airstream Pros?

  1. Quality of build
  2. Modern design features
  3. Bright and airy (lots of windows)

Airstream Cons?

  1. Because of high demand, it can be hard to get timely service
  2. The cost is higher than other trailers
  3. I can't think of a third

What would you tell someone considering getting your particular model?

Purchase from a highly rated dealer where you intend to have any warranty work done. ALL trailers will need warranty work, and if you have a good dealer, you'll have much fewer headaches.

Additionally, I would not have spent the money on the factory solar package. If you think you want solar, do your homework first.

Cedar and Silver Airstream dining table

Is Interior Storage Ample Or Problematic?

No. We have found we have more room than we need.

How Would You Rate The Quality Of the Materials In The Trailer 1-10?


Cedar and Silver Airstream trailer bedroom

What Would You Change About This Trailer If You Could?

I would change our bench seating into an extended kitchen counter space that could also function as a desk. (This is a working fulltimer customization and probably not logical otherwise.)

I would also remove the top closets from the master bedroom for the full wraparound windows.

Was It Worth The Money?

Absolutely! Airstreams are built well and will hold their value better than other travel trailers over time.

Would You Buy This Model Again?

Yes, with a few customizations.


If you don't want to spend the money on an Airstream, don't walk in one. We knew from the beginning that we wanted a trailer with two bedrooms.

Because we are full-time, we didn't want to break down a table to a bed every day. We also wanted our daughter to have her own committed bedroom that she could decorate as her own.

We also wanted a size that would not overly limit the locations we could camp.

Most RVs we looked at felt flimsy and boxy. Then we walked into an Airstream, and our decision was made.

The quality of material, solid build, and modern yet classic design won us over. The cost was a big concern at first, but once you start to look at used models, you realize how well Airstreams hold their value, even older models. (What to look for when buying a travel trailer)

Lastly, we have met many wonderful people just by owning an Airstream.

Cedar and Silver Airstream travel trailer bathroom

You can find Karen and family on Facebook HERE.

Follow them on Instagram HERE.


So did you decide if an Airstream is right for you after reading the pros and cons of Airstream trailers? The pros and cons are either deal-makers or deal-breakers. Granted, every brand and type of RV has SOME type of compromise, be its durability, quality of appliances, brand quality, size, or whatnot.

Undoubtedly, Airstreams are elegant head-turning classic Americana that uses high-quality components.

Airstream trailer boondocking

Photo by Greg Graham

They have a unique outer skin that doesn't require a lot of constant maintenance (though it comes with its own type of maintenance). They don't look like a typical RV inside. They are the high-end 'sexy' RVs of the country.

All in all, it seems that most owners are pretty happy with their luxury purchases.

So, have you figured out "are Airstreams worth the price?"

To help you decide between Airstream vs. other travel trailers, visit the pages/links of the owners' sites listed in this article- they might give you more ideas/inspiration/etc.

  • Did reading about all of these Airstream owners' experiences get you all excited about the RVing lifestyle. Learn more here on Camp Addict.
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  • Everybody (except for Cass) has a bigger one than we do. My wife and I full-time in our Airstream Caravel 19. We think it’s perfect (and so are our grandchildren).

    • It’s an amazing feeling to be able to live in such a small space, isn’t it??! The smaller it is, the easier it is to tow and there are fewer things that need maintenance or fixing.

      I want to downsize my 24′ travel trailer into a van or a 17′ trailer. Kudos to tiny living!

      • Yes, the smaller the Airstream the fewer and more simple the systems. We rarely have any problems, and when there are problems, even I am able to solve then. My wife likes the small size because there is less to clean. With a 19′ trailer we can go places other’s can’t. If only I could find an Airstream in camo. πŸ˜‚

  • Nice article. I will add one more minor annoyance only a new owner would experience is how difficult it is to open the windows. The glass really wants to stick to the rubber seal. It takes a little effort to open them, but for really sticky ones, I unlock them first and then go outside and pop them open with a plastic β€œsealant stick” from RVbyLife.

    • Why thank you, David! And that’s a very good tip. They are often pretty stubborn to open. But I really like the style of them and how ‘big’ one can open them.

      Also the doors are notorious for needing to be slammed to close. Huge pet peeve of mine, slamming doors!

      With the good always comes some bad I suppose!

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. : D

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