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Best RV Patio Mats for 2024

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Dirt. Leaves. Pine needles. Desert debris. All are 'hazards' of camping without an RV mat.

An RV patio mat not only can expand your living space to the outside, but it helps keep your rig clean by reducing the amount of the outside you track inside.

Below we review RV outdoor mats to give you an idea of what we consider to be the best camping rugs available.

To learn more about RV mats, you can read our Outdoor Camping Rug Guide.

RV Patio Mat Guide

These mats come in different styles and materials. What is the best for your situation? How do you keep it clean? Do you even need a patio mat?

Read our Outdoor Camping Rug Guide to learn all about outdoor mats so you can decide which type is right for your rig.

RV Patio Mat Reviews

Chances are you will find something you like in the below reviewed products.

When it comes to conventional camping mats made out of woven plastic, we give Ming's Mark mats a slight edge over the Camco reversible outdoor mat.

Both are good products at competitive prices.

We like that Ming's Mark offers interesting designs where Camco tends towards the solid patterns.

To each their own, we just prefer neat designs. You really cannot go wrong with either brand.

We also review an eco-friendly RV mat that uses recycled plastic, and a mat that makes sand and dirt disappear (maybe not disappear as it's not magic - the review explains how it works).

Read on to see which RV patio mat will fit how you camp!

Best RV Mat Overall

Ming's Mark RV Mats

Stylish Camping Galloping Horses RV mat


  • Durable virgin polypropylene
  • Great price for their size
  • Breathes and doesn't hurt grass with short term use
  • UV protected against sun damage
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Good reviews among pretty much all of the Mings Mark mats


  • As with most RV mats, be careful not to rip it

The Ming's Mark mats are quite good for both product quality and customer support.

The RV patio mats are decent material, come in good sizes to choose from, and they offer many color and style combinations. 

Open the 'continue reading Ming's Mark RV mats review' section directly below to see available styles and sizes of these outdoor RV rugs.

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Best RV Mat Runner-Up

Camco Reversible RV Outdoor Mats 

Camco Reversible RV outdoor mat burgundy stripe


  • Woven plastic mat that is mildew and mold resistant
  • UV protected against sun damage
  • Competitive price and quality
  • Breathes and doesn't hurt grass with short-term use
  • Cleans easily with a broom or soap and water
  • Corner loops for ground stakes


  • May be prone to tearing depending on the surface you use it on
  • No carry bag

The Camco Open Air reversible outdoor mats are a good quality RV rug at a competitive price.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors but tend more towards the solid colored designs.

Choose Size & Design

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Our Favorite Eco Friendly RV Patio Mat

Fab Habitat

Fab Habitat Cancun RV outdoor rug


  • Made from recycled PET plastic (water bottles) and straws
  • UV protected against sun damage
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Reversible
  • All season use
  • Handmade - Goodweave certified


  • Pricey 
  • Very few large sizes
  • No corner loop or ring for ground staking

If you are into recycling/earth products, Fab Habitat RV patio mats are your jam.

Colorful as well as mold and mildew resistant, these awesome outdoor rugs will have something to fit your individual need and taste.

Open the 'continue reading Fab Habitat RV mats review' section directly below to see available styles and sizes of these outdoor RV rugs.

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Best RV Mat For Sandy Areas

CGear Multimat

CGear Multimat RV mat blue lime


  • Sand literally falls right through and won't come up from underneath
  • Reversible - can use either side
  • D-rings make for easy staking
  • Come in a variety of colors
  • Multifunctional- can also be used as a shade


  • Pricey
  • Larger particles won't fall through

This RV mat was originally designed by the military as a landing pad for helicopters.

Dirt and sand fall through it and it doesn't come back up.

This keeps your RV cleaner as you are tracking in less 'stuff' from the outside.

Choose Size & Color

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Whether you are a weekend camper or a full-time RVer, having an outdoor RV mat can be a wonderful thing.

It creates an inviting area for you and guests to come and hang out by the campfire. It helps to keep the inside of your RV cleaner.

RV mats can keep the dust down at your campsite. They can also make it seem like you have an extra outdoor room. 

Whatever your reason for getting an RV outdoor mat, you should enjoy your time while you are 'out there' using it. If you want to get an outside camper mat, get one! 

It just might be your favorite new 'gathering spot'. 

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    • Hi Cindy,

      Good question- we cannot speak to that as both of us just find ourselves with shoes on when outside. Your awning can shade it if you have one. This would help.

      Even so, we can’t imagine any mat would get hot enough to not be able to stand on it anymore.

      But don’t take our word as gospel for it.

    • Hi Nickles,

      Over stones? Yeeesh that doesn’t sound ideal! I wouldn’t do the CGSand Mat. It’s not very thick.

      Whatever you pick, you could try using two of them to try to help smooth out the stones. The Mings Mark and the Camco are about equally thick. I’d still think two would be better than one. Otherwise, maybe at least dig out the worst/tallest of the stones.

      Hope this helps!

    • Hey Beth!

      I checked with Kerri and she said she purchased it from Target a few years ago. Probably a season item. And may not be available these days, cuz, you know, fashion trends.

      Best of luck finding your perfect RV mat!

  • I’m looking for large patio mats with a college logo for our travel trailer. The awning is quite large… approximately 8′ x 18′. I need something really sturdy…not a canvas type…but one that won’t blow up if it’s windy. Any idea where I can find such a thing??

    • Hi Carol,

      We have found mats of that size, but not with a college logo printed on it. Any mat that large can and probably will blow up if it’s windy. They act like a large sail. Out west, where it can get windy often, people usually put their mat away if they know it’s going to be windy. Same with awnings… they are a big sail. If it’s even a little windy, best to be safe and put the awning in.

  • I’ve been using one of these mats for the past year or so. The mat itself is great: tough, indestructible. But the binding around the edges, and the straps that hold the D rings on are not UV resistant and have disintegrated. Spent a day sewing on new straps for the D rings by hand, not having a sewing machine in my trailer!

    • Hey Ursula,

      Which mat are you referring to (we review several on this page)? And how often do you have the mat outside? Do you leave it out year round?

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